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Must come to the event in costume.

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As Anders glanced between the pair, that Hana introduced him too. The Niveis noticed a certain shyness to one of them. Wether he wasn’t a big social bunny,or just shy around new people; Anders wasn’t entirely too sure. Though Jae seemed to be a bit more chatty. Knowing both of their names. Anders made a mental note. “Nice to meet you Jae...and Han.” he greeted them both back. “Anders.” Despite Hana mentioning his name, he gave his name again. As Jae excused his friend Han, for being bit nervous around so many people, he nodded. “Ah, I take it, you guys don’t usually meet so many people at once?” Andersen didn’t expect to meet new people, via someone he knew. But he supposed more connections in a city like this was always good.

When he confirmed, they knew Yeon. Andersen nodded. “Ah, your friend sure knows how to throw a party.” he said with a light chuckle. This Yeon, must have been popular. Was the entire city turning up? Anders thought to himself, as he spotted more people flooding in around. As Jae reached for his hand. Anders clasped his hand, in a hand shake. “Well, I only know a few handful of people in the city. And most of them, that mentioned this party, heard it from others.” he admitted with a chuckle. Since Anders was slowly getting to know the Niveis tribe; starting with Anivia. He felt like he was making some progress, after Dae’s suggestions. So for now,he was more than happy about the small circle around him; which consisted of his siblings, Ridley and Hana mainly. But this party seemed like a good place to know more people. "Cool Costumes, by the way." he complimented both Han and Jae on their handy-work for tonight.

The car accident was well in Seniah’s review mirror and she was not sure what she would do about Evermore, still stuck with the inner conflict of stay or go. On one hand, she was getting to know her father which was good but he still seemed like a million miles away at times, on the other hand, she had grown very close to a young man who had been in the same accident as he had been. The two spent as much time together as they could, learning more and more about each other with each passing day. He had recently lost his adopted mother James had yet to really open up to Seniah about the circumstances of her death. With Halloween so close around the corner and the Spookfest taking place that very night, Nia was really hoping to try and lift his spirits even for a short period of time.

Seniah pulled out her cellphone looking for James’ Aunt Clarissa’s phone number opening up a text message to her. ‘I am almost ready to head over and get James, is there anything I should bring?’ Hitting send on the text Seniah picked up the bottom of her dress and headed out of the hotel room and down into the lobby. Looking outside for the taxi that waited for her. The young climbed into the cab giving the address, she bit down on her lip nervously.

‘He is not going to want to go… here is hoping I can convince him, food, a maze, dancing, friends, loved ones.. I hope it will be enough.’ she thought as she pulled up to his house. Once she arrived she climbed out and headed up to the door knocking and waiting. Her hair was down and curled with glitter everywhere drumming her fingers on her dress as she waited. Tonight was her first time without her crutches and it felt weird to not have them tucked under her arms.

“Playboy bunny?” She laughed and shook her head “Only you Lorenzo… only you.” Castor waited for him “No Playboy is good enough, not a mummy… at least not a toilet paper one, next time tell me you don’t have a costume and I can help you out. This is my favourite Holiday and you dress up very little and here I went all out…” Rolling her eyes as Rocky barked she turned to him.

“Ohh goody, seeing eye Cassie,” She said super sarcastically, looking down at Rocky “This was supposed to be your job, not mine.” Taking his arm they walked out the door “Ready for my ride?” She grinned happily, Castor loved her Motorcycle it was her baby and she rarely let another person ride it, but Lorenzo was not just anybody. Once at the bike she took his ears off his head and tucked them into her bag, handing him a helmet, once on the bike she waited.

After the drive into the Valkyr territory, the pair climbed off the bike and Castor gave him back his ears “Ready Romeo?” She laughed and lead the way inside. Everything was well decorated and Castor was in love, the Maze looked amazing though they had a slight disadvantage, “Where would you like to go first?” Her eyes jumping from one person to the next. “This place looks amazing.” Turning to Enzo she began to describe everything in detail for him.

Hana pursed her lips as she twirled a long strand of her raven black hair around her pointer finger, while observing all the man candy she stood among. This was hard enough, but the more that joined, the more she felt the urge to find a small, dark, quiet corner, where she could sit alone. She'd became flustered by them all, and while each of them seemed friendly enough, a few intimidated her, and she couldn't seem to find the right words to speak to them. Stuttering had never been a thing of hers until tonight, so when she found herself doing so, Hana silently cursed herself.

Han, Jae's apparent boyfriend, or someone he just really cared for a lot, seemed nervous and flustered, and it only seemed to get worse with each new person who had joined. "I take it you don't like crowds?" she asked, flashing a genuine smile his way, and eyeing the bar, then the dance floor. "It is getting a bit crowded, even for a social butterfly like me. I'm still up for that drink if you two wanna tag along?" she then expressed, offering Jae and Han to tag along with her for the rest of this event. It never hurt making new friends, in fact, Hana loved making new friends. The added bonus was how polite and gorgeous they both were. To walk around with these two by her side? It was the closest she could get to a little bit of heaven on earth. As cliche as that was to say. Hana eyed the newest edition to the group and watched him interact with Ha-joon's girlfriend, as timidly as one could. She found it rather adorable though. Hana nodded at Jae, before flashing a faint smile in Jae's direction. She understood being nervous by new surroundings, but luckily for him, this was only going to happen this one time, and Halloween was only once a year, so at the very least, he could get through this event, and not have to worry about dealing with this many people again, at least for another year.

Hana smiled as she then stood back, well more so danced in place to the beat of the song in the background, as she watched Anders interact with the group with a cool confidence that reminded her a lot of herself, and how she acted in big crowds. Despite him save her life sort of, she could assume this was why she clicked so well with Anders, and now, she had made it a goal to get to know him better. Hana once again peered around with a frown adorning her features. Joonie still was no where in sight, and she wasn't frankly sure he'd be coming tonight, and there was also the part where Hana was trembling on the inside about the fact that this party, made the perfect place for  the Triad, and her stalker to target her. Swallowing harshly, the human leaned against the wall and hung her head low. 

It had only been a week. One week since Svetlana had moved into the Inn, where a huge party happened to be in motion right now. As far as the Nephilim knew, none of the rogues knew her whereabouts. That was the first time since she had been captured as a little girl, that she had the advatnage instead of them. She had her guard up with the fact that Thaddeus was a Valkyr himself, but then again, something about him just eased the Nephilim right into trusting him. She felt safe with Thaddeus, and he had after all been amazing enough to allow her to move right into his room, which ultimately saved her life. Days after moving in with him, she'd been given the invite to join him for tonight's festivities. While she was in dire need of some fun, she was still terrified of what the rogues had planned for her. An event this big just seemed like the perfect moment for them to snatch her up. 

After much thought, and plenty of browsing for a costume, Svetlana showered, ad emerged from the bathroom, dressed as a  boxer, feeling completely cliche and highschool love sick. At the very least though, she figured it would win one of Thaddeu's signature smiles that seemed to make her swoon, and weak in the knees. After giving herself a once over, Svetlana laughed, and felt herself tense up completely as she emerged from Thad's room, and joined the event. "Wow, what a turn out" she muttered to herself, gazing from one person to another, trying her best to find Thaddeus. As she began walking through, Svet's eyes lit up when she saw a certain Therian. After practically squealing, the Nephilim couldn't refrain, and practically jumped in Dom's arms, giving him a hug, with a grip that would have said she was scared to let go. "Hey you!" she said happily. "I wasn't expecting to see you here" the Nephilim added, and hopped down, before averting her gaze to the blonde "Sio" she added with a smile, giving her a nod. "You both look wonderful. Come find me later Alpha" she finished off before she began walking again. Seeing Dom was all it took for the Nephilim to feel safe here around all the people she'd never met before. 

   "After enough convincing, you seemed to be right. A night of fun won't kill me hopefully" she chuckled as she approached Thaddeus from behind.  "It looks amazing" she then said, giving him a nod of admiration "You and the others who put this together, should be proud.. at least people are here having fun, rather than on the streets causing chaos." she expressed, and could't wait to see the rest of everything. "I haven't been through the maze yet though" she admitted, chuckling a little. She definitely wasn't going through it alone.  "I paid enough attention to what you got for this event, costume wise. I hope this isn't too childish" she then said, suddenly feeling like dressing to match him, may throw him off a little. But, Svetlana had always wanted one of those relationships, where couples could dress alike for Halloween, and just do cute shit in general together. "And im totally gonna have to have some pics .. for memories of course" she smiled genuinely and felt herself begin to sway gently to the music in the background. Svetlana knew she probably seemed tense, and awkward as fuck, this was the first time ever that she had even acknowledged Halloween. It made her want to cry in a way, to be likely one of the only grown women here, who couldn't even share a Halloween memory of when she was a child. She never went trick or treating, she had really never did anything. So she wasn't really sure how to act, and it didn't help to watch others, because people were either to hyper, or to shy. She wondered if she was just herself, would it appeal to the Valkyr at all. It was  a chance worth taking she guessed. She'd made it a mission to get to know this man, and well, she was sleeping in his room after all, and that certainly did't come without struggle. There had been a few nights already, where she'd stopped herself from climbing in his bed, just to be near someone who seemed to actually care. She'd not met anyone like that, ever since Dominic. ((CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUTFIT))

“Rogue was the safe option.” she muttered as she took the next glass of alcohol offered letting the warmth of the first glass run through her. She looked around to all the great costumes before looking back to Clarissa and rolled her eyes and giving her a knowing smirk. “Please you look great! I rarely see you wear such low cut outfits.” The slight realization she will never be able to wear something so sexy again without the scar that was now between her breasts. Not that she was an overly sexy person as is. She let out a soft sigh judging her own looks in her mind for a moment, trying her best to push the thoughts. 

Lifting the glass to her lips and took a sip from it slowly from it compared to the drink before. Letting the warmth flow through her in an effort to calm her nerves. She had a right to be nervous after all pretty much any city party she had been to before ended with her getting hurt or kidnapped. So as Dom warm arm moved around her for a moment she didn’t notice it as she stared into the glass with a glossy look before hearing him ask what they are to do. “How about you guys go and check out the maze. I’m not sure I am ready to be in such a clastropic space.”

She looked to him with a weak smile and finished the drink. “I’m gonna wander a bit and see if they have something crafty to do.” Her eyes catching the board of activities to do. “Ah pumpkin carving I am sure I can school some people in that.” She looked between the pair. “Go have fun. Really you guys need to catch up.” She pushed away from them both just in time to have Svetlana jumping into Dom arms. She gave the other nephilim a forced smile before shoving her hands in her pockets moving out to where the music lingered in and looked around the crowds that had gathered dancing. Moving to the pumpkin carving tables, studying the pumpkins absentmindedly as she lowered herself closing her eyes tightly taking a deep breath reminding herself she was safe now.  Her fingers rubbing against the soothing stone that Billie Mae had given her that was tucked in her jacket pocket.

Giselle smiled softly to Rowan at the prospect of a fun filled evening together. It was rare she had fun so he was right of course and the papers would get the story they need. “Fun sounds nice for a change. The last few weeks have been so busy.” She said gently as she rubbed her neck softly.  Having him as company wasn’t the worst either especially since he was in a monkey onesie that every time she saw made her chuckle softly. As they walked through the put together hall to the bar she picked out one of the cocktails herself and picked up one of the pieces of candy out of the many dishes and opened it.

“I enjoy a good party as long as there is a bar and food.” she recalled back to their meeting she had had a few drinks. This evening she would be sticking with one or two. Not wanting to get drunk and it being an issue later. She chuckled at the mention of his onesie. “To be fair you pull it off really well. As if you had it planned the whole time.” She winked back to him and then turned towards the man who scared Rowan. The whole scene showed her that maybe she wasn’t the only one scared of what when bump in the dark. Giselle watched Rowan give Wes a chastising before introducing them.

The mayor held out a hand to Wes “Pleasure to meet you Wes though maybe next time hello will do. Don’t want to kill someone with those scares of yours.” she chuckled as she took hold of the drink that the bartender sat down. “There is so much to see, I hear the maze is amazing.” though it was clear to Giselle that Rowan didn’t like being scared. “Though maybe we can go on the hayride? Its around the historical part of town and back.” 

Donovan embraced the red haired aspect for a moment longer than normal friends would embrace before letting her go and chuckling at her comment. “Did I snag your batmobile again? Really need to have a chat with Alfred on making sure the correct Batmobiles get back to the correct garages. I had wondered where the pink dice came from.” He lets out a hearty laugh as he smiled as she superhero posed. It was adorable and dorky all in one. “I am sure the world is rather safe if it's in your hands then.” 

His dark gaze turn back to the sad little pumpkin and chuckled as she said it was made at him. “I don’t blame it being mad. Carving isn’t really in my skill set of things.” He said and then didn’t move his gaze back to her. Dawn and him had come to terms that their relationship wasn’t working and they had broken things off but not wanting her to feel like he was moving in on her he just said softly. “She went with her Diviner friends to the woods to celebrate I believe. We haven’t spoken much lately.” He turned back to her and smiled “I figured since I shut the club down for the event I should come and see what it was all about instead of staying home all night.”

“Alright friend making it is.” he chuckled as he watched her from a moment get to work on drawing on the pumpkin and started with a rather focus expression he reached over with his clean hands to tuck back a piece of her red hair. “Well let's see there is the Maze which people have been raving about. Drinks inside along with food and plenty of candy. The dance floor has had a few people but nothing crazy. The hayride is to start up soon. And well the crafts section seems to be wonderful.” He looked down the long different rows of table where people seem to be crafting away.

Enzo gave a soft chuckle as he shrugged, “Listen, I had to think on my toes Cas. I never really celebrated Halloween before.” He gave a slight chuckle as he moved closer and placed his hand on her arm softly. “Well it wouldn’t matter what I went dressed as, you would always steal the show. Though next year feel free to do whatever as long as I can still use my feet and stuff to get around that is.” he chuckled as he then leaned down and pet Rocky head.

“I will bring my stick and you really won’t have to see much for me.” After all he actually got around very well since his element was earth and he had had years to perfect getting around without site. “Behave Rocky, and leave the Peanut alone.” he referred to the squirrel that lived somewhere in his home. He moved with her through the door shutting it behind them and got on the bike after placing the helmet on and he wrapped his arms around her as she drove them.

He was thankful when the death machine came to a safe stop. Climbing off and placing his hand to the ground for a moment to ground himself and get a visual of what was a head. “Ready.” he said as he took his ears back and placed them on and undid his stick and bounced it against the ground as they walk. “We could go to the Maze. They won’t get the jump on me.” He gave a confident smirk closing his eyes as she described everything. “Sounds like they went all out this year. I didn’t think they could top last year.” he chuckled as he looked around bouncing his stick to get better views of what was around.

Thaddeus wasn’t sure if Svetlana would make her way out to the party or not. Though as the party was in full swing and he noticed Hana the moment she arrived the two smiling and having a quick chat before the young human ran off to enjoy the fun. Bring Thad back to keeping the food on the tables, and keeping water and other non alcoholic drinks at the ready for those who need them. Getting updates on what was needed where while having a little fun himself was a big part of what he was doing. Yet he did toss a gaze or two over to his room where he knew Lana was. He hated she was hiding because some rogues had threatened her life, especially to the point of not living her life.

As he moved to place his boxing gloves around his neck to bring out a fresh tray of cookies he looked up to her as she made her way through the crowd and took in the matching boxing outfit and gave a soft laugh. He watched her greet some people she seemed to know before he returned to place the fresh cookies on the tray and moving back to the kitchen to toss the dish back into the sink. As he moved back out to greet people he looked to her as she came up behind him and smiled softly. “It does, Yeon did great with the outside part also. You should check it out.” His eyes moving to take her in now. 

“You look great, much better boxer than myself.” he said as smiled to her that crooked smile and moved to place on his boxing gloves to bump his gloves with hers softly. “I haven’t managed to make my way through the Maze either though so maybe we can go through together?” He offered as he then pointed to a corner where someone was taking pictures. “I say lets get a picture together and show the world who the toughest around are.” He hooked his arm over her shoulder to guide her over to where the lines for the photos where and then reached into one of the buckets of candy and held out a piece to her and smiled. “Treat?” he questioned as he then took a piece for himself. “I am glad you decided to join in the fun. It's nice to have someone to chat with.” He looked to the groups of people that had seem to form. It only reminded the valkyr just on how little he knew people in town.

The Nephilim couldn’t help but roll her eyes in amusement as she watched his eyes glance at the dress which hugged her figure a bit too much; his comment only made a smile appear as she waved down the bar to have whatever Dom was having. “Trust me, I don’t even know how the fuck I’m breathing in it let alone moving” Instinctively, her palms ran down the sides of the fabric and adjusted it ever so slightly; she guessed it felt good to dress up and it helped a little with her mood but she had dissociated so much from the impact of the death of her siblings, she simply forgot what it was like to feel anything but numbness. Her eyes dropped to the liquid which was in the red cup, internally groaning; this may be the one time she regretted drinking whatever he was having. 

Nevertheless, she drank it; she would probably drink anything these days anyway, but she had to keep reminding herself she was now in public as a leading figure and needed to remain somewhat professional if she wanted other Nephilim children to warm to her. Clarissa was well aware that there were others in her faction that were not pleased with who stepped up to lead their community. “Or poison in this case” She swirled the liquid and watched the thick layer on top curdle; which made her grimace. Yet she was discreetly distracted by just how quickly Siobhan had downed one drink and asked for another; it was incredibly out of character but she decided to remain silent, she was not one to judge another on their vices on how they overcome demons. 

“I’ll wear them more often for you” Rissa winked teasingly at the blonde before blinking a couple of times to watch another Nephilim appear and jump into Dominic’s arms; she had only met and engaged with Svetlana on a few occasions when she reluctantly showed up at Nephilim meetings at the request of Cornelia. Clarissa remained silent which was probably best as she would probably say something to lower the tone even more; thus, she watched silently as Siobhan wandered off her own. 

The raven haired female cleared her throat once Dom was free from any woman in his arms. “Well aren’t you a Nephilim charmer” She cooed before getting serious again for a moment. “As much as the maze sounds wonderful, the thought of having Siobhan wander alone doesn’t sit comfortably with my gut.” Rissa commented before glancing at her phone to see a text from Jem’s girlfriend, Seniah. “Just bring him - let him be a carefree eighteen year old x” She texted back. 

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