What most people don’t know is, Rhydian had gotten attached to being Anivia’s right hand man. It made him feel like he had a sense of purpose in his life that wasn’t about getting revenge on Roman. That was still his main plain, but being the right hand man among other things; that was a close second. However, with all that being said. There was a lot that went into being the right hand man, such has going down to hunt new Niveis that Anivia had felt in town. Which was today’s job. Rhy knew the location of this fellow Niveis and had heard rumors he wasn’t going to be too easy to per-sway. Rhydian was more than up for the task as it did take his mind off Roman. It felt like he had only grown more mad at him day by day. If that was even possible. The more he thought about Roman, the more it drove him insane, drifting away from humanity, day by day.

Rhydian had found himself walking into the Dhampir territory where this Niveis had been located. Honestly, he hadn’t been into town much sense arriving as he was one to keep mostly to himself in his little hut or around the tribe unless he needed to go to the store for some food. He wouldn’t have been found out in about. Actually, today was his first time arriving in town for different reasons other than food. It allowed him to get the know the place a little better, to see the people of Evermore. Rhy wasn’t quite sure how he felt about that all, seeing as most people who ever found themselves close to him or even around him in general always died. But nevertheless, that didn’t stop him front scouting out the newest Niveis in town. He had this whole plan worked out in his mind on how it was going to go down, but those plans usually never panned out how he wanted them too.

Arriving a few minutes later after he found himself in town. Now standing at what seemed like a rather large decent sized house. Clearing his throat as his hand curled up into a ball to gently knock against the door. Now awaiting for someone to answer. Smoothing out his leather jacket, his hair slicked back as he looked all professional. A scar from long ago placed on his features, clear as day. As if that didn’t throw someone off already. Now, it was just all about the waiting game too see if anyone was home. Rhydian was always somewhat nervous being sent out on things like this, because he never knew how one was going to react; plus, if they didn’t know what they already were. Rhydian sucked at breaking the news to someone, let alone telling them what they are among everything else that comes with being a Niveis. Some didn’t react to well to having a chief and others didn’t believe at all what they were. So who was to say this was going to be anything different?

Only a few moments had passed by when he saw the door handle jiggle to be let open by none other than a blonde. “Is uh….” shit, what was his name? He shouldn’t take too long or she probably would have shut the door in his face. “Ilyas Enever here?” That’s it! He only hoped he pronounced the name right. The woman eyed Rhydian up and down as he didn’t give off the best looking vibe. He looked more ruffled up more than anything, from all the scars to little holes in his pants that he thought no one would notice. ‘Just one moment.’ she stated. “Thanks.” shoving his hands into his jacket pockets. Optics glancing around the place, taking everything in.

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