The sun was setting when Alexi finally finished up the last of his work, by some miracle he'd gotten everything he needed done for the day which usually wasn't the case and kept him in his office until all hours of the night. As his nimble fingers crossed the keyboard, Alexi let out a long sigh and typed in the last few notes he would need for tomorrow mornings meeting, allowing himself to somewhat relax now that the prospect of being free had kicked in.His mind pondered on the idea of a hot cup of coffee as he reached his hand out flicking the computer lid shut carefully. Using his other he pushed his chair back from the desk stood up turning to face the long panelled windows, which made up the back wall. It was almost dark and he was the only one left on this floor except for the cleaners and the security personnel. Without wasting any more time, Alexi began packing everything up which was left sitting on his desk into a computer bag and slinging the strap over his shoulder letting it hang across his body, "Thank f**k" he mumbled to himself as he made his way out of his office hearing a familiar high pitched tone as the door locked itself behind him. Almost all the doors were fitted with identification card readers but he had gone a step further for a few of his colleagues and fitted biometric scanners on their personal offices, especially those who were superior to him.

The cooling evening air swept calmly over his skin alerting his senses when he pushed open the glass doors and exited the building, it seemed like he had found some source of renewed energy and wouldn't need cup of coffee after all. Fishing his hand into his pocket he felt around for his car keys, "Damn...where the hell are they?" he said with a grunt checking his other pockets one by one until he at last grasped the very thing he was looking for. It was a rough 20 minute drive to his two story house on the outskirts of the city, the properties tended to be more luxurious and spacious around the edge,  if that didn't sell it the seclusion or gorgeous views most certainly would. As he pulled up into the driveway a set of large black ornate gates opened inwards to allow his car to pass through. Alex had no intention of staying long, he had very little free time so usually made the most of it. Moving towards the kitchen he quickly grabbed something to eat, just enough to fill him. Leaving the area minutes later he climbed the stairs, his long legs taking the steps in twos to his bedroom, where he freshened up and changed into a plain white t-shirt with a plaid shirt and black jeans. On his way out the door Alex turned back and picked up a thermal light sports jacket, slipping it over his broad shoulders.The destination? His favourite haunt, a local Nightclub, ironically named "Sober". Parking his car a block away from the main entrance, Alexander stepped out and walked the short distance, he tilted his head upward in a greeting, passing the Bouncers without any resistance, the perks of being a regular were not lost on him. Once inside the dark atmosphere filtered with multicoloured bright neon lights made his facial features pull up into a genuine smile. No matter where in the world he travelled, Nightclubs basically remained the same, with every step he could feel the fast paced rhythmic music vibrating the floor, echoing up his legs and syncing his heart to the same beat. Within moments all the stress of his day melted away. Alexi sifted though the crowds and took a seat at the bar lifting his right hand to hail the barman's attention, ordering a neat whiskey. With his hand wrapped around the glass, he sat lost in thought, like a ghost among strangers, their faces he would unlikely come across again, but that didn't matter as it was here he felt most at home. 

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It felt like months, since Jessalyn could actually go and enjoy herself. When it had only been a few weeks of stress, hospitals, surgeries and recovery. 2020, hadn’t been the best start for the young Initia. But still, she tried to remain positive. To heal, move past it all. Life was short indeed, and sometimes accidents reminded people of that. That’s why Jessalyn tried not to take the small things for granted. Like spending quality time with her friends, or her elder brother even if he annoyed her at times. But that was sibling love for you, no relationship was perfect. As a celebration of her recovery, few of her girlfriends, decided to take her on a night out to a nightclub, that her friends often ventured to; Sober. But for Jessalyn, it was a new place. The young Initia had been looking forward to a girls night out. It was much needed. Whilst she had been at home, she spent a while picking out her outfit and styling her hair, into curls. Pinning up some of her hair, the rest of the curls were loose, a few strands hanging on either side of her face; adding quite a nice touch to it all. Dressed in her favorite blouse, that exposed her shoulders. Skinny jeans and boots. The outfit, showing off her femine curves. The boots, adding a bit of a height boost. Compared to most, Jessalyn was rather petite at 5’3”. But it seemed to work to her advantage in other ways. With a spurt of her favorite perfume and light makeup. She was ready.

After the girls arrived, picking her up from home. The small group made their way towards the well known nightclub. As most nights, it was packed with people. Dancing, drinking, and having a good time. The music had the sort of beat, that made her want to dance. The young Initia was big on Alcohol. Only drinking on occasions, such as this. But not to the point of getting herself drunk. Just a few to let loose and have fun. Heading straight for the dance floor. The girls were lost among the other dancers. Hips swaying in tune to the music that was playing. Feeling in tune with the music, that was blasting around them. She always held a great love towards music. Finding, that one could express oneself with it, in various ways.

Eventually dancing her way towards the bar, so she could order a few drinks for herself and her friends. Jessalyn flashed the bartender a bright smile. “I’ll have a Gin and Tonic, with Lemon, a Glass off…” Her british accent, had a slight american twang. Before she could finish her order, she heard yelling through the crowd. One of her Friends yelling after her, about the order. “Tequila shots!

Jessalyn shook her head in amusement. “I am not deaf, I was about to get there!” she yelled back at one of her friends, over the loud music. The bar tender looked equally amused, but asked for the young Initia to carry on. “A glass of red wine, some tequila shots and a Margarita.” Jessalyn finally finished ordering.

To her side, she noticed a handsome stranger. He seemed lost in thought. Turning her attention towards Alexander. “Rough day?” she questioned, with a slight raised eyebrow. It seemed like something was troubling him, or his mind was still preoccupied with deep thoughts. It wasn’t often, that she saw someone looking so intently, stuck in their realm of thoughts like he was. A soft smile on her lips, as she spoke to him.

Alex wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings as he sat on a bar stool, slowly drinking his whiskey. The club was noisy with talk mixed in under the heavy rhythmic music, crowds of customers at the far end of the bar shouting their drinks orders, laughter from friend groups over by the seating areas, but the people making the most noise of all were those who had flooded the dance floor. Alex turned his head towards them, lost in thought if he should get up and join the fun, afterall he had grown up in a dance troop so it was almost second nature to him by now. It was only when he heard a clear soft voice oddly filter through the rest, drawing his attention did he snap back to the present. Looking up his eyes fell on a chocolate haired young woman, wearing a stylish top and a pair of jeans which looked to him like she’d poured herself into. She was standing not too far down the bar from where he sat. Alexi would give her a smile, “You could say that...” he replied, spinning his glass around in his fingers slowly as he kept eye contact, she was extremely pretty but he wouldn’t allow himself to cultivate the thought, “You aren’t here by yourself, are you?” He asked feeling slightly nervous as the question could have come across sounding slightly creepy on second thoughts, “...I’m not...I don’’s just...” he continued trying to take it back but all he achieved was completely making it worse. Alexi put his arms up covering his head as he laughed at his own stupidity.

“Well done. Good first impression” - his conscious mind mocked at him, more often than not, his brain never seemed to cease thinking, constantly moving forward and loaded with ideas or memories, like freight train racing along the railways trying to get to its destination. This along with his constant work ethic tired him out and often did hinder his social skills. In the same moment, he saw the barman set down her order of drinks which looked like a combination of wine and spirits in the various glasses, answering Alexander’s question in the process. Reaching over he would take out his card and hand it to the other male, “This ones on me.” He said with a shake of his head, “To make up for the hassling....” His deep voice continued, carrying over the noise easily while he looked towards Jess again, “Sorry about that.” He said as he took his card back and put it in his leather wallet. “I’m Alexi, have a good night yea?” Sitting back down in his seat, he would let out a sigh of embarrassment, “Fuck...that was awkward.” He whispered under his breath. 

The young Initia wasn’t sure what it was. Wether it was how busy this place was, or how loud the music was. That made people impatient and loud, when ordering their drinks. His question surprised her. Jessalyn was about to answer. But she wasn’t entirely too sure, in what spirit he meant that question.Before she could say a word, he tried to correct himself. Which only resulted in him, sounding so socially awkward. It was amusing. “Wow...and I thought one of my best friends was socially awkward...but topped him.” Her tone light and teasing. Jessalyn couldn’t help but giggle slightly. Shaking her head. As much as she tried not to laugh. It was rather funny. Her laughter seemed to grow, when Alex himself was laughing at his stupid comments. It seemingly even cracked up the bartender, that was working on her the big order.

“But to answer your question. No I am not alone. Girls night out.” Jessalyn told him in confirmation, with the huge drink order that finally came her way. Flashing the bar-tender a warm smile, thanking him. Just as she was about to get out her wallet; The handsome male beat her to it. Jessalyn shot him a surprised look. “You really didn’t need to do that, but thank you.” She smiled at him softly, in appreciation. Hassle? She didn’t feel hassled. “Don’t worry, It was more amusing, than a hassle.” Trying to supress the urge of another laugh. “Don’t worry about it, I’ve heard worse.” She assured him. Giving him an assuring smile in the process. Luckily the girl had a good sense of humor; so unlike some, she wasn’t holding a grudge for the awkward moment earlier. “As long as you don’t plan on stalking me, after tonight. You’re in the clear.” she added, in a joking tone.

Almost forgetting, her friends were waiting for her. As the pair were talking, her group of friends made their way over, to help fetch the load of drinks. “Well it was a pleasure to meet you Alexi. I am Jessalyn. Most call me Jess.” she introduced herself back to him. Nodding at his comment. “You too.”

Before she could reach for the drinks, to take them over to her group. One of her friends, came up on her other side. “Ah, less than an hour here and already you found a tall and handsome distraction.” her friend teased her. “Hi, Jess’s distraction.” one of her friends teasingly addressed Alex.

“And I see you left your distraction, on the dance floor.” Jess replied playfully to her friend’s teasing.

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