Night had long since fallen, all the light from the setting sun had faded completely from the sky hours ago. The temperatures had dropped, with only a few scattered clouds to mar the inky black expanse of the horizon and a small sliver of a moon the stars were center stage. Lita went to bed at her usual time, though unlike usual she hadn't fallen asleep after a few minutes of steady and deep breathing. Her mind had refused to shut, churning over things better left alone or in the past. At some point she had managed to doze off, only to startle awake out of a nightmare dripping in sweat with tears in her eyes and heart pounding in her chest. It wasn't the first time, nor would it be the last but it was nights like this she reverently wished she could drink and knock herself out.

Sighing the female kicked back the covers and padded into the bathroom, washing the salty evidence of her night terror from her body. Toweling the moisture from long midnight locks she threw on a pair of yoga pants and a sweater, plugging her feet into some sneakers while her fingers deftly braided her hair the Niveis warrior headed outside. Maybe a nice long walk would work the kinks from her mentally and emotionally, allowing her to get a few hours of sleep at the very least.

Once out into the chilly evening air Lita turned towards the north and just started walking. With no phone, no watch, and no destination in mind the female just sort of meandered around her little cottage and around the outskirts of the Niveis community. Her feet took her down a path that leads into the trees though her eyes were on the sky, studying the sky and the configuration of the stars that winked above her head. Despite the rocky path, she made no noise, silent and stealthy as a jungle cat the teachings of her father were ever engrained, even in moments such as this when she let her mind drift to nothing in particular.

Slowly as she walked deeper into the woods her mind became aware of a set of footsteps, one that was heavier and far more clumsy than her own. Lita waited, keeping her movements relaxed and her path constant until the person was close by before she whirled around, pivoting on one foot to bring the other up and around stopping within inches of Rhydian's face. Holding her foot just barely a hair's breadth from knocking his teeth out Lita grinned, "You know it isn't nice to sneak up on people."

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Rhydian stood by his  door  looking up at the night  sky  like he had done for the past 30 years his mind drifting back  and forth  between present-day and  his days with Esmeralda his mind snapping back to reality when  it got too much  he raised his coffee cup to his lips as he took a swig turning his attentions to the  black encampment  wondering what  people were doing or what they were dreaming about Rhydian  froze as he turned his head to  the camp hearing  what he believed was  movement in the field. 

Rhydian placed his cup carefully but quietly on the step as he made his way down the path as he silently and carefully followed the footsteps stopping at the corner of a hut he knelt his mind going back to when Anivia caught him standing outside his. home   reminding him that wolves occasionally  travelled through the cam at night a smirk   appeared on his face  as he chuckled silently " or it could be Caspian  drunk again *  he muttered as he followed the footsteps towards the trees   no being able to see it was a person  nut  not yet who 

Rhydian witnessed  the figure slowing as he   moved  closer  as he raised  his arm to touch her  as he blinks he  was met with a  foot inches from   his face " I owe you a bottle of  !886 scotch * he  looked  towards  the person Recognising Lita  "as  strong as you are  Lita you know Anivia doesn't like  people  leaving the camp alone  at night " he took  a step back   as he took a softer tone ' is everything alright   it is rare to see you away  from your  hut  at night unless your on task ?" he folded his arms behind his back  as he watched   Lita " and my apologies I thought  you were Caspian  and he needed some  assistance. "

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