Zeus gave a welcoming smile to each customer who came in tonight. 'Joe's Honky Tonk' was a club she had opened to remember her parents by. Zeus had been raised on a farm, and she'd grown up taking nothing for granted, and loved the simple way of life. Although it caused her to get bullied in school, she wouldn't have had it any other way. Being a tomboy also came naturally to the Nephilim. That too got her bullied and judged by many, still to this day, most people judged the southern bell. Zeus had never felt comfortable in her own skin, unless she was around Reese. Zeus and Reese had been raised together, truly defining sandbox love.

It seemed liek only yesterday the two were making mud pies and tossing them at each other, snickering as their parents came out and yelled at them for being so dirty and ruining their clothes. And in school, they were no different. Eventually Zeus and Reese were the top dogs of their school, taking no crap from no one. It was necessary after the pair were bullied for the first couple years of their school lives. The closer they grew the more they fell, until eventually Reese and Zeus expressed that they were in love with one another. 

But the burdens of being bullied and the burdens of their home lives had led Reese astray, especially the situation with his father. His father was a terrible man, and when Reese and Zeus started high school, she seen his behavior change immensely, and not for the better. Dozing off in the middle of taking a test, coming to school with dark circles underneath his eyes, not caring much to change his outfit each and every day, his hair a mess, and the list just grew.

It wasn't until the day that he overdosed in front of Zeus that she realized he had an issue with addicition. And even though her heart was shattered, Zeus still stuck by his side, the two had fallen in love and became high school sweet hearts, even with Reese's drug problem, Zeus had never looked at anyone the way she did Reese, she tried to help him, but the more she tried, the more drugs he did, until Cocaine became his main go-to. It was when he overdosed for the second time, nearly dying that Zeus had wished she'd told his parents sooner.  She didn't want to lose him though, and with that came selfishness. Remembering it like it was yesterday, when Reese was forced to go to rehab, ultimately removing him from her life had really broken the young Nephilim.

Zeus had searched far and wide for Reese about a year later, but with no luck, all she could do was assume the worse. That he didn't complete rehab and that he'd probably overdosed and died. A lump of pain formed in her throat to the thought of that. To this day, Zeus could still say she loved him. And often she wondered had he changed his life. But, after losing him, and losing her mother to the Initia, Zeus began drinking until she was worse off than any other alcoholic. AA meetings seemed like a joke to her. She showed up to each meeting, but never participated in sharing personal information. Like today, she knew after her shift ended and she had to go to her AA meeting, that she'd do nothing more than just sit there and yawn.

Zeus watched the clock tick by slowly, the club music beating loud enough to vibrate the windows, and drunken people dancing all over the place, that or falling all over the place. Most nights, her club ws home away from home. But, as she got an alert on her cell phone, that there would be a guest motivational speaker at today's AA/NA meeting, Zeus couldn't help but wonder who it would be. Probably just another person who had googled every bit of info they could about addicts and alcoholics. "this should be amazing" she said, grumbling before finally getting someone to tae over her shift so she could be on time for her appointment.

Throwing her hair up into a bun, Zeus grabbed her bag and other personal belongings from her locker, and departed the club before climbing onto her motorcycle. Being a speed demon got her to her destination quickly, and with that she placed her helmet on one of the handle bars and put the kickstand up, clipping her keys onto her belt loop. Peering at the building ahead of her, she inhaled. Zeus never enjoyed these meetings, but they were necessary unless she rather go th other route and do petty community service for being a reckless driver and getting more DUI's than she could count on both hands and toes. 

After swinging the double doors open, Zeus took a seat in one of the chairs formed into a circle. The guest speaker was already there, but with his back turned, Zeus had no idea what type of surprise she was in for. When the doctor came out and said hello to everyone, he then introduced todays speaker. Reese - - -

The entire group eyed Zeus as a loud gasp echoed through the room and her hand flew up to cover her mouth. "Omg Reese? is it really you?" she asked out loud, while others continued staring with a puzzled expression. This wasn't the right place or time for a reunion like this, but Zeus didn't care. Right now she was doing all she culd to keep herself seated and composed, rather than going with what she truly wanted to do. Tackling him to the floor and holding him as close to her as she could sounded so right at the moment. "I- I thought you were dead..." she struggled the words out but got them out nonetheless.

Tears streamed down both her eyes, and mascara stained her toned complexion. "Okay okay whatever this is, please take it outside after the meeting is over" the doctor chimmed out. But Zeus being Zeus ran over to him, jumping into his arms, making sure her legs wrapped around his waist securely and her arms tightly around his neck. She didn't want to let go, not even for a second. "Ive missed you so damn much Reese.. what are you doing here?" she questioned, in the form of a whisper. She knew this would probably be her last AA meeting, and that she'd have to transfer to another clinic after the scene she was currently causing. But these two literally defined sandbox love.

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Since rehab Reese had done everything in his power to make sure he never visited that road ever again. He'd been clean for about two years now and he was succeeding further in life. He'd gotten himself a factory job working in the shipping department, he'd gotten into a technical college to start his dream career. The southern boy truly missed his home in Louisiana, but moving to Evermore kept him away from his biological father who'd gotten him hooked on the deadly demons that almost had taken his life as a teenager. He'd buried many relationships once he'd left Louisiana; one of the hardest ones being his sandbox love and his high school sweetheart when he'd gotten older. Zeus McCartney; they grew up in the same subdivision as toddlers they made mud pies in Reese's backyard after it rained, they would giggle at their parents as they would exaggerate how messy they were; Zeus was the one who always stood by him, but yet he didn't always stand by her. 

Reese became very withdrawn once he'd started using streets drugs in high school. Zeus was one of the people he strayed from the most. The harder she would try the worse Reese would be, he never truly realized what he'd put her through. Reese never could understand what made her stay by his side even when he tried his absolute hardest to push her away. His addiction got in-between them and he became more in love with the high.  Reese had been clean for awhile after his family moved out of Louisiana, but it was when his mother died that things took a turn for the worse.  His addiction took over once more and he found himself spiraling into a hole of darkness that he would eventually not be able to crawl out of. 

Luckily for Reese his step-father cared enough to live by his mother's dying wishes; She wanted Reese to get clean, she wanted to see him grow in ways she never had gotten to, and she wanted him to get the help he needed before he ended up joining her at such a young age. Reese's step-father had done just that after Reese had almost died after overdosing, his step-father sent him away to rehab where he could get himself clean and come out a better man. For years Reese hated the fact that he was forced into rehab, but in the end he realized it was worth it. He could properly mourn about his mother without being high and he could overcome demons that haunted him without that high. He grew as a person.  Reese became the man his real father never was going to be, he created a life for himself where he was stable enough to keep himself out of that world that once consumed him. 

Many times before today Reese had been asked to be a guest speaker at the AA/NA meetings; most times he denied because he was sleeping and getting ready to go into work for the night. However today was different, Reese had a day off...Finally.... Very rare that Reese ever found himself not working, but work kept him busy and kept him off the streets. That worry wasn't even in the back of his mind today as he dressed himself in a nice suit and tie for his guest appearance at the AA/NA meeting. The Lead of the AA/NA meetings had been someone Reese personally opened up to about his addiction and how he overcame it. Ever since that day the doctor had been wanting him to come in and speak to his 'class.'  Arriving at the building where these meetings were held; Reese met behind closed doors with the doctor. His pale palms were sweaty as he grew nervous as the time grew closer for him to come out and speak. 

Anticipation almost killed him before his name soon rang through the entire room; with a flick of the door handle Reese came walking into a circle full of people. However his attention wasn't on them for very long especially not after hearing that familiar voice. His icy blue eyes soon landed onto Zeus; his sandbox love, his best friend and his high school sweetheart he'd gone completely speechless once his eyes had landed on her. "Zeus...I um..." He stuttered trying to find the words to say as he knew she deserved so many answers on where he went.. Why he hadn't called or wrote? He swallowed hard as a lump grew in his throat as he was unsure of how to react.. Part of him wanted to break down in tears, but other part of him wanted to make sure he stayed composed and held it together. 

Reese soon glanced in the doctors direction as he'd made his demands of them taking their little scene outside, but before he could get a word out. Reese caught himself on a chair as Zeus had jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs 'round his waist.  Reese's reaction was normal as he intertwined his fingers behind her back as he

held her close to him.  The tears glistened at the corners of his icy blue eyes as he held her close. He hadn't held anyone like this since he'd left Louisiana; he never found anyone to love. In his eyes Zeus was his 

one and only love, no one could replace her. She stood by him during times where he pushed her away. No other woman would have done that.. "It's a long story and I have so much to explain and be sorry for, but I've missed you too." He whispered softly as he inhaled deeply taking in that familiar scent that he hadn't smelt in ages. He was finally home. 

Zeus listened, but as she stepped back, letting her feet reconnect with the ground, she glared into his eyes. Saying he had a lot to explain, she was sure that he did, and as understanding as Zeus had always been when it came to him, right now all she could be was bitter. Involuntarily her hand flew up, before she could even fathom what she was about to do, it connected with the soft flesh on his cheek. After covering her mouth, like a person would when they done something wrong, she seen a handprint left from the slap she'd given him, and before she could think of what to say, words began spilling from the angered Nephilim.

"How could you?!" she shouted, paying the others no mind what so ever. "How could you not call me, or write me ... hell sending me a ltter to tell me you hated me would have been better than years of silence and me thinking you were lying in a ditch, overdosed, dead.... " she spat out angrily. Zeus was all but a sobbing mess at this point. "I loved you Reese, you loved me. I knew drugs were part of your life, and as bad as it would sound to anyone else, I accepted that, I stood by you through thick and thin.. but you just.... vanished". After she finished venting, the two of them were escorted away from the room where all the others sat, waiting for their AA meeting to start.

Now being in a secluded room, Zeus could barely look at him. "I still do love you. But I hate you for leaving me" she stated truthfully. "My mother was murdered, and the - - - -" sshe cut herself off immediately. As far as Zeus knew, Reese had no knowledge of the supernatural, and she nearly had just ruined it. "Nevermind" she simply said. "My mother was just murdered" she added, hanging her head low. "I needed you so much. I was in complete agony, sorrow had never hit me so hard until I lost you" she continued on without even coming up for air.

""Im sorry, I shouldn't e so hard on you, but goddamnit Reese, you put me through hell! and I would have went through it over and over again for you, why couldn't you just realize that?!" she asked, more so shouted at him. "I wanted to die. Thats why im here, but I don't listen to the nonsense they speak in these meetings. Ill leave here and get drunk most likely" she stated, even if it did sound like she was mocking the process of these meetings, she was only just being honest. She couldn't really tell Reese that losing him among a Diviner spelling the medallion of her mothers that matched her own, which the Initia had stolen from her mothers dead neck, had caused her mentality to slip through the cracks.

Snapping from thought and to the present, she felt it was in order to at least see how he'd been doing since the last time she'd seen him. "Time certainly has treated you well. Still as sexy as I remember, and you've gained some of your weight back" she stated, smiling faintly, before stepping closer to him and curling her arms around his neck, but keeping enough distance between them to gaze into his eyes while she spoke. "As much as ive hated you for just leaving me .. for years, I never stopped loving my sandbox lover. Are you still clean?" she asked, with a cocked brow. But she assumed that he was, he looked amazing, not that he hadn't always looked that amazing, but there was definitel something different about him.

"If this is to public. We can go to my place" she then offered, finding him hard to resist, but she kept her composure anyways.

 Arms loosening their grip once her feet touched the ground once more; his heart sank into the pit of his stomach as he could see the distress she was under.  Reese couldn't tell how she was going to react over all of this, he definitely was an ass for not writing or at least calling once he'd gotten out of rehab. Whatever way she reacted he would understand completely if she never wanted anything to do with him after this little reunion. However he'd be heartbroken by her not wanting to see him again, but his actions were unquestionably wrong.  His icy blue eyes darted across her features as he searched for a sign of her emotions. However he wasn't good at reading people, but before he could part his lips to even let a breath out he felt the sting of her palm to his cheek.  

He groaned quietly as his hand went to his now stinging cheek, adjusting his jaw after the impact of her palm to his soft cheek. "I deserved that." He muttered under his breath as she began asking the proper questions. He didn't expect any less from her to be completely honest.  The sadness lurked in his features as he waited until she was finished before cutting in and answering those question, but he wasn't exactly given time to even speak just yet. His cheek stung as they were soon escorted into private room so the meeting could continue without them in the middle of it. 

Once in private Reese pulled a pack of menthol cigarettes out of his suit jacket pocket, slipping on into between his lips and lighting the end of the menthol with his lighter.  Inhaling deeply on the cigarette as he listened to her, but his eyes never once left her. Reese exhaled the smoke filling the room as he lent against the wall closest to him. His heart ached at the sadness and hell that he'd inflicted on her. He never truly meant to put her through so much, but the drugs controlled his actions and unfortunately he let them control all of him.  His glanced now focused on at the floor as he hung his head and the words "I'm sorry" slipped passed quietly from his lips.  He felt horrible as she admitted that her mother was murdered.. He didn't have that same problem his mother just died from Cancer. 

Finishing off his cigarette while she spoke, he soon heard the change in her tone as she began to apologize for being so harsh. "Zeus, you have nothing to be sorry about. You have ever right to hate me, be angry, be upset with me etc... I vanished without a fucking word... Zeus I was absolutely stupid, addiction clouded my vision of what I had in front of me, clouded who I had willing to stay with me even when I was being an unbelievable asshole." He stepped closer to her as he truly felt horrible for what he'd done. Reese had a lot of regret over the years after looking back he definitely messed up a lot of his personal relationships because of his addiction. Reese had almost given up while in rehab he'd felt so alone when his step-father vanished from his life, just like his biological father had done. He'd felt everyone had given up on him, but he fought like hell to keep himself going to get himself out of the life he once drowned in. 

His arm wrapped above her waist as her own curled 'round his neck that same crooked smile forming on either corners of his lips at her comment. "Well time has definitely done it's work on you as well. You my dear are still as beautiful as you were in high school." He complimented. Reese hung his head again as the regret of leaving her consumed him. "I am sorry Zeus, I really am... 

I've always loved you.. I never once stopped loving you either, it's just I was blinded by my addiction that I didn't realize what I was losing." He admitted with a sigh falling from his lips. " I am clean have been for almost 2 years now.." He stated. Reese was actually proud of himself that he could actually say he'd been clean that long and he hadn't slipped up once. 

"I think explaining everything to you in more of a private place would make this a lot easier." He said as he ran a hand through his hair. 

Finding her footing once more as she eased herself off of him, the Nephilim looked away. Hearing him say he deserved that, caused a lump of sadness to form in her throat, she couldn't fathom the idea of him being right here next to her, when she'd assumed years ago that he had probably left rehab, relapsed, overdosed and died. It was easier to put in her mind that the love of her life was dead, rather than to sit and think he was out there somewhere and just didn't care enough about her to so much as call or write to her.

"You deserve a hell of a lot more than that Reese" she grumbled, bitterness evident in her tone and her gaze sharper than the end of a sword. Her piercing stare softened however when she noticed that his own features displayed sadness. She hadn't seen him look that heartbroken since the day his mother died in his arms. Zeus had been there by his side through everything, and even that horrible day when cancer took his mother away from him. So to sit and think that he couldn't even call after he'd gotten out of rehab, hurt beyyond any words that could have been spoken.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have slapped you. But Reese, I thought you were dead... ive been asked out on dates among other things, and I just started telling people my boyfriend died, and that i'd never be able to move on. It was easier to think you were dead, and when you tell a lie  long enough, you start to believe it... and trust me, putting myself through the denial phase, then conjuring up the idea that you'd overdosed and died, was just easier... easier than thinking you were out here just within my reach, yet so far away from me"

Letting out a breath of air, Zeus looked out into the distance, finding it hard to look into his eyes at this point. But, as he began to speak, Zeus began to sob almost, she could feel the pain with the words he spoke. Its not like he'd had it much easier than her, hell both of them were a total wreck, but it's what made them absolutely perfect for one another. She was never one for the whole 'ride or die' scene, but with Reese, she truly was that girl. If he went down, she went down with him, and there had never been a second that the two werent spotted together until he was sent away to rehab. "Reese..." she started out, holding a hand up to his face, but this time, not to hit him, instead, the palm of her hand rested against the warm flesh where her hand print had been left earlier. "I could never hate you. Be angry with you? Yes, I was very angry Reese, but it wasn't even anger .. it was more so heartbreak, a heartbreak that I hadn't ever felt in my life. On top of losing you, I lost my mother, and my father disappeared.. I can't help but to think he played a part in her death" she spat out, but spoke cautiously.

Reese didn't know anything of the supernatural, and even with as long as he had known Zeus, she had never revealed herself to him. She wanted to, she wanted him to know what and who she truly was, but she couldn't take that risk, for it would risk her entire faction among the rest of the species in the city that weren't human. Snapping out of thought, her other hand rested on the other side of his face, a faint smile displaying on her lips as he stepped closer to her. Zeus better than anyone knew that this man lived a really terrible life, and that drugs wasn't exactly a choice he'd made for the fun of it, he was more so pressured into doing drugs, and then drugs started doing him, controlling his life and taking everything that meant something to him, away from him.

Zeus now felt her face flushed at the touch of his hands on her waist, memories of them holding each other flooding her current thoughts, "You know I hate blushing, but you damn sure have that effect on me. Thank you, for the compliment. I suppose time can be a good thing in cases like this... you've hit the gym huh? I know when you were on... well you know, you'd lost a lot of weight, you look amazing babe" she stated, truly happy to see that he had changed, but she didn't know to what extent he had changed. All Zeus knew is that the here and now, was just what she needed. Being in his embrace felt so right.

Placing a finger against his lips, Zeus smiled, even as tears continued falling from her icy blue optics. "I forgive you. Don't be to hard on yourself Reese, it hurt like hell, but what matters is that you're alive, and you came back .. no matter how long it took... you came bacl. Please never leave again.. because I- - -" she stated, cutting herself off before leaning forward, letting her lips meet his in a gentle manner, and her hands resting on either side of his face, as their bodies formed as one for that mere second. "I never stopped loving you either" she then whispered, as the kiss broke. "I couldn't agree more... we can go to my place if you'd like" she stated, since she lived alone, there was no reason that he couldn't go home with her and spend the night. "Let's go" she stated, tangling her fingers through his, and exiting the building like a couple would.

Hand in hand, Zeus walked alongside him until they reach her cabin, seemingly small from the outside, but enormous on the inside, not that it looked like a mansion just that she enjoyed a spacious place such as her home. Zeus followed old traditions to keep her parents memory alive. She was raised on a farm and taught the simple way of life, and to this day thats how the Nephilim lived, but she had to adapt to the city life, which meant changes were necessary. As they arrived, after a semi-long walk to the cabin, and a pretty silent walk at that, Zeus looked over to Reese smiling. "Remember when we went skinny dipping? my parents wanted to ground me for eternity" she chuckled, reminding him of one of their better memories. "Not everything was bad Reese, you just got derailed a little, but you're back on track.. im so happy you're clean now"

Zeus swallowed harshly after saying that, because here it was, Reese was two years clean, and Zeus was a raging alcoholic. But, it wasn't something she wanted to throw in his lap right now, it was something she'd have to ease into. Clearing her throat as she glanced to him, she immediately closed her eyes, the purple tinge began glowing in her icy blue optics, and revealing herself as an immortal to a human who had no knowledge of them whatsoever wasn't the way she wanted this day to go. She'd only hoped he hadn't noticed the change of color in her eyes, "Shall we?" she asked, peering to the cabin, gesturing for them to walk in. "There's a lot for us to catch up on"

While speaking Reese soon felt her warm fingertips touch his lips which caused him to silence himself.  His heart was racing inside of his chest cavity as he listened to her. Honestly he hated hearing her say she forgave him so easily, because he knew he didn't deserve to be forgiven so easily.  Reese composed himself even though on the inside he was furious at how easily she forgave him.  "Zeus, You deserved so much....better than me... " He said his voice quiet and low.  Reese was being truthful Zeus deserved way better than him. Reese disappeared without a trace and sat in the silence for years after his recovery was over.  He felt her gentle touch against his lips as he returned the same touch to herself. The tears still glistened in the corner of his icy blue optic.  "I'm not leaving again... I honestly never stopped loving you either." He whispered. 

"Sounds like a plan." He said with a grin covering his features as she agreed going back to her place would be best.

Hand in hand; Zeus and Reese slipped quietly out of the AA/NA meeting building together.  Anything was possible while he was with Zeus, Zeus made things better for Reese even though years back he never exactly showed her how she affected him.  Walking along he realized they exited the city and found themselves far away from all the hustle and bustle.  Where her cabin was located was so quiet, so relaxing and peaceful.  Reese was silent the entire walk to her cabin, but he was admiring such a beautiful scene that was laid out in front of them. Now that drugs didn't haze his view on life. His attention was soon captured by the sound of the sound of her voice.  A chuckle soon escaped from his lips and a hand touched the back of his neck for a moment. "I sure do remember that. That day was one of the best. " Reese said remembering that day like it was just yesterday. 

"It may have not been all bad, but honestly you didn't deserve to be apart of that derailment, but you to be honest I am glad you stayed as long as you did.. I just wish I wouldn't have pushed you away like I did." He stated, chewing at his lower lip.  Reese wasn't entirely sure how she was going to take what he'd said, but he sure did appreciate her staying all that time.  Reese wished he just would have been more aware that someone actually was trying to stand by him through his rough patch. 

Reese glanced away for a moment as he took another gaze around where her place was located, before he soon glanced down towards Zeus as she motioned towards the now open door to her cabin.  Reese prepared himself to walk through door as he glanced back towards Zeus. "We definitely have a lot to catch up on." He stated moving through the front door. Glancing back as he waited for her to enter the cabin as well before closing the door behind her. Reese was truly proud of himself for actually making it this moment for them to reunite after everything they'd been through. Reese knew that he so much to explain for and so much to make up for, but he was going to do whatever he could to make it up to her. 

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