The last couple of nights, Arthur had been trouble sleeping because he was thinking about his best friend back in Wales and that was Merlin. Merlin, the boy that had raven hair and a lanky body that Arthur adored for so long but he never once told Merlin about his feelings towards him as he knew that his family would be disappointed in him that he fell for a serving boy. There was something about Merlin that made him feel different around him and even though he had been harsh with Merlin countless of times, he didn’t mean that he didn’t care for the boy.

They were always relentlessly teasing each other; calling each other names and so forth. There was moments where Arthur had saved the boy from being thrown into the dungeon’s or whatever the boy was doing to get himself into trouble. His father however, suspected something between the two as Arthur had came out bisexual but Merlin never knew that about that part as he kept his sexuality private and the family knew not to tell a word to anyone when his father was still around. His blue orbs were staring up towards the ceiling of his room, the silence was starting to agitate him. He checked the digital clock on his bedside table, it was quite early and the sun was beginning to rise in the sky; dusk.

Running a hand through his blonde locks, he began to pull some clothes on once he got out of his bed.  He scattered out of his room and down his flight of stairs, heading to the coffee machine and having a shot of it once it brewed. He headed outside with the mug in his hands, warming himself up as he saw the sunrise through the pine trees. A scent slowly wafted through his nose, the scent was delicious and it felt almost all too familiar. His eyebrows scrunched together, confused and he placed the mug down on the small table he had on his porch. A breeze slowly went through the forest and the scent was there again, the scent was strong and he knew that they’ll be close. Without a second thought, he shifted into his wolf, his caramel and white fur was shiny against the sun.

He sprinted off in full speed in the direction of where the scent was coming from, almost like he had to protect them. Around half an hour later, he had sprinted fully towards the Instar Diviner territory without being seen, of course. The scent was overwhelming him and it was making him feel crazy inside. He was panting heavily as he skidded to a stop, a familiar raven haired boy was sitting against a tree reading a book. His head tilted as if he was confused like a lost puppy, his ears flattened and he was scared to tell Merlin what he was.

Slowly, he crept up to him and nudged at his knee with his snout, the familiar scent going through him and calmed him almost instantly. He looked up at Merlin, gazing at the familiar green and blue eyes, a low soft growl left him and told him he wasn’t a threat. His head nuzzled against the side of Merlin as he kept rubbing his head against him, his tail wagged as he was excited to know that Merlin was here. The lake beside them was sparkling as the sun shone off from it, a soft breeze going through the air - he wasn’t sure how Merlin would react of him being a werewolf; something he never wanted to be but now, he had a reason why he wanted to be a wolf - to protect Merlin.

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Merlin blushed softly being hugged around the waist before an affectionate kiss was placed on his cheek. God he loved Arthur so much and being able to be with him without fear was something he could only dream of in his wildest dreams. He adored the house Arthur lived in currently he could imagine a life with him in a house like this. 

"I am truly glad it lead you to me, Arthur." He said softly as he sat down watching Arthur busy himself around the kitchen to make food for the both of them. "Yeah the twins are fine so is my mom. I've been here since the comet hit Evermore. It changed everything for my family since my dad was a necromancer and my mother was a fae. It was a bit scary for a bit." He said softly. 

He takes the sandwich starting to eat it as a soft moan left his lips as he ate the sandwich. He had been completely hungry since he hadn't eaten before he left his apartment. "I can do quite a lot of things with magic from tracking people and other things." He said softly. 

Arthur's lips curled into a smirk when he saw Merlin's cheeks turning pink when he gave an affectionate kiss and hug that he gave to Merlin. As Arthur began to busy himself in the kitchen as he made food for each of them as he was hungry as well. He smiled as he heard Merlin's words and he honestly couldn't believe Merlin was here with him today. He honestly thought he'd never seen him again; specially since he moved here to Evermore. As he sat down next to Merlin with his own plate of food, he looked over to him and listened, nodding as he went. ''That's good your family is safe,'' he muttered as he took a bite of his own sandwich again. ''Comet? Didn't know there was one here in Evermore.'' His brow raised slightly and scrunched his eyebrows together. 

He narrowed his eyes as he heard the moan leaving from Merlin; making him feel slightly uncomfortable as he heard it; not in a bad way of course. ''That's cool. Magic has always been an interest of mine even if I had to force myself to hate magic because of my father's rules.'' He sighed, running a hand through his hair as he had put down his sandwich and gave some water to Merlin. ''I'm sorry if my father was ever mean to you - truly I am Merlin.'' He held his gaze onto him and leaned over to kiss his cheek tenderly.

''Oh, I have two tattoo's by the way.'' He chuckled at the thought as he showed his forearm that his friend Cameron did. ''Freedom from my duties in Neath.'' He said as it was now fully healed, not that it didn't take too long anyway. ''One on my back for the pack I'm in,'' he shrugged. ''Although I haven't met many aside from Arwyn who's a great guy.'' He nodded. ''He's the son of Orion, who's the Ambassador of Therian's,'' He rambled on about the Therian's. ''There really hasn't been that much happening for me. I'm studying to become a doctor,'' he forgot to mention that. ''What do you plan on doing here Merlin?'' He asked as he finished his sandwich off and took a long drink from his glass.

"Yeah, there was one it hit just a few seconds after my family arrived in Evermore thankful we weren't hurt from the blast itself I think it may have knocked us out. It was back in 2015 around February when we arrived as did the comet but we are all safe I am sure the next two will be coming of age soon as well they will be either Light or Dark." He said softly looking at him smiling softly. 

Merlin looked over at Arthur as he tried to apologize for his father's actions towards him when he was just a servant boy in Neath. "Don't apologize you had no control over what your father was doing. Well, now you have someone that can use magic to save lives now." He said softly getting a kiss to his cheek causing the young diviner to blush and smiled at Arthur like he was a schoolboy with his first crush. 

"I never thought you would be the one to get a tattoo but I am happy. As for what I wish to do I haven't exactly thought about it at all. It's been mostly me and Salem, my black cat whom I adopted after nursing her back to health. Sure my family lives here in Evermore but I chose to be alone it was better for me to be alone with my depressing thoughts so my family wouldn't have to suffer from seeing me so depressed. 

Arthur finished his sandwich and he looked over at Merlin, his brow raising as he listened to him. He was glad that his family wasn't hurt and that he was safe. He didn't know what he'd do without Merlin being alive even if they hadn't seen each other for all these years. He was glad that Merlin was a light species as he couldn't handle anything dark ever since his father's death as well as his half sister, Morgana. He shook the thoughts away and he looked over to Merlin when he spoke again, biting his lower lip. 

''Yes you can,'' he smiled a little as he leaned over to place his hand upon his shoulder, smiling gently and chuckled as he saw the blush. ''I'm glad you're safe,'' he nodded and he chuckled as he heard the comment of his tattoos. ''One was mandatory if you wanted to join the pack which is the safest option and this one, I decided on my own.'' He said in a soft tone, lifting his hand and ran it through his blonde locks. ''Sounds like a cute cat.'' He grinned and grabbed the plates from the counter and took them to the sink. He listened and frowned when he heard, he knew that Merlin had anxiety but not depression. ''Don't worry Merls, you have me now. You can always stay here if you ever feel lonely,'' he said as he turned to see him and walked over to him, offering his hand out. ''Let's go have a tour of my house.'' He said as he began to lead around the house, telling him where things were before they landed into Arthur's room. 

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