The drinks were going down like water, the lull of the music making it easier to ignore the quantity and merely enjoy the effects. The young man could laugh and smile, the men who were seemingly distracted by their girls even giving him either a stare of jealousy or one of lust. Nyx lavished in the thought of playing with someone's heart strings, he had been recently recruited in the police department as a new detective and was celebrating.

Soon he would meet the woman training him, then from there it would be nothing but up hill, thankfully he had saved money and simply purchased a house as if it was nothing but a normal pair of shoes. The mountains were expansive thankfully, so no one would question the purchase of cabin up there while he owned a home in the city.

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Pale eyes soon decided to fall upon the others drinking, his head resting on his hand as he smiled at a girl or two causing them to instantly blush before he focused his attention on the men. A warm feeling set in his chest as his frosted gaze fell upon two particular targets, his grin causing one to immediately gaze the other way as if he could smell the predatory emotions in the Niveis. While the other well, he seemed focus on his own drink, relatively ignoring the immediate surroundings though he doubted such a beauty wouldn't feel his gaze.

Time to Hunt.

Nyx smirked, he was definitely glad he had went for shots, because thus far the night seemed promising and he had no doubt if all went well. It would've been a night gone right.

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Another evening, another bar. Charlie had frequented a strip of bars in Evermore's city center over his time in the city, but had somehow never come to this one. The lights were dim and the music louder than usually accepted in a bar. There was a dancefloor that people seemed to only stand in, never dance, and the people at the bar were few and spaced out. 

Charlie had been sat at the bar, hunched over a bottle of whiskey was atleast 2 hours now, but the alcohol didn't seem to effect him. As a Valkyr, he'd had 80 years to perfect his alcohol tolerance and much to his dismay, it took a lot more than whiskey to send the Valkyr over the edge. 

Now, Charlie was the sort of person that knew every inch of his surroundings, years on the run would do that to you. He could almost picture every body that visited the bar, he knew all his exits and the easiest one to get to if needed...So it didn't take him long to realize that a set of young eyes were boring into his skull as if wanting to burn a hole through. Eventually, after a moment, Charlie looked over and immediately rested his gaze on a young, white haired boy with pale blue eyes. Charlie paused, and his gaze flitted around for a second because he was sure there was a mistake, for the boy across the length of the bar seemed to be trying to flirt. 

Charlie let a small smirk crawl upon his features, then raised his bottle of whiskey and shook it. An invite for the boy to come over and drink. 

This evening just got interesting...

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