It was with no secret Ha-Joon talked a lot about his sister Hana. The thing he does not share with people is the misfortune of the harsh truth she and their family kept away from the Human. When he came to the city, his sister was in college for the semester of her classes she changed her course to what he didn't know. All the younger male few she is very happy about his involvement in the dance company he happy to impress the owner at his old job.  

The human was in the studio dance with a professional to see what he needed to work on. It was part of the contract he told Yeokseok would take advantage of. On a break, Ha-Joon got a text from Hana about going to a summer house she happened to bring in the city and have time to relax and have some time to catch up on things. Ha-Joon knew has been harsh on his older sister but no one could not blame him on what happened. He texted her he is still in the studio and will text her when he is coming home but said he will go to the summer house with her.  He knew he didn't expect much knowing the answers he wanted will not come out. 

In the long story short, they hid the supernatural from him. That was not even in worst part Hana was always there for him if he was in trouble the night she could've died if someone from the world saved her. He never heard about that attack until they both came to America. Ha-Joon is still hurt from not knowing information and that he could not protect his sister as she did. It was a pity for him to feel like that but at the time even now it's important to him. No matter how things got bad he still comes running to his sister. Ha-Joon loves his sister dearly now it's just them they have each other to tell what is wrong or so Ha-Joon thought. It made things worst knowing he can feel she is not completely honest with him yet. 

After five hours, Ha-Joon took a shower as he texted his sister he is on his way home. The human saw the time was 6:00 as he sighed knowing it's not dark outside yet but he still didn't trust him being alone ever since his own attack. he never told his own sister the full truth about that night knowing she took place along the event since she was texting him during that time. He simply told her he is fine and had to do something will be home later. He didn't know if she was at their apartment or in her dorm during that time so there was no of him knowing. 

Ha-Joon decided to talk the bus since he felt safer, he didn't want to take to long knowing his sister would worry. Opening the door, he looked around not seeing their family dog named Mickey. "Noona, Am home. Were are you?" he asked as he put his bag on the side taking off his shoes before walking into their living room. he could see the apartment was cleaned up as he couldn't keep up with since his long hours. he is sure to get scolded for that later. 

"Did she leave to get something?" he asked seeing her shoes were around the door. "Hana?" he asked as he walked around the house before putting his bag in his room since he kept clean all times. Ha-Joon is usually a clean and organized person. He put his dirty work out close in his hamper getting out new work out an outfit for the next day at the studio.

His hears soon hears something fall as he rushed out of his room opening his sister's door to find where the noise came from. "Noona, Were are you. Are you ok I hope you didn't fall," he asked worried knowing about her illness 

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Hana may have been a self centered brat at times, even if Ha-joon was the youngest, but she was also very repenant about things. She felt remorse, and grief stronger than most, and especially where it concerned her baby brother, who wasn't such a baby anymore. Hana took his words in and sighed softly as she tried to force a smile "I know you didn't Joonie.. I would have nnever assumed you'd wanna say something just to bring me down." she assured him while giving his hand a gentle squeeze just to make sure he knew she was being sincere.

Hana quirked a brow in his direction when he said his guess was that teir father still wanted Ha-joon to be the clueless puppett. All at once, Hana's face turned red as her blood pressure shot up to the roof. "He was such an arrogant asshole for that Joonie, and I should have stood against them and told them how I really felt. You're my brother, no amount of influence in the world; no matter how it is, should be enough for me to keep you in the dark. I'm glad his plan his backfired .. he deserves so much more than that" It did Hana a lot of good to hear Ha-joon say that he wasn't scared like they wanted him to be. "Truth be told. I feel more safe with you than I ever have, especially now that you know the truth.. We will get through all of this and face the world head on.. together"

Hana realized it didn't matter anymore which of them were older, Ha-joon was the man of this situation, and Hana would try her best to back off and allow him to be just that. The sickness Hana battled had gotten worse, so if she could let Ha-joon help her, then she would. Hana sighed and shook her head, he couldn't have been more right when he'd told her not to be sorry because this was their life, no matter how sick it seemed. "I know ..I wish we could be catching up under different circumstances, but at least we're finally doing what we've needed to do for a long time now." Hana feared this would all end up changing her brother. He was such a beacon of light and hope in everyones lives. A person like that usually became the exact opposite when they finally snap.

No matter how much Hana wanted to protest Ha-joon's love life, and choice of friends, it seemed that the Stormwind siblings at least had her brothers well being in mind, one had saved him, and the other seemed to be head over hills, perhaps the fact that they were supernatural, shouldn't even play a factor in her brothers happiness. Hana narrowed her gaze at him however, and gave him a look that likely spoke on volumes, forcing a smile, and nodding to agree "Fine. I will try my best from this point forward, but only if I can meet her properly. I met Mirae once .. at the show case .. ya know, when she jumped in your arms like she hadn't seen you for a million years.. but twe didn't get to speak, so do me that one favor.. we can bring her over for dinner or something. Its not that I don't trust what you tell me, because I do Ha-joon, I guess I just need peace of mind" she admitted, and gave a sly smirk. Hana usually felt like she was winning at something when it was her getting her way, and she supposed that part would never change.

Ha-joon clearly really did care for the Stormwinds, and the rest of his friends as he mentioned his concerns for them becoming part of Hana and Ha-joons lives  during such a chaotic, dangerous time. The Sae siblings may be human, but they had their fair share of madness. Things that could become dangerous to even the Stormwinds who were supernaturals themselves. "It sounds like I need to meet this Daehyun after all" Hana quipped playfully. But, it was nice to hear Ha-joon say he'd talked about her to someone who ended up saying they understood Hana after all. "In all honesty, I completely understand that as sad as it is Joonie. It's just, we can't stop living .. and we can't stop loving, or caring about the people we've met now that the truth has been revealed. I'm scared to death too, I'm scared that the second i get too close to these people in my life, that our dangers will become theirs, and it's clear that neither of us want that.. but we won't let that happen" she said in a promising tone. Hana would do whatever it took to keep her brother safe, but now she had an entire circle of friends to protect. Even Eun, who was  now on her case protecting her, to the best of his abilities. But somehow, their professional meeting, turned pretty casual, and Hana made a friend within the male.

Hana nodded in agreement though, when Ha-joon said whoever they met needed a slight warning. "It's hard to just tell people what we're facing, but I think a warning is fair" she sighed softly, wondering how she would go about it all herself. How could she tell the people she's recently become attached too, that because of her, they could now be in danger as well? Leigh of all people, it would simply break her heart to derail someones live like his. He was so sweet, and funny.. and even had a charming side he may not realize, and out of all the people Hana had met lately, Leigh had stuck out the most.

Hana smirked, finding it amusing that they each had the same idea for Mirae.. to have her over for dinner. "Great mind brother. But, I would love that. Thank you" she smiled sweetly, looking forward to getting to know the girl Ha-joon found a reason to smile over. A lot had been taken from him, especially the truth, so all in all, Hana was happy just to know he was happy. Hana felt comforted, simply by Ha-joon's hand being on hers, smiling at the names he picked out for Hana's dog. "Well, I had picked the name Karma, but I think I like princess much more. Plus, it would be special since you picked it" she gave a nod, and for a second, tried to think of how it would feel to be content like this all the time.

That thought was shortly lived however, when Ha-joon calmly told her thy were being followed already, ad that they needed to leave .. while his voice was calm, his features were anything but calm. She could see panic all over his face, and it soon became a chain reacction. Hana's heart sunk to the back of her chest as fear struck her down and paralyzed her from doing anything more than blinking. "I-is someone watching us?" she stuttered slightly, before glancing down, where a red laser from someone's gun rested. "Joonie.." she whispered, while tears began streaming down both her cheeks, as she made a small gesture to his chest, where the laser light rested. Hana gazed around, and couldn't see a gun in anyone's hand, which made her realize whoever the person was, wouldn't be seen unless they wanted to be.

"I'm gonna flag the waitress over.. when I do.. we're leaving.. there's a side entrance" she  knew that using a waitress as a shield was awful, but it was either that, or her brother, and Hana would much rather take a bullet than watch Ha-joon get hurt or worse. Hana remained as calm as she could while she forced a smile after wiping her tears away, and waved over a waitress as if she wanted something else to drink. "You know what to do" Hana whispered, hoping and silently praying to herself that nothing happened to either of them. The waitress thankfully began walking over to them, slowly at that, and just as the laser was blocked by the woman, Hana gave Ha-joon a nod, signaling for him to go, "I'll be right beside you.. I promise" she needed him to know that, so nothing would slow him down. Otherwise, Hana knew Ha-joon would gladly risk his life to save hers.

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