Javier was never the one who showed commitment to anyone; he was the one who was alone for majority of his life and even in his younger years, he never slept with anyone and he preferred to be by himself without getting his heart broken. Yes, he did have his urges and so forth but he never went beyond anything as he was afraid of disloyalty and trust of people; he was also frequently moving around all the time but he decided that Evermore City was his hometown now and that he needed to at least focus on himself from now on and perhaps, try to make a few friends that potentially could be his only family since his mother and father had passed a long time ago. 

His feet clapped against the concrete pavement as a soft breeze went through the city, it was becoming cooler as Autumn was soon arriving, the sun was still trying to cool off as some days were still warm however trees were starting to change into those vibrant colours that he loved about Autumn and Halloween would soon be arriving as well that was something he never seemed to enjoy. Walking through a short alley way, he turned his head thinking that he saw something but continued on. Reaching further into the human territory he saw a small bar situated in the middle of the street and it seemed to be opened. Contemplating on it, he decided to give it a go and headed over there. 

With one foot after the other, he reached the bar and opened the door quietly, it was still early in the night and he figured that it would be the best opportunity to order some food before it became busier throughout the night. He headed over to the long bar and sat down on the stool. He cleared his throat, his voice turned out to still be slightly more husky than he originally anticipated. ''Can I please have a whisky and a menu?'' He spoke gently though and in no rush so the bar tender didn't feel threatened to hurry, a small memory flashed through his mind as he remembered how much modern times have changed and how much technology has come out since then. 

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Joshua was never the one to let his feelings get the better of him. He had lost Jimin when he was just forty-four in human years. He never seemed to cry over the fact that she was gone. He had gotten over that a long while ago, and Jimin wouldn't have wanted him crying over her anyway. She was more into him being happy that she wasn't in pain. Ever since the star had come to Evermore, he had been more into flirting with the patrons at the bar he worked at. Or if there was a cute professor, he'd manage to flirt with them as well.

Stepping out of his room and into the shower, Josh began to think of the things he could do at the bar today. Would there be cute patrons? Maybe a really handsome star like him? Nah, it was hard to find Celestials in this part of town. He understood this. Guards were everywhere and they liked to hunt for their glow. Whenever the star was sure that there were no guards around, he would let himself get excited and glow. After his shower, the ebony-haired star ate a quick dinner and then got into his Surburban, letting himself get excited for the day. 

Hearing the bell above the door chime, Josh looked up and noticed a dark-haired male enter the bar. With a little gasp, the star adjusted his bar apron and went over to him as soon as he sat down. "Of course! Let me go get that for you!" He said politely and leaned down to grab a menu from under the bar. Setting that down, he turned and filled a glass with whiskey, sliding it toward him.

As soon as Javier opened the door the door bell rung throughout the pub to indicate he was an incoming customer. His boots clapped against the wooden floor as he went nearer to the bar and where the stools were, music was playing throughout the pub, not really his style of music but it wasn't too bad. Javier was someone whom he hasn't had a relationship, he's always been the one who travels by himself and prefers to be alone whenever possible. He sat down on one of the cushioned stools, his eyes scanned the bar area and only a few customers were in for the night at the moment but no doubt that there'll be more customers later on. Specially the younger humans who like to party or try to hook up with anyone they wanted. 

The younger man slid the whiskey towards his way and he cupped it with his hand, grasping it gently and saw the menu being placed in front of him as well. He nodded, ''thank you,'' he had a slight southern accent still and his eyes lowered down to the menu in front of him, his eyes scanning the meals and the entrees. He wasn't sure what to get yet and he wasn't craving for anything. His blue eyes looked over to the younger man, seeing no name tag on his shirt. ''Hey. What's your name sir?'' He asked, he took his small glass of whiskey to his lips as he took a sip from the glass. After gulping it down and making a small sound coming from his throat, the 'ah' sound. He smiled towards the younger man, ''I'm Javier Cohen. It's nice to meet you by the way.'' He introduced himself first just in case the other was the shyer one. 

The doorbell was something that Jackson had requested from Junmeyon when they were first working at the bar. It sounded like the screeching metal of prison bars and it alerted the bartenders and the people in the kitchen or in the back that someone had come in and they needed to ready the food or clean glasses. The star had hated the noises at first because it reminded him of his time on the Isle when the Ailward Guards locked them in cages and in the dark. When Jackson had noticed that this bothered the Celestial, he changed the doorbell to a sweet, chiming noise. After taking a good look at the other male, he determined him to be handsome with thick black hair, a bit of facial hair, a sweet smile and blue eyes. 

"My name?" The star asked, tilting his head towards the other male. "Soonyoung. But my English name is Joshua. So call me Josh or Joshua." He replied, rambling a bit when he saw the other smile. Smiles usually got the better of him, since he loved a great smile. "It's nice to meet you, Javier. I've never had anyone directly introduce themselves to me. Do you find me attractive or something?" The ebony-haired male asked, his sky blue eyes twinkling at the other male. He was a flirt and whenever he found someone attractive it got worse, usually resulting in him doing something he regretted later. Too much alcohol and a weird atmosphere could make this go south or if he kept himself away from alcohol, he could control himself around people. 

Javier sipped on his drink after the male poured it for him and passed it over, his eyebrow perked up slightly as he heard the other and almost choked upon his drink, coughing slightly as he grabbed the nearest serviette to dab the spill from the drink that he had managed on his nice pair of navy blue pants. He grunted in annoyance and cleared his throat, his gaze fell onto the male bartender before he spoke. ''It wasn't about attractiveness; it was simply because I would like to address you by your name rather than sir.'' He responded sharply as he patted away at his pants, standing for a moment to straightened his jacket out.

''It's the most polite thing to do is to introduce yourself to someone.'' He added as he flicked a page over from the menu, scanning the menu items as he watched the other male in the corner of his eye. Without leaving his eyes from the menu, he spoke in a gentle but flirtatious way. ''Do you find me attractive? Hmm?'' He asked the question itself the way the other male had spoken to him earlier, a small smirk grazing upon his lips as he played along whilst he continued to look at the menu, undecided of what to pick. 

"I didn't mean to scare you! I'm so sorry!" Joshua said with a yelp and bent down to get napkins from under the bar. He shot back up quickly and handed the blue silky napkins to him, with an apologetic smile. The star noticed the subtle annoyed groan that the other male made as the drink dripped onto his pants. Those were a nice color though, and he would hate to have ruined the pretty blue. "But you could've told me if you thought me attractive." He pointed out and then laughed. "I wouldn't mind if you called me sir. I've been used to it for a while. You don't tell your name to everybody you meet here." The star said with a serious look.

"You might be from a different time. We did that in the 1800s, but now you have to be cautious, cause somebody could be a serial killer and you not know." The star replied, taking out a smoothie from the fridge under the bar. It was his personal high, he guessed. When he heard the other male, he almost dropped the smoothie on the floor and choked on the straw he had put in his mouth, and now it was halfway down his throat. "I do. You have a nice smile and pretty eyes." He replied and placed his elbows on the counter, coming face to face with the other. 

Javier coughed softly as he tried to clear up the mess that came from his whiskey glass, an annoyed groan left his lips as he noticed how much he had spilled onto his nice navy blue pants. He patted away and grabbed the napkin the younger man was handing to him, he quickly unfolded the napkin and made sure to cover his mess up without feeling embarrassed. His eyebrow perked up once more as the man thought he was attractive, it wasn’t about that, he knew in the past that people introduced themselves to nearly everyone but since nowadays were a lot more dangerous, people didn’t intend to do so since there could be possible stalkers and the like. ‘’But even still, ‘sir’ is still formal. I would rather be more comfortable with calling them by their actual names.’’ He responded as he leaned against the counter, his arms folded on top of one another. ‘’No, I didn’t tell many people my name when I was younger…’’ He grunted softly as his eyes darted around to see if anyone was intending to eavesdrop. 

The younger male in front of him mentioned the 1800’s, it seemed that he may not be the only one in this town from that era however the other male seemed so young and he wasn’t sure what he specie he could possibly be. A small chuckle left his lips as the other also choked on his straw and his smoothie, he shook his head and smile came across his lips. ‘’You right there?’’ He nodded before he heard his compliments, an unsettled feeling came across him and he didn’t normally take compliments well enough. ‘’Well...Thanks, I guess.’’ He shrugged his shoulders slightly as he watched the other come closer where he was sitting. 

‘’Don’t you worry about others hearing you? Some humans don’t know about supernaturals.’’ He muttered under his breath. ‘’Should be more careful with words,’’ he added on as his eyes shifted to the now busier bar. His blue eyes scanned the male in front of him and a small smile lifted on his lips, ‘’since I cannot guess what you are. Mind telling me?’’ He asked as he went ahead to take a sip of his whiskey, gulping down some liquid to soothe his throat. 

Joshua watched with horror as the liquid almost stained the pretty blue of Javier's pants. When he saw that it didn't mess it up, he sighed in relief and went to throw the messed up napkins away. He was pretty sure that he could hear Junmeyon and Jackson snickering in the back. He made an annoyed hand motion towards them and then walked back towards Javier. They were apparently still snickering and that was a little bit irritating to Joshua, but he ignored them. "It is more polite than calling someone 'Hey you! Yes, you!' Because that would get far too confusing and nobody would really know who the heck you were talking to." Josh replied and watched as Javier got closer to him. That was going to be hard to avoid. To distract himself, the star picked up a glass and began to clean it with a bar rag that his other bartender friend Xiumin had been kind enough to toss him. With a mouthed 'Thanks' to the other male, he nodded at the other male's statement. "It's something many people would be mortified now to know." Josh pointed out and then made a face at the rapidly filling bar. 

"I am alright. You just startled me." The star replied and then laughed at his own hoarse voice. It had taken him a few seconds to get the damn straw out of his freaking throat. It had seemed to go down very far, so he had to pull it back up gently as to not hurt his throat. "You're welcome, Javier." He replied and watched worriedly as the other male shifted away from him when he complimented him. Had Josh said something that the other male wasn't comfortable with? He sure hoped not. That would've been very unsettling to the star since he was an all-around nice guy. Maybe he just wasn't comfortable with Josh calling him attractive. Some people were like that.

"I haven't seen a human walk in here once. They usually tend to stay away from here, since it's loud during the nights, and well we have a lot of gay men in here." The star choked out the last part, unsure if he should tell the other that this was a gay bar and not a regular one. "I'm a college professor. I know all about words, honey." The star said jokingly, his mouth turning up into a smile. "Celestial. I fell from the Capricorn constellation along with my siblings Cameron and Amber." He replied, getting excited so that his glow softly switched on. "What are you, honey?" He asked with a tilt to his head. 

Javier quickly dabbed away at the small spillage on his nice new pants he only bought just a couple of weeks ago. He was lucky enough that it didn’t stain entirely, he was busy enough to not notice that Josh was getting snickered at by the other bartender staff. His eyes shifted to look at Joshua and listened to him, nodding in a way he understood because he used to do some small bar work back in the days where jobs were easier to find then applying online all the time. He also noticed that Joshua began to polish the whiskey glasses that had came out from the dish hand from the kitchen. ‘’Yeah, that's right, most people don’t simply care to know your name, nowadays.’’ He shrugged his shoulders lightly as he scrunched up the wet napkins and set them aside. 

‘’Seems that it’s gotten busier since I came in,’’ he smirked a little as he sipped his drink carefully this time. He didn’t know why compliments made him feel uncomfortable. They just did. It was for some reason, he wasn’t used to the way it was these days; he was never the one to be personally attached to anyone in case they would betray him just like in his gang he used to be in. His eyebrow rose as he heard Joshua stating that it was a gay bar, he in fact already knew it was a gay bar.

He cleared his throat and nodded, ‘’I know that, I’m pansexual.’’ He stated wearily but confident enough so the other knew he didn’t mind. ‘’That’s odd for humans since most humans love to drink or want company,’’ he shrugged his shoulders, then again everyone these days used to be inside in their home, away from the nightclubs. Hearing that Joshua was a professor, he thought it was nice to hear, it was something fresh since he hadn’t met an actual Professor before since he never went to school back in the day, since his mother taught him at home. ‘’That’s cool, Professor’s are always interesting.’’ He expressed as he rested his hand around his whiskey glass. His eyebrow suddenly rose once more as he heard that he was a celestial, again, he has never met another celestial.

‘’Oh wow, a star.’’ He said generally surprised as his eyes flickered over him quickly as he then noticed that his glow was happening, worried he leaned in closely. ‘’You might need to be careful… You know never know what people do around here.’’ He mumbled wearily as he leaned over to rub his shoulder in a friendly way, the way he tilted his head was indeed cute, but Javier would never say anything like that. A small chuckle left his lips as his eyes flickered over to the crowd around the bar. ‘’I’m a Valkyr,’’ he knew that Celestials and Valkyr’s indeed got along very well. ‘’I may seem that I am 47 years old but I’m 158 years old.’’ He muttered miserably as he took a sip of his drink, licking his lips. ‘’Old huh?’’ He smirked slightly as his eyes went back over to Josh.


"Are you sure your pants are okay?" Joshua asked with a worried glance at the navy blue color of his pants, that looked a little brown. "Do you need new ones? I have a pair in the back. They're not dress pants, they're leather. But they'll work." He asked with a tilt to his head. It seemed as if the other was annoyed with him since the star had made him spill his drink. Josh was a little afraid that the other was someone that he wouldn't want to mess with. At least he wasn't an Ailward Guard, that would be very bad for Joshua since he hated cages and the dark. "True, nobody really cares who you are or what you've done, when you're in America. Nobody wants to know, actually." The star replied, wringing the bar rag in his hands to get rid of the water.

"It always gets busy around this time. Since people seem to like the bar late at night." Josh replied nodding his head at the other male. It wasn't a bad thing but Josh wasn't ready for the busy night. His head seemed to be pounding and his heart was throbbing. A sure sign that he was scared out of his wits and he didn't want to deal with the stress that came with it. "And we also have a happy hour, which I don't understand the need for." He added, ferociously cleaning the glass. 

"Pansexual? You knew?!" The star's voice had raised to a higher pitch as he got worried and more excited. It had been a while since he had met someone just like him. Everyone was either bisexual or just straight-up gay. "I'm sorry. I'm just a little lightheaded. So if I scream, I'm okay." He explained, resting a hand on his forehead, checking if his temperature was okay for him. Ever since the star had heard there were Ailward Guards in the city, his pulse had spiked majorly, and he wasn't sure if he'd be okay. "Not humans in this part of the city." He pointed out and then laughed breathily. "I teach Korean. It's just a job. But it's something I love." He said with a soft smile.

When Javier got closer, he backed up a bit, his temperature rising. It only made his glow more prominent. "I am careful. Nobody is an Ailward Guard in here. I... I would know!" He replied, putting a hand on his chest trying to calm down his stupid heart. "A... A Valkyr?" Josh asked, his voice trembling confused. "You mean you like us stars?" He asked again, his glow fading a little bit as his heart calmed down. He shivered when the other put a hand on his shoulder. He wasn't used to that, a Valkyr touching him. I'm 157 years old. You're only a year older than me." He added, his shaking stopping.

Javier looked up at the other male; he was indeed annoyed about his pants but he can always wash them and that's something he was at least grateful for modern times since technology back in his era was scarce. He shook his head at the offer but gave the other a small smile, ‘’it’s fine, I can wash them when I get home,’’ he reassured him as he placed another napkin to hide the spill on him. He could see the tension in the other as he may have been afraid of Javier, he honestly hated the way he was so cold towards most people but it was just the way he was. His shoulders lifted into a small shrug as his eyes flickered towards the crowd that was slowly gathering on the dance floor. ‘’I mean, back in our day - I guess, it was very much different compared to the modern times. People are always afraid of one another and are more worried about their safety.’’ He spoke in a gentle tone to try and not to scare the other. 

He knew that most bars these days always were popular at night time and he didn’t mind it, at least that’s when the time came and he could stop his cravings if a human decided to offer him their blood. He could hear the others heart pounding against their chest, it seemed to be that he was quite nervous and he felt a little bad at that point, he cleared his throat a little and he turned to see Joshua. ‘’Well, I suppose it’s good for the business to get more income from doing the happy hour,’’ he supposed that was the main reason why people seem to advertise it. His eyebrows raised in alarm that others were going to hear the other male of how high pitched his voice was which gave a small tinge of headache. ‘’Yeah...Pansexual. Even if I’ve never experienced it with anyone - I know that I am indeed, Panexual.’’ He nodded wearily as the other explained he was fine. 

‘’No humans?’’ Surprised at this, he was sure that there were humans everywhere at this point but then again, they normally spent their time away from the supernatural areas. ‘’Well, that’s good to hear. I’m still looking for work around here and finding what I enjoy the most.’’ It has taken some time for him to express what he is interested in but he was confused on what he likes but he has been applying for different types of jobs. As Joshua began to freak out more, he was sure that the other would surely faint. He was unsure of how he felt around the male, but hopefully he’ll calm down soon.

He placed his hands up in defense after the other male said he would know where Ailward Guards would be. He knew once he said what he was, the Celestial would calm down immediately. He nodded slightly before he took a sip of his whiskey. ‘’We are allied for a reason, aren’t we?’’ He muttered as a few people were looking over and his eyebrow rose at them before he focused back on Josh. ‘’Well, fancy that. At least we are close in age.’’ He chuckled as he lightened up a little, ‘’are you calming down now? I thought for a moment you were going to faint.’’ 

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