It was with no secret Ha-Joon talked a lot about his sister Hana. The thing he does not share with people is the misfortune of the harsh truth she and their family kept away from the Human. When he came to the city, his sister was in college for the semester of her classes she changed her course to what he didn't know. All the younger male few she is very happy about his involvement in the dance company he happy to impress the owner at his old job.  

The human was in the studio dance with a professional to see what he needed to work on. It was part of the contract he told Yeokseok would take advantage of. On a break, Ha-Joon got a text from Hana about going to a summer house she happened to bring in the city and have time to relax and have some time to catch up on things. Ha-Joon knew has been harsh on his older sister but no one could not blame him on what happened. He texted her he is still in the studio and will text her when he is coming home but said he will go to the summer house with her.  He knew he didn't expect much knowing the answers he wanted will not come out. 

In the long story short, they hid the supernatural from him. That was not even in worst part Hana was always there for him if he was in trouble the night she could've died if someone from the world saved her. He never heard about that attack until they both came to America. Ha-Joon is still hurt from not knowing information and that he could not protect his sister as she did. It was a pity for him to feel like that but at the time even now it's important to him. No matter how things got bad he still comes running to his sister. Ha-Joon loves his sister dearly now it's just them they have each other to tell what is wrong or so Ha-Joon thought. It made things worst knowing he can feel she is not completely honest with him yet. 

After five hours, Ha-Joon took a shower as he texted his sister he is on his way home. The human saw the time was 6:00 as he sighed knowing it's not dark outside yet but he still didn't trust him being alone ever since his own attack. he never told his own sister the full truth about that night knowing she took place along the event since she was texting him during that time. He simply told her he is fine and had to do something will be home later. He didn't know if she was at their apartment or in her dorm during that time so there was no of him knowing. 

Ha-Joon decided to talk the bus since he felt safer, he didn't want to take to long knowing his sister would worry. Opening the door, he looked around not seeing their family dog named Mickey. "Noona, Am home. Were are you?" he asked as he put his bag on the side taking off his shoes before walking into their living room. he could see the apartment was cleaned up as he couldn't keep up with since his long hours. he is sure to get scolded for that later. 

"Did she leave to get something?" he asked seeing her shoes were around the door. "Hana?" he asked as he walked around the house before putting his bag in his room since he kept clean all times. Ha-Joon is usually a clean and organized person. He put his dirty work out close in his hamper getting out new work out an outfit for the next day at the studio.

His hears soon hears something fall as he rushed out of his room opening his sister's door to find where the noise came from. "Noona, Were are you. Are you ok I hope you didn't fall," he asked worried knowing about her illness 

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Being human for Hana meant quite a few things. First, it meant that she'd been born with an illness that she suffered from almost every day of her life. She cursed not having the healing abilities that immortals were gifted with, in her eyes, it wasn't fair. Second: It meant that Hana was keeping a world of secrets from her baby brother. Hana had come to learn of the Supernatural in a terrifying way though. Being attacked by a Diviner wasn't really something she had ever wanted to tell Ha-joon. Besides, a bigger part of her had kept it from him for so long, out of fear that if he learned what she knew, his curiosity would get the best of him, and he'd get himself hurt. Hana was older than Ha-joon, which meant she was the big sister; and a protective one at that. Ever since Ha-joon came into the world kicking and screaming, Hana had taken the role of a mother figure; taking care of Joonie as well as their mother ever had, if not better.

Frustrated, she sighed. Her health condition was RSV, but had indentified as an upper respritory infection as she aged to an adult, meaning she was limited on what she could do before her lungs felt as though they were deprived of oxygen. Cleaning and tidying up her and Ha-joon's house had taken a toll on her today, and after sucessfully finishing everything, Hana made her way into the bathroom, splashing cold water on her face, hoping she could re-gain her strength and composure before Ha-joon made his way home from dance practice. Hana was more than proud of her baby brother for following his heart with what he wanted to do career wise, and he was really good at it from the few times she'd caught glimpses of him dancing around the house.

Feeling herself become dizzy, Hana sat down on the toilet after closing the lid, placing her palms onto her knee caps; her chest heaving as she breathed heavily. Ha-joon had texted her just before she'd finished with the house chores, letting her know he would be on his way soon, and from the small but audible noises she could hear on the outside of the bathroom door, she figured he was back already. He had confirmed as much when he came to the door, calling out to ask her if she was okay. "I'm fine Joonie!" she called back to him, lying of course, but she never wanted to burden him with the fact that she actually never felt okay, psychically.

Getting to her feet, she wobbled slightly, but held herself up by the door knob and twisted it until it opened. Seeing Ha-joon standing there, hovering, Hana smiled faintly. "I promise i'm fine, it's just been a rough day" she expressed before brushing past him. "How was dance practice?" she asked curiously, gazing over her shoulder as she continued walking, hoping to make it to the couch before she got much any more dizzy than she felt right now. After finally falling down into the comfort of their cushioned couch, Hana sighed happily, gesturing for Ha-joon to join her. Fidgeting with the necklace around her neck, Hana sighed, things between her and Ha-joon had been so tense, and that hadn't really changed. The silence was always what bothered her most, she felt that it was unfair of her to keep hiding things from her brother, but she still hadn't conjured up the strength and courage to open up to him about what she was hiding.

One thing the younger brother always feared was his sister falling and have to take her to the hospital. There was a reason he did most of the work and let you focus on her studies. The moment he heard something fell his brother mode kicked in. The moment the door opened shows his sister in the bathroom he closed his eyes and sighed. She was lying to him. It was no shock to him knowing she is very independent but dang one day it will cloud her judgment and he may never know if she will be in the hospital or dead with no word. "if you say so." he said watching her walk to the couch. It's his fault in her first place for leaving the house uncleaned. "Still Noona, it's my fault for not cleaning in the first place. You should be resting after a lot day moving out or the dorms and back home for the summer." 

When she asks about his dance practice which brought a smile on to his face. he knew she has always been his number one fan thought the dance group and now not including Mirae who he had met and looked at his old videos.  The fact still shocked to him this day. "it's good. Getting professional help to see what I need to improve. Yeokseok told me to it will be there if I feel like I need it. So taking advantage of it while the offer is still around. he sees a lot in me that I don't see. You and he would have a fun time talk with each other." Ha-Joon said knowing the fact one-day Yeokseok would want to meet Hana which he hoped for that day will come. "You and he have a lot in common which shocked me," he said with a laugh.

The human watched her as he could see she is trying to catch her breath. He sat down facing his sister and sighed."You want me to get you some water? You need to take it easy." Ha-Joon said as a protective brother. haha is the most important female he has in his life, losing her would be then to himself. That is as of now,  he now has two females in his life he wants to protect and let them smile with no pain and worry.  Something within the moment of them together it felt different as things want to be said but not being said. That is very common to both of them. It Killed Ha-Joon inside knowing he was once very close to Hana and now it hard to look past that. 

Ha-Joon cleared his throat as he spoke up from the silence between them. "So what is your plan for the summer house you mentioned. I never knew you had one," he asked knowing a lot of things he does not know what she does. There was only little he knew about Hana, her as a college student is the only big thing he knew. The more he finds new things about her the more he wonders if they are really brother and sister. If people he meets saw them right now they would wonder how bad it has gotten and how he still talk about Hana being a loving brother he is. Nothing about them fit anymore it's really a complicated relationship. Not all siblings get along, Ha-Joon understands that but what they have was so special to him he does not think Hana knew what it meant to him.

Hana shook her head, sighing. She hated how many burdens Ha-joon carried on his shoulders. It seemed that the more Hana did around the house, the more he worried about her. But, she felt that it was a womans place to tend to the house, and a man's place to work and bring in money. Even though they were siblings, Hana and Ha-joon managed their living arrangements pretty well. She cleaned, or cooked, while Ha-joon worked or danced. "I'm fine, really. I had a bad episode earlier after cleaning, but it's life. It never means you should add one more thing to your plate. It's not like i'm working or paying the bills, you do that much all on your own, so I guess it's only fair that you come home to a clean house, right?" she questioned, giving him a playful smile.

Arching a curious brow when he went on to respond about how dance went today, Hana could see something within her brother light up. She knew how passionate he was about dancing, and it made her proud to see him exploring his dreams to the fullest. "So this Yeonseok is the one teaching you?" she asked, thinking she had heard his name mentioned a few times already. "He must be really good. And, not that you weren't already good, but you've improved a ton" she expressed cheerfully to that statement. "I'd love to meet him someday. Especially if we have a lot in common" she chuckled, knowing that was a stretch, but her curious mind couldn't help but wonder.

Biting her lower lip, Hana directed her gaze to the floor as Ha-joon sat beside of her. She could see how worried he was, and it hurt her that he worried so much for her. "Yes please, I think I forgot to keep myself hydrated while doing house chores" she then said, avoiding eye contact as she knew he'd scold her for not taking care of herself while doing chores.  Hana could only frown once more. It was true that their past had been nothing short of an unbreakable bond, they were one so much closer than this, and to know that it was all her fault that everything had changed, broke her heart in ways that left her crippled. She wanted to cry, because he deserved to know everything she knew, it must have ate him up being in the dark for so long. But, that choice had never came easy for Hana. It had all began with their parents wishes to keep Ha-joon out of it, thinking by lying to him, that they were initially just protecting him, which turned out to be the complete opposite. Instead it caused a strain between sister and brother, and it caused Ha-joon to become doubtful about a lot of things.

Hana had been picking at her nails through the silence, one of many nervous habits she had, when Ha-joon cleared his throat. Normally that's how they ended up talking again, when one or the other decided to do something awkward just before bringing another topic up. But, it always worked, Hana smiled when he asked about the summer house. "Well because of college, I never did anything with it. But my hopes for it when I rented it, was for me and you to spend some time decorating it and fixing it up, to bond with each other. It's way over due for us to do something fun" Hana expressed, chewing on her lower lip, still a little nervous that Ha-joon may have doubts about spending time with her in a vacation house. But it would indeed give them something different to do together, and it would be some where, where they could escape their usual surroundings.

"And I sincerely think we need to have a heart to heart. Nothing too serious, but I can't help but miss the way things used to be for us so long ago" Hana finally blurted out.She did truly miss the old them. It was time for things to start changing again, and this time, she could only hope it would be for the better, and that things wouldn't get even more complicated for them as they tried to glue back the pieces of a broken bond.

The human remembers the day he found out about Hana's illness. After everything she put herself out there to make sure he is safe and alive today made him feel like he owes her so much. Which is why he is like that with Daehyung.  No matter what it is he always wants to make sure she lives an unstressful life and enjoy. One thing he didn't want Hana to come home to was an unclean apartment after a long semester of college. Ha-Joon didn't think it was right to welcome her life that. he smiled at her and nodded. "I understand.  it bothers me I didn't welcome you with a clean apartment after all that time studying.  I guess we both had the same idea to each other." he said admitting knowing if a fight with her she would win there was no point. ever since being in a company, his life moved fast so Hana does have a point. 

Ha-Joon has not said much about the whole company to his sister yet such as how it all went down. "Oh, I never really tell you how it went down and how I got where I am. To be fair I didn't tell you until the day I passed." Ha-Joon said as he nodded. " Let me get your water and I will tell you." Ha-Joon got up and did what he said can come back sitting next to Hana. The first time he sat next to her for a long time. " What happened was Yeokseok happened to come to the cafe I use to work for. It turns out he comes there often and never noticed him. It was one of those days we get to do whatever we wanted since hardly anyone came in and they wanted to see me dance due to the stories of the dance group. The same day it happened to when he came in. He saw me dance and got interested in me. Yeokseok is the owner of the dance company and the reason I got into that closed addition. So you can say it was a week for me since it had to be in three days preparing for it." he said looking at her. "I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to get your hopes up for something that might not happen. I didn't want to disappoint you," he said looking down knowing he never given her a reason why he did so.

"The night of celebrating when you bought me that outfit because you said I don't have clothes to fit into the club. I told him about you. he personally wants to meet you. By me watching him and the way he talks I knew you and him would get along and team up against me." he said laughing what he said remembering that night.

As they were in the silence he noticed her biting her nails, was that something she started doing? he never noticed it before. Watching her smile made his heart flutter, he loved the way his sister smile it told him how happy she is, the one pure thing that would never lie to him. Listening to what she said made his world stop. Bonding time. Ha-Joon admitted it was a long time for them to do something as brother and sister. he couldn't help but think she did all that for them to bond, he wanted to know what is going through her mind right now.  He for one will never say no to Hana. he stopped looking for the answers he wanted knowing they will never come this house was something he never knew about and was shocked she told him the reason without hesitation. 

the thought of them talking about the past brought back those memories. The Moment he heard her say heart to heart told him one thing, was this one way to tell him the real truth.  His heart was crying hearing what has been hurting his own sister and it was true he felt the same way as he sighed. "Noona, you know I will never say no to you.  I do believe you know if you want to talk to change things as you said you know what I want back. I want you to be truthful with no hesitation and nothing to hide." he said looking at her with eye contact. After a long time without trying it could be best for them. This summer for them might bring them back not all together but it would be a start if it what he is thinking it can be but to him he knew having his hopes up high it can be broken. Hana was good as breaking truths what will stop her for going back on her word. Ha-Joon has given her chances over and over and this will be another. Would it be different?

"Let's go to that house and create memories," Ha-Joon said remembering what Yeokseok said, give her time and she will tell you when she is ready. if that is what her plan is then he must let her come out with it natural like he thought it was best for them. 

Hana listened to his apologetic statement, shaking her head, amused at how sincere his apology actually sounded. "You have a life Joonie.. i'd only accept your apology if you were sitting here doing nothing with your life, but since you're following your dreams, i'm okay to come home and clean" she stated, giving him a look and patting his shoulder gently before withdrawing her dainty hand to place it back on her lap. When he said he had yet to tell her how he'd made it to where he was, when she mentioned Yeon, Hana rose a curious brow at him and smiled as he offered to get her water before he told her about it. Ha-joon always had a knack for making her smile, she couldn't help but despise the fact that females outside of her hadn't noticed that; or maybe they had and he just hadn't told Hana about it yet. She had always wanted to see her baby brother happy, but she also felt a slight sliver of protection to think he may one day branch out and find that special someone. No matter who it was, Hana would make sure they didn't hurt him or break his heart.

When Ha-joon returned with a glass of ice cold water, Hana smiled "Thanks Joonie" she expressed, unable to help how happy she felt just from the simple gesture of him sitting next to her after the two of them had been so distant for so long now. Hana began listening intently as she sipped at her water occasionally. When he finished Hana sorta found herself in awe of how Ha-joon had met this Yeonseok dancer guy. "So basically, he never noticed you, and you never noticed him, but within just this small window of time, you have successfully passed a dance audition that he helped you train for?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear. "You getting into a closed audition should tell you in volumes,  that you're amazing at what you do. I'd love to come watch some-time. Health permitting and all.." she stated, grimacing at that last part. It seemed that Hana's health always played a factor in what she did every day.

Hana noticed how he hung his head low when he said he didn't want to disappoint her, nor did he wanna get her hopes up, whichh was why he hadn't really told her much until now. "If you had failed that  auddition, I would still believe in you Joonie. You can never disappoint me brother" she then said, hoping he understood that no matter what happened in their lives, that he would always be her baby brother, and she would love and support and encourage him to the day she took her last breath. A dance audition wouldn't have changed that. Hana smiled however, because failure wasn't at all the case. "You passed it though!" she expressed, early squealing in excitement. It was the first time in a very long time, that Hana had shown such happiness towards her brother. It felt awkward at first, but she was so proud of him that she couldn't contain her emotions.

"That deserves a little bit of celebration" she then said, inhaling. After getting so excited, she found herself wheezing slightly, and reach over to the table beside the couch for her inhaler.Hana bit her lower lip, anticipation spinning her inside out a little as the need to know this Yeon grew a little more intense to the next statement her brother had made about him, that he wanted to get to know Hana personally. Ever since she'd been attacked that night by a supernatural, Hana had felt so small about herself, and she never once to this day had felt comfortable in her own skin, so to think someone wanted to meet her, thrilled her slightly. Ha-joon's laughter made Hana smile brightly. "That smile" she stated, giving him a nod of approval "It looks good on you" she expressed, admiring something she'd not seen in a long time.

She was happy that in spite of all the lies and secrets, that she and her brother could still smile with one another. Through the last little bit of silence between them, Hana took that time to look at her brother. There was so much to him, so much that it hurt her, because she had been the one to hurt him. He deserved so much more than a pack of lies, and her continuance to shield the truth from him.She had after all been suffering with the truth alone, she had no one to talk to about it, and the one person she did want to confide in was the person she ended up lying to; her own brother. So maybe, just maybe, this summer would be them beating the odds. She hoped at least. Ha-joons next words made the human female tear up, and swallow harshly. "One lie starts simple.. but from one lie, comes another. What i'm trying to say is that when you tell one lie, you have to tell another to cover that first lie.. so there's so many things to tell you Ha-joon, and you are well within your rights to know every bit of it. I promise i'll start somewhere, it may be with something small as I build my way into it with you, but in time.. I promise" she stated, knowing to him that it must have sounded like she was stalling again.

Chance after chance, and still she hadn't told him a single thing. But, his change in topic made her utterly happy. "Lets do that!" she said cheerfully. "Should we stop and buy drinks and food first?" she asked, giggling, knowing she had one hell of an apatite for such a petite female. When he wanted to though, Ha-joon could put some food away also. "And, since we don't have anything there yet except for the things to decorate, maybe we should pack a suitcase.. clothes, personal items, whatever you need" she stated, and walked to her bedroom long enough too pack her own bag full of clothes, hyigene items, cell phone, ipod, tablet, laptop, everything she used on a daily basis, even her medication, before returning back to Ha-joon with a suitcase that weighed more than she did herself. Thankfully her suitcase had wheels, and with that, she figured she could wheel her stuff on out, while she waited for Ha-joon to get his own things ready.

Ha-Joon does admit he does act like the older sibling regardless knowing the true age between them. "You can say am still not use to me being a full time dancer now then before." He smiled at her small pat on his shoulder and then on to her lap. He reminded him when he was small she always patted and rubbed her hair when he had nightmare it was the only thing that got him to sleep. He hates people doing that now because of what happened but he could not help but to mess that feeling. "You can clean, I have no right to tell you what you can't do. Your older them me but can you promise me if you can't clean anymore you will leave the rest to me? Your health is also important to me."He said genuinely.

Everyone always tell him thank you for making them feel better or making them smile. Honestly Ha-Joon didn't want to tell Hana about the girl who is holding him down and waiting for her to be ready.  In a way he hoped when Hana meets Mirae before she knows what species she is Hana might feel comfortable knowing Hana does not have to worry about his safety. Ha-Joon took people's feelings and how they will feel first before saying thing like that know Hana's past with the supernatural. Ha-Joon knew Mirae always knew about his sister but until they are ready am sure both of the siblings will come next. In hopes both siblings won't want to kill him at the end. Of course both of the has different worlds, he already meet Mirae's brother but he does not know if he is the one that is holding his sister's heart and will he like that it will a story to tell when it comes.

"Yes and no. Yeokseok told me when closed additions and told me what I need to do. I do my own free time like you and our parents saw when I was in the dance group. It happened to be good enough and impressed not only him but the rest who were there. If you ask me I will always remember how nervous I've felt. I really didn't think I was enough to get in. You both saw potential inside of me and I could never see it." Ha-Joon said looking at Hana and then smiled more. "Thank you for believing in me. When he talked to me the first time about me going into his company you want to know who I thought about in that moment. You Noona." he said not sure if he wants to repeat what he said to himself. "I want us to have a good life and because you give me so much strength, support and making me always believe I can follow my dreams. I would like to take us out to get some great food not worry about anything."he asked knowing this is the first thing he wanted to do with Hana. This is his own say to tell her Thank you. Ha-Joon never got a chance to say something nice for her and now he can finally to something. "I know you can't say no you foodie."He said teasing her.

The Human smiled and nodded. "He told me this one thing so don't be shocked if you get a call from him in a few days or weeks. I will let me speak the rest so I won't tell you since he will do it personalty himself. You can say am preparing for something big and I hope you will say yes and watch me." Ha-Joon talked to her like a normal brother would. He still hold to them as close and it will always remind like that. "Yeokseok has everything on me so your number is already in his company's files. For reasons if they do comes down to that." He was careful how to said the last part. "Noona, you don't have to worry about your health effecting anything. That is one of the first things I told him. When I said your health is important to me I really mean it. As a younger brother is my right to look out for you. " he said put his hand on top of his sisters forgetting how breakable her hands were.

After he scolding him for not telling her until the last minute, him bring it up again he saw Hana for who she is. That lovable beautiful girl who also made him smile. Ha-Joon couldn't help but to laugh at her actions but soon it faded watching her get her inhaler. "Noona, 제발 조심하세요." he said in their native language. "Take a deep breath and clam down. You are still resting from the cleaning." he said calmly as his protective brother came in. He rubbed her back knowing she will say she is sorry ans will feel bad. "I was opening we can celebrate. I always did with Yeokseok but it's your turn." he said calmly. 

When Hana said about his smile Ha-Joon smiled with his eyes were sparkling. "I can say the same thing to you. Were is it?" he asked knowing he saw he smile but the genuine smile he miss seeing. Ha-Joon noticed her starting to cry  as he listened, something about Hana told him she is very sincere what she is telling him right now. That is more then what Hana has said. He noticed she is not treating him like a child like she use to, he wondered if something happened to her.  Stalling is something he is use to with Hana so he is numb when it comes to her saying stuff like what she said. 

The moment Ha-Joon watched her, there is the smile he asked earlier. For her after she calmed down she is full of energy as she went from her room and to pack suitcase he laughed. How could he not Hana was being so cute to him. "Alright let me get mine ready and we can go to the house after dinner yeah?" he said couldn't stop laugh. "Am sorry you being so cute I have not seen you like this since we were in school. This is rare." Hana is being the sister he knew and love, this version of her is Ha-Joon's favorite side. He wishes she would stay like this

* 제발 조심하세요. (jebal josimhaseyo) Please be careful.

Hana knew Ha-joon was well within his rights to feel like the older sibling, ven if technically, she was. Most days, Hana felt bad for the fact that her baby brother hadn't had any other choice but to grow up way before his time. And now, with all the secrets just piling up and the lies one on top of another, Hana felt the tension become something suffocating in her life. She needed more than anything to be honest with Ha-joon about the things her parents had forced her to lie about, before it got so bad that whn she did tell him, that there was a small chance they'd never be able to repair their bond again. Hana couldn't let this happen to them, Ha-joon never deserved being in the dark in the first place.

Her thoughts were interrupted by him speaking again. Hana only gazed over and smiled faintly. "Don't worry Ha-joon, you will get used to being a full time dancer in no time. I think you're probably one of the best ive seen, so I can't wait to see the guy you speak of im sure he's amazing" she expressed, referring to Yeonseok, and a part of her felt like she already did know him, as much as she had heard about him already. Sighing, Hana grimaced before averting her gaze back to her brother. "Fine Jonnie, I promise just don't worry so much, you deserve to live" she stated, knowing he probably spent more time worrying about her than he did living his life, saddened Hana.

"Ill work on it. I just try to do what I feel a female should do when her younger brother is the one paying the bills. Cleaning and school isn't much considering you bring in all the money right now, I won't worry so much when I can finally get a job too, though I really have no idea what i'm wanting to do with myself in college, there are so many possibilities" she added, sort of confiding in Joonie about how she didn't know where she'd go with her life once college was over with. Hana listened as he spoke of how impressed everyone seemed to be the day he danced in front of Yeon, Hana could only imagine the gasp's and ooo's and aw's from everyone. She'd seen her brother dance a number of times, and while sometimes it seemed liek their parents didn't encourage him to follow that dream, Hana always had. "I'm happy everyone saw in you what I do, with your dance talent.. i'm even more happy you decided to do soemthing with those skills. It would be sad if people never got to see the real you, and you never know, it only takes one person out there struggling, to be inspired by you.. then the next thing you know, you've started a chain reaction, and bam! you've made a difference in the world" she expressed, chuckling with a pearly white smile adorning her features.

Hana was generally a happy person all in all, but she could be a lot more open and laugh about a lot more things when her and Ha-joon was in the privacy of their home. After the attack, she hadn't really had the heart to branch out and make too many friends, though when someone approached her, she didn't turn the other cheek, she was typically good at striking up a conversation with just about anyone, and people tended to confide in her, even when they didn't know her that well. It was no shock. Ha-joon possessed those same qualities, people stuck to her brothers side like glue, and she knew how well he did with cheering people up and making people smile, or laugh.

Hana's smile became a little warmer when Ha-joon spoke of how nervous he had been the day he danced in front of Yeon, and that she'd been the first person he thought of when he made it, causing her to tear up; happy tears of course. After becoming an emotional mess, Hana reach over and hugged her brother. It'd been the first time they had, had any psychical contact like this in a while now. The tension between them had stopped even that unfortunately. But it made her realize how much she'd been missing the normality in hers and Ha-joon's lives, and it let her know, she needed to fix it asap, because only she could. Hana sniffled, but chuckled when he offered to take her out to eat, teasing her about her rather large apatite. "I would love that Joonie. And thank you for what you said, it makes me uttery happy to know I give you the strength and support that you need to pursue anything your heart desires"

Hana arched a brow at Ha-joon when he said that Yeon may end up calling her, because Ha-joon was preparing for something big. Hana's heart started beating rapidly, pure excitement coursing through her to know Ha-joon was about to do something big, worth him asking Hana to come watch him. "Whatever it is, I won't miss it for the world Joonie, i'm curious now though.. and you know what they say about curiosity.." she teased, chuckling softly. Hana arched a brow once again when he told her that Yeonseok already had her number, it was kind of awkward at first, but then as he explained the reason for it, she was a little relieved. "So he has it in case something ever happens to you on his watch?" she questioned, feeling a sense of worry fall over her, thinking the worse case scenario right then and there. Hana wasn't exactly a pesimisstic person, but when it came to her brothers life, it was safe to say, all bets were off, and Hana was always going to worry.

"I know bub. I don't mind you looking out for me and taking care of me when you can, but don't let it consume your whole life" she stated, closing her eyes to the feeling of him rubbing her back. She was happy that things at least had started to feel a little more normal for them. Hana did exactly what was asked of her, and after taking a few puffs of her inhaler, she caught her breath smilinh. "You are so good to me. Ill never be able to thank you enough, celebrating sounds like the perfect idea though, to answer your question" she added unable to cntrol the smile that seemed to be glued to her face because of Ha-joon. It was true that Hana hadn't been this cute or down to earth around Ha-joon since school days, so she couldn't help but grin and chuckle once more when he told her how rare it is. "Maybe you should get used to this side of me, I miss the old us enough to start trying a little harder" she admitted before nodding at him saying he would get ready, so they could go eat, then spend out the rest of their evening in the new summer house that sat along the beach, just on the outside of city limits.

Now that Hana was ready, she waited for her brother; frankly, she couldn't wait to start their evening. It'd been ages since they had allowed themselves to have any type of fun together.

  When the words 'one of the best I've seen" Ha-Joon looked at Hana knowing he heard something like that from Her. Hew can see everyone is looking at him to do good and to be one on the level he does not know if he can come too. if Yeokseok and Hana could hear him say that Ha-Joon is sure he would be murdered by there words and looks.  Ha-Joon smiled nervously feeling the pressure it didn't help him to know he has a title with Yeokseok. Was he really ready? It's too late to ask that type of question now.  "He is calling me his prodigy.  I know I should be honored but do I deserve that title?" Ha-Joon asked looking at his sister hoping she can give him a clear judgment. Hana might be his sister but she has always been that cheerleader for him. 

Ha-Joon smiled in victory he finally won her independent behavior. "I can't promise I won't worry. That is natural as breathing, guess that is required to be a younger brother," he said with a proud smile. "How can I live without my sister huh?  I do have a life. It's going to be a lot busier. " He said with a sigh knowing what she meant.  " Deep down I know when everything starts to become real I could be out of the apartment more often so I can't stop you for doing anything. I just wish you to be well and not push yourself." 

Ha-Joon listened to Hana when she brought up college it sparked his interest, would she finally tell him? " Oh yeah totally, I mean I grew up with natural dancing feet maybe you have something natural. Have you tried singing, maybe dancing? What about something you have a hobby in? I know someone I know did that with her own shop." he asked with a bright smile and then soon realized he talked about Mirae. It's too soon but he already said it out loud. "She is a sweetheart. I meet her during the additions." Ha-Joon said hoping his sister would hear it as someone he just had a conversation with and ended in a very short time. 

Hana is the reason the human wants to inspire people. She did the same for so many years it's his turn to get her inspired and others who are a little lost with their dreams. Being the impossible is his goal, that is one idea to keep people talking about him. Breaking the walls, breaking every little negative thought people would think of him. He wants to shake the world and be someone who can stand up and let his voice and vision be seen. Not just a Human, not just who he is and where he is from, but someone who can be a hero with a smile. A hero or a Role Model maybe you can call his dream that but Ha-Joon calls it peacemaking. Little does he know at the moment he almost shine brighter than a single spotlight. He is confident in himself because he loves who he is and what he wants to stand for. "As Yeokseok said, my co-worker knew what he was doing. The timing was perfect am happy I said no to him that day." Ha-Joon said smiling at Hana.

ha-Joon was not a heartless person knowing he can never hate Hana. It could be hatting himself as Hana meant more to him just her being his older sister. " Hana you are the might I will follow if am lost and alone. "You're the only girl in my life at the moment.' he said laughing knowing he is thinking about Mirae at that moment. "I would like to see you eat better and live a healthy life," he said knowing that could be impossible for Hana but he believes in the impossible. 

Ha-Joon had no worries about Hana meeting Yeokseok he trusts him which came oddly with him only knowing his own boss for a short time. The Human didn't have anything against the blonde male. "Am pleased to hear you say that Hana. It means the world to me," he said looking at her a then clapped softly. He knew Hana would say yes knowing he has to work hard for her.  "You can say that. When you work at a place, it's important for them to have close connects in case something happens. Like if you get a job and you were taking to the hospital for any reason they will give me a call since am a family member. " Ha-Joon didn't like giving out an example like to her but it's something to get her an idea why it is important.  "Also it would give them a chance if they want to know about something or you miss work. it's like updating but more business update."  The Human does not think Yeokseok would need to call her for life-threatening purposes other than him over doing work. 

"Noona, you don't need to think of me. This is what family is for." Ha-Joon said knowing she would say something like that to him one day.  It's true people grow out of their old selves along with habits and ways they use to think about.  Hana being pure cute is always something he will cherish for as long as he lives. Hana is the reason he likes to look at the cute side of the girls he meets. "I miss you being cute and open. A poker face is not something that suits you," Ha-Joon said as he looked at her when she said about the old them. That is something new heard from his older sister. The Human did like hearing what she said but it did make him wonder what has gotten her to act like this. 

He got everything ready as he keeps his dance bag with everything knowing whenever he is asked to go in he has his stuff. he walked into the living room with his suitcase wondering how long they will be staying at the summer house. "We should leave everything here as we got out to eat and then got to the house. Am sure it will be a long drive and would be better there late." Ha-Joon said looking at the time and then put his phone and wallet in his pants pocket. 

Hana furrowed her brows when Ha-joon seemed to drift away to that negative train of thought he tended to stay on about himself. Sure, other people saw how amazing he was, but Ha-joon had always been a little self critical; always feeling as though his best wasn't good enough, and Hana just wished he could see himself through everyone elses's eyes. If he could, he would realize how amazing he truly was. Not only was he an amazing dancer, but he was also the best brother a girl could ask for, and he had the best-friend persona down to a T; anyone would have been lucky to get that title from him. Hana had her guard up about those that may enter Ha-joon's life, especially a special someone.. and for some reason, she sat here feeling like Ha-joon had done beat her to the punch, and found someone he was interested in. Lately he had a glow about himself, and seemed to walk on clouds.

Hearing his question, Hana narrowed her gaze, shaking her head slightly before pushing him playfully "You know you deserve it Joonie, you've worked so hard.. be proud of yourself. I'm really proud of you, and it sounds like Yeonseok is too" she expressed, giving him a look of admiration. She was thrilled with how far her brother had come since moving to this city. "If he called you his prodigy, it's because you deserved that title" she then added, before sighing to herself as he spoke of how busy his schedule was about to become.Hana knew she'd miss his company when things started getting real for him, but she'd never say that out loud, because she knew very well that there was a  chance he'd throw everything aside just to stay near her. "Ill take it easier i promise. You will never have to live without me" she said reassuringly and started chewing on her lower lip. It definitely saddened her that she'd have to give up her time with him, for his hectic schedule coming up.

"I don't want your days to be strained by worrying about what i'm doing when you're away from me, so i'll promise to keep myself out of harms way, and I won't over do it with cleaning and such. You have a lot going for you, I certainly can't be the one to mess that up because of my health" she said in a soft spoken tone, grimacing a little. Her gaze instantly darted back up to meet Ha-joon's gaze as he asked if she had a natural talent, because he'd met someone who did something with her own shop. For a brief second, Hana could see something within her brother light up as he spoke of this female that he was calling a sweetheart. "I do like to sing.. it's just something ive never taken far. I did a few talent shows for the people in my college .. the sorority I joined cheered for me like really loud, but I think they were just too drunk to hear my real voice, Im sure im not that great" she stated chuckling, but narrowed her gaze "and who is this sweetheart you speak of?" she questioned, feeling a sense of protectiveness wash over her.

Hana bit her lower lip, smiling at him when he called her his light, the one that he would follow should he ever feel lost and alone, and just that simple sentence, made her the happiest she'd been in a long time now. That meant that their bond was still as strong as it'd ever been. Hana knew what to do to fix what was broken between then, and she wouldn't continue to allow the lies to stack up. "You have no idea how happy you just made me to say that, because even in spite of the things ive messed up between us, it means the world to me, to know you would still see me as your light" she stated, leaning over towards him, sighing contently as a weight seemingly lifted off her chest. "And I know i'm not the only female in your life Joonie. I'm not stupid" she said, playfully giving his arm a gentle smack. "Whoever she is, she better be good to you, I may be some puny human, with health issues, but no one should ever underestimate that when it comes to the love I have for my baby brother" she expressed, sounding a bit overly possessive of him.

"Ill try to start eating more healthy, I promise" she said, hoping to assure him. Hana grinned from ear to ear when Ha-joon clapped, being extremely happy with her answer. "Of course Joonie, i'm your sister. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. No matter what has happened, you're my brother and ill always love you" she admitted, and truth be told, it felt damn good to say that. Those three words had been something she'd always meant towards Ha-joon, but those words rarely left either of their mouths after everything that had happened. Hana listened intently with a feeling of worry falling over her as he explained why Yeonseok may call her over Ha-joon in the future, for medical emergencies, or simply just to get a hold of Hana in case her brother decided to ditch work at some point. "Do you ever over do it with dancing? I'm certain if you dance for too long without a break, you could lead yourself into having a heart attack.. so like you tell me, don't over do yourself, and please make sure you're always careful" she stated, smiling because she remembered he had just told her the same thing about herself.

Hana giggled when he said he missed the cute, open, expressive side to her, that a poker face didn't suit her. She agreed though, it didn't. "Now that you say it, the word cute I mean. Would I be cute enough to do a photo-shoot for a new brand of drinks coming up? It's a summer gig basically. But, the catch is that they only want me to wear bikini's, summer clothes.. it's a summer photo-shoot, and if they like my poses enough, they'll be putting me on a huge poster outside of this little store in the city, along with my face on the drinks. I wanted to ask you.. rather than you be surprised by seeing me in a bikini ona big ass billboard somewhere, or posters hung around the city that advertises new drinks." she stated, chuckling, and blushing heavily. The male who'd approached Hana about the summer photo - shoot had promised her it'd pay well and she wanted to start pulling her wait so that her baby brother wasn't the one paying all the bills alone. It wasn't fair that he did all of that himself.

Hana nodded in agreement, and decided he was right. "Sounds like a plan. Let's go eat" she expressed happily. She knew that their summer house would allow them to bond, and the sheer peace and quiet that they'd have would allow them to talk about things fully, but having dinner, would allow them to also talk about things. There was so much that needed to be said, and Hana was thrilled to get on with it. It was the first step into the right direction for them, after feeling like they'd been drowning in the lies and secrets for so long. Hana looked back to Ha-joon from the door way as she held it open to the outside "We getting a cab or?" she asked curiously, figuring if they were, then they'd need to call one.

There is no denying Ha-Joon looked down himself more than what people would do to themselves. The human, always had one thing to say about himself that will make him the question. It was not because he didn't believe in himself it was him proving he is better or is up with what people expect of him to be. When he saw Hana rise her brow he knew what was coming. The last time his sister scolds him for looking down on himself was during the dance club. "You can't say your not good of your on a team. They choose you because your talented and they see how far you can go with those talents. Look in the mirror and watch yourself and then talk to me when you see the error you claim to have." Ha-Joon remembered his mindset was very slow and knew how hurtful he felt back then. Looking back Hana was right like she will be at that moment. His number one fan never let Ha-Joon down no matter how he feels. 

Her gaze cut through the human as he can feel the power it has on him. There were the words he knew Hana would say. Ha-Joon was right about Yeokseok and Hana having the same mindset even though they never met yet. "I know I deserve it Noona. It's just... I don't know." Ha-Joon said looking at Hana then smiling a little when she said Yeokseok called him that because he deserved it. Maybe it was how fast everything was to Ha-Joon or maybe he was not ready to accept it emotionally. It was not a secret a human is a family person, taking care of his sister made him grow up faster than a single child, teen and adult had to go through. Yeokseok was right about one thing. He is mature for his age. He was only 24 but feels older due to his life. When the older female confirmed she will take it easy and he does not have to live without her Hana does not know how much it means to him. "Noona, thank you."

Ha-Joon didn’t mind him being taken over to take after of his only sister but she does have a point. There came a smile on the male’s face hearing something finally new. “Sing? Nah, am sure you're a beautiful singer. I am talented in Dancing when you must have the talent to sing. I want to hear you someday if you want.” he said cheering her on. He felt a little better to know where she stands now. Being in Hana's shoes it must be lonely and worry some to be under pressure to find the perfect job to make her family proud. “Hana, in all honesty, since we are away from mom and dad I want you to find a job you really want to do. Be who you want to be don’t be pressured in finding the perfect job. I will love you no matter what. I rather see you do something you love than feeling like you have to do something to make everyone happy.” Ha-Joon said knowing she said that to him once about dancing and to go for the dance team.  Pleasing your parents is stressful enough it was time for both of them to do what they want and be who they want to be. In a way, he hoped that will make her life easier. 

  When he lightly talked about the one who has his eyes be betrayed himself. He swallowed hard when he looked at Hana and sighed. “ I--I, Hey how do you know I'm talking about the same girl?” He asked with him shaky at the beginning. Ha-Joon wished he knew what Mirae did to him to make him shy out of the blew. Ha-Joon didn’t want to say anything more with her in his mind is hard enough at the moment. He does not know if he can form a sentence.

Just one little phrase made Hana feel happy made him forget he was shy at the given moment. It’s true they are so much alike from their kind and joyful side but among what they show to people they were only human, they make mistakes and be selfish. Flaws what makes a person who they are, life and learn. Hana is the only person he can trust enough to show how weak he can be but knowing the more he meets and the relationship he gains that side will be shown to more people. He has bad days like others do, Ha-Joon can pretend he is a man of steel when he wants to hide but what good will that be? Hana lying to him was a flaw she had shown in a way she didn’t how hurtful it really was back then. “You deserve to be happy.  Even by one flaw, I can’t hate my only sister. It’s my job as a brother to overlook things sometimes. Am sure you saw the errors in your way and want things to get better. It’s ok if you want to start new on something. Light has a lot of meanings.” Ha-Joon said laughing a bit but soon became shocked when his sister turned it around on him to slap him with the girl questions once again.”Yah!!!!” he said as his eyes grew wide didn’t think he will never see this side of his sister. “Woah. what is this new side? We are both puny humans am careful I promise.”Ha-Joon said laughing when her voice echoed puny human. “I can say the same thing about you. They better be good to you whenever you meet someone,” he said back seeing if he will get a reaction. It felt different to him, that young high school kid who always fooled around and reversing everything back on his sister. Ha-Joon smiled sadly like knowing those were the good times before the whole family broke apart.

Little by little the Sae Siblings, we getting back to normal in their own way. “There’s that confident sister I knew and love.” One thing he envied about her was how confident she is at the side and her personality. One thing he lacks. If Hana is serious about looking for her own job she will need to know little things since Ha-Joon has had two jobs before the company he knows what he is talking about in guiding her. Everything to the human stopped when Hana asked the question he knew someone will ask. “Yeah turning the subject is my thing you can’t steal that,” he said in shocked she used his own trick on himself. “Wow I feel betrayed by my own sister,” he said putting his hand on his heart. “That hurts deeply.” pretending he got a heartache. Ha-Joon does indeed overwork his body over his limits but that is his own choice if something needs to be done he will not rest until he feels satisfied. If the human said that out loud everyone will be watching him like a child or might kill someone in worry. 

He does not like to make promises that can’t be kept. He got up to get himself a cup of water. Ha-Joon got choked up when she told him about her summer job, coughing and let himself look up at her. “Why you need to be on one if you’re promoting a drink?’ he asked in disbelief. Ha-Joon knew how selling works and god helps him if one guy realizes his sister. The human didn’t want to know the rest. “Don’t get me wrong your older who don’t need my permission to do something but why are you so blunt with no mercy.’ Ha-Joon said not knowing what to think as he drinks his water like a shot in a glass. He hoped when he said not permission from him was enough for her to say yes you can do so. “Promise me if one of those guys sees you be extra careful. I may be a puny human but no one touches my sister in a creepy way. I will sign up for classes if I have to.” he said in a teasing way as she did before.

The human-made sure everything was in order and organized. “Make sure you lock your door,” he called out doing what he just did with his room. It was something that made him feel calm. Ha-Joon cleaned the house so every now and then he goes into Hana's room to dust and then lock the door after he was done. He did take a look around knowing this apartment was only temporarily. Maybe they can go look at a real house when they come back. “We will need a cab. I need to work on getting my license and also save up for a car.” Ha-Joon said pulling out his phone to do so. 

Ha-joon could be such a pessimist sometimes, and while Hana loved him dearly, that was one trait of his she wished he would change; but then he wouldn't be Joonie. Not if he didn't see the world through a paranoid set of eyes. He'd focused so much energy into making others happy, that Hana often wondered if he ever stopped to make himself happy, outside of dancing of course, because she was sure that dancing was what made him the happiest. As she listened to him talk, Hana smiled faintly; finally he'd said something positive about himself. "Yes you do Joonie, you've worked your ass off from the time I can remember to this day to get where you are" she expressed with a more genuine grin painted on her features. 

Hana patted Ha-joon's shoulder "Trust me.. you don't get called a prdigy often by someone like him, if there's no reason behind calling you that.. just let yourself feel good for once" she stated, giving him a look as he thanked her for saying she'd take it easier on herself. "But, you may not enjoy what Ive done Joonie" she frowned, if he worried about her cleaning house, how would he feel to find out she had joined Em-power.. a place that trained people and worked them extra hard for defense classes. However, Ha-joons next words made her forget completely what she was about to tell him, causing her to tear up, and spiral with emotions. Speechless at first, she reach over, hugging her brother tightly. "That means the world to me Joonie. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you as my brother, you're always so good to me" she stated, frowning, because she felt like keeping secrets from him, meant that she hadn't been quite as good to him, as he'd been to her. 

"I hope that you know, everything ive ever done wrong.. I plan to make it right. And, what I did.. was never to hurt you Joonie, I thought it would keep you safe.. I just didn't know how manipulative mom and dad was actually being" she stated, withdrawing her hands, as to not suffocate him in a hug. "The thing I said you wouldn't like, that ive recently done, is part of me making my wrongs, right. Ive joined a class who will teach me how to take people down without needing to use weapons and such. A defense class. I want to be able to protect both of us.. there's only so much hat I can do being.." she cut herself off, realizing she almost said human, which would have implied she knew about the supernatural right then and there. She knew he'd question her now, but when they get to their vacation house, she'd answer anything he asked. 

"But yeah, singing, and fashion. What do you think?" she asked, knowing Ha-joon knew she had always been very sophistictaed with her style; but he had never heard her sing, and he'd started cheering her on to do so. Blushing, Hana scrolled through the music downloaded on her phone, before hitting play on the instrumental of one. As she bega singing, she kept her eyes closed; this being a part of herself never revealed to her brother before. The song had finished, and Hana opened her eyes again, grinning at her brother, but she could feel how deeply she was blushing. 

"So yeah, between that and fashion, Im pretty interesting in taking the plunge and trying both. Because you're right Joonie, with mom and dad not around us, we should live our lives to the fullest, never live life the way someone expects you too, because nine times out of ten, youll be miserable. Im just so proud that you went forward with your dancing" she expressed, and shook her head at how flustered he had became over a specific female. "Focus Joonie!" she joked, giving him a playful smack on his arm as he began stuttering, unable to even form a complete sentence to the mention of this girl. "She really has you whipped huh?" Hana questioned, eyeing him for a moment, giving him a look.. a protective one she imagined. Because that's all she ever felt to think some girl would one day scoop her brother away from her. Hana, human or not would simply go to war over her brother, careless if she lived through it or not, she loved him enough to protect him, no matter the price. 

Hana nodded in agreement then, as he spoke of her wanting to start new with him, because of the lies and secrets. "There's so much to tell you Joonie. And, after I come clean about everything, I do want us to start new but im not sure the city we live in now, will even allow for that.. because on top of the things you don't know, there's more recent events to worry about, things i need to tell you to keep us both safe" she frowned, realizing it was time that she told him everything. When she told him about the supernatural, she'd also have to tell him she's being followed once again. That scared her, she wasn't sure how he'd react and she was terrified that he'd go out and try to find whoever it was stalking and hunting her down. He'd get himself killed if it was an immortal being. 

Hana could tell her words about being a puny human, that would gladly kill someone over him, had thrown him for a loop. "Sorry Joonie, but I worry about you as much as yu do me, I trust that you're careful though" she admitted, because truth be told, her brother had been forced to grow up way before he should have had to, and it made him a lot more mature than most guys his age. still though, that didn't mean Hana wouldn't look over his shoulder from time ti time to make sure he was alright. Hana laughed with him though, she was shocked she'd even called herself a puny human. Shaking her head, amused, she then swallowed harshly as he reversed her words on her . "Well I um.. there's this - - there's no one. So don't worry" she chuckled, blushing heavily, knowing he'd be able to sense that she was lying. "I only just saw her. It's not really like we've even exchanged numbers or anything.. so i was telling the truth when I said it's nothing.. yet" she stated, adding emphasis on the word yet, and giving him a playful wink. 

Hana had never saw someone quite so gorgeous before she'd saw Miyaza the other day struggling to read a sign, but that was literally as far as it had went. She hoped the two of them could talk, and get to know one another after she offered to help her. "But, I do promise you that ill guard my heart" she stated, and laid her head on his shoulder. It was true that they'd had such an amazing relationship before their family had been torn apart by secrets. Hana felt that this was the start of something good though, her and her brothers chances to take back what they used to have. Hana rolled her eyes, chuckling as Ha-joon grabbed his chest, pretending that she'd broken his heart and betrayed him by using his own methods against him. "Hey whatever works" she nudged him playfully, smirking. But, truly, she'd likely be upset if she'd found out he was overdoing things with working in a cafe, and dancing both. "Just be careful Joonie. I swear ill kick someones ass if something happens to you.. if something happens to you, and you turn out to be okay, ill kick yours also" she expressed, half serious, half playfully as she grinned at him. 

But, Hana was definitely your average mama bear with how she looked after her baby brother, that would never change. Hana watched as he choked on his water, unable to keep herself from laughing, and shaking her head. "Relax Joonie, I promise if I even take the job, ill be extra careful, but it could also be a way to promote swim wear, and if I get noticed by the right people, that could send my fashion dream sailing" she stated with a smile. She felt bad though, to think she was worrying her brother to death. "I don't know if ill take it though. Tell me the truth, is it something you're too uncomfortable with? Surely I can get myself involved with the right people to start singing, and my fashion stuff.. it don't have to be me plastered on a billboard, barely dressed" she chuckled, seeing the expression on his face was priceless. 

As he teased about signing up for classes, Hana got an idea "maybe you can join em-power with me" she stated,, realizing how much danger their lives could potentially be in with her having someone stalking and hunting her down, perhaps him taking the class also, would ensure even more safety for the two of them. So, what had started out with him joking, had now turned out to be, a very good idea. Hana locked her door, and returned back by his side, "And if a guy ever tried touching me in some creepy, or disrespectful way, you'll be the first to know it. Thank you for always having my back Joonie" she stated, and then became silent as he made the call to get them a cab. Hana walked outside, and to the end of their drive way after Ha-joon called for them a cab, waiting with him for the driver to pull up. With the driver pulling in, Hana found herself cheerfully climbing in, waiting for her brother to do the same and so Ha-joon could give the driver directions on where to take them. 

The human can be pessimistic about himself, he does believe in himself but sometimes when things do get to him he can go on and on. It’s not like Ha-Joon wants to not take care of or look out for himself. It does not make sense for someone who is very positive can be in a troubled mindset about himself. He knows there are others who can top him to be great dancers. Like always Hana is always right no matter what does go down. Ha-Joon knew the hell he went through to prove his dancing skills, the hate, the people who love his dancing, the goods, and the bads. There was no perfect balance sometimes he needs to remember the old days to have a clear mind this time Hana is that rock to snap him out of it. “Your right, like always. I think sometimes I lose myself in what is going on then see what past me has done to get me where I am today.” Maybe he should watch those video Mirae told him about online. They do say if you forget where you come from, then you will lose yourself. 

Prodigy, the tile with a huge meaning. He knew there will be others who want to see his skills and wonder what makes him tick. Ha-Joon, himself didn’t think he would be called that throughout his life. It does show his goals and he wants to be seen is completed. “I should be happy about it, I know. Thank you, Hana, for making me remember. I don’t know why I get this way sometimes.” He put his hand on his sister’s with a smile towards her. “You might do things that hurt me but it’s my job to overlook them. Your my older sister after all.” Ha-Joon meant it, he wants everything back to how things were. Could it go back and everything will be alright?

He listened to Hana as found one word she said interesting but also confusing. “Manipulative? Hana why would you think they are? I don’t understand what you mean.” Ha-Joon looked at his sister. His felt every part of him turned white she took the class without letting him know. “Who else knows you are taking them?” he said looked down and then smiled unbelieved. “Yet you told me to take them,” he said covering his forehead with his hands. He can’t imagine Hana holding a weapon. There were so many questions and yet they don’t want to come out. “How long?” Ha-Joon spoke up not sure if he wanted to know. “Only so much we can do as Humans right?” he asked looking at her knowing he said that phrase to one person. “You are only one person too Noona. Fighting for the both of us will be tiring.”

Sing is something Ha-Joon never knew about Hana. fashion does not come much of a shock due to how picky she is about shopping. Ha-Joon knew if he never let Hana look at his clothes she might buy the whole store to get him to look good. Ha-Joon sits back to let Hana be the center not knowing what will come. When she started Ha-Joon was very shocked never knowing she had a great voice. 

He is happy Hana finally saw what he has been trying to tell her. Being an older sister is heard due to you're the example for the family name and young siblings but that is not what Ha-Joon wanted in a sister.  Why should he live the life he wants if Hana can't it was not fair for him now he can live better. "It's not like that... I didn't want to slip her to you yet. It's too soon to tell. Am not sure if everything we talked about passed." Ha-Joon said honestly. It's true he didn't know if she passed or not only time will tell so it was too fast for Hana to know about his interest. 

After listening to Hana and what she said to say didn't site will for him.  They're not as safe like what they believe to be. "Hana, I know the dangers that are out there but also know there are good in species. Are you trying to tell me there is something darker than the bad?" Ha-Joon asked looking at his older sister.  "If we are both on the same page to start a new then tell me, Hana. You can't keep yourself in the dark If you get hurt and I found out more it's going to do worst then hurting me. It might kill me.  I know you're independent but somedays you do need someone. Stop hiding things Hana please from a brother you care about you so deeply and is begging now. Just tell me." Ha-Joon said to show his worry in his voice, the pain, the hurt everything is has been hiding is now shown.  He wanted to stand up tall and be the bigger person but even though people can break down.

Hearing about her liking someone finally made him happy, he was not on to judge someone by their sexuality. "She will come around if she likes you back. If I learned one thing about people liking others there will always be something to bring each other." Ja-Joon said siwth a smile cheering up his sister. The moment she brought up beating someone up if he got hurt his mind went back to Daehyung and that night. Best to keep that down low for now since it wouldn't happen again. 

"Don't like me take your freedom away from you. If this is what you want then you have my full support but when it comes to others. Anyone touches you they are dead to me." Ha-Joon knew she will gain fans and all eyes will be on her. He knows how that will come to be it's something he does not want her to get to know but if this is her path in life to take to go somewhere bigger like him. Ha-Joon didn't want to stop her in her dreams. When Hana brought up the classes once again  he laughed and sighed. " Do you really think I can pass as a fighter?" Ha-Joon asked Hana. He knew it can benefit him in the long road. It felt weird to him that she is being too open now but he guess she is being true to her word. After a while,  the cab came to them he helped the driver along with giving him directions. Getting in he smiled at his sister. " Are you sure you go everything you need?" Asking double-checking. 

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