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Must come to the event in costume.

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Contracted by Mayor Stark Thaddeus and Yeonseok where chosen to help pull off this year's idea for the event.  Thaddeus and Yeonseok landed on a pumpkin patch, dance floor, and a haunted maze. It was a lot of planning and putting together in time for the event. The Mayor bought out the Inn for the evening allowing the rooms to be rented by those attending the party. He finished placing the last of the decreations before going to check the massive event area just through his backdoors.

The music was already flowing and the sun barely kissing the horizon in its fading light. He looked over to the pumpkin patch that had many different items that could be used for photos. After confirming the bar was stocked, the floor ready to be danced on and Yeon was ready to go. He moved getting dressed in the boxer costume he planned on wearing moving to open the main doors of the Inn. “Spookfest Ready and Opened” He said softly to himself mostly.

Over the past few years Yeon had been buying up land around the city in prime locations with the hope of expanding some of his physical business but for the most part, it had been sitting unused for a few months. So he was surprised when he got a call from the mayor’s office asking if they could use the space for their party but he had agreed and offered to help organize it. There was nothing the Valkyr liked more than organizing a party.

He planned it with the owner of the inn in front of his field and they put together quite the spectacular party with scare maze, interesting decorations and cocktails which glowed in the dark. He had decided to go for a funny Halloween outfit and dressed himself up in red cape and hat covered in stars. Pretty much the moment the doors opened people started showing up, handing over their tickets and showing off their costumes they’d no doubt been working on for months. Yeon waved to Thaddeus who he had worked alongside to make tonight happen with an excited smile. Before long the place was bustling, loud spooky music echoing through the rooms of the inn and bright flashing lights lighting up the outdoors. He could hear the screams of people as they went through the maze only to have actors jump out and scare them which made him laugh. Really he was waiting to see if any of the friends he invited would actually show face tonight though, that would really make the party.

Chanyeol had decided to take a break from the madness that was his bakery and his brother due to the upcoming Halloween season. Jinwoo had decided on serving cupcakes with little frosting spiders on them and scare the hell out of little kids when they saw the little candy insects. He had scolded his brother on this for a good while, after comforting the children and giving them candy pumpkins. At least those were better than the candy spiders. Jinwoo had put them in his hot chocolate, his cake, and the cupcakes, nearly giving Chanyeol a fright when he saw them dangling on a cotton candy thread in the kitchen. He had shaken his head, hissed and then slammed the door to the upstairs guest bedroom to put on his costume. Evermore was throwing a Halloween party and he was invited. Chanyeol really didn't like being scared, but he guessed it was okay since he could bring his own baked treats to it. That included a cotton candy web with those damn icing spiders and various sorts of cookies and cupcakes. His costume was a white suit jacket, black dress pants, a black bow tie, and a white dress shirt. He guessed it was some sort of demonic eighteenth-century gentleman complete with a sword that glinted when he picked it up.

After styling his hair into black cascading curls that ended at the back of his neck and dramatic winged eyeliner, he grabbed his keys and headed over to the Vampire territory where the event was being held. It was pretty nice weather for an October night and he could see several flashing lights as he pulled into a parking spot in front of the inn. Applying fake blood to the side of his mouth, and fixing his hair he got out and walked towards the door, holding onto the sword and handing his ticket over. Once inside he saw Yeonseok and a bunch of other people there. Sooyoung had appeared as an angel, Minseok a demon, Jinwoo a weird mummy looking thing, Soohee as a cat, and Soojae as a witch. He laughed and set the cookies and cupcakes he had brought on the table, before waving at Yeonseok.

Sunmin had to admit that going to a random party in the middle of the city wasn't exactly on the top of his want to do list but he had seen an ad in the paper saying they needed actors for the scare maze and while he didn't have any actual professional experience, he had always been pretty good at acting. The audition had been easy enough and he had immediately accepted the job because it was a lot of money for one night wandering around a hedge maze and jumping out to scare people. Which was actually quite a fun idea in itself without the monetary incentive. So here he was, dressed in tattered clothes they had provided and stage makeup which made his face look bruised and pale, as though he was decaying. He was a zombie tonight and he was ready to scare the wits out of the partygoers. 

At first, he had struggled to get into a rhythm but after a while, he was wandering around the maze and grunting at people who walked by which elicited screams from most which made him want to laugh so badly but he did his best to hold it in as he wandered to the next position. Scaring people for a living actually felt pretty ironic for him and he wasn't having the worst time, plus he was sure he could sneak off with some food from the buffet table which would cover a meal or two. Seeing a shadow coming around the next corner he got back into character falling silent as they came around so he could make them jump as he stepped out in front of them and grunted loudly. 

Taehyun  was conflicted on tonight's event. He hadn't been to a party ever since Mrs. Kim made him detox, and it was safe to say, any kind of party triggered him a little. Plus, it would always put him in mind of Jae-Sun, whom he'd never get to see again in his life. Tae stood in front of the tall mirror he had broken just days ago, seeing a shattered version of himself staring back, which seemed more familiar than anything else right now. He had read the paper, which was odd for him, But Taehyun was always somewhere with his face stuffed in a spell book, trying to better his skills with dark magic. Jae-Sun would have wanted him to attend tonight though. And since Tae had volunteered to clean up after it was over, he had gotten a free ticket, so after a shower, Tae put some glitter on his face, styled his hair, and topped it off with a flashy outfit. After catching  a cab, Tae rested his head against the window, not realizing he'd arrived only five minutes later. 

The music was bumping loud enough to vibrate the ground beneath Tae's feet as he headed in. Taehyun didn't know where to start, and a part of him felt nervous as he hadn't really met many new faces yet. But, tonight would be the perfect opportunity and with some wishful thinking, Miyaza would be showing her face too. But most importantly, dead or not, Tae wanted to show JAe-Sun that he could still live his life. He'd always sensed that JAe was looking down on him, maybe even judging him for the way he'd been lately. Tae decided to go through the maze first, since it seemed to be the main attraction. The Diviner strutted through as if he had no cares in the world until something / someone stepped out in front of him , grunting loudly. Tae yelped at jumped near the opposite side of the wall. "CHRIST! THANK YOU.. SO MUCH! That's just what I needed to kick my night off"  Tae yelled playfully, his naturally pale cheeks lit up a bright red, slightly embarrassed by how scared he'd just gotten. 

Tae admired the set up though. Halloween had never really been a 'scary' holiday to him. So when there were actually set-ups to make him jump a little, he tended to get a thrill out of it. When MJ's song "Thriller" came on, Taehyun decided to dance his way on through the rest of the maze, wondering who or what he'd see waiting at the end of it. 

Han didn't know what he's doing. Staring back at the reflection in the mirror, he couldn't believe he's actually letting his Volakiri drag him there. From the invitation card that was sent to him, Yeon was apparently holding a Halloween party at some land he owned. The first question Han had in mind was, how many lands did he has that I don't know about. Two, what to wear. He tried rummaging through closet to find something decent to wear but it was hard because what the hell does he know about Halloween? After an hour of searching, he finally found something decent to go with that was suggested by the random generator app on his phone when he asked what he should dress up as, for Halloween. It was a bit generic, perhaps but he didn't exactly have the time to rush to a store just to get a costume he'll probably grumble about. He has no idea why there was a cloak stored but he actually took the time to try and sew some embellishments on it to make it look extra presentable.

 The fact that he spent the next two hours doing so proves that if things go awry, he's gonna flip. Han also spent the evening persuading Jae to go with him because he wanted company and after playfully threatening him into saying what would he do if he was left alone with Yeon, the dhampir was quick to agree. Maybe he played dirty, but why not? After combing his hair and parted it to the side a bit, he pressed his lips together as a sign of satisfaction before he went downstairs and tugged Jae along with him. He tried not to question his boyfriend's costume, of course. How could he? Keep it to yourself, Han, he reminded himself. By the time he reached the said venue, he peeked his head out to examine the entire place. They definitely did the place justice judging from the decorations alone. He was just about to take another step when a zombie came out of nowhere and surprised him, "What the-" Instead of retaliating, he chuckled because they definitely went all out. "Gotta give it to Yeon, he knows how to put on a good party."

Soonyoung really didn't know why he was going to the Halloween party, it seemed like it would just go bad for him since he hadn't seen Miyaza or Charlie. When he had gotten the invitation, he had screeched and threw it to the floor. The Valkyr territory was somewhere he had never been before. Somewhere he had no intention of ever going. But, to appease his Valkyr friends he had picked the invitation back up and had really looked at it. He had to appear in costume and there would be a maze where people would scare the wits out of you. What did he have as a costume? He still had his clothes from the 1800s, but they wouldn't work. Riffling through his closet, he decided on a long blue jeoggori that had a white vest over it. Golden bracelets went on his wrists, and he found a wig that had been in the top of his closet for like forever. It was long and straight. So he got Jimin to pin it to his head and style it into the traditional hairstyle of a Korean male in the Joseon dynasty. Grabbing the sword from its place above his bed, he swung it around a few times and then stuck it back into its sheath on his thigh.

The Valkyr territory was far, so he assumed he had to drive there. After an hour or so he arrived, and got out of the Suburban, trying not to stab himself with the sword. It was long, and it had been jabbing him in the hip whenever he turned around or walked. After fixing the wig, he walked towards the Inn and gave the person his ticket and smiling at them. Soonyoung went in and walked around the maze, knowing that one way or another someone was going to be there. Sure enough, the maknae of the Celestials, Sunmin showed his face and scared the hell out of him. "Yah! Maknae-ya! No scaring me! That wasn't funny!" He scowled at Sunmin and then walked off before bumping into something glitter covered. He assumed it was a person so he yelped. "I'm so sorry!"

Jae really wasn’t a party person and had spent pretty much the whole day complaining about the fact that Han was dragging him to one. Which he was being dragged to by Yeon, it was basically a chain of dragging and Jae really wasn’t sure why. He hated horror and being scared and didn’t much like parties either and this was quite literally both, tied up into a neat package. Eventually, he had given in though because when Han pleaded Jae could never refuse him and the star knew that. He decided to get creative, his hair was currently blond so some temporary hair dyes and contacts worked wonders on making him look like a completely different person and Han had some body paints which he managed to sneak out to use.

Once he was ready to he came downstairs and looked at the star a little nervously before they headed out to the party “You look dark and mysterious” he teased slightly. Jae didn’t really know what to expect but as they walked up he widened his eyes at the decorations and the theming only to jump pretty much out of his skin when a zombie jumped out of the bushes at him. He grabbed onto Han, hiding behind him for a moment much like he always did whenever they watched horror movies. “Remind me again why I let you talk me into this” he grumbled as they headed inside “Yeah well this is one thing I really wish he wasn’t good at” he complained as he tugged at Han’s cape.

Samira looked out her bedroom window, and pondered whether she really wanted to attend the Halloween event or stay home alone. Her view shifted from the outside, to the costume on her bed, made by an old high school classmate of hers during her time in Korea. She had anticipated Evermore’s Halloween party, mostly because she knew that the city loved their events during the holidays; so she decided to visit a shop that took costume requests and made them from scratch. To her surprise, the owner was one of her highschool classmates, and they began to talk for awhile and catch up on things they’ve done since school. The more that Sam looked at the costume, the more her mind pulled her to go to the event. She couldn’t let all of the work her friend put into the outfit go to waste, so she finally decided to go.

When the young red-head was ready, she collected her necessary belongings and headed out of the door to her apartment. She had yet to choose a car to replace her bicycle, so she called a taxi a few moments before, and was waiting for it to arrive. Once it arrived at her address, she got in the back and gave the driver the address to the party. During the drive to the Crowthrone Inn, Samira couldn’t shake the feeling as though she was forgetting something at home. When they arrived, she paid the driver and made her way to the entrance of the building. When they asked for her ticket to the event, she reached into her pockets, and every crevice on her costume, but the ticket was nowhere to be found. That had to be the thing she forgot at home, and it was too late to go back and get it, then return again. “It seems as though my ticket is left at home. Can you do me a tiny favor and let me in without it?” she questioned, while gesturing with her fingers. Of course she was denied entry though, and she huffed out in frustration as she moved away from the entrance.

“I WILL get into this party” she said to herself and started devising a plan to get in. She then remembered the maze at the back of the building, and figured that the back entrance wouldn’t be as guarded as the front entrance. However if she just snuck around the building and entered the back way, surely someone would spot her. Samira walked around the back of the building, and stopped for a moment to think. “I GOT IT!” she exclaimed with a deviant smile. “I’ll enter the maze from the exit, and work my way to the entrance. Nobody will expect it” she said with a smile. As she made her way to the exit of the maze, she watched as people exited, and waited for the right moment to enter. “Alright. Here I go” she said as she took her first step into the maze.

It had took Hana enough convincing to go to this party. Ha-joon had told her it would be good for her, while the voice in her head told her it was the perfect spot for her stalker to show up. After being hired by Thaddeus though, earning a job at something as unique as the Haunted Inn, she felt as though she had to do this. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun. Hana  had spent hours trying to find something to wear to this event, and after she had finally strung something together, she took the next hour to get ready and gather everything she was taking. Since she had volunteered to bring snacks and drinks, she'd tried to manage her time well enough to be there before the majority of the guests so she could set everything out, but, after catching a cab, and finally arriving, Hana made her way inside, to an already full  Inn immediately greeting  Thaddeus. "Nice set up, Thad. Thanks for the invite" she nodded with a faint smile before gazing into the distance, and gazing back to him "I completely forgot I had this in my closet. I figured wearing it here would be the perfect chance to wear it at all" she laughed. Hana loved dressing up, so tonight, she was completely in her element. (CLICK TO SEE COSTUME)

"Okay, time to be bold" she stated, before dismissing herself from Thaddeus.  When Hana had first arrived, she'd followed two others in, two males she was sure she had seen at least one of at her house before. Maybe not. Either way, she was curious, but curiosity always did kill the cat. Hana continued walking just a small distance behind them, screaming a very girly scream the moment a zombie jumped out, scaring herself and the two in front of her. Her reflexes nearly caused Hana to reach out and slap him / it, smirking as she walked on past him, acting as if she hadn't just nearly had a heart attack, blushing heavily, and obviously shaken to the core. "Ill be back!" she yelled, as if she wanted to conquer this maze, or the Zombie. Either way, she always tried acting as if she was fearless, which usually had her viewed as "adorable". "HA-JOON?!" "jOONIE ARE YOU HERE?" she called out, frowning however as she couldn't see him anywhere,  hopeful that he would show soon. 

  "Love the hair" she called out to the one with red and blue hair, and seemingly, some pretty wild contacts (Jae).  "Yeon definitely does know what he's doing." Hana then said, replying to the other (Han) who'd complimented the event.  "Have we met before?"  seeming to have known them from the people Ha-joon had brought over. But, either way, if she didn't know them then, she would by the end of tonight. with any luck. It's not like she couldn't say they weren't both drop dead gorgeous. "Love the outfits" she added with a smirk, and began dancing in place. Hana wasn't shy in the least little bit, and if nothing, maybe she could get others to join her and have some fun. 

With everything that had been going on, Erythreus wasn't feeling up to an event. But, after everything with Vlad, and him just stepping up and the pressure that came with him becoming ambassador, he needed some fun. The Aspect of Death decided to dress like the grim reaper, and ended up getting a laugh out of several of the Ailwards. Anything to brighten their day, brightened his. But, he did have a dry sense of humor at the same time, so this was normal for Ery. He hadn't taken very long to get finished, and took a cab to the Inn that the event was being hosted at. 

From the outside, he could already hear people screaming, music blaring, and chit chat. It seemed as though it had been a successful kick off. After handing his ticket over, Erytrheus noticed a girl stuck at the entrance, who'd made her way through the exit of the maze. The Aspect just chuckled and shook his head before grabbing himself a drink and walking through the maze himself. Erythreus felt as if this was a good place to be tonight. He was surrounded by people, and he was getting a break from all the tension back at the manor. Tonight he had planned to have fun. Something he had lost touch of long ago. 

Erythreus had been in his thoughts when something jumped out and grabbed him, causing someone as tall and giant as Ery to give a high pitched squeal. Erythreus immediately looked around to see if anyone had seen him do that "Damn it! you definitely got me" he laughed, slightly embarrassed, but he continued through the maze, wondering who or what he'd run into next, but this time, he stayed alert, only to cover his eyes when a bright strobe effect started, and something began inching close to him with the strobe effect, which made that 'something' seem to come at him in slow motion "Oh hell no!" he yelled and began backing up the opposite direction, ready to haul ass until he realized it was just another person scaring people. Erythreus nearly bumped into the girl from earlier, as she finally stepped in, where he had backed up, and began going the wrong way. "Finally found yourself a way in I see" he stated, giving her (Samira) a faint smile.


With taking over the Mayor office Giselle wasn’t able to have as much of a hand this year in planning the Halloween Annual Event. So handing the reins over to other parties was difficult for her. Especially since the Halloween event used to be her baby. So it was a little sad for her to let it go and move on. Yet her life had become vastly busier with her new job and title. The amount of meetings and hours she put in would drive most people mad. So when the chance for a night off and to have a good time came about Giselle jumped on it. 

Seeing the opportunity for a fake public date with Rowan. She was sure there would be plenty of Evermore Daily reporters at the party. Though she didn’t have time to craft a costume like she had done in the past. So that evening when she got home she ran around piecing together a superhero costume. Texting Rowan to meet her a few blocks away so they could walk in together and really sell their fake relationship.

Giselle drove to the place they agreed to meet. She parked in a spot and pressed her head to the steering wheel reminding herself that she had to put on a good show. Why was she so nervous, this was something the pair had agreed to. Taking a gentle breath, she sat back up waiting.

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