Russian Queens; The Real Deal: Allies In The Dark (Svet and Anaris)

Svet hadn't been out of the shower long before her cell phone caused her to jump, startled at the loud ringing coming from it. She jumped at nearly everything and knew no such thing as calmness. The only thing Svet had learned to do after slaughtering a massive organization of Vampires, Therians and Phoenix's was how to survive. She didn't know what living was like, nor being happy aside from the joy she felt from the few moments Evan's shift had been allowing him to spend with her each day. Evan lately, had became her solace; her safe zone.

Tonight however, as he saved lives and worked for endless hours, Svet was left to tend to her club along with her decision making to dig into a new career, already have the degree's she needed for it, The young Nephilim had been thinking about being a pediatric, and had promised herself to do so at a hospital Evan didn't work at. She had vowed to keep work and romance seperate and knew that if she ended up working in the same place as Evan, that they'd see each other way to much, and he'd get tired of her, she to avoid it, she'd planned on driving to a different hospital which wasn't to far away.

Snapping out of thought, Svet gazed down to her phone which had earlier startled her right after her shower. A text from someone anonymous had came through. Dropping to the floor, The young Nephilim let her head fall back against the wall as tears flooded her eyes, clouding her bright blue optics. This had made the third time she'd recieved an image of her dead father, without his head and his body burn to almost ashes with a text saying "Your time is coming". As her breathing became rapid, so did her heartbeat, paralyzing her from continuing to get ready for the evenings events she'd lined out earlier.

After what had seemed like ages that she'd sat in the floor, crippled to the harassment, stalking and taunting image and text, her phone dinged again. Afraid to pick it up, Svet inhaled, her hand shaking and barely able to hold her cell as she grabbed it up, tensing, only to realize that it was Evan this time.He'd texted to ask Svet if she'd been able to unpack and settle in comfortably. A faint smile crossed her features and her breathing settled down as she texted back to tell him that she was fine, and as comfortable as one could be before letting him know she'd be leaving soon due to work related stuff and ending her text with an I love you.

Standing, Svet walked into their bedroom and began slipping into her clothes, finding herself in a more casual outfit than her usual club wear, with the intentions of making it to the hospital she was applying to work at. After getting ready, The young Nephilim fixed her hair and makeup before gathering her personal items and throwing it all into her handbag. After giving herself a once over in the mirror, she was pleased enough with how she looked to depart Evan's home, which was now considered their home, and in her mind that had such a lovely ring to it. It felt so right.

After locking up,Svet gazed to her surroundings, glancing from the car to the sky, always tempted to use her wings since flight was a feeling of freedom for her, the most peaceful thing she done when she was alone, and had the opportunity. But, due to knowing she'd be landing at the hospital, and the weather being nice, she decided she'd walk; and if it took to long, she'd let her wings finish the trip, but she felt she could definitely use the fresh walk, with her mind now made up to walk, Svet took her phone and earbuds from her bag, flicking through a few songs before finding one of her favorites, hitting play before she began walking.

After getting herself to a steady pace, Svet began humming, gazing up ocassionally to the amber lit street lights above her. Her walk started out as her being able to clear her mind, enjoying the fresh air, but had quickly shifted into a night of danger as she realized someone in a black hoodie stood in the shadows of the alley she was getting ready to walk past. Immediately, Svet froze as if time around her had stopped, as her eyes began glowing a vivid purple, almost neon.

What had then turned into a male figure coming at her, Svet let her wings detract from their scars, in an attempt to fly away from what she now acknolwedged; a vampire. But, to no avail, Svet felt one of the sharpest, most breath taking pains a supernatural could ever feel, one of her wings had been pierced with a blade, or stabbed by something, it had happened so quickly, and the pain made it seem like a blurr that she wasn't able to tell what had truly stabbed one of the Nephilim's weakest spots to put her back onto the ground, stopping her from flying away to safety.

Groaning, the dark haired Neph glinted up towards him, unable to make out his facial features in detail due to how bad she was currently hurting. Reaching around, she was able to pull the metal spike from the scar whre her wings now just hung from, releasing an intense gasp as she pulled it out and her wings sank back into her scars. It was sudenly then that the dark figure knelt down and smirked, grabbing her jaws on each side with his fingertips. jerking her head upward, forcing her to look him in the eyes as he spoke. "This is only just beginning Svetlana. Your end is near". After his words cut through her like a knife, Svet cried out "Please..." was all she was able to form in words before he vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

The pain was still as unbareable as it was the moment her wing had been pierced by the spike, causing the Nephilim to struggle with getting back up, so instead, she slid herself to the brick wall in the alley, resting up against it, watching as droplets of blood dripped down onto her white blouse. All of this? To be a pediatrtion? Because she was dumb enough to think that maybe... just MAYBE she could start to live a normal life again? Stupid. That was what she was, or she felt so anyways. It had only been a few moments since the male had vanished that another, only in female form, had came to take his place and Svet was sure she'd have to get up and defend herself this time, not wanting to risk another injury or her death even.

As the being before her held a rune, something she'd only seen Dhampir's carry, and knowing Axel was from that same faction, she glared at the female, a sinister expression crossing her features now. The luxury of being a Nephilim was having their strength. Baring that in mind, Svet walked to the female the best she could with her scar wounded, but slowly healing, wrapping her hand around the females throat, as a means to lift her from the ground, careless if she choked to death in Svet's grasp. "I will end you! Tell me who sent you! what do you want from me?!" me cried out through a scream, noticing her grip only tightened  the more she felt in danger. Oblivious that this female was here to save her from the danger lurking right around the corner that was yet to come; and that this woman would soon be one of the best things to happen to Svet.

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Assimilating into the erratic ways of her new life within the city outskirts of Evermore proved to be slightly more challenging than what Anaris Dimera was used to, as she found herself continuously establishing new networking branches throughout the city as well as shouldering on more roles to better serve and make use of her skills for the greater good of the Dhampir community and those that they protect with the greatest vulnerability... Anything and everything that allowed her to stay busy enough to prevent herself from falling back into the incarcerating darkness that her nightmares always held at night. From practicing general surgical medicine, to compiling bits and pieces of data for her precious personal research project on sanity, Ana was also a valuable piece among the Dhampir community's secret underground fighting protective league of vigilantes called A.R.T.I.M.I.S; which housed it's headquarters hidden secretly deep beneath the Dhampir's Dojo.

Fatigue rippled across the tired features of Anaris Dimera in thick, impenetrable waves, as she propped all of her weight up against the back of the descending elevator's wall, allowing her cerulean hues to flutter close briefly as a paper brown espresso cup that she had acquired from the hospital's cafe was clutched in one hand, and her hospital pager in the other for probable case if she were needed to return to the hospital on short notice after once again completing yet another taxing and lengthy shift. 

Taking a deep drag of the bitter black liquid from the paper goblet in hand, Ana mulled over the bitter nutty flavor of the scalding liquid as it slid along the surface of her pallet, finding herself musing about how inferior-ly dull its flavor was in comparison to a rare and godly brew that she had serendipitously came across made by a certain mystery man that she ran into not too long ago. 

A ding rang true, as the elevator's decent came to a halt, parting in-front of her as the view of a row of high tech panel screens that displayed various vantage points that were stationed through-out the city of Evermore in the forms of hidden security cameras, splayed out in front of her. A steady hum could be heard emitting from within the monitors as they flickered to life, allowing a teams of trained Dhampir technological personal to hover over them with trained hawk-like gazes. However upon crossing the elevator's threshold, Anaris was met with flashing red lights and a blaring bellowing of the surrounding alarms.

"Whats going on?" Ana demanded from the nearest Dhampir, instantly finding herself delving into protector mode while fighting her way to edge a little closer to the screens where a pulsing circle could be seen circling around an area of the human sector of the city. 

"There's been an attack in the Human sector of the city near the hospital, though there no word exactly yet if the attack was carried out by a Supe or not. You're familiar with that particular area of the city better than any of us, Dr. Dimera. You'll be at our head."


She was so careless...felt so incredibly idiotic for not making any rounds surrounding the perimeter of the hospital to make sure that freak events like THIS would never occur among the uncertain shadows of night. However slight sleep-deprivation seemed to have the upper hand these days, causing for the superiors of her specialty at the hospital to take heed of her condition and take her off the rotating block for a few days. "It's for the best Ana. You need to take care of yourself before you're able to take care of anyone else." Never in her life had the elder Dhampir felt so incredibly useless...That was until now. If anything were to happen to the poor victim(s), their blood was surely on her hands.

The search and attack party of A.R.T.I.M.I.S then divided their ranks evenly in three groups of five, with the hopes of covering larger ground while still having the coverage of lending each other the euphoric strength that Dhampir often felt while fighting together among the throes of battle. It was when a scream of pain rang out from within the alley way, did she begin to run while wielding her rune casting Balasiong sword.

The others in her party set off to pursue the rogue Vampire, while Anaris stayed and twirled her sword into action and cast a shielding rune upon her blade, before slowly making her way to approach the wounded creature before her, so not to frighten her. However her efforts proved to be futile.

Hands gripped crushingly around her alabaster throat, as the wounded fallen angel before her took her by surprise with purple tinted eyes full of incredible hatred and strength. Her attacker proved to be far greater than what Anaris was able to muster due to her wavering fatigue from earlier, as Ana found herself rising slowly from the ground with every labored breath stolen from her. The extended wings that sprouted out from within the woman's back were slightly familiar to her, as Anaris was able to recall the images of Nephilim that were in her supernatural anatomy texts.

"I'm you" she managed to choke out, refusing to give in to the darkness that threatened her vision.

Anger burned deep within the coals of the Dhampir's heart briefly, as Ana was able to find the strength to lift her runic Balasiong Sword and cast the difficult series of lines in the shape of that of the Pain Inflicting rune upon the sword's diamond enforced edge; focusing it's direction and slight intensity upon the deranged Nephilim before her who's grasp loosened upon her throat, as the Rune which had previously illuminated a bright crimson hue upon her sword, faded back into it's previous state. Blood rushed to her head all at once, and with the impending sword of fatigue hanging directly over her head, Anaris Dimera screamed out in pain, collapsing to her shaking knees...making herself completely vulnerable to the very person that she was trying to protect.

"Forgive me, fair and just Gods for I hath sinned..." the Russian born Dhampir muttered darkly under her breath in defeat, as her narrowed eyes slid up to meet the painful broken form of the Nephilim woman recovering from the after-affects of her pain-inflecting rune. It wouldn't be the first time when someone that she set herself out to protect, attacked her full on with every raw aspect of their very natures. Yet there was something about the woman before her that softened her reaction, as Anaris's soul was able to recognize a fellow kindred spirit that was fighting their own inner demons, quite similarly to herself.

"You have to believe that I didn't want to hurt you...Not in the least bit." Ana chuckled softly through a labored breath, while running her slender fingers through the thick threads of her silvery mane with exhausted movements. As moments slipped by, the familiar ache of healing began to set in slowly in the fibers of her bruised extremities.

"Now there are others like me that are tracking down your attacker in order to bring them to justice in what ever form that the Vampire ambassador sees fit. We're here to help you, love. You're safe." she murmured soothingly to the Nephilim, resorting to a voice that she normally reserved for calming her frightened younger patients.

''I'm Doctor Anaris Dimera," the Dhampir started as a small smile pulled at the edges of her lips when extending her hand, a sign of friendship, to the woman before her. Her eyes then ran along the battered and wounded state of her protectee, and widened as she took a careful step towards the woman who unknown to Ana, would become someone whom she would trust her life with.

"And you're hurt!"

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