The business loan had gone through a few days before and he already had a location picked out along with a business plan to set into motion. All he would have to do would be to see if his family wanted to take part in his newest venture which was really the Valkyrie family oldest venture, the protection of all. Seraphina was the only one he had mentioned the reopening of their family business to. His son and nephews had been out doing their own thing and he didn't wish to interrupt or impede their lives but it was something he would bring to their attention later on.

Orion was still trying to move away from the past which was not an easy thing to do but aiming for a better future was a good way to start. He and Sera had discussed returning the strength of the Valkryie family and he knew that this would be a start to it. Finding himself once more was what was needed, he needed to become that confident man once more and not just lick his wounds no matter how painfully they might be. 

Leaving the new office which held nothing within it he stepped out into the day light surprised that this is what his life had come to. Away from the desert of Nevada, his family home and everything he was used to in life and loved. Other than what was left of his family that is. Though he missed those who had been lost along the way but Evermore was meant to be their new home at least for the time being. 

Everything was changing though, his children were going their separate ways. Seraphina was involved with a vampire but to what extent he wasn't so sure and Arwyn was off doing his own thing. Gael and Fallon, well that was another story that Orion was unsure about which was sad since they had once been close. 

A strange sensation went down his back and he turned to look over his shoulder due to a slight chill despite the warmer weather. Scanning the crowd his eyes fell on a slightly familiar face as his brow furrowed in confusion. "Excuse me." He called out as he quickly locked the door and began to move through the crowd of people on the sidewalk.

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It was a beautiful evening out in the Eternal City, as the sky was beginning to muddle into a blended canvas of and assorted amount of golds, reds and oranges; an exact color that the ancient Dhampir Guard had tried for centuries to get exactly right, as it had always reminded her of of the golden sunsets displayed across the horizons of her home on the Isle of Skye. Although it had been some time since the Ailwards had settled slightly in Evermore, Tatiana had to admit that the city did have amazing sunsets. She absolutely adored her museum in more ways than one, as it did just happen to be the starting point of her star-crossed relationship with Aiden Hale, C.E.O extraordinaire, and Captain of the Universe....well at least he was that to her.

This evening however, Tatia had decided to go into the city with the credit card that her beau had insisted on she keeping, even though she had done all it took to put her foot down on the subject, and went out to buy some trinkets and a few pillows with sayings like "Without the rain, you can't have a rainbow." that made her laugh as she could see the look that Aiden would be giving her, but being the man that he is, he would shrug it off as they made her happy.

Yet as her boots clicked against the cobblestoned pathway, a voice called out and seemed to be directed towards her, though for some odd reason the tone sounded like one that she had heard before but couldn't quite stick her tongue on. With the flourish of her heels, she twirled around to face the voice that was getting closer and was rushing towards her, and with the impending cobalt blue illumination given off by her Katana blade, the gentleman was in fact a supernatural being.

"Hello?" she replied with a soft smile as her words were intended to be a greeting, yet came out as more of a question. Perhaps she saw him from the art museum that she was the acting art curator at? "May I help you?" she asked as her eyes slid up to meet his dark ones, where a jolt shot down her back, which caused her brow to furrow with hidden frustration as she couldn't quite figure how how he seemed familiar, and the thought unsettled her as the possibility of him working for the Dragonkin surfaced up among her thoughts, which put her on instant guard.

Even Orion seemed to realize these were the actions of an insane man. It was normal custom to keep going even if you thought you recognized someone, you didn't go out of your way and nearly knock people over to give the person in question a miniature heart attack. There was something about the young woman though that sent a shock to his memory but it didn't pull anything specific to the surface. Orion wasn't old enough to be this forgetful so something else was at play but what it was he didn't know.

The moment the young woman turned to face him it was like a ton of bricks. "Tara?" No it couldn't be Tara, he was confused. His niece has been dead for longer than fifteen years. For just a few seconds his eyes began to mist and a haunted and wounded expression over took his face before he forced it back. As he looked at the woman he could see the differences in the facial structure and the way she held herself. It was eerie close to his deceased niece that she looked at a glance. "I'm sorry you just..." Before he could finish saying remind me of someone it clicked.

Think of Tara caused him to think of Nevada and close to thirty years ago when he was still young his family had taken a security job at a casino in Vegas run by another kitsune family. Their job was to keep the peace between the species and it also made it easy to keep an eye on the vampires within Vegas and to hunt down those that used the city for their own personal feeding ground. It was one of the first major jobs that Orion had been a part of his mostly his two older brothers handled things like this due to their experience and skills of working in Vegas. Orion however had been used to working in Reno which wasn't the same sort of city at all.

Orion couldn't remember what the fight was about or who had started it but he knew who had ended it and it was the young woman before him now. Though calling her young probably wasn't the truth given she hadn't aged at all since he had last seen her where as he had. Orion would have liked to have said he had helped to end the fight but he had the feeling he and his brother had only managed to get in her way. If Orion remembered correctly she had the confidence to ask the casino owner to give her one of the pieces of art on the wall to make up for the trouble which had befallen her within the casino.

There was the vague memory of another man there as well but this woman was strangely the one that stood out in his mind. He had met her long before his own children were born but he had remembered thinking that if he had daughter her wanted her to have that confidence and ferocity to demand what she wanted and to fight for what she believed in. This woman was the reason he had trained Sera so hard but he had never forgotten to show her equal amounts of love as well. "Well you haven't aged a day but I've aged many years." He couldn't help but say noticing who she went from being casual to being on guard. "You don't remember me do you?" And why would she really?

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