Ever since the challenge between Orion and Elijah something was different within the Therian Ambassador, the Kitsune yipping and kenning in a way it never had before. Something was off and even the animal in him knew it but it wasn’t frightened or weary it was alive and full of renewed energy and vitality. There was something different about his eyes as well, not his human eyes but the eyes of an Alpha.  An Alpha Kitsune had luminescent eyes which were like green neon on a sign and that was still the hue his eyes took a majority of the time but he swore they had shifted to red the other day, the color of a Lycan Alpha. It didn’t make any sense but he was sure of it. Both Sariah and Sera swore his eyes had shifted to a pale green with gold and claws had extended from his fingertips when the serum to counteract the silver had been flowing through his blood stream but he had chalked it up to the stress of the entire event. Or at least he had until he saw the intention and claw marks on the bathtub after.

Whatever was happening shouldn’t be possible and yet it was occurring which caused the Kitsune to start his own research in secret not wanting to worry or burden anyone else with his issues. So far it didn’t seem like it was a danger to himself or to others and he was hoping to keep it that way. Which was what brought him to the faction house today since the building housed an extensive library of books on Therianthrope history, some of it was myths and legends and some of it was terrifyingly true. Though making your way through all of it and finding the difference wasn’t an easy task.

Parking in the drive he made his way into the warm and comfortable building which housed the members of his faction who wanted to live in a community or feel more like a pack. He was at the faction house a few times a week regardless of his research since he liked to check in on his faction and make sure they were all alright. Research did give him a whole other reason to be here though and at this point he was pretty sure that he had combed through at least a sixth of the books in the extensive library. It would be easier with help but he didn’t know how anyone would react to his current state of influx which confused even him.

It was like he was still an Alpha and still a Kitsune but now he felt this odd sense of being more. Which sounded vain and egotistical which was another reason he had kept his mouth shut. Things between the Alpha’s of the packs were rocky enough without him throwing an unknown monkey wrench in it all. Orion’s ears seemed to perk up as he listened to the goings on around him in the house, there were people currently home but they all seemed to be going about their own business which was good. Making his way to the library he knew closed the door quietly behind him trying to bring as little attention to himself as possible.

Moving towards the bookshelves he had paused on last week he looked over the spines of the books, some were titled and others were written accounts or journals with no name or author listed. Some were bound in leather, some were just bound together, others were scrolls from who knows how long ago but they all held information about the Therian species. The Kitsune had learned a lot from the texts but he had yet to learn what he was truly looking for, it was a frustrating state of affairs and though he knew Sariah would do her best to help him if he told her, he was sure it was something outside of the realm of science and her expertise.

Pulling a volume down from the shelf he moved to sit at table which sat in the middle of the large shelved room. Opening it he began to silently read to himself, mostly skimming the pages to try and get through as much of the text as possible while looking for important or key words which he so far wasn’t finding. An hour in he was reaching up to rub his temples feeling a tension headache coming on from the sheer frustration and annoyance of this all. “Because that’s helpful.” He muttered to himself as he closed his eyes for a moment and massaged the bridge of his nose.

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Groaning, head pounding Ryker rolled over and just about fell clean off the bed. Catching the side just in time, he hung suspended on the edge of the mattress for a moment letting his stomach settle. The abrupt movement followed by the whoa nelly moment of nearly falling had him swallowing down bile and the meager contents of his...breakfast? Lunch? The Male had no idea what time it was, his mind vaguely recalling stumbling up the stairs in a drunken stupor. Smacking his lips he cursed the hangover and managed to put both feet on the floor.

He’d never been much of a drinker, years of watching what the devil’s brew could do to a perfectly rational person had turned him solidly off of the stuff. Once he’d joined the Navy though his fellow servicemen and his Team had taught him how good some of the stuff could taste. Coupled with his training he had learned to enjoy some of the smoother liquors but always in moderation. He’d gotten wasted all of one time, during the initial hazing into his SEAL he had drank God only knew how much and then been forced to get up the next morning to run 10 miles. The experience had left him feeling like he was dying, a feeling he hadn't thought he would ever repeat. Yet here he was.

A hot shower and some aspirin helped, his head cleared a bit though his stomach was still extremely upset with him. Pulling on a random pair of pants with a sleeveless shirt the Therian slowly walked out into the hall and down the stairs. 15 steps down and then 7 steps to the left put him in the kitchen. Using the map of the house he’d cemented in his mind he put on a pot of coffee, waiting a few moments as the smell of roasted beans filled the room. Leaning against the counter he took a moment to look around, sending who was still in the house. Curiously he picked up a familiar aura, the hue around the edges telling him who it was while the colors inside said the individual was worried and stressed.

Smirking Ryker fixed two large mugs of coffee, strolling casually into the library. Counting steps he stopped just at the edge of the table, “You know you keep frowning like that and your face is going to get stuck that way. You won't be near as handsome to your blonde friend and you will definitely scare small children.” His tone was reading and sarcastic as he held out one of the mugs, waiting for Orion to take the beverage as he didn't want to risked setting the mug down. Without being able to see what was on the table or where he could end up spilling the stuff everywhere and making a royal mess.

Once his hand was free he used other to cup his own mug, taking a healthy swallow of the scalding brew. Clearing his throat, his voice was scratchy and gruff from the drunken sleep he’d just engaged in. “Pounding the books again I see. What is it exactly you're looking for?” This wasn't the first time he had found the Kitsune knee deep in paper, the colors around him a mixture of stress, frustration, and worry.

Ryker tilted his head curiously, focusing on the very core of his Ambassador. Normally the man was a solid neon green, a ball of light that was a steady and predictable as the sun. Looking at him now though the core of the man had changed, swirling with a combination of neon green, red, and black. He imagined it was what the core of the Earth looked like, a constant swirling ball of magma, if magma was the varying colors he was observing. “Weird,” he muttered, unable to stop staring.

In the modern age you would think finding one bit of information wouldn’t be so hard to find, except when it came to supernatural things it was best not to use the wonderful world wide web. The things on their ranged from terrifyingly true to down right outlandish. Orion’s current quest of knowledge was probably something which would only be found in old manuscript since it didn’t seem like it would be common. It made him vaguely think on the things his father had once told him of their bloodline but honestly as a teen he hadn’t been listening and had other things on his mind.

There was movement somewhere off in the rest of the house but it was something he had blocked since there was always movement after all with so many people residing within the walls. Though he actually began to pay attention to the footfall as it came closer, the sound of the strides familiar and then the unique scent hit his nose. The scent of Stagg which was something he had never experienced until Ryker had shown up after his first shift at Orion’s home, more specifically in his yard. The scent of coffee clung to Ryker’s scent as he looked up as the young man entered. Thankfully he had coffee in both hands or it may have annoyed Orion. Not that he demanded or wanted anything from any in his faction but he was beginning to lose the ability to see straight it seemed and the words were swimming on the pages so he could really use the caffeine and he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself from caving to the distraction of going to get coffee.

“If my face had any intent on getting stuck this way it’s had more than enough time to do so.” He said looking at Ryker with a small smile on his lips, “My blonde friend has seen me in countless expressions of worry so I doubt she would be surprised by many of expressions at this point.” The teasing and small jokes from his own faction were more common now since things had progressed past a rumor. Ryker was very quickly becoming like a younger brother or son to Orion and despite his mild annoyance from time to time with the Stagg that just seemed to make him feel more like family. “As for scaring small child, I already tend to do that and it’s not my fault.” The Alpha aura often seeming to frighten child since it could be rather intense.

Reaching out he took the offered coffee from Ryker’s hand, “Thanks.” He replied in a sincere manner before bringing the coffee up to his lips to take a deep gulp. “Therian history. There’s….something happening that I don’t understand and I need to know if it’s happened before.” And what whatever this was since he was clueless as to what was happening to him and that wasn’t a feeling he liked very much.

Orion knew that even with being blind Ryker saw more than most realized even if it wasn’t necessarily with the eyes. Ryker’s other senses being heightened to make for his now absent sense of sight. “Weird isn’t really a positive word to randomly say. Should I be concerned over what you’re seeing?” He asked with a raised even though he knew the Stagg couldn’t see his facial expression. Orion was more than aware of the fact he was currently weird but he didn’t need anyone else seeing it and he wondered exactly what Ryker was seeing.

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