Another day in Evermore, he woke up from his sleep he doesn't remember the time he let his eyelids closing on him. He was practicing dance all night the human is shocked he made it to his bed. Summer vacation started for his sister Hana who was already up cleaning the house hearing the light footsteps the female made on the wooden floors. Leading to small barks their family dog Mickey who is demanding for the food his old sister has made. Ha-Joon has gotten used to the city and the streets to the point he wondered around letting his mind run as he let the unknown welcome him. Ha-Joon happened to come across a place that is giving out cooking classes. It's one thing he lacked which he kept from Hana knowing she would sure scold him for eating take out for all those months. 

The moment the human brought a smile to his face hearing the female voice say breakfast his phone buzzed telling him it was time for him to get up like he was not already told. Getting up to do his morning routine adding moisturizer after coming out of the morning shower. His eyes looked at the post-it notes his sister always put a positive quote on his mirror to keep fighting and never give up. Ever since he started his life at the company he has been so dead and tired he could not help to brighten a smile on his lips. Something nice like that is always something he treasure. Kindness really does do a lot of good in life, not like most will notice. 

After the long breakfast, Ha-Joon hardly tells her things but with them clearing the air a bit they have been trying to piece each other back together. There were still things were hidden which is one thing he does not like about most. He can understand something's like the supernatural to keep that fact hidden. There is one he can understand with valid reasons. Ha-Joon or Hana really does not know what their family background really is like. The human does not hate or dislike people, he was good at seeing the good sides about people than the bad but he can't help those who have noticeable flaws. Has his sister did him wrong yes but was he really going to blame her for whatever the reason for their parents not really. Ha-Joon is a genuine guy who cares for others more than himself.

As both humans were going out today, Ha-Joon got ready to go to a cooking class he paid for. It’s not like he wanted to hide his own few months eating whatever since he is losing all off the carbs and weight he gained. Ha-Joon did want to make things for not just Hana but to impress one girl he came to like it could be more things. He put his phone in his pocket of his jeans having his hand finding the keys on the keyholder before putting on his shoes. “ Noona, am leaving now,” he called out to her when he closed the door the human breathed in the air around him. A sigh coming out, putting his sunglasses and begin to walk to the building that was a few blocks away. Good thing he socked his legs last night, his legs were still sore knowing he has to take it easy. Today should be a good day for Ha-Joon to do so not realizing it will be more eventful then he will expect.  

As he approached the building putting his hand on the metal door handle, walking in as he smiled to who catches his eye, asking where the class will be. Saying his thanks. He let his feet take him to the room and walked in. Ha-Joon took out his phone to put it on silent as he realized he forgot his wallet. "How can someone forget one thing that is important. I hope to don't need anything from it. Good thing I need want to take a taxi or I would look like a fool" he said in his mind not wanting attention drawn to him by talking with himself. He got themselves to calm down as he talked with some who asked him questions. He wondered if who will be his partner by his hues looking at how the classroom was designed looked like two for each group. Ha-Joon went to the back of the room to an empty spot as he watched people get ready for today's lesson. 

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This was a really dumb idea. He’d told himself that again and again as he looked at the little slip of paper he had been given after handing over the money for the cooking class he had essentially been pressured into attending. He had been walking the usual route he took between home and work, picking up a coffee on the way when a woman had stopped him on the street. Being the polite and socially awkward person he was, he hadn’t been able to simply shake his head and walk by and before long he was agreeing to attend a local cooking class they were holding to help raise money for the local community center.

Admittedly, Willow had been telling Leigh for months that he needed to learn how to cook, the Kitsune had ended up admitting that he only really knew how to cook instant meals and occasionally pasta when he was feeling adventurous. He had definitely gotten a lecture that day about how he needed to try more foods and about how unhealthy it was to eat the same thing every night. Since then he had dabbled in downloading recipes and trying to follow, it had varying success, from just about edible to completely charred and straight into the garbage. So many a class wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world?

He sighed at his reflected on his phone screen before turning the device on to check the time, he wanted to be on time for his first one but he didn’t want to show up so early that he had to try and make awkward conversation with people. Leigh didn’t really do people well so he tended to just avoid going places where they were. That was this afternoon was probably going to be a big test for him, he didn’t really know how many people attended these things or what they were like but it had been a long time since he had willingly put himself in a place where he would be surrounded by a lot of other people he didn’t know.

Realizing the time he grabbed his wallet and keys off the side, he headed out the front door and locked it behind him before walking the short distance between his home in the city center and the community center, he had scouted out the area the other day and it looked pretty run down from the outside but he hoped by helping out they would be able to renovate it. By the time he reached it about 10 minutes had passed, he headed into the building, ticking his name off the list they had at reception and then after walking down the wrong corridor of the halls twice he eventually found the classroom he was looking for. He ducked his head as he headed inside, going straight to the back of the room and keeping his eyes on the utensils and recipe laid out in front of him. Meat pies, good, something he actually liked to eat.

After a few minutes of glaring into his desk, he looked up to take in who else was in the room and then the teacher came in, set down her things and told everyone to grab an apron from the rack. He waited while everyone else grabbed theirs before grabbing one of his own, he stared at it a little confused about how it was supposed to be worn, putting it on as best he can. He looked over at the guy at the desk next to his to make sure his was right and realized he put his on backward, he laughed, shaking his head at himself before untying the threads and turning it around so it matched his. “Good start” he muttered amused under his breath and got ready to be told how to make the pastry, at least that’s what he assumed from the paper.

The human looked at everyone who was talking to themselves along with studying the room.  It soon came to Ha-Joon regret coming here. He knew Hana wanted him to learn this stuff in case one day he moves out on his own but he had no confidence in himself. The human just stayed in the back in his own mind not knowing anyone. "Maybe this is a mistake," he said to himself with a sigh. 

Ha-Joon raised his head to find an empty seat next to him got taken by another male. Someone he never saw before. Before he could go and talk with the other male the teacher came in. "Maybe later," he said to himself as he got an apron going back to his desk he put it on the right way as he looked around making sure he got it right as he felt someone looking at him. Turning his head to the other he wanted to talk to put his apron the wrong way he could not help but smile. He must be new to cook like he is which made the Human happy to know he is not the only one along with a good ice breaker to talk to the male. 

Getting himself ready along with reading the recipe he sighed and then chuckled nervously. Meat pies, not something he never tried or even try to make. In his mind and gut feeling everything won't go the way he would want. Ha-Joon looked at the other and watch what he is doing. "New to this cooking class too?" he asked wondering if the other male would know he is talking to him. "Name's Ha-Joon," he said with a bright smile among his face. He was not one to be nervous around people but he felt something on the other that made him wonder about. " Not much of a talker I see? Are you an introvert by any chance. Not like am being nosy into your life just trying to make small talk. They say sometimes you just to talk about something to break the ice." He said as his mind yelled at him to shut up he might not want to talk with him at all. 

Ha-Joon followed but looked at everything he had wondering what was missing other than his skills at something so simple. "I might not be experienced but something is off." The human told himself trying to pinpoint what it is.

Leigh was in a weird state lately, he kept telling himself he needed more friends and to get out more, he reminded himself that not everyone in the world was out to break his heart or let him down. Yet every time he went out and was surrounded by people he found himself recoiling back into his shell, keeping his head down and minding his own business. Perhaps it was a habit or perhaps it was just fear but he just didn’t know how to shake it and it was troubling. So perhaps he was hoping that he would happen upon some new friends somehow, it would be nice to have some people he could be around without feeling completely awkward. And he knew he wasn’t going to find those people from his apartment.

He was blushing softly when he realized he had put his apron on wrong and he glanced around the room to see if anyone else noticed, that was when he caught the gaze of the guy he had copied from earlier and he started talking, at first Leigh just kinda stared a little confused by how friendly and forward the other male seemed to be but then he did his best to try and swallow his nervousness and say something back “Yeah I uh ...don't really know how to cook anything but microwave meals” he admitted with a slight laugh and smiled when the other male introduced himself by name “I’m Leigh” he responded as he pointed to himself before realizing that was totally weird and shaking his hand out by his side.

Leigh wasn’t really used to people talking to him normally but this didn’t feel as scary as he expected, probably because Ha-joon just looked like the physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine, he swore he’d never seen anyone smile quite so wide “Is it that obvious?” he responded when the other male commented on his shy nature and he rolled his shoulders back with a half-smile “I own a bookstore so I think that’s about as introverted as introvert gets” he admitted with an amused shake of his head “I'm ...trying to work on it though” there was something about Ha-joon that felt easier to talk to than most so he was going with it while the opportunity presented itself.

Their conversation was brought to an end when the teacher started talking again though, telling them to make sure they had everything they needed at the workstation, Leigh eyed over the list and then the things on his desk. He glanced over at Ha-joon noting he was looking a little puzzled and then scanned over his desk too “I think you’re missing a rolling pin” he spoke in a hushed tone before pointing to the utility drawer where the rest of the tools were. The instructor then started going through the steps needed to make the pastry, which started with measuring out the flour. Leigh set up the scales and started tipping out his bag of flour onto them but he underestimated quite how quickly it was going to pour and a cloud of white power fell out onto the desk “Crap” he cursed as he looked around trying to figure out how he was going to get all of this back in the bag.

From Korea to America, Ha-Joon does not have that many friends but to those who he has met an impact on him that changed his mind around everyone in the city. Meeting two Nivies, a Valkyr he has no idea about and now a new species he heard so much about from his long-time friend, Therians. As much as before, he looked at the other like he is trying to read them. Something about the male made the thing feel like they are very shy and unsure how to approach people. The human would not call it nervous other than unknown approach. 

Ha-Joon knew to be slow with them if they need it, not like he was in any rush. He found the other's actions very cute as the male spoke up about microwave meals he could not help but chuckle. "You and me both. I thought I was the only one." The human said as he smiles brightly and nodded hearing the other's name. "Leigh. A cool name I like it." Ha-Joon could sense their nervousness. "You don't need to be nervous I don't bite. I swear am really friendly I can't hurt a fly." Ha-Joon said hoping it would calm the other down and be somewhat comfortable.

The human has not met anyone as nervose as the other before but he does not mind getting to know them. "Not like I want to be blunt or anything.  You look like a very nice person also breaking the ice is hard for everyone. I was like you when I was young, didn't want anyone to notice me, want to open up to new people but unsure how. I don't want to be bluntly right. Like I said you don't need nervose around me." Ha-Joon said with a smile taking the other baby steps if they need it.  When the human saw the half-smile and listened to what the male had to say. "A Bookstore? Really do you mind if I take a look after this? I like reading. I mean I won't say that makes someone an introverted.  Even an extrovert loves reading. I don't mind you being introverted though it gives a personal charm and makes them different to most. I talk too much if that says anything so I know some wish I was. I do find introverts claiming and interesting people to be friends with." Ha-Joon said hoping he is not pushing any limits. 

When the teacher came into the room the human given the other a smile before going back to the table. Listening to the other he bites his lip as he found the list as sighed. Trying to calm himself down trying pull his mind together again.  When the human heard the other say about the rolling pin and pointing to a drawer. Opening it he smiled shyly and bowed his head as a thank you. When Ha-Joon heard the flour anything came to mind and none of them were positive any wrong move it will go everywhere. By the time he thought about it a cloud of flour came to the corner of his eyes turning his head to look at the other. "Here let me help you." Ha-Joon offered as got gloves to start helping. The moment he was coming up flour fell on his head. He was wondering how it got there as he thought was it from the other's doing or did flour feel on him from the table. 

Leigh giggled slightly when Ha-joon said he was bad at cooking too, he was glad to have someone on an equal level of skill around because he was kinda worried everyone else would just be good at everything and he’d be left there wondering what on earth was happening “Is it okay if I call you HJ? It’s just that I’m afraid I’ll horribly pronounce your name constantly if not” he laughed, while his heritage was Korean ethnic roots, he was born and raised in America and therefore couldn’t speak the language and had a very thick American access “Thanks” he spoke softly “It’s spelled the obnoxious way rather than with two e’s” he laughed softly “My parents liked to make it sound fancy” he got the vibe quickly that Ha-joon was a nice person and that put him at ease, or as at ease as Leigh actually ever achieved around strangers anyway.

“That’s okay I just…” he pressed his lips together thinking how to phrase it “I guess you could say that I don’t get out all that much so all of this” he made a gesture to the general area around him and laughed softly “Is a little new and scary for me” he ducked his head a little embarrassed as he looked back at him “When I was younger I got way more attention than I ever wanted” he spoke back and pulled a slightly sad expression, he still had PTSD from that time in his life and toll it had taken on him and while he hadn’t made it better for himself back then, he blamed other people for most of it. Kids could be cruel and selfish and didn’t care who they hurt in the process. He brightened up a little when Ha-joon asked if he could see the book store “Oh” he spoke and widened his eyes a little surprised by the question “Sure, I like showing people around the store” he nodded a few times, he always seemed to get along with people who enjoyed stories and reading “I don’t think anyone has said being shy is a charm before” he commented with a laugh finding it easy to open up to the other male.

Their animated conversation was however interrupted by the teacher finally arriving and beginning the class, he smiled softly at Ha-joon after prompted him to get the rolling pin and then he watched the teacher as she showed everyone how to measure out all the ingredients, of course, he didn't have much luck with the flour and ended up having a coughing fit because the power went in his mouth. He pressed his hand against his chest and sighed, he went to try and sweep some of the white powder off the desk into his hand but just as he did so Ha-joon came along and knocked his hand making him jostle and drop it all over his head. They were at the back of the room so no one even seemed to notice their antics “Oh my god I am so sorry” he spoke softly before grabbing a towel to wipe him down but ended up laughing a little at how silly the other male looked as he was covered in a layer of white.

“It seems neither of us are good at this coordination thing” he spoke as he offered out the towel to the other male and slowly got to his feet, this time finding a brush from the counter so he could brush the escaped flour into the bin. He took a long deep breath, normally he would have been absolutely mortified after doing something like that probably wanted to run out the door and never return but thanks to the other male he felt more confidence to stay. He picked up the bag of flour again and poured out, this time getting the right amount and then smiled proudly “I’d offer to help you pour yours but I think I’d made things worse” he admitted as he whispered over to Ha-joon.

The human can start to see the other is starting to open up a little. Looks like having things in common can opening to others. It's true if he tried he could be somewhat ok but for him always on the move and don't want to stay in one place he is really bad at cooking due to that. Not like it's an excuse it was him just don't want to stand in one place for too long at a time. " Yeah, that is totally fine. A lot likes to call me Joonie but HJ is a new nickname I never heard of so your the first." Ha-Joon really likes the nickname, it is new and refreshing. " I really like your name is unique and different.  I really like things you don't hear every day. It's like everyone has a different story with their life. Your parents achieved that already but I think it makes your sounds sophisticated more than fancy. " 

The human hear him started to talk more to him so he listened with open ears and an open mind. "That's alright man. Being social is not for everyone. Some have a knack for it some don't. I will not ask about what happened knowing something like that can be uncomfortable to talk about." Ha-Joon never likes to make someone talk about something that bothered them.  It did bother him that people would be cruel and selfish among others with no care in the world. It could be just him wanting others to get along with others or he was too naive to care too much for others among himself. 

"I would love to see your store. Am a big reader and a sucker for good stories." Looks like he hit another stump. Which is very good for Ha-Joon knowing he is hitting subjects the other likes to talk about which is something he does not mind not talking and just listening. "Am sure you have some recommending books I can look in or look into. " When the other male commented on Ha-Joon thinking shy is a charm made him smile. "A charm can be anything on a single person. I know it's popular for a smile to eyes to be charming but personality can be the same." Ha-Joon might be very different or has a different outlook on things.

As he felt something fall on his hair and heard the male say sorry. Moving his head to the side to see flour falling to the floor. Ha-Joon let the other wiped him down but with the flour that was in his hand hearing, the other chuckled the human gently threw the floor on the other's shirt and laughed. Cleaning up the rest, knowing he will need to take a shower to get everything out of his hair. " I think both of us are destruction." Ha-Joon smiled as he poured but his hand slips almost falling as he gripped it with his other hand with flour going all over her right shoe.  "Looks like flour loves me today," he said making it as a joke knowing it was going to be a big pain. 

Leigh grinned a little, he kinda liked the idea of being able to give someone a nickname they had never had before “Well then that kind of makes me special” he commented with a sheepish grin and smiled over at the dark-haired male. He chuckled running a hand through his hair a little nervously when he complimented his name “Thanks, I can definitely think of worse names to have” he admitted with a laugh, his name was something that grew on him with time and after high school ended he found more reasons to like a lot of different things about himself. He definitely liked himself a lot more now than he ever did back then at least “and I do drink a lot of tea so maybe sophisticated isn’t the worst way to be seen” he laughed gently.

He nodded appreciatively at the way Ha-joon figured out pretty quickly that something happened in his past and yet was kind enough not to pry about it, there was nothing worse to Leigh than having to handle people who asked more questions than he was comfortable answering and generally got too close to him too fast. “Thanks, I’m not saying I’d be opposed to the idea of having friends though, it just needs to be someone who isn’t going to expect me to go out to parties” he grinned slightly as he averted his gaze for a moment “Night in with some takeaway definitely sounds much more my style” he commented with a laugh.

“Me too” he spoke it softly, Leigh was smart and probably could have studied any subject he wanted to within reason but there was something about sharing the love of books with the world that he found really beautiful “Do you have a favorite or are you like me and struggle to choose between all the great books out there?” he questioned with a raised brow, he definitely found himself always getting off on tangents when he talked about books, it was one of the things that seemed to always bring him out of his shell no matter the person he was around, he grinned shyly “To be honest I could probably recommend books to last you the rest of your life, I’m a little addicted” he smiled softly. Ha-joon was really positive it seemed with made the kitsune feel at home with him “That’s a really nice way to see it” he commented lightly and grinned “In which case your charm is definitely your sunshine-like attitude” he nodded sharply as though to affirm the statement.

It seemed the two of them were pretty reckless but Leigh had to admit he was pretty surprised when the other male threw flour over him which only made him laugh harder to the point he needed to try and contain the noise before they both got in trouble for being too loud and disruptive “Hey!” he protested through laughing but shrugged it off going over to the sink so he could tip away all the loose powder “Okay maybe my clumsy ass deserved that one” he admitted with a laugh, this class was turning out to be more fun than he expected it to be. “Destruction seems like the word for it, may the universe have mercy on our pies” he commented as he shot the other male an amused gaze only to see him spill more all over the floor, it was a wonder the teacher hadn’t noticed yet.

He continued following along with the instructions they were going through, with the flour finally measured out and safely in the bowl he attempted to crack mix in the eggs which went about as well as he expected it to. Glancing down at his bowl in horror as he saw pieces of shell in the mixture and attempted to try and pick them out which caused him to grimace because of the slimy feeling of them and the fact that he was getting more of the egg on his hands than he was actually managing to get hold of the pieces of shell. He glanced over at HJ for a moment and saw he seemed to be doing slightly better with the eggs “Hey can you show me how to do that without getting the wrong bits in the wrong places?” he eyed the side of his bowl closely.

One thing the Human really likes is being unique it's like saying be your own kind of weird. Ha-Joon smiled hearing what the male said made him happy for the other to say those words.  "Am sure they can't be all bad. I mean look at my name Ha-Joon I don't think no one would know I would do a lot of laughing which fits Ha. There are worst names to be called yes but looking at your name is a point of view then why look down on it. Maybe I should come up with an English name to make things easier. I told that to the person am working with now he came back and said don't sense it's unique. What he says it's true but still not a lot can understand it." he said laughing at what he said. "Oh here is one Lei?" Ha-Joon looked at the other asking what the other thought of the nickname he came up with. Not his best but he is sure to come up with something later. 

When the male said about he does drink tea a smile bright came back on the other's face. "Oh man, I really like tea too. What's your favorite? I do mean it! The way you present yourself gives off sophisticated energy to me." Ha-Joon nodded at what he said. "It's a good thing. Most of the people I look up to are sophisticated so I never see it in a bad light. Then again that can be me being nive like most people see me as which is fine too." Ha-Joon knew he was talking way to fast and too much to the other so she shut himself up so the other can talk. 

Human noded understand what the other means. "Ah yes, the partygoers. I don't like parties that much. I rather have my own party with people I know it more fun that way than going and meet a bunch of strangers who does not understand you. I can hear you on takeaway.  You're a homebody, that's understandable and that it's alright. My sister is the same way if she could stay at home in her PJs and not do anything she would do it every day. " Ha-Joon smiled and the laughed softly.  There he goes once again talking about his older sister. Ha-Joon didn't mind the other. He found Leighton relaxing and clam which you don't see a lot of those people around in the world they live in.  

"I will read anything that someone tells me it's a good read. My favorites are the ones that get you into the world itself and you don't want to put the book down." The Human admitting, there is someone he read for six right hours to a chapter he sighed putting the bookmarker in his place and just question the book cover as it can talk about to him. "I can say am just like you," he said with a bright smile and then a chuckle.  Who knew what cooking class might bring you Ha-Joon never expected to find someone like Leighton. It feels like they can talk for hours or even think they knew each other for years. " Oh, That one. I looked at that book years ago and didn't know if it's good or not. I might have to read it now." When the other told the human his charm is a sunshine-like attitude it took Ha-Joon a step back. "That is one I never heard before. Do I really have a sunshine-like attitude?"  he asked. Ha-Joon knew he is very positive but he never heard it being described the way the other said.

Since both of them got out of there self shells he thought to do something gentle but in a fun matter. He laughed softly when the other protested. " Nah don't worry about it," Ha-Joon said brightly cleaning things up. "I don't know if we have mercy at this point if we do this it's a miracle it can be made in one piece." Ha-Joon has to admit if Hana didn't mention taking this class he would never meet Leighton. " Looks like it snowed early at least it's not cold," he said making a joke but really it was him not showing how annoyed he will be having in the shower when he gets home.  "Looks like I can be clumsy too. I never look at what am doing," he said admitting. Ha-Joon might be a ball of sunshine but luck is not on his side never in his life.

When they both went silent to try to save what pies they have Ha-Joon got to the part Hana could never do which does piss her off.  Placing the eggs with no effort, Hana always calls him in to make the eggs if they want some sense she has given up a long time ago When the Human heard the other speak up once again asking him for help he nodded as she wiped his hands with a towel and walked over. "All you do is hit the egg with light-medium hits on the pan," he said as he showed the other with one egg. "After you see the crack you put both of your thumbs hover the egg in the area you need it to be and pull the shell apart slowly and let the egg adapted to the area. If it does run like it is right now light left the pan to the side and let it go back in place." As he did while explaining. "Try doing what I just did. it's all about forces and patience." Ha-Joon said looking at the other with a soft smile.  

Leigh had to wrinkle his nose at the way HJ connected the first syllable of his name to the sound of laughter and smile, that was a really cute way to see it, he had to admit “I think your name sounds fine, for people who don’t want to butcher it they can always call you Joon or give you a cool nickname like me” he grinned a little back at the other male. When he gave him a nickname in return Leigh smiled brightly because no one really bothered to give him nicknames because his name basically came with a ready-made one “That one might take me a little while to get used to it but I like it” he snickered slightly.

Leigh had to think when HJ asked him what his favorite kind of tea was because he had a lot of them if he was honest “I’m definitely impartial to your classic green tea but I did have this really nice jasmine one the other day which I’m tempted to get again” he found drinking tea was really relaxing when compared with coffee which made him hyperactive and didn’t even taste nice in his opinion. Leigh gave a slightly shy smile at the way HJ talked about sophisticated people shrugged slightly “Sometimes there’s something nice about seeing people who look at the world with big wide eyes” being naive was often perceived as a bad thing but childlike innocence existed in everyone if you put them in the right situation.

Leigh was glad that HJ understood what he meant by not really enjoying parties, he just wasn’t much of a dancer which everyone expected him to do and his idea of fun wasn’t being around a bunch of drunk people, especially when Leigh didn’t drink himself. “I guess if I knew everyone at the party that would be different” he commented thoughtfully thinking about the way HJ talked about the kind of parties he likes “But most of them get random people tagging along and crashing” which would definitely make Leigh uncomfortable. “Sounds like I would get along well with your sister then, maybe I should ask her if she wants to be my binge-watching marathon buddy” he grinned as he looked back at HJ, he was really glad to meet someone he felt like he could talk naturally with, that was normally really hard for him.

Leigh nodded enthusiastically when HJ said he liked stories with good world-building that you felt like you could get yourself immersed in too “Anything that is as far from reality as possible tends to be my favorite, the crazier the concept the better” he liked the idea of these stories existing in some sort of alternate reality. “I kinda like the ones that are post-apocalyptic or sci-fi, talking about how the world might be like after it was destroyed or what it would be like to live in space” he giggled softly and shrugged, he had learned to be proud of the things he liked and not be embarrassed by them. “Yeah, you have a way about you that just kinda” he made a fist and then opened it in a gesture to show he was a little like an explosion “Just lights everything up” he laughed softly hoping that made sense, it was hard to explain.

Leigh had come to the cooking class with the hopes of learning how to cook some basic meals at home so he could rely less on microwave meals and make more of his own, he lived alone, after all, so if he didn’t cook his own meals then he didn’t eat. “Well at least it will be a memorable story about that one time we tried to cook” he pulled a face because he did actually want to be good at cooking, he hoped that maybe after all these mishaps that if he kept coming back he would improve to the point he didn’t feel completely lost. He grinned at the joke that HJ made about snow “Or wet, there’s nothing worse than being cold and soggy” he shuddered at the very thought of it “I look at what I’m doing and still manage to screw it up” he admitted with a slightly guilty look.

Leigh kept glancing over to HJ as he was following the instructions, not really sure why when the other male had already admitted he was terrible at cooking but Leigh was struggling to keep up with the teacher and it seemed easier to follow the human who was closest to him. He moved over to his side as the other male explained how to crack the egg much more delicately than Leigh had treated his, didn’t know his own strength sometimes, unfortunately. He nodded sharply retaining in the information before trying again with his, tapping softly against the side like HJ did and then when it cracked he picked it up and split it open, this time then shell didn’t escape everyone, he made a celebratory gesture and smiled “I did it” he exclaimed a little loudly which got him a few funny looks from the others and made him drop his gaze a little shyly.

Next was mixing the pastry mix together now they had added all the ingredients which should have been easy but Leigh did manage to spill some bits over the side a few times which he had to quickly pick up and put back into the bowl. It was making his arm a little tired but this part he could actually do okay and seemed to look decently good.

"Very true or they can just call me Ha," he said laughing a bit. "I really like HJ sounds like a cool dancer or a DJ name," Ha-Joon said thinking about the sound of the name. "It's not my best but I know in time I will give you a really cool nickname you gave me." The human really mean it Lei was not that creative as he would like it to be but he didn't want to copy the other either.  Maybe when he gets to know the other more something might come to him. 

There are so many scents and choices of Tea's out in the world. The human himself found himself really wanting a hot cup of his favorite tea. "I never tried Jasmine but green tea is a really nice choice. My favorite is something not a lot would drink which it's alright. Maybe we can meet for tea sometime?" Ha-Joon asked knowing since they were in class they can't talk a lot. He didn't know how they are not caught yet. Then again if they are talking this much which means they like each other by now so it's too soon to ask to hang out someday away from the class. "True," Ha-Joon said with a smile.

As a dancer back in his hometown and then going to Daegu for a few months for completions, Ha-Joon knew some parties that went a little crazy and some they were not that exciting. The Human nodded. "It's always a great idea to go to parties you know more then one person you know is there. Like I said a party is much more fun when you know the people. Like if you want to go loose at least you won't be making a fool out of yourself. Then again you have to make sure they are really your friends." Ha-Joon knew there is a flaw in what he said. The other is very right about people coming in to crash which are people is can never stand at all. When he commented about them and his sister Ha-Joon laughed. " I can put in a word if you would like. I am sure she would be down for that." 

The Human does not like the world is today, ever since his childhood with his sister being his second mom and then all the lies and secrets its something that got him out of the stress as it kept him sane.  "That is something I can agree with you. To mean the unrealistic things makes more sense to me than the other way." Ha-Joon said knowing some might think why he would think about that type of stuff but if your life is as crazy and those ideas are it's normal in different ways. " Sci-fi's are my favorite too. You sound like you have read some very cool and interesting books. I really like to explore more genres. How you ever thought about whatever happens in books and they came to reality? Like would it be cool or will it be a bad idea or a little mix of both." Ha-Joon asked wondering what the other will say. Some ideas might be too dangerous they really did happen. 

As the human watch, the other male's hand Ha-Joon never thought his personality was like that but it sounds like it's a good way. "That makes sense," Ha-Joon said with a bright laugh. "I have heard am like a burst of energyI guess you say that is close to what you talking about too.  I think I understand why some people talk to me and end up smiling afterward. At my last job, every time I was working and there was something there who is crying or having a bad day or having a break-up and all they open up to mean knowing I will always listen and then they come up with a good mood or they are smiling. I don't know if it's a good gift for me to have or if it's bad. Thank you." Ha-Joon said with a smile once again. He was not a perfect person but he is someone who would put others beyond himself. Ha-Joon would be that one to prevent someone from getting hit by something but put it on himself. Ha-Joon wondered if he makes the other comfortable then again if he was not they would not be talking.

Ha-Joon was not talking about these classes to make his sister feel bad, he loves her cooking but he knew one day he has to do this very thing himself one day. At least he can make breakfast with burnt toast. Ha-Joon laughed softly at what the other said knowing it was painfully true. Ha-Joon looked at the other with a discomfort face and then sighed. "I know what you mean but yeah it can be worse." Ha-Joon managed to most of the flour off his leg but he can feel a small bit of discomfort. "You and me both, I know if my sister was here she would be mocking me right now. At least we might be able to look at the bright side they might eat good after it's all done." Ha-Joon said hoping he will be right but knowing him it will taste horrible.

After the human showed Leighton how he did the eggs he watches the other closely.  A smile came on his lips when the other said he did it. Ha-Joon did admit helping someone through something he is the worst at made him feel happy. "Your two-step further than Hana. I tried helping her with eggs one time she hates me due to I don't know how to cook and I know how to do better eggs then she can. If she knew I told you she might come after me with a spatula." Ha-Joon said laughing as he patted the other on the shoulder saying you are doing great as he went back to his side. 

Ha-Joon sighed knowing this the part were his messy side would come. He slowly put everything in the bowl as he stared for one minute before picking up a large spoon as she could not find the whisk. In his mind, he told himself they are like the same thing it's just mixing what can go wrong? He went slowly than most people in the room but really he was trying his best not to make any mess but as he went put changes hands. The bowl was about the fall off the table as he grabbed it real quick as he sighed feeling his heartbeat build up knowing if he dropped everything he had to do everything all over again.

He grinned slightly glad that HJ liked the nickname he had given him, Leigh kinda liked nicknames because it felt unique and special to have a name someone called you that they came up with because they liked it “Take your time, a masterpiece takes a long time I heard” he chuckled softly and shrugged slightly. “Really I’ll drink anything that isn't mint, not a big fan of mint-flavored things” especially not chewing gum, the stuff just kinda creeped him out, it got everywhere and was so damaging to the environment. “Sure, I actually have a really cute tea set at my store, found it when my shop manager and I were cleaning the place, I love excuses to dig it out” he admitted with a slight grin.

That was the thing, as someone who had been bullied by large groups of boys when he was younger he was naturally uncomfortable around large groups of people and especially ones he didn’t know, that was why he couldn’t really let loose at parties, he didn’t drink so liquid confidence wasn’t an option and when he spent the whole time feeling nervous and twitchy it was easier just to stay at home. “I want to try going to parties again but I feel like it might not be a good idea, brings back some bad memories I guess” he shrugged slightly, he wasn’t just scared of people calling him a bad dancer or laughing because he acted awkwardly, he was worried about having a full-blown panic attack in front of a load of people he didn’t know. He laughed softly when he said he could put a word in “That’s okay, if it’s meant to be I’m sure I’ll run into her at some point” especially if he and HJ were going to be friends.

Leigh definitely relied on books as his way of escaping from the harshness of the world and just getting himself lost in something better, he liked stories with adventure and heroes and challenges but ones that ended happy or with something meaningful enough that he was at peace with the ending at least “I just enjoy stories that make me feel positive about the world, you know, ones that talk about heroism and overcoming hardships, that sort of stuff” he smiled shyly back at HJ “There’s some stories I’d love to be real but then there’s others I’d rather not” he laughed softly “Like I don’t think I’d want to live in the game of thrones universe” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders “Or anything in the horror genre” he shuddered because he remembered reading IT and having nightmares about it afterward.

He looked back at HJ and smiled softly, the other male seemed to doubt his own worth which he supposed was much like Leigh, maybe that was why he felt like he could get along with him so easily or maybe it was just because he was naturally welcoming and sweet and that put the therianthrope at ease “So you’re a mood maker basically?” he laughed softly and smiled “I could see you doing silly things to make people laugh and generally being goofy” Leigh was more serious most of the time but that was more because he felt self-conscious around other people more than the fact he didn’t like being goofy or funny. “Don’t lose it, it’s a really good trait that you should be proud of” he commented softly thinking about how many people’s day he must uplift, sometimes without even realizing he suspected. After all, HJ had managed to make him forget about his nerves about the class already.

Leigh had lived alone for a long time now so he didn’t really have a problem with other people judging his cooking before now but recently he’d been making new friends and he wanted to be able to invite them over for dinner some and be able to cook a semi-decent meal for them. “Well no one would be mocking me but I think I’d mock myself for my lack of general sense when it comes to cooking” he laughed gently and shrugged slightly as he smiled back at the other male “What was your reason for wanting to learn?” he asked with slightly raised brows “Other than not wanting to burn the house down every time you tried or something” he snickered slightly because they were already messing things up and they hadn’t even gotten to the dangerous parts yet.

“Well then you have one skill in cooking that she doesn’t which is a good start right?” he chuckled softly, this part wasn’t as bad as he imagined but then HJ had given him tips, otherwise his pie would have probably been extra crunchy from all the shells. “I’m picturing a female version of you running around with a spatula now” he commented with a laugh and looked down at the utensil wondering if you could do much damage with it. He decided you could probably do a lot of damage with it, especially the metal ones. The mixing part was okay except for the fact he kept spilling powder off the edge of the bowl and then had to keep cleaning it up which was pretty frustrating.

He heard the sound of HJ’s bowl about to slip and looked at him over his shoulder and gasped for a moment before letting out the breath when he managed to catch it, his mixture was thankfully starting to look somewhat like dough like the instructor said it would so he scattered flour over the counter like they said to, though albeit not as much as everyone else because he’d already spilled loads everywhere and then grabbed the rolling pin and started to roll out the pastry like instructed, this part was actually pretty easy “At last something that’s pretty much impossible to fuck up” he whispered to HJ under his breath and laughed because he knew trying to arrange the top of the pie to look nice was going to go miserably and there would probably be holes in it.

The Human did feel bad for not coming up with something right then and there but at least the other is alright to take his time. "Thank you. I am sure it will come to me whenever that time might come." Ha-Joon said witha smile knowing it was not a defect. He nodded, he has met a few people like Leighton who does not like the taste of mint. It's not a flavor that everyone would like which it's fine. " Not a lot likes mint tea so I am not shock with you saying that." The human said. Ha-Joon likes being the weird one that likes things not a lot would like. "Oh really! I would love to see it." Ha-Joon didn't expect the male to have a tae set but coming from what they are talking about thinking about it at the moment it shouldn't come to a shock. "How did you guys come to it? Is there a story?" the human asked wondering.

Before the human didn't mind going to parties including those that are crazy, he didn't like going to parties. One thing he can relate to the other male. After joining the dance team back in Korea he was always trying to find ways to not going to anything until he encouraged him one time. With Ha-Joon, not be able to say no he went and it was not that much of a chill party. At the end of the night, there was an unexpected dance-off with the other group's dancer challenging him. Ever since that night, the human found his love for dance is not a hobby but something he is really skilled at, no training, nothing he learned helped him it was out of everything he watched from dance videos and when though there. After that night he didn't mind going to parties as a group but it has to be people he knows.  The day he got into his new job at a dance company Ha-Joon admits he was unsure about him going but deep down it would be disrespectful to the male who did everything for him. Coming to find out it was not bad at all and now he is more comfortable. "If there is ever any parties you want to go let me know and I can go with you." Ha-Joon smiled hoping it would give the other encouragement. "Very true. I mean it happened to me. Meet a male who saves me from being attacked and a few days later I meet his sister. I am sure one of these days you will meet her am sure of it. Hana is not hard to find." Ha-Joon laughed knowing his sister she would be running around doing something he may never know or understand. 

Ha-Joon smiled warmly hearing Leighton's outlook on the world along with stories people write. One thing they have in common, the world does need positivity then greed and selfish people who does everything for themselves and never want to help others.  One thing Ha-Joon does not like is how Humans and Suparnatrals look at each other. The human did wish he was born as a supernatural but in time he found there are special powers he can have without being immortal or powers of elements or even with magic.  After all the times his family and Hana kept that side of life hidden from him Ha-Joon found a flaw and meet his old friend who told him the little things about some species that lived in the city.  Ha-Joon has no idea he has met one of the species his friend really liked the most. Therian. "The world does need to get on the lighter side. So much that does go on it's hard to see the positive.  I like your mindset." Ha-Joon nodded knowing it's hard but it's one he can get behind on. The Human nodded and then nodded in the agreement of the universe he just mentioned. "Oh boy, I hear you on that. Horror is my least favorite as well. I am too much of a scary cat to handle any of that. " Ha-Joon was shocked at himself to admitting that to someone he is getting to know. 

There is no hiding the human is always smiling on the other side but there are days he puts himself down. The bad days were his dark days he feels like there is no escape or time to breath. The Human hides behind his smile with everyone not seeing he is the one who needs to be cheered up or needs the right words to get through the day. Ha-Joon never likes to worry about people with his own life and how he feels knowing it's not healthy. He does not have a good relationship with Hana even if he wants to be close to her again.  it did feel weird for the human to hear the other asked about him being a mood maker. " I never thought of me like that. There is no secret there are a lot who needs someone to talk to get everything out. Am I really a mood maker?" he asked himself. Ha-Joon didn't know if he should be called that as he thought about it.  When Leighton said about him going goofy things made him pull out of his mind before being pessimistic. "If you knew to be when I was working at the cafe everything you just said would confirm it," Ha-Joon said laughing. The Human is goofy in his own way of doing something that no one expects to get a reaction out of them. Ha-Joon smiled and nodded at the other male, it one thing he never wants to lose. Even if he does snap one day and become someone no one would not like to see. Even the kind and positive people can snap it does matter of when it will happen. 

Ha-Joon does not want his inner demons to come out and meet the world. He has admitted he has been his own evil with everything within his family. Boy Meets Evil. It's Ironic Ha-Joon does think of his dark past is hiding among someone who is the victim of their own parent's sick game.   it's only within the time the truth will come out, when it does come out will he still be the same person the other male would stick around? 

"That is a great question." Ha-Joon smiled as he looked at what they are making and then at the male. "I think it's more many things really. I don't think I have a solid reason other than me want to eat right and healthy." The Human did think about empressing Mirae with something for lunch or dinner but that will never happen for a long time or never. No false hope but a person can dream. "Well, that will be a good plan not to do." He said laughing. The Human did had a fear of coming and burning the class building down. He might be fast on his feet but not multitasking when it comes to flames.  "If we make it to the end without burning the place down I think we should celebrate," Ha-Joon said joking but knowing it is the truth. 

The other male is right about him having one thing is a good start. Ha-Joon can just see Hana's face telling her he helped someone with eggs and ends up being successful not like he wants to put her down. They do have a habit to make fun of each other in a joking way that some might think they really hate each other. It would be impossible for both of the Sae Siblings to hate dur to how much they both love each other. That is one thing that never changed among the secrets and lies. Ha-Joon laughed as he looked at the other. "Am not kidding she has tried to do that twice but the third time might not be as lucky. I would be worried if she buys one and hides it under her pillow waiting for the day to come." Ha-Joon said with a sigh as he kept his smile on his face. The Human didn't want to think about if it's metal or heavy plastic he knows, either way, it will hurt and it's one thing he does not want to chance since Yeonseok and see an injury. he does not want to get a talk from them anytime soon. 

Bringing his bowl back on the counter to make it like dough, Ha-Joon did look at the other's area to see what he did miss in his own world on panic. "More flour" he sighed knowing he does not want to pick up flour again. "My same thoughts. What can go wrong?" he asked as he closed his eyes knowing he might have jinxed something. "Wrong thing to ask." The human said as he rolled his dough. Looks like they are safe for now as he looked at the photo and then his pie smiling shyly unsure if he can think of anything nice to say about his own cooking in front of him. 


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