Thaddeus spent his nights awake scaring the guest with his ability to manipulate shadows. He would never understand why the business did so well. He noticed a long time ago that humans enjoyed being scared by things that went bump in the night. Even if they didn’t want to admit it outloud. So as he opened up the Inn under the pretence of being haunted her didn’t imagine it would blow up the way it did.

It grew to the point that he needed to hire staff though his staff was a bit more different than most companies. While Hana the woman he hired to tend the desk during the day was human, he needed more Valkyrs and other supernatural species on the payroll to keep up the haunted inn affect. He was to the point of starving himself to keep the doors open which didn’t help the recovering blood addicted Valkyr.

That morning he knew he was going to need some blood, if he went much longer he may drink from Hana and that was something he didn’t want to do. So he flipped on the coffee maker and ducked  into his room through the office. He picked up the blood bag from the fridge and poured some of it in a mug. Taking a long sip of the pure blood grimicing at how cold it was knowing he should have heated it up. Still feeling it run down and his body begged for more. He wanted to feed that but the knock on his bedroom door made him place things back in the fridge.

Thad made his way out of his room, wiping his lips from the blood he had downed when his eyes landed on the man that Hana said was waiting for him. Thad straighten his shirt and moved over to the male. Offering a smile and holding his hand out to him. “Hello welcome to Crowthorne. Come this way.” He lead the man into his office and then closed the door and walked to take his seat on one side of the desk. “How Can I help you? Mister?”

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The same boring routine, again and again, over and over, every day, every week. Wake up, Eat, watch TV, make sure the doors and windows are locked, then sleep. The same thing, every week for the best part 80 years. Charlie had always been a man of extreme habit, he used to enjoy his little routine, the things he did and the people he saw. He liked the predictability of it all...But recently Charlie had wanted more. More, a word used so much and never truly meant...But he did want more, he wanted more out of life than the living he'd had. 

Charlie had lived such a boring, tired life. Even when he was turned, his routine with Count was the only thing that kept him sane, the only thing that kept him from ripping out her jugular. 

In the thoughts of finding something to bring more to his life, Charlie had kept his eye out for any job vacancies that may seem appealing to him. One he had found was for a haunted house. Now, being a Valkyr, and not a busy one at that, he'd managed to always perfect the art of manipulating the shadows around him. A skill meant for fear. 

The day Charlie chose to go to the haunted house, he wore black jeans and a black shirt that fitted his torso rather perfectly. Clicking his neck as he entered the place, he spoke to a short girl with a name badge that read 'Hana' and asked about the job. She directed him to a rather attractive male that offered his hand straight away. Taking it and shaking it firmly, Charlie smiled "Thanks" He said softly and followed the male to his office. 

Sitting across the desk from him, the Valkyr tiled his head to the left slightly. "I heard there may be a job opening?" He said softly and gestured to himself. "Im Charlie by the way, Charlie Vizard." His mind wandered slightly, there was a faint smell in the office...Metal, it smelt like, Charlies eyes wandered around. Blood. 

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As the pair shook hands and Thaddues lead Charlie to his office, where there was another door to his living quarters just beyond it. He was the one that kept a neat enough home but he still chose to keep the door closed. It made work and home feel like two different places even though they were quite literally the same place. Though the desire to go get his mug of blood was high at that moment. Though he felt it unprofessional to just be drinking blood in front of another person.

As they settled into their seats he pulled at his unbuttoned shirt quickly doing a few of the buttons. “Forgive me for looking a mess I just finished the night shift.” he chuckled as he picked up the papers on his desk and placed them in a neat pile in the corner. “It's a pleasure to have you interested in the job opening Charlie Vizard. My name is Thaddeus Ufford. Most just call me Thad though.” he picked up the Evermore daily that was charmed. It was a nifty tick really humans saw one article if they had no clue about supernatural beings.

“Ah yes so you must be a Valkyr.” he said looking to Charlie and then felt a little less rude about what he was going to do. He stood up from the desk and moved through the door to his room and returned with a mug of blood. “Then you don’t mind if I drink, I haven’t had a proper dose of blood recently.” He said as he sipped from the mug licking his lips as he sat it down. He pulled out an NDA and sat it in front of him. “I need you to sign this if I am going to speak feather on the job we have an opening for.”

It was hard to concentrate on what the male, Thad', was saying as he lead the Valkyr through the rooms. The smell of blood had always been distracting for Charlie. He wasn't totally in control around fresh blood, Count was an indulger and so Charlie had been brought into this world with a steady supply fresh from the vein, Since leaving Count and coming to Evermore, he'd been a little more frugal with his drinking.

As Thad named him, Charlie's eyes flashed towards the male and shrugged. "Indeed." He said simply, the smell of bloood made it clear the other was of the same compulsion as Charlie. Gesturing to the cup, Charlie gave a harsh swallow and nodded "Please, Enjoy."

As the NDA was slid towards him, Charlie quickly scanned the document and cocked his head to the side. His eyes flashed up slightly before he took a pen and elegantly signed on the dotted line. "I'd like to know more."

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