People all say that when once you see a sunrise one morning you’ll see it all from a different light. Making you want to wake up early every morning to see it once again. Fleur always liked to go and climb up to the rooftop of her apartment block. To either look up at the sky at the stars or to over look and see the lit up landscapes from the city lights. Reminding her somewhat of her old home of Amsterdam. Yet it was lacking from all the lit up red lights at night. Here in Evermore was the same colour, a brighter one. Part of her knew that this was her home now but the other part of her haven’t accepted it. Always thinking of Amsterdam or Netherlands as her home. Trying so hard to sway away from her dark past and old tricks. Thinking and believing a fresh and new start was the best thing for her. Yet it was a lonely one. Moving all the way to another country thousands of miles away across many seas. Learning and speaking a different language. Finding her way trying to make friends. All was proving so difficult for Fleur, slowly trying to make Evermore her home. One thing that she has found that nobody here looks at you that you are a total outsider. Noticing how many people choose to come to this city for a fresh start of a new life. Like how she has. From all different countries all across the world. 

Fleur have found friendship in another lonely Dhampir, Scorpios. In a weird way. While everyone else in the community basically shunned him for committing one crime, one mistake. Fleur never looked at him, that he was a killer. A different person, she looked like he was like everyone else. Someone who made one mistake that's all. Growing up in the place that she did in the Red Light District she was used to crimes, murders. Different things that other people would shun them for. Fleur knew if she wasn’t underaged and was bailed out the way she was, she would still be facing years in jail. So in weird ways they were alike. Plus these days they were the only friends each of them have, so their stuck with each other. Checking the time Fleur saw that it was time to get ready for the day with sunrise now long gone, most people were getting up for work now. Fleur lived in an apartment in the Dhampir community in the NorthWest corner of the city, still preferring to live in the city. Feeling comfortable within the busy city walls, used to the loud traffic noises at night. All of the limelife in a way. 

Heading back down to her apartment to get ready, as she had planned to go on a road trip out of town with Scorpious. Fleur didn’t exactly know where they were going all she knew was that she’d have to meet him first. Since he couldn’t exactly come back into the Dhampir community since he was still exiled. Yet she was sure that it wouldn’t be too long until people forgive and forget. Maybe so. Soon after Fleur was ready she headed out deciding to stop by a local coffee shop, buying two coffees for the two of them. Hoping that maybe it’ll wake him up enough to be awake for the road trip. Since she knew he wasn’t an early person she liked to be prepared just in case. Shortly driving over to Scorpious’s place in the woods, when she arrived she sent a text. Telling him that she was here, deciding to go and sit on her car. Waiting for Scorpious to show, not wanting to up all the way up his house to fetch him. This whole road trip was his idea, seeing how long it would take up to back out of it.

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Moving back to Evermore certainly was not as easy as he expected it would be; of course, he naturally expected to receive funny looks from others, and to hear the whispers echoing around turn. If anything, he would have found it extremely odd if those things did not happen but nevertheless, he was rather glad that he had thick skin or else he would have had many troubles on how he would deal with the looks and the constant gossiping about his back. Being a Dhampir and being known to kill one of his own was of course going to have a huge backlash, however, murder in their community and lifestyle, albeit still frowned upon, it wasn’t necessarily such a shocker; and he certainly knew there were worse people out there than himself. Either way, the City and Faction would eventually see him as Scorpios and no longer the murderer - he just needed Valeria to stop being pissed off at him; after all, he suspected there was hope there, simply due to her reaction to when he randomly appeared on her doorstep one evening to warn of her a potential threat to her safety. The moment the Ambassador had overcome her negativity over his actions, then her people would too - it was all just a matter of time; and that was one thing Scorpios did have, considering he turn on his immortality. 

Throughout the weeks, Scorpios did, however, make a few friends in the city who didn’t judge him for his previous actions; one was an unlikely alliance - Aeryn, a Nephilim who helped him save a family from an over ambitious Initia who set their pub, and home ablaze, as well as a young Dhampir girl, Fleur. Fleur and Scorpios had only known each other for a short time, but they automatically clicked due to their backgrounds - Scorp was born into a family of the Italian Mafia, whilst Fleur found herself in rival gangs in Amsterdam; despite very different upbringings, they found themselves in the heart of trouble and violence. They also shared the feeling of not having English as their first language, and if anything, Scop round it rather endearing when she couldn’t figure out the right word; in fact, over the weeks, he began to see her much like Siena, another baby sister which he could take under his wing and look after. After a while of both of them being in the city, Scorpios found himself wanting to show Fleur what it looked like out of the City of Evermore, considering she had never been anywhere outside of Amsterdam before; and unfortunately for him, Fleur agreed to the very early start. 

It was no surprise that he found himself struggling to get up in the morning, which was out of character for him; before the murder, he loved getting up to see the sunrise, but as of late, sleeping in was very appealing - perhaps it was due to the fact that he no reason to get up, after all, he didn’t have any responsibilites other than looking after himself at this very moment in time. Thus, when he rolled over and could barely see the sun above the trees, he groaned loudly, and forced himself into a seated position - with a quick rub of his eyes, he groggily moved over to the shower in hope that it would wake him up. Eventually, Scorpios made himself look a little more presentable, and a little more human so when the car horn went off outside of his cabin, he was ready to leave almost immediately; he grabbed his rucksack which he prepared in the evening which consisted of food and drink, and other bits and bobs before grabbing his Twin Sai Swords. 

The Italian slipped into the passenger seat and dropped his bag and swords in the back seats before grinning at the young Dhampir beside him; soon enough, he eagerly accepted the coffee which she offered him. “Oh, you shouldn’t have” He teased as he brought the much needed caffeinated drink to his lips. Once he took the satisfying sip, and shuddered somewhat in pleasure, he glanced her way and nodded. “Lets go, and show you what the world has to offer that is outside of the red light district” He winked. 

Fleur was still getting used to how everything is different over here. Truthfully she missed Amsterdam it was and always will be her home. Her happy place even if at the moment she coudln't go back there. Still she’d considered it home. Like many other people in the ned had to leave their old city, country to escape to a better place. Looking for their salvation. Maybe it was how she managed to gain friendship with Scorpios so early on. Both of them were missing home but couldn’t go back, yet not been all that accepted and welcomed here. Fleur knew his secrets and reasons why Scorpios had to flee his old life like how he knew the reason why she had to flee Amsterdam. Two Dhampir’s on the run. Telling Scorpius that she’d be there for him if anyone would be to go against him for things that happened in his past they'd have to go through her first. She wasn’t afraid. Having thick skin. Even before she learnt that she was a Dhampir she knew how to protect herself and others. Finding it come in handy these days feeling that like Amsterdam this city wasn’t as picture perfect as people first thought. Ready for what may come her way. 

Feeling that she could trust Scorpios, even when others thought that they couldn’t. She believed in him and why he did the things he did so he could be here to this. Fleur was still new to being a Dhampir so she found it handy for Scorpios to give her some training techniques so she was able to see where she was going wrong. Since there’s not exactly a training manual or book on how to be a Dhampir. It’s not so simple as that. With how she only found out a few years back that she was Supernatural not like other people having an upbringing surrounded by people of their own kind. Reason why she found the dojo in the Dhampir territory a blessing in disguise. Giving her the chance to train with other people who knew what they were doing, or just to give her the space to pick up a few tricks on her own. Fleur still didn’t know how long Scorpios’s banishment would last. Thinking maybe sooner or later that Valeria would let him loose and let him back in. That what she was hoping for but Fleur knew it maybe was too hopeful thinking. Filling someone was frowned up in all cases to why he was banished. Yet he wasn’t banished from the city so it was something at least. 

Seeing the lasting effects of Scropious’s banishment was having on him. Reason why Fleur wanted to keep a check on him often, even if it was just to get him out of the house at least. Baby steps and all. Arriving to go and pick him on time, hoping that he hadn’t forgotten. If not she’d walk in a walk him up knowing that he has no where else to be. Whilst waiting for the Italian to make his appearance, she started to scroll through Instagram. Watching a few stories, liking some posts to pass the time till she heard the passenger door opening. Looking up and to her side she saw Scorpios making himself at home, taking half his belongings with him. “You really need all this for one day?” She muttered sarcastically looking at him with confusion. “Or are you planning to run away and i’m your get away” Fleur added joking him yet who knows with him. “Thought you might need it, I know what your like without your morning coffee” Not wanting a half dead or annoying companion because they haven’t had their daily cup of coffee. “Your never going to let me live it down aren’t ya?” She laughed shaking her head with how he often teased her because she came from the red light district part of Amsterdam and what its renowned from. “Just give me directions and I’ll drive or you can take over. Your choice?” Not too sure of where he was planning to take her but she knew it was something good the way he had been going on about wanting to show her for a few weeks now.

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