Another day in Evermore, he woke up from his sleep he doesn't remember the time he let his eyelids closing on him. He was practicing dance all night the human is shocked he made it to his bed. Summer vacation started for his sister Hana who was already up cleaning the house hearing the light footsteps the female made on the wooden floors. Leading to small barks their family dog Mickey who is demanding for the food his old sister has made. Ha-Joon has gotten used to the city and the streets to the point he wondered around letting his mind run as he let the unknown welcome him. Ha-Joon happened to come across a place that is giving out cooking classes. It's one thing he lacked which he kept from Hana knowing she would sure scold him for eating take out for all those months. 

The moment the human brought a smile to his face hearing the female voice say breakfast his phone buzzed telling him it was time for him to get up like he was not already told. Getting up to do his morning routine adding moisturizer after coming out of the morning shower. His eyes looked at the post-it notes his sister always put a positive quote on his mirror to keep fighting and never give up. Ever since he started his life at the company he has been so dead and tired he could not help to brighten a smile on his lips. Something nice like that is always something he treasure. Kindness really does do a lot of good in life, not like most will notice. 

After the long breakfast, Ha-Joon hardly tells her things but with them clearing the air a bit they have been trying to piece each other back together. There were still things were hidden which is one thing he does not like about most. He can understand something's like the supernatural to keep that fact hidden. There is one he can understand with valid reasons. Ha-Joon or Hana really does not know what their family background really is like. The human does not hate or dislike people, he was good at seeing the good sides about people than the bad but he can't help those who have noticeable flaws. Has his sister did him wrong yes but was he really going to blame her for whatever the reason for their parents not really. Ha-Joon is a genuine guy who cares for others more than himself.

As both humans were going out today, Ha-Joon got ready to go to a cooking class he paid for. It’s not like he wanted to hide his own few months eating whatever since he is losing all off the carbs and weight he gained. Ha-Joon did want to make things for not just Hana but to impress one girl he came to like it could be more things. He put his phone in his pocket of his jeans having his hand finding the keys on the keyholder before putting on his shoes. “ Noona, am leaving now,” he called out to her when he closed the door the human breathed in the air around him. A sigh coming out, putting his sunglasses and begin to walk to the building that was a few blocks away. Good thing he socked his legs last night, his legs were still sore knowing he has to take it easy. Today should be a good day for Ha-Joon to do so not realizing it will be more eventful then he will expect.  

As he approached the building putting his hand on the metal door handle, walking in as he smiled to who catches his eye, asking where the class will be. Saying his thanks. He let his feet take him to the room and walked in. Ha-Joon took out his phone to put it on silent as he realized he forgot his wallet. "How can someone forget one thing that is important. I hope to don't need anything from it. Good thing I need want to take a taxi or I would look like a fool" he said in his mind not wanting attention drawn to him by talking with himself. He got themselves to calm down as he talked with some who asked him questions. He wondered if who will be his partner by his hues looking at how the classroom was designed looked like two for each group. Ha-Joon went to the back of the room to an empty spot as he watched people get ready for today's lesson. 

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“Oh it’s not really a crazy story, I think it was just left there by the last owner of the shop but it’s really nice, admittedly it was buried under a lot of stuff and one of the little saucers cracked but the rest was good” he smiled softly “Now we use it for all of our tea just cause it feels nice to have some slightly fancy stuff” Leigh had never really been a big fan of large gatherings, even when his family got together he was always shy and trying to sneak off to his room. Sometimes it felt hard to fit in with his family because they all seemed so different to him and while his parents had always doted on him, he didn’t have all that much in common with them when it came to interests. “I’ll let you know, though it’s more likely going to be someone else trying to get me to tag along” he grimaced slightly “I feel like the world has a weird habit of making you bump into important people” his mind went back to meeting Eun at the shop and the friendship which they had built since then which made him smile softly.

“Positivity is hard to find” he commented softly, he tried to see the better in the world but his PTSD often brought back the worst parts to his mind and it was very hard for him to move on from that. So he tried his best to be positive but there were days where he couldn’t actually achieve it. But reading stories about good people doing good things always helped, he liked reading those little heartwarming news stories about people saving animals too. Leigh had always been an animal person and the first thing he had done when moving to Evermore is adopt a dog. “But stories give me the hope I need” he followed it up and grinned slightly, when the other male said he was a scaredy-cat Leigh laughed “I’m not the worst person when it comes to scary stuff unless I start believing it’s real….then I get nightmares” so things like zombies and ghosts which seemed in the realm of possibility definitely freaked the kitsune out a little.

Leigh looked over at the other male and grinned slightly “I mean you seem like one to me, from the moment we met you changed the way you talked and acted to work with me” he saw only a few really social people who were able to pull that off and they had to have this charisma about them which was really hard to find but HJ definitely had it. He put Leigh at ease which was no easy feat considering how wary he normally was around strangers. “Oh you worked at a cafe?” he asked with raised brows “I used to work as a barista back in college which is pretty similar, though I tended to let my other colleagues serve the customers while I made drinks and did the cleaning, stuff like that, he grinned sheepishly “What do you do now?” he asked because he said it like that part of his life was in the past now.

Eating better was definitely one of the deciding factors for Leigh, with limited knowledge on cooking he tended to make the same meals over and over again which wasn’t great for a balanced diet and the food he did make wasn’t exactly healthy, otherwise he tended to get take away because that seemed easier “Yeah I always see really nice looking meals on the cooking channel but they never really give you all the information you need” they go too fast and half the time you don’t have the ingredients you’re supposed to use or the right cooking utensils. “Yeah I think we should be okay, she might be pretending we don’t exist us but I’ve seen the tutor keeping an eye on us” he laughed softly, well it was a controlled environment “Ooooh a celebration, can it be ice cream? I love ice cream” he had a slightly childlike smile on his lips at the idea.

Leigh was laughing pretty hard at the idea of HJ getting chased around with a spatula, because it was a hilarious way to threaten someone and he was sure it happened when he was trying to help in the kitchen and probably made things worse rather than better. “Damn she either really loves that spatula or you’re really annoying” he gave a teasing grin because he was sure siblings just got on one another’s nerves, especially when they lived in the same place. He was glad he lived alone for that reason, it was his space to do what he wanted with and that meant he could avoid the daily arguments.

Leigh widened his eyes when he looked back at HJ and shook his head slightly “I feel like you’re going to regret asking that” he admitted as he rolled out his pastry and then started to place it in the pie dish they had been given which was easier said than done and quickly became patchy with him needed to re-roll bits out and then join it all back together. It looked like a patchwork pie by the time he had managed to cover all of the dish and he sighed softly “They make it look so easy on the TV” he blew out a long breath, but it looked like it was good enough and he hadn’t managed to spot any eggshell pieces either so that was a good start right?

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