The last couple of nights, Arthur had been trouble sleeping because he was thinking about his best friend back in Wales and that was Merlin. Merlin, the boy that had raven hair and a lanky body that Arthur adored for so long but he never once told Merlin about his feelings towards him as he knew that his family would be disappointed in him that he fell for a serving boy. There was something about Merlin that made him feel different around him and even though he had been harsh with Merlin countless of times, he didn’t mean that he didn’t care for the boy.

They were always relentlessly teasing each other; calling each other names and so forth. There was moments where Arthur had saved the boy from being thrown into the dungeon’s or whatever the boy was doing to get himself into trouble. His father however, suspected something between the two as Arthur had came out bisexual but Merlin never knew that about that part as he kept his sexuality private and the family knew not to tell a word to anyone when his father was still around. His blue orbs were staring up towards the ceiling of his room, the silence was starting to agitate him. He checked the digital clock on his bedside table, it was quite early and the sun was beginning to rise in the sky; dusk.

Running a hand through his blonde locks, he began to pull some clothes on once he got out of his bed.  He scattered out of his room and down his flight of stairs, heading to the coffee machine and having a shot of it once it brewed. He headed outside with the mug in his hands, warming himself up as he saw the sunrise through the pine trees. A scent slowly wafted through his nose, the scent was delicious and it felt almost all too familiar. His eyebrows scrunched together, confused and he placed the mug down on the small table he had on his porch. A breeze slowly went through the forest and the scent was there again, the scent was strong and he knew that they’ll be close. Without a second thought, he shifted into his wolf, his caramel and white fur was shiny against the sun.

He sprinted off in full speed in the direction of where the scent was coming from, almost like he had to protect them. Around half an hour later, he had sprinted fully towards the Instar Diviner territory without being seen, of course. The scent was overwhelming him and it was making him feel crazy inside. He was panting heavily as he skidded to a stop, a familiar raven haired boy was sitting against a tree reading a book. His head tilted as if he was confused like a lost puppy, his ears flattened and he was scared to tell Merlin what he was.

Slowly, he crept up to him and nudged at his knee with his snout, the familiar scent going through him and calmed him almost instantly. He looked up at Merlin, gazing at the familiar green and blue eyes, a low soft growl left him and told him he wasn’t a threat. His head nuzzled against the side of Merlin as he kept rubbing his head against him, his tail wagged as he was excited to know that Merlin was here. The lake beside them was sparkling as the sun shone off from it, a soft breeze going through the air - he wasn’t sure how Merlin would react of him being a werewolf; something he never wanted to be but now, he had a reason why he wanted to be a wolf - to protect Merlin.

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Around three in the morning, Merlin woke up from a fitful night sleep unable to return to sleep he laid awake staring at the ceiling wondering what happened to his best friend, Arthur. It broke Merlin's heart to leave Arthur behind when he and his family moved to another part of Wales before making the journey to America to a hospital that can help his mother have the twins safely. His family lived in a house in town while Merlin had his own apartment within the city where he lived along with his cat, Salem. 

Rolling over he looked at the alarm clock that was sitting on his bedside table it read 5;30 am in the morning unfortunately for Merlin he was getting tired but his mind wouldn't let him rest. Thinking about Arthur made him realizing his feelings about the Prince he had told his family he was Bisexual and he was having feelings for the Prince but they suggested that he keep it to himself due to the fact that if the king knew he would have had him thrown into the dungeons. 

So with a heavy heart, he crawled his way out of his comfortable yet lonely bed to get dressed to find a place to read to take his mind off of his best friend and prince of Neath. He grabbed the book Arthur had given him before he left Neath heading out of his apartment walking towards the Diviner territory where he could read and practice his magic without others stumbling on him doing so. That was the one thing Merlin was terrified to let Arthur know about him having magic since it was outlawed back in Neath by the King. 

Upon reaching the territory the sun was slowly beginning its rise in the sky as he found a place to read starting to read the book in peace until he felt a cold nose nudging against his knee. He looked down seeing a wolf looking at him being incredibly friendly he smiled affectionately before lifting his hand to pet the wolf. He nearly jumped hearing the wolf grow at him but it was as if to tell him he meant no harm. 

Merlin pet the top of the wolfs head smiling, "Hello Fella. You're awfully friendly." He said smiling usually he had a way with animals but the way the wolf was acting it was like it knew him. His eyes reminded him of Arthur, "You remind me of my best friend from back home. His name was Arthur, he was a prince and me his servant since I was that same age as the prince. I loved him but I was afraid to tell him for fear of being either killed or thrown in the dungeon by the king. But I left home and came to America but I haven't stopped thinking of him, his gorgeous blonde hair or his beautiful blue eyes. Sorry, I am rambling to a wolf. I need to go back to bed I have been up since three in the morning." He said softly rambling. 

Arthur was excited to see his best friend as it had been years since the last time they saw each other. He almost had a feeling that Merlin had feelings for him but he hardly showed it because he knew he’d be in trouble when his father was alive; things wouldn’t have been nice for either of them, so that’s why Arthur never made a move on Merlin. He was wondering why the boy was in the instar-diviner territory. It almost scared him that he was a werewolf and he wasn’t sure how he’d think of it, that’s why he took off from Neath, away from Prince duties and the risk of being found out by people.

His ears flattened as he began to enjoy the scratch that Merlin was doing on his head, he didn’t mean to scare him when he did growl at him but he assured him that he wasn’t going to hurt him. His tail wagged slightly, his head tilted as he heard Merlin’s voice, he had forgotten how much he had missed his company. He began to listen to his words when he spoke and took it all it. Merlin loved him? His tail stopped wagging and realisation settled in. He was surprised by his words and he looked up at Merlin, nuzzling against his hand before he pointed towards the trees indicating he wanted him to follow.

His head gently nudged him again as a soft whine left him, his tail swishing slightly as he began to lead the way back to his home. Enjoying Merlin’s company like he had done back in Wales, he led the way and hoped for Merlin to follow as he already indicated that he wasn’t a threat. It took them longer to get to his house because he had speeded through to find the scent and that it belonged to Merlin. Around half an hour later, they arrived a two story home, a porch running around the house at the back and his mug that was left on the table outside. A huff left him as he told him to stay put, his eyes narrowed slightly and began to feel nervous before he dashed back inside.

He shifted back into his human form, he grabbed a new pair of pants as his old ones were shredded to bits. Running a hand through his dirty blonde hair, he began to calm himself down before he returned back outside where Merlin was standing. ‘’Merlin!’’ He ran over to him and his arms wrapped him up into a bone-crushing hug. ‘’I’m so glad to see you,’’ he held him in his arms and he placed his nose up against his neck, taking in his scent. ‘’W-What were you doing in the instar-diviner territory?’’ He asked, his head tilting as his eyes flickered over, his arms not loosening around the boy.

Merlin blushed having just confessed to a wolf about his feelings for his best friend from Wales. He tilts his head seeing that the wolf was nudging him again to follow him. So standing up he brushed off the leaves and dirt off his clothes before moving to follow the wolf into the woods unsure why he was following a very intelligent wolf that seemed extremely friendly to him. Merlin's thoughts were running rapidly through his mind wondering if his best friend was King now or did his older brother get the throne.

"Where are ya leading me to Fella?" He asked softly as he followed the wolf through the woods until they reached a house in the woods about an hour or two later. He was curious as to who lived in the woods in a gorgeous two-story home then the wolf disappeared inside the house. Waiting outside to see if the wolf had an owner or something that it wanted him to meet until he saw a familiar figure walking out of the house.

Merlin felt like everything stood completely still like the earth had just stopped for a split second of time. Arms wrapped around him crushing him into a hug. "Arthur what? Are you doing here I thought you were still in Neath?" He asked nearly stuttering as his cheeks darken with a blush being hugged by Arthur for a bit longer than usual but he wasn't complaining the feeling of being in his arms was like he was home at last. Then the question he had asked hit Merlin like a ton of bricks causing him to start to hyperventilate slightly as if he was having a panic attack. "I...Have...Magic...I'm a Diviner." He managed to get out between panicked breaths.  

Arthur was curious to know why his best friend was in the instar-diviner territory and everything was beginning to become overwhelming for him as Merlin confessed to him that he loved him and he wasn't sure how he could tell him he was a werewolf. His arms remained around the young boy, keeping him close to him as the scent from Merlin seemed to calm him down. He watched Merlin as he waited for the answer of why he was in the instar-diviner territory, he could see the boy beginning to panic. 

''My older brother took the throne and they had children. I've been pushed back as a king and I gave my title to live a normal lifestyle.'' He explained as he watched Merlin, his hands began to rub small circles on his lower back and tried to calm him down, he wasn't liking how easily panicked he was getting. ''Shh,'' he tried to calm him down as the boy was still panicking. He stopped for a moment as he heard Merlin, he has magic? well, that explains why he was missing when he was in Wales.  

Slowly, his hand cupped the boy's cheek and wiped away the tears that flowed from his green and blue eyes. ''I'm not like my father, Merlin. You should know that but why didn't you tell me sooner?'' He frowned as worry began to fill his mind as he kept Merlin close to him, loving the way how close he was to him. ''Well, funny thing is...'' He sighed and kept his hand firm on Merlin's cheek and gazed into his eyes. ''You have nothing to be afraid of. That wolf back there? That was me.'' He murmured and he sucked in a breath, his eyes glazing over him. ''I was turned after my eighteenth birthday, Merlin.'' His heart was beating against his chest, his blue orbs started to cloud over as the memory took over him. ''Please, don't be afraid of me.'' He muttered and slowly bit into his lower lip as he watched Merlin. 

Merlin slowly started to panic tears falling from his blue-green eyes he could partially hear what Arthur was saying he was secretly happy that Harrison took the throne and had children allowing Arthur to leave the throne behind to have a normal life. He started to somewhat calm down when he felt Arthur rubbing small circles on his back. He knew Arthur would connect the dots as to why his family suddenly left Neath his eighteenth birthday was fast approaching and the claiming would soon take place. 

"I was sixteen I knew what would happen on my eighteenth birthday and if it did while I was in public I would have been executed publicly. I would have told you but at the time I was scared so my family ran before my seventeenth birthday so I wouldn't be killed for having magic." He whispered softly looking at Arthur who had cupped his cheeks wiping away the tears that fell down his pale cheeks. 

"I could never be afraid of you Arthur. No matter what even when you were possessed by an evil necromancer to kill me that one time I was never afraid of you. I was scared of losing you. I am sorry you had to share our birthday in a misery of turning into a Lycan. I wish I had stayed despite the risks of being killed because of what I was born as." He replied cupping his cheek looking at his blue eyes. 

Arthur saw that Merlin was slowly calming down as he didn't feel the need to become angry with him, he was slightly disappointed that Merlin didn't tell him sooner that he was an instar-diviner, he listened to Merlin and frowned when he heard his words. He knew that he would have been executed if the word had gotten out quickly but Arthur would have done anything to save him. He wouldn't let anyone hurt Merlin, no matter if he had magic or not. 

He could feel his own body tense as the words left him when he told Merlin he was a lycanthrope, his wolf inside of him was stirring nervously for some odd reason and he didn't like seeing Merlin upset. He listened carefully to Merlin's words and his heart beats nervously against his chest and his eyes widened when he apologized. ''You don't need to apologize, Merlin. It wasn't your fault.''

He sighed and he looked into Merlin's eyes, gazing at them deeply that he had never been able to do before. ''I've always wanted to tell how I feel about you, Merlin.'' He muttered and his cheeks tinted with a soft faint blush. ''I've always loved you,'' he mumbled before his fingers gripped the sides of Merlin's chin, tipping his head down and he leaned slowly leaned in. His lips collided with Merlin's, kissing him deeply - the lips tingling as they touched as if sparks were igniting off them. He didn't want to stop. He had been waiting for so long now. 

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Merlin shook his head looking at his friend when he told him it wasn't his fault it was he was always there to protect Arthur from everything. "Don't you see Arthur it is my fault. I have always protected you from everything that was within my power to keep you safe. The one time I was there you got hurt and turned against your will!" He said feeling like it was his fault that his best friend became a Lycan and was forced to leave his home. 

He mulled over buried feelings for the prince coming back to the surface as his cheeks tinted pink sure he was embarrassed that he couldn't tell his own best friend that he was a Diviner of the Fae side. He also knew Arthur would have done anything even take a place beside him if he had been found out and put to death, Arthur would have died with him seeing as how close they were to each other always saving one another from harm. 

Once he heard Arthur admit his feelings for him the blush on his cheeks darkened before he felt Arthur gripping his chin tilting his head before he felt lips on his own. His eyes automatically closed kissing him back as his arms wrapped around him holding him close to him. It was like he was finally complete as if Arthur was the final piece of himself that he was missing making him complete for once in his life. 

Arthur sighed and rolled his eyes at Merlin's words and he brought his finger to touch his lips and narrowed his eyes at him. ''I know you have protected me but Merlin, it happened and you weren't there when I was turned.'' He didn't want Merlin to blame himself on everything because he wasn't there to protect him. If anything happened to Merlin when he was still there, he would do anything to protect him as well and he had done countless of times as he was his best friend and always will be his best friend. 

Even though he had always been a jerk to Merlin but that was because it was an act so others didn't get suspicious of the two of how close they were even though people knew they were friends; people thought that having a servant a friend was a bad idea.  As their lips collided together, his mind spun momentarily as he finally was able to tell how much he loved him. It was hard not to tell Merlin all these years. Their lips parted for moment, his eyes fluttering opened to view him.

''Don't leave me again, will you?'' His lips brushed against his as he spoke. His eyes darkened slightly as he stared into Merlin's, ''you're mine, understand?'' A soft growl left his lips as he suddenly felt possessive over Merlin and his eyes flickered down the young boys neck, he leaned in and pressed his nose against his neck, his scent was calming him down and he kept Merlin close; not wanting to break the moment. 

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Merlin knew Arthur was trying to make him feel better for not being there and to get him not to continuously blame himself for what happened to Arthur when he wasn't there to protect him. The thoughts of everything that had happened fled his mind during the kiss hilariously enough it had been his first kiss ever from anyone in his entire life. Sure his mother kissed his cheek but it wouldn't could anyway since she was his mother. 

His eyes went wide before blushing "I won't leave again you have my word Arthur. I understand I am yours as long as you are mine!" He said in returned being nearly as possessive of his best friend as he now was of him. Merlin would fight the devil himself to keep Arthur to himself that how possessive he was becoming in a span of a few moments after sharing a kiss. 

"Nothing will keep me from your side, not even hell could stop me this time. I will stay by your side for as long as you want me to be by your side." He said knowing what his words meant and how much weight they held. Merlin always kept his word no matter what and Arthur would know that by him stating this he would keep it even in death. 

Arthur was glad that the two were finally be able to be together without being judged by anyone around them, he was beyond happy that he could finally be with Merlin. He had been waiting to kiss Merlin like this for a very long time and he watched him for a moment after he spoke about him being his, no one else could have him. He listened and he was glad for his answer, a smile tugging upon his lips as he saw how possessive Merlin sounded as well. ''What did you expect back in Neath? I was always jealous whenever people were around or touching you even,'' his brow raised as he spoke and smirked. ''I'm glad to be able to with you after all these years Merlin.'' 

He continued to listen to Merlin's words; his words making his heart flutter and he knew that Merlin had been the one all this time. His arms wrapped around Merlin's waist, pulling him closer so their body was touching each others, he embraced him for a few moments before pulling away again. ''Your scent... Brought me to you.'' He muttered gently as he let his fingers brush against Merlin's cheek. ''Crazy, huh?'' He grinned and leaned forward to place a soft kiss onto his forehead. ''Come on, let's go inside. Are you hungry?'' He asked as he laced his fingers with Merlin's and began to lead him back into his own home. 

"Even before your change, you were always possessive of me which I think made your father hate me with such fury that it scared me at times. At the time I thought it was due to me not being a good servant but now I know the real reason he hated me so bad, he knew of your feelings for me and it caused him to truly hate me. Now there are no titles no rules that will make us afraid to be who we are. Nothing can stop us, Arthur." He said softly leaning his head onto his shoulder. 

Merlin blushed listening to what Arthur was saying it made him happy that he was able to find him. "I am glad it did I wouldn't have known that you were even here in Evermore just within reach of me." He said as his stomach decided to make an appearance quite so suddenly making the growls and sounds of a wild animal. "Yeah I am I forgot to eat before I left my apartment this morning before coming over here." He said getting up to follow Arthur inside. 

Arthur listened to Merlin as he went on about the times where his father didn't approve of him being around Merlin so much. His eyes clouded over once again as he thought about the memory where his father disapproved of him being bisexual and that led him to be in the dungeons for almost a week. ''No rules, no titles. Just us now, Merlin.'' He kept his arm wrapped around his waist, squeezing him gently and sighed in relief. He kissed the side of Merlin's cheek and began to lead him inside of his two story home, it was a large two story home and he liked the amount of space; maybe in future, the two could live in it together.

''Yeah, I'm glad it led to you and not somebody else.'' He let out a small chuckle and let go of Merlin's hand, grabbing some bacon and eggs out of the fridge and some juice. ''Make yourself comfortable,'' he said as he began to heat up a fry pan on the stove and placed the bacon in. ''How is your family? The twins, are they healthy and safe?'' He asked as he grabbed some bread from the cupboard and began to toast it with cheese under the grill.

''How long have you been in Evermore for?'' He asked as questions filled his mind as he continued to cook. He began to make a bacon and egg sandwich for Merlin and it was finished after a couple of minutes; he set it down in front of him. ''Eat it up before it gets cold.'' He said as he made his own and walked over to sit next to him on the stool. He bit into his own sandwich and the yolk dripped down his chin. A chuckle left him and he grabbed a napkin, ''tell me what you can do with your magic.'' He muttered as he wiped his chin off. 

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