Arwyn couldn't exactly pinpoint what woke him up. The sunlight or the strange warmth that surrounded him or his own dreams, but whatever it was, his eyes opened to adjust to the familiar surrounding of his room and sensed an unfamiliar weight around his torso. He turned for a moment and a slow grin danced across his feature as he took in Damien's sleeping form.

When the Therian had gotten out of the house yesterday, he had no idea how different things would be. Meeting the valkyr, being bold enough to state his regret and then having a great date and coming back to his place had all felt like a great dream. But thankfully for Arwyn, those dreams didn't disappear on awakening. 

His fingers lightly traced the Valkyr's strong features. They had so much to talk about, so many things to catch up with and though he felt a strong pang about the years they had lost out because of his own foolishness, their separation had taught him a lot. He had been a boy then, still learning the ways of the world. Now, after everything his family had gone through and running after his mother's killers, made him more aware, more mature and more appreciate of the various good things in his life.

Leaning over, he couldn't help but place small teasing kisses over Damien's face in a ploy to wake him up. His heart felt lighter than it had in ages and that goofy grin stayed on his face as the Valkyr's eyes flickered open. 

"Morning sleepyhead" He couldn't help but tease him. He had not yet moved completely to this new apartment and hence the place was still littered with boxes but thankfully he had a few provisions to make them breakfast. Arwyn stretched for a moment before throwing a casual arm across Damien "What would you like for breakfast? I have bread, fruits, coffee and juice. Anything more, we'll have to head out. It is lucky I have extra towels and toothbrushes here. You'll have to thank my sister for that who pushed me into keeping some supplies here"

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Damien always thought that he would be the type of person who would put their work above their personal life and feelings. That was how it was before Arwyn came along and changed it all for him. Making him feel that he lost along with his human life thinking that part of him was left behind. More used to the casual things and hook ups with different men and women. Those were the easiest way but all were just distractions that people used so that they wouldn’t gain feelings for someone then to end up getting hurt in the end. Back to those years ago when things ended badly with him and Arwyn, he was only just healing from a broken heart before his life got turned upside down all at once. Finding himself in a position he never thought or seeing himself doing. Damien thought he wasn’t one for leadership that he was too hot headed for it whilst others believed and pushed him forwards when the commander position was free. Having lost their previous commander when the Isle of Skye was destroyed. Back then Damien was happy with his bodyguard position looking after and following Malva something he had been doing for years past until others pushed him to something bigger. Looking at it all now Damien knew he couldn’t turn down the promotion even if it was one that was more deadly, time consuming and challenging too. Always been the one who loved a challenged always wanting more and that’s what happened. 

Things were going to start to get a bit more complicated. Knowing that now he had to juggle his own job along with having a relationship at the same time. Damien still weren’t telling Arwyn the whole truth and all that happened in the past few years. Leaving out a few details that are actually quite big ones if you think about. Only having just reconnected he didn’t want to do anything to screw it up. Damien woke up knowing he had his arm wrapped around Arwyn way of keeping a hold on him to stop him leaving. Able to feel his face being kissed knowing it was just a ploy Arwyn likes to do whilst he sleeps to wake him up and it works. Opening his eyes he looked over to Arwyn seeing the wolf was grinning at him. “Your always an early riser” He yawned leaning over putting his hand gently on Arwyns as he got up a little then he started to lean down and leave little kisses on Arwyns chest. Before making his way up to his lips. Missing moments like these. He couldn’t help but laugh hearing about the breakfast conversation with Arwyn already starting to panic with there being not much in the house. “Coffee will do just fine, you don’t need to go all out and try to impress me babe” He teased softly how he liked to see him ramble thinking of the little things. “So what's the plan for the day?” He wondered looking over to Arwyn seeing what he had in mind. Damien knew he didn't have to get to the manor till later not having any ambassador meetings having his schedule all free and opened up more so making time for Arwyn so they could have time to talk and catch up if they wanted it all to work out the second time around. 

After the way things had ended the last time, Arwyn never conceived of the day where they both could be reconciled. He sure dreamt of it, regretted breaking up deeply but that was all he stopped at. No matter how optimistic he wanted to be, he had believed Damien lost forever. And yet here they were. Not merely strangers, no merely past flames, not even just friends. But much more.

His grin widened on feeling Damien's kisses along his chest and he held him tightly, not believing that they were back again. He had expected awkwardness, a level of uncertainty but they had quickly followed back into their old pattern as if their separation had never existed.

"I could stay like this forever" he murmured against the Valkyr's lips before gently tracing his cheeks and chin "You do know I regret us parting the way we did right? I never...I never stopped loving you. I was just so angry and unhappy..." he trailed off, knowing that Damien hadn't pressed for an explanation but Arwyn didn't want any secrets between them any longer.

At his words, the therian chuckled but made no move to get out of bed to fetch the said coffee "Yes I'll get that coffee for you babe" The joy was evident in his voice at that endearment " but we don't have to get up at this very moment, do we? I wanna talk and maybe kiss more" He winked caressing Damien's back "I have told you what I've been up to the past years, but I want your story now. What do you do now? How are things coming along?" 

For Damien he’s never been the dating type of person. Even back to his human life he’s never gotten into any serious relationships with anyone before then becoming a Valkyr and joining the Ailward Guard it was the same. Having a few casual flings here and there. It was almost usual and normal in the Ailward guard for a few romantic connections to arise. With how they all lived with and around the same people for decades on end. Normally happening from boredom or a few drunken nights but all never turned into anything serious. Till he was sent out on the mission finding and soon falling quickly for Arwyn. Nothing thinking before he’d find that person like he did. Reason why it hurt so much when things didn’t work out and Arwyn broke his heart. All happening around the same time as he was suffering another type of heartbreak. With the Isle of Skye being destroyed. Having lost many of his friends and his home too. Then being promoted to Commander of the guard. Something he’d never expected or seen himself as doing. Finding he quickly had to try to push past and hide all his emotions and feelings so he could bury himself into his work. And that's what he did. Thinking it was all working well till he found himself being reunited with the person who he loves finding that in a way he was taken back to how things were those years ago. Almost like the years never past and things were still the same. Along with the secrets he kept from being between them but Damien knew that it was more different this time, being thrown into reality more. 

Almost wanting for them to spend the rest of the day in bed, keeping Arwyn close. Not wanting to let him go almost worried that he’d just disappear like it’s all just a dream. So that reality wouldn’t rip them apart from one and another like it did once before. “Same here” He replied softly, still both of them were in disbelief that they were back together again. “You were still too young for me right?” Damien knew even back when Arwyn still had yet to figure out who he was on his own how he was only helping and pushing him to the direction of who he was. Hoping that now years later Arwyn has grown as a person and no longer paranoid for what people and his family thinks of him, something that used to be a problem back then. “So have you told your family yet about me, about us?” He wondered a little curious to see if he really has changed yet he is still not pushing him to anything. Damien knew how his boyfriends father and sister were living in the city. He was even friends with Orion, Arwyn’s father. They were mutual ambassadors and would see each other in the frequent ambassador meetings. Yet it was something Damien was still trying to keep from his boyfriend although he wondered how long he could keep it up for. 

Damien was starting to get to the strange foreign peaceful silence so used to hearing the craziness from the manor waking him up. “Hmmm are you trying to distract me even more?” He teased softly, feeling his back was being trailed by Arwyn’s fingers knowing what game he was playing. Damien was soon panicked hearing how it’s not been forgotten that he’s not brought up anything of his life yet something he was trying to distract him from. “I’ve been living in Evermore City for the past few years. The people I work for re-located here. Kind of a private security thing” He began to say looking over to Therian starting to open up a little yet he wasn’t lying either but not elberating fully. “I found my sire too, a few years back. The person who found and turned me, she’s a woman called Nadiya. She’s like the mother I never had really, she’s great” He couldn’t wait to introduce them to each other with how he’s already told Nadiya about him, she always was saying she wanted to who stole her ‘sons’ heart.

Arwyn never really had any experience of a peaceful morning. Sure he would sleep well at times but waking up had bought with a whole new set of questions and stress and he was never one to dwindle in his bed for long. His life before coming back to the city had often felt like an over-achieving planner. There were so many things to be done that he never had any time to think or just relax for himself.

It was one of the coping mechanism that he had employed to deal with the tragic loss of his clan members and his mother. The less time he had to think, the more he didn't have to deal with his own emotional trauma. And over the years, he had gotten so used to the routine that he never really stopped to think much about it. 

Until now.

A soft smile coated his lips as he relaxed well in the safe harbour of Damien's arms. The wasn't really expressive with his emotions but someone being with this Valkyr had opened him up completely. He hadn't believed in love or lasting relationships and often found it hard to connect easily to people for the fear of getting too attached but meeting Damien had certainly been a breath of fresh air and he was ever so grateful for it.

"Oh yes. You are wretchedly old. How can anyone forget that?" Arwyn began teasingly, placing a small kiss on his cheeks "Sera knows about our past but nothing else. Like me then, she too is rather vary of the Valkyrs. Plus, I don't want to share you just yet. Don't worry though, I do want to introduce you to my dad. At worst, he'll probably quiz best, you both might share a beer talking about what a hopeless case I am." 

While Arwyn knew his father would be happy to see his son dating, he wasn't sure about Sera. She'd have no problem with his orientation or relationship but it was the fact of Damien being a Valkyr that she perhaps might not take too well to. Her mistrust of the faction, in general, was much pronounced and a part of him was certain she'd perhaps see his being with Damien as an act of betrayal. 

"Ah! private security as in can't share too much can you? That's all right. I understand. Where are you staying though? I'd love to see your place. I was always the better decorator amongst us afterall" He chuckled slightly remembering their old interactions and their fun with Ikea furniture. On the mention of his sire, the Therian's eyes widened slightly "Wow how did you find her? And I hope she is not...dangerous. I would rather never lose you now. It's not a great feeling" He confessed cuddling deeper in the valkyr's arms

Despite the fact that Orion’s children were grown and could take care of themselves some habits were hard to get out of. Such as dropping off random groceries once a week, which he was sure Arwyn knew but neither of them ever really brought it up. Sure there should be more boundaries between then now that Arwyn no longer lived under Orion’s roof but the older fox would always go out of his way to make sure his children were well taken care of. Besides he had seen the lack of food Arwyn usually kept in the fridge and cabinets, which was why he often invited Arwyn for dinner when he had the energy and time to cook.

To be fair, maybe having the spare key made was pushing it and a slight invasion of privacy but Orion didn’t necessarily care, especially since there were times when his son would fall off the grid. Unlocking the door two very familiar scents hit his nostrils, intermingling in a way he had never anticipated. Part of him questioned if he should just walk back out the door but he knew that both would have heard him enter and leaving would make things ever more awkward. How did he feel about the current situation? It was something he asked himself as he closed the door and headed into the kitchen putting the groceries away. It kept his mind occupied and kept him from listening in to what was happening upstairs.

“Unless you two want to make this anymore awkward I would suggest you come down stairs!” The way the scents played across his mind telling him that Damien wasn’t just crashing here for the night due to intoxication or anything else. Moving to the coffee maker he started it and grabbed an apple from the bowl he had placed them in a few minutes prior. “Damien don’t you dare try to sneak out the window like a teenage!” He stated in a clear and slightly commanding tone well aware Damien Verlac was the man with his son.

Lately he’s felt more stressed than usual with work. Everything all piling up, problem after problem. That's been the same lately. More pressure on both his and Erytherus’s shoulders as they were not only just starting to send guard members back on missions. How it was something they’d been avoiding trying to put off as long for possible after Vladimir’s death. Not wanting for anything to go wrong again, meaning they had to be careful. For every mission on forth to be planned step to step with there being no mistakes. All different things need to be put into place. Meaning all more work for himself being the commander, the one who gives his say. He’d been secretly trying to figure it all by himself with only Erytherus knowing, still they were finding themselves at a dead end by it all. Like many other people. Damien knew how Arwyn was always the best one for distractions, they were happy together. “I know others whose a lot other than me, you're a baby compared to them” He teased softly back to him. Back at the manor he was surrounded by Aspects and guards alike who were a thousand years old. Damien could see how Arwyn had matured and got older in their lost years but knew he was still his old self too. At the mention of being introduced to Arwyn’s dad, he couldn’t help to chuckle. 

Finding it amusing since he was already friends with Arwyn’s dad yet they hadn’t spoken of it yet. Damien knew it was wrong of him keeping his ambassador job and secrets from him but they only just got back together. Not wanting to say or ruin anything so early on. Yet he knew that it’ll probably all come back to bite him. With what he’d heard from Arwyn he could already tell that his sister was dealing with issues of her own. Understanding it all completely, hopefully he’d be able to sway her away from thinking and believing all Valkyr’s are bad. Now Damien was instantly regretting telling Arwyn he was in private security, rather than the truth. “I’ll tell you more soon” He promised to kiss Arwyn on the cheek and already knew he’d be wanting to pester him about it soon. “I live with lots of people, it’s quite chaotic a lot of the time. The place is quite fancy, you’d love it” He lives in the manor with everyone else, there’s never a quiet moment. Arwyn was always the better decorator rather than the one who has to actually make and build all the furniture and fixings. With the mention of finding Nadiya he could see that Arwyn was surprised, it was not normal to have any sort of friendship really with your sire. “It’s a long story” Having met each other when they least expected. “She’s not dangerous” He chuckled, Nadiya wasn’t dangerous to him but he knew that sometimes when her alter-ego comes out then it’s more difficult. Having dealt with Carmel a few times, the last time was not the best one. With Nadiya almost draining him dry with how he offered his own blood knowing that she’s not able to control her thirst with human blood. Damien knew that Arwyn would be scared to meet her if he told her that part. 

They were still in the moment of bliss, their own little bubble. Missing all this. Spending time in each other’s company, away from all the craziness going on all around him. Wanting for it all to last, always when they spent time with each other was his happy place. Easily distracted, forgetting his job and duties and all. As he left another kiss on Arwyn’s chest he heard someone unlocking the front door and walking into the house. Midway kissing, he looked up at Arwyn who was hearing the same thing. One of the perks both having supernatural hearing. “What’s that?” Confused knowing already that it’s only Arwyn who's living in the house. A few moments later they heard the voice belonging to the mysterious person. It was Orion, Arwyn’s dad catching them in the act. “Crap” He muttered quickly, kissing Arwyn before trying to grabb his jeans that were on the floor beside the bed. Whilst his shirt was down in the kitchen where Orion was. Trying to put his jeans on quickly, to make a swift exit out of the house not wanting to meet Arwyn’s dad like this. Yet his plan was not working to his favour midway as he was about to flee from the window, he heard Orion call him not to even think about it and that he knew it was him. “How did he know?” Looking confused yet he knew that he couldn’t easily fool his fellow ambassador. “Guess we got to go and meet your dad don’t we?” He mused sarcastically whilst coming back into the room to Arwyn who he knew would be panicking. Damien went up ahead out of Arwyn’s room heading downstairs to the kitchen where he knew Therian would be waiting for them. “Hey man, whats up? How are you? How’s the misses?” He greeted grinning trying to seem it all casual trying to make it seem not so awkward with how Orion knew he was here with Arwyn. Almost waiting for Arwyn to put two and two together, with how he already knew his father beforehand for his secrets to come out.

His lips had started to trace a very familiar path across Damien's chest and a wide grin grazed Arwyn's lips as he looked up to see the Valkyr. He still couldn't believe that despite their turmoil, their past hurt and everything that had happened, they still had this chance to be together. Arwyn almost felt like he was living in a dream and at any moment it would all be snatched away from him. It made him cling deeper to Damien. He had almost lost himself when he had lost him and Arwyn was sure, he wouldn't survive losing him again.

He smiled happily, his head on the Valkyr's chest as he spoke about their age difference and the place he lived in. "That sounds interesting. We should definitely head there sometime. I love fancy old houses" He spoke, but made no move to get up. If the Therian was being rather honest, he definitely did not want to get up anytime soon. He didn't know what Damien had planned for the day, but he'd probably have to convince him to stay here with him for a while. 

Leaning down, he pressed his lips to the Valkyr's, just enjoying the feel of having him in his arms again, when Damien flipped him over and began kissing his chest. Arwyn couldn't help the slight chuckle that escaped his lips and he was about to suggest that they stay put here, when the sound of his front door unlocking, startled him.

He was certain it wasn't Sera. Although she had a key to his place, she never used it. That left the only other possibility and the therian didn't know whether he should laugh or be scandalised at the thought of his dad catching them. Luckily, Orion never entered his children's room without their permission so he couldn't factually see their current naked state, but the fact that he knew had Arwyn flushing slightly.

While his younger self would have pushed Damien out of the window, this older, more mature self was happy to finally introduce his boyfriend to his dad. "Come on, no point hiding. Let's go. I want to introduce you to my dad" Arwyn stated, rising up and finding his own pants. He was in the process of donning a t-shirt when Orion addressed Damien by his name.

His eyes met those of his boyfriend, astonished that his dad knew him " do you two know-?" but before his query could be completed, Damien had already left the bedroom. Shaking his head, baffled by the whole thing, Arwyn quickly put on his t-shirt and went downstairs. 

"Morning Dad! What's up? Please tell me you got some bag of chips for me" He said in the way of greeting and went to rummage amongst the groceries as if this was a regular occurrence. Grabbing the chips, he proceeded to open one and crunch on a few before turning to face them, his eyes moving from Damien to his dad  "Dad, this is my boyfriend Damien. Damien, this is my dad. But guess, you two know each other already. How did that happen by-the-way?"

Damien always enjoyed spending time over at Arwyn’s away from the manor and chaos where he lived. How peaceful it was. Somewhere he’s able to escape even if it’s not that long so he didn’t have to constantly worry about his own work and protecting so many people all of the time. The only one he had to worry about when he was off duty was Arwyn or Nadiya, whilst he knew all of the others had some sort of protection around them. Plus Arwyn was a great distraction too, too good even. How he knew he should have left more than an hour ago but he was too busy wrapped up in his boyfriend's arms to escape. Knowing the Lycanthrope wasn’t wanting to let go either. Damien hated lying to him. The more time past the more his lies about his own work and life away was going to catch up. Able to see Arwyn was able to tell how he was good at knowing changing the subject quickly whenever it went around asking him questions. Especially now he wanted to see the manor, the place that he’s been trying to avoid him seeing for so long. “I don’t know whether you’d like it, I can always show you Nadiya’s place” Quickly saying changing the subject away once more, whilst not exactly saying full details of his mother figures place. Not telling his boyfriend that Nadiya owns, lives and run a brother. One he would find himself crashing from time to time or looking after her. 

The two of them were wrapped up in a world of their own, like any other couples who have lost time to catch up on. Not wanting to loose anymore time. Leaving soft kisses on Arwyn’s chest knowing all of the wolfs weak points, knowing how to distract him. Till an opening of the door stopped them from thier morning kisses. Damien looked down to his boyfriend to see if he knew who it was at first since it was his place he should know who have the keys too it. Yet Damien knew he was worst hearing who it was, being caught in the act. With no escape knowing not to crossing Orion Valkyrie especially since he knew he was hear. Not able to run away out the window as he had first planned to. Soon as Arwyn spoke of it’s time for him to be introduced to his dad, the Valkyr was trying his best to hide his chuckle. How he knew his boyfriends dad already and were friends of some sorts. Damien chose to stay silent saying knowing as Arwyn was asking how he knew his dad knowing that it’ll come out in a few moments. Soon as they arrived down stairs, Damien greeted Orion the same way he would usually do in meetings whilst Arwyn helped himself to a bag of crisps from the groceries that were on the table. “Well…. About that…” Just as he was about to come clean explaining how he knew his dad. Orion’s phone rang with Therian having to make a swift exit, saying his goodbyes to Arwyn then nodding his head to him. Damien turned looking over to his boyfriend knowing that it’s time to come clean how it nearly came out now if Orion didn’t have to leave. “I think it’s best for me to show you my secrets rather than explain them here. It would explain how I know your dad” Waiting to see the confusion spread across his face but he knew it would be much harder to explain here than it would be at the manor.


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