Rules for Halloween Event Thread.

Post should be short 1 to 3 paragraph max.

There is no order to reply to post.

There is no order to reply on the same character. (if your character is interacted with feel free to reply.)

Multirolers feel free to bring in as many characters as you wish! 

Must come to the event in costume.

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The season of hunts and spooks is the time of year she didn't like. The star got into her costume and walked to the event. This year she didn't want to stand out but she didn't want people to think she is not in the spirit of Halloween. It might be since she has been having troubles in her own life. Leaving about herself and also someone returning into her life who wants answers. She didn't know how to tell him that she is not a human. It does not mean Miyaza is avoiding him she just needs time to think. As she got to the doors and walked though she can see many people she has never seen before and those she has met. 

Taking a deep breath thinking this could be a chance to meet new people. Miyaza smiled at a lot of people's costumes and accessories. As she held her hands together to turn to look at the decorations her eyes laid on her best friend and her friend she is in love with. "Oh no." She said under her breathing knowing he might have found out the truth. The star didn't panic but watched from a distance as she looked around. It could be a good thing for Taehyun to hear about the truth from someone else or it can go south very quickly in front of everyone. 

Despite the rather temperamental mood Clarissa recently found herself in, she guessed it was somewhat nice to see that everyone was enjoying themselves inside the inn as well as the pumpkin patch and maze; after all, with the society that they all lived in, a happy life was unheard of - a rarity. In fact, if someone told her that things were going well for them, she would automatically be suspicious of them; nothing good ever lasts for long. Plus, it was an event in Evermore, shit always went down - she guessed it may not her own shit this time, considering her Father was well and truly out of the picture. Clarissa was taken away from her thoughts as the bartender cleared his throat at her, which made her smile in an overly sarcastic way before ordering a beer as well as a sambuca shot; did she like sambuca? No. But it was strong enough to numb the feelings for a short while. “Put it on a tab, I’ll pay later” She commented, the bartender simply gave her a disbelieving look; which was soon shot down by her own scowl. 

Once the looks of evils were settled, Rissa took the sambuca shot and threw her head back to take the liquid in one; she was still learning the ropes of being Ambassador but she was sure being absolutely wasted at a public event was not what she was supposed to be doing. Her body shuddered violently at the taste, and she thought back the very urge to bring it all back up again. “Fucking hell, Sammy B” She muttered under her breath and reached for her beer which would happily wash down any left over taste. Her lavender gaze widened as she heard a male’s voice greet her and she slowly turned to see a very familiar looking Therian stand to her side; upon seeing him in outfit, she looked him up and down. “You could almost pass as his twin” She chuckled a little as she popped her glass back down on the makeshift bar. “We hate parties like this, so why do we keep finding ourselves here” Rissa mused. 

“I don’t think our outfits are much different to what we normally wear” She retorted as Siobhan wandered up to them, a slight bit of amusement lacing her words; it was somewhat comforting to know that the couple stood in front of her were also going through difficulties and fighting their own inner demons. “A Queen is never late, everyone else is simply early” Rissa reassured the Superhero. 

As she finally got out of the maze; Jessalyn found herself around more people. Able to fully notice their costumes. It was clear, a lot of time and effort was put into them. A lot of people seemed to get very creative with their outfits. A few Halloween outfits were a bit daring. One particular tall male, seemed to have...what she would call outfit of the night; appearing to be dressed as a drag queen or something of that sort.

Among the crowd. Jessalyn spotted a familiar Celestial. Miyaza. She had run into her at the local library, few weeks prior. “Hey Miya.” The young Initia spoke softly, as she approached the Celestial, with a warm smile. Giving her a thumbs up, when she saw her costume. Liking her witch like outfit. Knowing how seemingly shy the Celestial was; it was good to see in the Halloween spirit. Jessalyn wasn’t sure if few of her friends were about, she was internally hoping that Ery was here somewhere already. Or she would have to literally drag the Aspect of Death by the ears, so he could enjoy himself. Truthfully,the young Initia would be impressed; if this was one event where she didn’t have to talk him into going/drag him with her, like she sometimes had a tendency doing. But as she always said, it was for his own good. Jessalyn kept taking everything around them in. The spooky theme, certainly had an amazing vibe. The Decorations were great. She liked the set-up this year.

“How are you?” she asked her softly, and slowly. Making sure that the young Celestial understood, even if her voice was slowly drowned out by the music playing.

Argent was a sucker for parties. There was something about them that just seemed to lift her spirits and help her to let go for a little while. So there was no question about whether she would attend, the real question is what she was going to wear to the party. Argent was trying to insert herself into the fashion blogging business and that meant her outfit had to be up to par with all the other great ones there.

Eventually, she had settled on making herself a batgirl costume, complete with bat mask, leather gloves, tight-fitting leather pants which were probably going to make dancing a little difficult and a yellow belt to style it up. She was running a little late by the time her uber pulled up outside of the place and she had to stop for awhile just to take in all the effort that had clearly gone into the party, from the strobe lights she could see flashing in the maze between spooky figures and could hear people screaming loudly. She grinned before headed up towards the entrance.

It didn’t take her long to get a drink in hand and head out to the open field on the other side of the inn where the majority of the people were. She’d come to the party alone but then she never really minded being alone, though her eyes were scanning the area for anyone she recognized. Perhaps a taller, kind-eyed male who she was spending more time with lately. She figured Halloween would probably be his thing anyway. Spotting what looks like arts and crafts, the aspect of light got excited and practically skipped her way over to investigate.

Seeing the way she reacted to his outfit made him grin sheepishly, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck, okay maybe it was a pretty funny outfit “Oh don’t sweat it, I’ve already laughed at myself at least three times in the mirror” he shrugged slightly, actually it was pretty nice to let loose a little and just do something because it was funny “Super mayor indeed it seems if you can put together a last-minute costume” he was impressed, mostly because he had taken the lazy way out and even then he had left it right until the mark.

“Don’t really have much other than black shirts and suits in my closet so I had to head out to find something” he chuckled softly “Probably should have realized I was cutting it too close but at least I didn’t buy the hotdog costume” which was pretty much the only other option on the table. He glanced down at her arm in his for a moment and for a moment felt a little disoriented, he knew all of this was them playing pretend for the media but something about it felt more real than he was expecting “Well you’ll just have to make sure you get to next year then” he nodded slightly “And at least it means you get to enjoy it a little rather than feeling like it’s work” was it too bold for him to say she might enjoy an evening with him?

He let out a nervous breath as they headed up towards the entrance of the party, it was a pretty well-kept secret that he scared easily but he had the feeling with a party and maze of this caliber he was going to give himself away sooner rather than later. Truthfully his palms already felt a little sweaty “Well a rumored haunted inn is definitely a good location pick” he nodded slightly, he enjoyed how talkative Giselle was he found himself just listening to her a lot “What’s your favorite part about it?” he grinned a little “I used to be really into my costumes when I was a kid, always wanting to be something new constantly, probably drove my folks mad” he led her over to the bar area figuring a drink was a good start towards getting rid of the jitters. Just as they walked up through someone snuck up behind him and when he felt their hand on his back he practically jumped out of his skin, letting out a not-so-manly shriek.

Yeon wasn’t the type to stay in one place too long at a party, he was a wanderer and liked meeting lots of different people, plus, having organized this one he was actually looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to him and Thaddeus’ hard work. As he headed out the door he heard Han yelling in his direction about how he was older and smirked over his shoulder “Some would find it hard to believe” he teased and winked as he stepped outside and took in the view. The maze was definitely a good idea and he could hear plenty of people getting spooked inside by the actors, to be honest with the amazing costumes he had seen already, most people were probably getting scared by other attendees too.

He stood with a drink in hand just taking it in for a little while as he rounded the area of the party and made sure everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves, he was glad there was a variety of things for people to do from Halloween related crafts, to a dancefloor with Halloween music to getting the wits scared out of them in the maze. He was so distracted by quite literally everything going on around him that he didn’t really specifically look where he was going. He grunted a little when he bumped against someone and his gaze snapped upwards only to fall upon Daehyun Stormwind. Though Yeon had to blink to clear his vision a couple of times because he looked so different with dark hair,

The rather blunt question made him laugh softly noting the way Dae looked, with face makeup to pale his skin slightly and the fangs which were evident when he talked “Are you supposed to be me?” he responded with a sarcastic grin eyeing him for a moment “I almost didn’t recognize you for a moment with the” he ran a hand through his own hair and straightened his slightly over-the-top hat slightly “hair” he chuckled and shot Dae a slightly suspicious look “And here I was thinking you wouldn’t be found dead at a party” he snickered slightly “Though I suppose you are” he teased alluding to the costume choice.

Halloween was something Javier didn’t really celebrate but since this was an invitation he received in the mail, he accepted the offer and decided to be apart of it. He was never the one to actually dress up and head out of his way for his costume; but he tried to make his appearance look cool. He researched some ideas for his costume before he placed it together which led for him to be in this, which he thought he was quite proud of. Exiting the maze after being scared behind his wits, he recognised someone he knew here. A sly smirk came across his lips as he noticed what Ash was wearing, he really did pull it off with his drag look. 

Since their last encounter, Javier had been on edge since he saved Ash’s life, he was glad he did because that meant he was able to celebrate the good times and become good friends if… That would happen. He noticed the other being weary, and his eyebrows raised slightly but he didn’t comment on it just so that the other would be comfortable. “Look at you, man. You have an amazing outfit. I never knew you were into drag.” He chuckled slightly as he sipped on the rest his whiskey as they headed to the bar together. “They did an amazing job putting it all together. It’s good to see something being done with the community.” He smiled as he dipped his hat to a few people who walked by them before Ash said something and a small chuckle left his lips before he was then dragged onto the dance floor. The music was upbeat and lights were flashing, he moved his body along with the music and his eyes remained on Ash, hoping he wasn’t staring, nonetheless seemed like he was flirting, he continued to dance along with the music beside Ash. Things between them were still somewhat intense but he didn’t want to ruin the mood. “You seem a lot better than the last time I saw you, I’m glad really.” 

Wes wasn’t one for going to any event or socialising at that. Something he tended to keep far away from it as he could.  So when Halloween came around a flyer came through his door about the annual Halloween event hosted by the city he threw it in the bin. Dismissing and forgetting all about it. Finding events like these were just an excuse for supernaturals taking advantage of the free booze and food each time. So Wes avoided all things Halloween until Rowan stopped around his place saying that the event was hosted by the woman he has a crush on. The one Rowan had given a fake name to and was trying not to make it seem like he was some stalker. Wes soon found himself being persuaded to go but didn’t tell Rowan he was thinking of going. Choosing to go to the event and surprise him. Maybe even spook him knowing how easily jumpy Rowan could be at the best of times. So this could be his best shot to scare his friend out of his skin. Too proving that he wasn’t a person who just stayed locked up in their house all day. Wes have been getting better, gotten his job back at the hospital. Getting at least a bit of normality back in his life, well best it could get. Maybe he’ll see Kal at the Halloween Party, he’ll just wait and see.

After finishing his shift at the hospital, Wes was on the way back from the hospital when he text message popped up on his phone. It was Rowan sending him a picture of his Halloween outfit and for Wes to wish him luck. He could see that not much effort was put into it seeing it was just a monkey onesie he already had. Able to guess that he left it all too last minute to find something and just picked out what he got. At least Wes had put some thought into his own outfit. Finding a Dark Archer outfit on some random website online that turned up a few days later. Soon as he got home he quickly changed into the outfit and headed out. It was already getting later, not finishing his shift until late like usual let alone the event was being held at some Inn. Having to find his way to some place he’d never heard of let alone been to. Arriving late at the Inn, Wes could see how the city have gone all out for it. Hearing that they always do for things like these, as his sister used to like going to them. Wes was surprised how they managed to make a realistic haunted maze, able to hear different types of screams coming from within it. Unsure where the Scott was if he was in the maze or somewhere else in the place was what he needed to guess. Knowing that maybe he would have gone to the bar first so Wes headed there first. Luckily seeing a monkey onesie up head, knowing that was him. Wes slowly and quickly crept up on his friend, not making a sound wanting to shock him. Placing a hand on his Rowan’s shoulder, keeping the suspense. “Booo!”  

Halloween. The one time of the year is was acceptable to dress up as your favorite comic book characters, book characters, movie characters, or show characters, and have a little bit of fun. Most people probably wouldn't have pegged the Alpha as the dressing up or Halloween freak that she was but each year the holiday came around her apartment became decked out in spiderwebs and pumpkins and skeletons, her office at work became a virtual shrine to all things spooky, and her dress became a reflection of the season. With the exception of the weather turning from warm to cold Harper loved everything about October, from the changing colors to the Halloween seasonal holiday. So of course when there was an announcement of a Halloween costume party you better believe she was there. 

Leaving work early she had known exactly who she was going to dress up, keeping the entire thing a secret from everyone who had asked she wanted it to be a surprise. She almost took the dressing up to the level of cosplaying, so serious with her costume that she had even gone so far as to dying her temporarily for the event. Slipping on the dress that was completely out of character for her usual personality and the heels that made her a far taller than she was, Harper applied the makeup that would complete her look. She had gone and gotten her nails done, taking this whole costume and dress up part of the party very seriously. The jewelry part was easy, she'd dressed up as Morticia Addams so many times she had some pretty authentic rings and her dress was nearly a replica of the one that Anjelica Houston wore when she portrayed the iconic head of the family in the films. Grabbing a coffin purse to complete her look she texted Aeryn and caught a cab to the party, sashaying into the venue completely in character with a signature smirk on her ruby red lips. 

He'd only been in the city for a month or so and he'd already screwed some things up royally. Other things seemed to be going well, his neighbor was a cute little thing that was in a bad way and he wanted to help her. At least she didn't hate him like his sister did, good god he had messed that up. Then again he couldn't blame Siobhan, somehow he had thought she was in desperate need of saving and instead he had been met with a woman who had been more than capable of handling herself. Knox grinned to himself as he helped set up the stage to this little Halloween event, testing to the microphones as his eyes scanned the growing crowd. 

He said little in his head and yet there seemed to be a growing amount of people streaming in through the doors. If there was one thing that people came for it was the opportunity to dress up act like fools, add booze in the mix and that crowd would get in even bigger. Thankfully he had run across someone who was helping plan the event, somehow they had come across the subject of entertainment, and he had mentioned that he could sing. So here he was, dressed as a backwoods cowboy with a mic in his hand. Gods he hoped Eden wouldn't be here. That's all he would need is her finding out he could sing. Or what if Sio showed up! 

The entire world shifted around him, suddenly he wasn't where he had been meant to be and he wasn't scattered into a million particles like he had meant to be. His breath slammed through his lungs the exact moment his feet slammed into the ground, music and noise assaulted his ears. Smells drifted into his nose he hadn't ever had the pleasure of scenting before made his stomach growl, while all around him people walked here and there in what seemed to be some sort of celebratory fashion. Blinking rapidly Wade feel back onto his backside in shock, sweat dripping down his body as his hands gripped his bow and arrows while his eyes and ears tried to adjust to all of the sensory stimulation. 

Lowering his head he pressed the heel of his hand into his forehead, pressing hard to try and get rid of the pounding pain that pulsed through his mind. Snatches of memories came back to him then, little bits of information that made the splitting ache in his head worse and yet he got an grip on what had been happening before he had been thrown into this weird and strange place. His head snapped up, his eyes gluing to the woman who had arrived moments before he had imploded in on himself saving his people from certain distruction. "You!" He spat the word out both in accusation and in fear before turning tail and running, his instincts told him to run for the first place in which he might be able to escape from her. In the tall corn stalks. 

Samira took a deep breath as she entered the maze. The young red-head was rather easy to scare, so she was rather worried about her decision to enter the party through the maze, but she wanted to get inside. Taking things nice and slow, she began traversing the maze. Without warning someone jumped out at her and Samira screamed and ran back through the maze to the exit. When she was outside again, she bent over grasping her knees with her hands, and breathed a little fast due to her heart pounding, and all the running. After she finally caught her breath she looked back to the maze entrance. “Aish” she said and scratched her head a little in frustration. “Come on Samira. You got this” she told herself as she was trying to hype herself up. “If you get scared, run the other way, not back the way you came” she told herself aloud. Shaking her head in disappointment at herself, she once again entered the maze.

Her hands were shaking as she moved forward into the maze, and she wondered to herself if she could actually make it through the maze. In that moment, the young red-head sparked an idea. Reaching into the pocket on the inside of her costume, she pulled out her phone and grinned. “I’ll use my phone as a flashlight” she stated with a smile and turned on the flashlight app on her phone. “Much better” she stated and began making her way through the maze once more. The flashlight helped her see the scares a little, therefore they didn’t have the same impact on her as they did previously. “I got this” she spoke with a smile and gripped her phone tightly.

Samira turned on her heel quickly when she thought she heard movement coming from behind her, and she frantically aimed the light in every direction while backing up. As she was backing up, the young red-head bumped into someone, fell to the floor and screamed. When she heard a voice talking to her, she looked up to see a male standing there. Raising to her feet, she pulled her hand back and slapped him on the shoulder. She wasn’t sure why she hit him, she just reacted and hit him. “I sort of found a way. I have yet to make it through” she stated, not realizing that he must have known that she had been denied entry into the party. “Aish. This maze is going to be the death of me” she stated as she took a deep breath, trying to steady her heart rate.

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