Saturday morning, Ha-Joon woke up early. So much had happened, he passed the audition, he learned more about his family after his talk with Hana. His whole life left like a lie. Someone is coming after him and Hana they both need to protect each other if not together but alone. He was unsure how long the stalker followed him so in his mind everyone he came to talk with us now a target even to Mirae, the one girl he never wants to put in danger. The Human didn't know how to feel about anything anymore but one thing he knew is right was what is planned the day. 

Getting up from his bed after hearing Hana walked out of her room to the bathroom. Thinking his own sister has two attacks one from Korea and the other in Evermore Ha-Joon knew he made the right call to accept the Nivies offer to train him. The Human didn't know how much he can be valuable but there is nothing wrong for him to not get anything the first time and keep trying. He was only human he has to learn by working hard among his months to come. 

He walked to the door as his ears heard his phone chimed telling he has a message. The Human went to get water, coming back quietly not to scare Hana he picked up his phone to see who it's from.  It was Daehyun. It looks like he was not the only one up this early in the morning. Reading the message seeing the time to meet him with the address. He never has seen the address before within the city knowledge he gained as he brought up maps. "Mountains? What is up there a temple or something?" he asked with a questionable face. 

The human had to meet the male within two hours, Ha-Joon got himself ready thinking if it's up a mountain best to get going as soon as possible. Getting his black bag to put his keys, wallet, charger for his phone, comfortable shoes along with clothes and a towel. What the app said it was really cold. Ha-Joon brought out a box of his snow jacket as well as heavier shoes so his feet can stay warm. 

After 25 minutes, the human walked out leaving a note for Hana telling her he will be back in hours and if anything happens to speed dial him. He wanted to catch this stalker as soon as possible and make them answer before they hurt someone. The rest of the time after he went out of his house Ha-Joon went to the nearest bus stop to the mountain the rest was him walking and asking around. It felt as cold as Mira's skin, he knew now he was in a new area he has never been to. Ha-Joon should've brought gloves as he pulled out maps to see where he was only to find out he was very close. 

Walking a little bit more he found the place as he walked to the door and knocked. Pulling out his phone again to text Daehyun he thinks he found the address. As the snow begins to fall his mind thought back to the day Mirae told him more about Niveis and how they can be. How Ironic it was now her own brother will be training this human who is strong in her eyes. He might give Mirae a little summary of the attack but he is curious to see if Daehyun found out information who was behind it. 

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Staring at the clock that was hung across the room, his gaze was unwavering as he too, was persistent in making it clear that he wasn't about to lose a battle with yet another useless variable. That's exactly his problem at hand, at the moment. Daehyun, as usual, had once again let the cool take over his head as his snark became much more everlasting than the previous mess, where he and the current second in command of the tribe, did not go so well with each other. It wasn't that he didn't like the guy. Well, yes. He didn't actually like or prefer the lad, but that wasn't the point there. Yesterday, the older Niveis had no problem in making his point through with Rhydian. It wasn't the first time he had a banter with the latter, but yesterday had particularly made his blood boil, cryptically. If that was even possible. Maybe not boil, but freeze over. 

Heh, either way, Daehyun didn't like the the arrogance the guy exuded. One day, his ignorance and egoistical side will get him in trouble, if it hasn't already. And he was only there to make sure nothing befell their tribe as they start anew in this foreign land and city called Evermore. However far his preference takes him, he remained a faithful soldier, who would never question anything, as he carry them out with precision and speed. Maybe today would be slightly different. The blonde Niveis ushered himself to get off the bed as he make his way to the bookshelf nearby, that was positioned at the west side of his room. He uncovered a particular book, skimming it through a few times before stopping at one page, and pulled the ribbon of the bookmark carefully as it slowly unraveled another page that was hidden initially. It was for that reason he made sure all his information that he received were stored carefully. 

Why else was he accounted for his success in hiding the list of possible people in the tribe that could be swayed to the resistance, from the prying eyes of Coldren and his loyal lackeys, the first time? He had his own ways of keeping things adjusted. Keeping secrets became his talent. Daehyun figured it was due to the experience he had earlier in his childhood where he knew nothing but perseverance skills. However short it may lasted once, it proved to kindle his inner turmoil and mold it into something far greater. The quiet Stormwind sibling took out a pen as he wrote a brief note in the sheet before rolling it back and kept the book away in its respective position. He had texted Ha-joon to meet him where he could teach him the best; the mountain tops. It's colder now at this time of the year but Daehyun likes to make himself comfortable. 

Pulling the doors to his closet, he crouched down to the floor level and tapped the wooden floorboards twice before picking out one piece of it, that revealed a semi-deep core that held most confidential files. He had opened the entrance door before he could even check the message sent by the human and greeted him with a nonchalant shrug, ushering him to come inside. "Take a seat… Anywhere you want. How long did it take you to find the place?" His cabin was situated off the edge, he knew it wouldn't be easy to locate it but anyone with a keen eye can do it. "I hope you're dressed properly. It's colder here at this time of the year." His hair was  now a lighter shade of grey.

In truth, Ha-Joon didn't know what to expect for that Saturday.  He knew his sister didn't like the fact he is trusting someone he just meets who is supernatural to train him. Ha-Joon trusted the other along with after seeing the aftermath the human hoped his improvement might let Hana be alright with this choice.

When the door opened to see the other Nivies, the human pulled his phone back into his jacket pocket going inside. Looking around feeling his hands tingling now out of the outside. He knew missing his gloves is his fault but at least he knew what to pack if there is a next time coming back up here.   

When the human heard the male spoke up, Ha-Joon thought for a moment longer with pulling out his phone to see the time. "I think 30 minutes? I didn't look at the time when I started to look around." Ha-Joon said sitting down on one of the chairs. "Lucky I still had one of the think jackets from Korea. I forgot my gloves but that is my fault. I think I can make do." He is warm for the most part. 

He didn't notice the hair change wondering if it did due to his species. There is will a long of Daehyung's Species he still wondered and want to understand but it will come later if there is a chance. 

"The last time we saw each other you said about wanting to know where those people came from. Did you find anything?" Ha-Joon asked knowing he might have a clue but he will not say anything. It did kill the Human his parents are having people targeting them for someone they have no idea about but it didn't bother him as much but knowing people around him who has no part of the family is now being a target. It did put the human on edge not sure if the other could see it even if he is not hiding it. He is not one to be a closed book but knowing what is going on needs to be addressed to the male knowing his sister is also involved. Ha-Joon did wonder if they will be talking to see what he really need to work on before starting. 

He scrunched his nose up at the answer of how long it took him to get up here, "30? That took you awhile… which route did you use? The bridge one? Or the road via the woods one?" Hey, if Ha-joon was going to venture here a lot more often later, he should at least be graced with the knowledge of a shortcut to get to the cabin, especially in the cold weather. Not everyone's a Niveis. Thankfully, from the looks of it, the human knew to cover himself up, though he imagined it wouldn't do him as much good because Dae was about to drag him outside eventually. Sorry, Ha-joon.

 "You're gonna need gloves... " he murmured and told him to wait for a moment before dashing towards his room. He opened the drawer second from the left and found a pair that he didn't even use because of his resilience to the cold, tossing it to Ha-joon as he came back to the living room. "I never used them because… well… I didn't really need to. But it was a gift so I can't say no. You can have it." When Ha-joon asked him if he found anything about the guys he fought off at the alley the first time he met the human, the Niveis shrugged casually, "Nothing much. Only that they were paid secretly to gauge some trouble. Specific target was you. I would dismiss it as a prank someone have but I have a feeling you're not really telling me the whole story" he dropped his gaze at the human, narrowing his dark hues at him, because it was clear the human was hiding something.

 "You really need to tell me if you want me to get you some answers… or else it's all for nothing. And I can't be working or helping someone who won't even trust me with that. And I won't stop until you tell me so… your choice." Dae perched himself on the side of the couch with his eyes still fixated on Ha-joon. "I mean it when I said I can't work with zero balance. Nothing changes that." 

First time coming up so the human didn't expect him to be right on point. Also never be around the mountains even the top so knowing where everything is not likely but the next time he will be a lot quicker since he knows the way. "The bridge. I thought going through the woods would be a lot longer. Then again I could be wrong." Ha-Joon said looking at the other. Could humans be wrong? It is the wintertime so thought to take the safer route then again the bridge could've broken as well so nothing is really safe. 

Watching the Niveis dash into a room, Ha-Joon could not help but be confused wondering if he forgot something but he knew the male murmured something before. When the male came up Ha-Joon didn't expect the other to give him gloves. How couldn't take them then again Daehyun made a point, he is the cold so there is no point in having something he won't be able to use. "Thank you,  you really didn't have to but I will accept them due to your good reason." He put them on as his hands started to get warm along with the felling. 

Listing to what the male had to say made the human stand up. "Shit." He said under his breath, the hope he would be wrong failed him. "The whole story is I know why now. The night of those males was the same day my sister was attacked." His blood was now boiling with anger. So the game has begun then? "I didn't want to tell you but then again you need to know this important information," Ha-Joon said getting ready to tell what is really happening. 

"You know the night I was telling you about my complicated relationship with my older sister? Well, we talked as I told her no matter what you are hidden from me or what our parents don't want me to know I think it's about time the tables are turned. Well, she did, well we did the hard way. Our parents want to shut us up and we don't know why. My guessing since it's the only thing that will make sense is to me knowing about the supernatural. We are both planning to look into things but we are not the only ones to be the target. I and Hana believe they will come after anyone who we invite in our lives which brings me to the part I hate to bring up. You and your sister Mirae might be on a list you both don't wish to be on." Ha-Joon knew the older Niveis will not like to hear about the news even when it comes to his sister. 

"For the train what you want to give me, there is the story you can go by. I have a feeling these random people won't be just humans but also supernatural. Hana wants to train me but I told her I want to be trained by someone, not bais." The human said in truth. What he is saying is what he told Hana and he believes he will be more effective in that way. "From a brother to another. I hate to bring your sister into danger and I know I can't protect her as you can but we both know there is so much I can do. If I can have her out of this I would take that chance for her." Ha-Joon hated the fact someone he cares about is in danger but that is if Daehyun does not kill him first. He is keeping in mind he is talking with Mirae's Brother. 

Daehyun didn't expect himself to befriend someone else aside from Jae, and even then the dhampir had been a recurrence thing for him, only meeting the attractive male when the storm broke the electricity at the university's library. It had been a rather serendipitous meeting between the two of them. With Ha-joon however, that wasn't much of the case. No, Dae met him while he was trying to get himself some coffee so he could work on pulling more hours only to find an almost defenseless human trying to fight back a bunch of douchebags. Jocks, what would he expect from the likes of them? But the fiery spirit from within the human male was unexpected and it piqued his interest, it was why Daehyun offered to teach him self defense so he could protect himself better. 

There's no harm in wanting to help, right? Especially when this guy is closely associated with his believed baby sister, Mirae. The least he could do is act like a brother. So far, Ha-joon hasn't given him a reason to dislike him. Yet. He hoped it'll remain that way. "The bridge is a shortcut yeah, glad to hear you know about it." The road via the woods would be harder especially under such a weather too. The gloves were a form of consideration, it wasn't as if the Niveis had any use of it. He likes the cold and even if he 'doesn't' the cold doesn't bother him anyway. Gosh, he sounded like Elsa. "You're right, I don't have to. But I want to… so" he tried to act indifferent about it but clearly, Dae cares. He just doesn't show it as much. He's Daehyun Stormwind.

 "I do need to know the information you're harboring from me, yes. For me to help you, there cannot be any secrets between us. A partnership doesn't work like that, it works both ways. Both parties have to be willing to invest in it." Hearing that his sister was attacked the same night Ha-joon was attacked made him frown, now what was such a big deal on why his sister got targeted? But the sudden mention about Mirae being on a danger list made him stiffened, that's simply not something he wanted to hear but he was also curious to know why someone would target the humans. "So you're telling me that you're more than you say you are? What kind of family do you even come from? Mafia? Why are there so many dramas involved?" 

Of course, he knew Mirae could very well handle herself but that doesn't mean he wanted her in any form of danger whatsoever. That's his job to keep her safe. "I should tell you to fuck off because this is my sister we're talking about but Mirae would actually have my head and come nagging if she finds out I chased you away so there's no way out of that." At the end of the day, her happiness is what matters the most to him. "I thought you told me your sister is what- sickly? How is she holding up now? Does she have anyone else to keep a watch over her?" Don't get him wrong, he's not suddenly setting a foot into this but Mirae was connected to Ha-joon and that makes it his problem now.

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