Nicolette always worked long hours. Some days it was twelve hours, and other days, she could be at the hospital for days. She always enjoyed her job, saving people who needed it, and even forming a relationship with them. Nic didn't only work at the hospital, she also help run a clinic for patients who didn't have health insurance. There was no time for Nic to ever experience time at a bar, or with friends that wasn't co-workers. She was always working, no matter what time it was. 

Pushing her blonde hair behind her ears, Nicollete picked up the clip board, looking at the patients name, and reason why they were at the clinic today. Upon entering the room, she noticed the man who sat in front of her was very much indeed homeless. She gave him a warm smile, and said hello to him, introduced herself, and started to check his pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. She noticed his blood pressure was a little low and she asked him if he had anyone to call. Which he did. A guy - Rhydian Snow. She stepped outside the room, pulling her cellphone out and dialing the number that Rhydian Snow had down on the mans emergency contact.

She listened to the ringing until a deep voice picked up on the other side. "Oh hi. I'm Nurse Evans, at Evermoore City's Clinic, I have Roger White down here and we're a little concern about his health. You are listed at his emergency contact and we were hoping you'd come down and talk to us both." She bit down on her lower lip, waiting for the man to reply, and thankfully he agreed to come down and have a chat. Nic walked back into the room with Roger, hanging him a glass of water, and a blanket since the weather was getting a little harsh outside. "Rhydian is on his way Roger." She smiled gently. 

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Rhydian came around from his meditative state as he heard his voice over his cell voice mail as his voice pricked at the name Roger White as he thought about who that was as he grabbed his jacket sliding his jacket on before picking up his cell and moving towards the front door slamming it quickly he made his way across the tarmac on to the street.

Rhydian began to take the route he usually took to check on his contacts he arrived at a young boy in a carboard shelter " you alright have you seen everyone else the Kidd shrugged "everyone but Arthur " Rhydian nodded as he began to make his way to the hospital as he stopped at the shop a block from the hospital picking up items he thought he would need quickly paying before he left again double-timing towards the hospital .

Rhydian stood at the corner as he looks at the two entrances. He chose the private foyer as he pulled his hood up as he walked in looking around the hallways avoiding the security guards and Drs and nurses as he looked towards the signs for patients as he stopped by the nurse's desk. he listened out for the name he was given as he looks around before hearing room 213 as he slides off down the hall as he looked for room 213 * whats happened old man * Rhydian stood closes he could away from the door as he looks at the state of him

Nicolette sat with the man until the man called Rhydian had entered the room. She stood up and watched him walk over to the man. "His blood pressure is little lower than normal. I'm just concerned. Do you know if he's had any changes dating to the last few months since his last visit?" She bit down on his lip. She knew this man was homeless, and that anything could happen out there, but if this man was watching over them, then he would know. Right?

She always had a soft spot for people who couldn't help that they had no health insurance, whether it was due to that they couldn't get a job, or that it was health related issues or anything else. She never judged anyone, and she always tried to help, no matter what the issue was. She would drop anything to help someone who needed it. And that was one of the worst things for Nic, as some people would say. Nic looked at the man. She took in the features of his face ; his sharp jaw line, his chiseled bones, how the shortness of his hair shows how he always kept his hair at the same length, his deep set iris. She had to get herself away from her thoughts and she looked at the man she knew as Roger. "Have you been feeling ill at all?" She looked at Rhydian. "He came in with a sprained wrist." 

Rhydian raised his eyebrow as he heard her say. He had a sprained wrist "you been having issues with Dominic " he looked to Roger as he placed a few items on the table as he turned to the woman - * Arthur has been homeless as long as I've lived here. Rhydian turned to roger with a stern glare "why didn't you mention anything when I was on a supply run *

Rhydian pulled out an envelope with cash as he passed it to the dr " whatever he needs just don't give him morphine and what sort of tests will be going on " Rhydian gave a concerned look as he knew Arthurs age was against him " oh I know he had severe pneumonia a few years back, but I saw him daily to give him the meds

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