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Must come to the event in costume.

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Tae had just gotten his heart rate back to a normal speed when someone else bumped into him, causing the Dark Diviner to jump once again, cursing until he turned around. "It's cool, I expect to get a lot of this tonight, and I usually don't scare easy" he laughed, shaking his head at the other male (Josh). "Nice outfit though" he added, and scanned the male from head to toe, giving him an approving nod. 

"It seems like I know you somehow, from somewhere.. I probably don't though" Tae sighed. Ever since Miyaza had appeared back in his life, Tae had been seeing a lot of things that he wasn't sure was real or fake. The Dark Diviner sighed, and hung his head down before looking back out to the crowd, watching as others had fun. "I wasn't sure I would come tonight. But, I couldn't pass up a free ticket" he chuckled, "I volunteered to stay behind and help with clean up whenever it ends." he added, and glanced towards the others currently being startled by the maze workers. 

"They did a good job with set up. Ill give them that" Tae wasn't much for social events, and usually wasn't comfortable anywhere except his apartment where he could practice his magic, but he had made an exception tonight, and hoped like hell he'd see Miyaza here. "I'm Taehyun by the way" the Diviner faintly smiled and offered the other (Josh)  his hand as a more formal way of introducing himself. 

It wasn’t long before the party was in full swing and people were milling around everywhere, the sound of people getting spooked by the scare actors was almost like music to the Valkyr’s ears, he enjoyed horror themes and wasn’t really the kind to scare easy but even he got a pretty eerie vibe from this particular inn. He was doing the rounds and welcoming a few people before he finally spotted some people he knew. Perhaps he sensed his ears were burning because he heard his name from across the room a few times before he managed to spot Hana, Hanseol and Jaesung.

He wasted no time to head over behind them before grinning at Hana “I see we have a fellow Disney fan in the house” he grinned slightly and peeked over her shoulder at Han and Jae “And damn Jae, that’s some serious commitment to the cause” he grinned slightly, he’d kinda made peace with the dhampir since the first time they met and Jae had given him a swift punch to the nose. His eyes drifted to Han “And of course I throw a good party, it’s basically on the top of my skill list” he winked slightly and stepped around Hana “Hana meet Jaesung and Hanseol” he pointed between them before he heard screaming outside again and laughed loudly before scooting through the middle of them and patting Han on the back as he headed off “You kids have fun and wipe the brooding looks off your faces” he chuckled as he headed out to investigate what was going on with the maze.

Initially, Dae had no intention of attending any event that wasn't charity, sometimes even if it was for a good cause, the Niveis would rather give a quick pass to it simply because parties aren't exactly his scene to begin with. But when he received the invitation about a Halloween party being held at an Inn he's heard of a few times over his stay in Evermore, he had his lips pursed but was really going to place it aside because there was no way Daehyun Stormwind would find himself mingling with people in such a noisy place. Of course, that was until he saw the name engraved on the invitation; Yeonseok Lee, one of the co-organizers. That alone was enough to pique his interest. Perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad for him to attend, for a brief while at least? Knowing Mirae, it's more likely for the elder Stormwind to find his sister with her beau at the party too because she would never miss that one out. 

From the looks of it, the party was held at a grand scale, which was why he was standing in front of the place, finding himself walking moderately in the maze. He had no idea why he even allowed his sister to plan his fit today, of course she would go with the most likely thing he was more inclined to go as. Too generic? Nah. While his eyes were busy wandering about the maze, he could hear a few screams from multiple directions, mostly because there were hired actors playing ghosts or monsters alike. Dae didn't hate Halloween, how can you actually hate a festivity? He just doesn't like being scared or ghosts, in general. He allowed his feet to take him to the route in front of him only to bump into someone, which he stumbled because of the misstep and actually hissed slightly, until his eyes fell on the person before him, "Are you supposed to be Mickey Mouse?" he asked bluntly, snickering in response to the sight he had in front of him, which was the co-organizer himself dressed in a blue cloak draped over him and a hat. Him on the other hand, he was dressed as a slightly modern 'vampire' in the fictionous fantasy lore, with fake fangs, of course. 

He wasn't sure what he was supposed to be, really.  He saw what seemed dark and mysterious and threw it over him, that's it. Jae, on the other hand, however,was definitely the complete opposite of him, ironically, the red and blue meshed up pretty well but he had to pause for a while because he was trying to remember what his dhampir is dressed up as, "Thank you. You certainly went along with the whole Halloween thing, Jae. I applaud the hair dye. Did you do the eyeshadow yourself? But where have I seen this character from... " Think, Han. Think. "Is it from one of those movies we watched?" He knew Jae didn't exactly prefer horror genre in anything yet the latter still took the time to accompany the Celestial which made him excited. 

When asked why he let him talk him into this, Han spared a look at Jae and shrugged casually, aligning it with a sheepish grin because his answer can be pretty cheesy, "Because you love meee" he cooed playfully and chuckled, "You know how to dress up too, wonder where you got all the preparation to do this though. Commitment level infinity. You went all out and there's me with a boring cape. Besides, who else would I go with? Yeon is more likely going to leave me alone surrounded by people I don't know. With you, it's different." That would actually happen, knowing his Volakiri. When a random girl greeted them from behind, Han turned around and spared a small smile, thanking her for her compliments and glanced at Jae, ruffling his hair a bit because it really was quite colorful even if it was just red and blue, "No, I don't think we've met before" he shook his head, if he met anyone, he would've remembered them. 

Hanseol has quite the long term memory to be forgetting that easily. She looked cute, in the onesie, which he assumed to be Winnie the Pooh. When Yeon got to them, he couldn't help himself before losing himself in his laughter, "Nice outfit." He rolled his eyes at the Valkyr's attestment, "Real humble, Yeon." He waved lightly towards Hana but heard what the Valkyr said and scowled, "I'm literally older than you-" Then he was gone, which prompted Han to glance at Jae, "It has the same name as that bike. Harley?" Of course, he wouldn't let that go until he figured it out. 

Mirae had practically begged Daehyun to go to tonights event. She knew of all people that he wasn't a social scene type of guy. And, she would likely tease him until the end of time about how quickly Yeon's name being engraved on the invitation seemed to change his mind. Dae had reluctantly decided to wear the outfit she helped him pick out, and he looked pretty damn good if she should say so herself. Mirae was busy getting herself ready, when she finally smiled to herself, and realized there was no one else she'd rather be with at that party than Ha-joon. And, with that, the Niveis sent him a text message, deciding to tease him as she attached a pic of herself with it. "Meet me at the halloween event. I promise it'll be fun. We can dance the night away, and I can show you a few new moves ive been working on ;) " her text sent, and Mirae hurried to finish getting ready so that she could leave with Dae.

She had her hopes up that she'd get to speak to Yeon tonight as well. The two of them clicked better than anyone Mirae had ever spoken to besides her own brother of course, who she seemingly shared everything with. Dressed in a white satin dress, with a white veil, and creepy make up, Mirae decided on going as a dead / creepy bride. She wasn't sure which, but she liked it either way. Mirae definitely wouldn't miss this type of event, so her brother knew her like this back of his hand, while Mirae knew it was pretty odd that he had even decided to go. After arriving, Mirae saw Ha-joon's sister standing with a crowd of familiar faces. It's when the Niveis saw Yeon that her face lit up. "Look at you, I love the outfit!" she expressed and gave a weary look to the maze, before looking back to the Valkyr, and giving him a hug. Mirae's gaze then averted to the group that a-joon's sister stood with, "Well, il go introduce myself. Save me a dance" she grinned at Yeon and dismissed herself, smiling as she gave them a nod. "You all look great" she expressed, "Han and Jae, right?" she asked, having heard Yeon introduce them to Ha-joon's sister just moments before she walked over to them. "Love what you did with the hair" she nodded, beforre looking to Han, "And you make that hood look good" she smirked, making sure to compliment everyone. Being Dae's sister, she wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't already felt as if they knew her a little, due to how close she and Daehyun had actually gotten lately. And, it seemed as though they all knew each other, or a little bit about each other through Yeon either way. 

"I'm waiting for Ha-joon to get here so I can drag him to the maze" she admitted with a chuckle, before looking to Ha-joon's sister. "Hana right?" she asked with a charming smile gracing her features. "Ive heard tons about you. It's finally nice to meet you in person." she added, before gazing out into the distance, anticipation making her head spin of how this night would be with Ha-joon, considering how little time they'd actually gotten together. Hana couldn't help but to let her feet guide her until her entire body moved to the music. Yeon had really brought a passion of hers to the surface, and that, she could only be thankful for. Mirae was cheerful though, she had been waiting for this event, and now that she was here, she couldn't be any happier, until Ha-joon arrived. She knew seeing him would make her just a little happier. 

There had been a flyers placed around the city of Evermore regarding a Halloween party that was in place for that weekend. Javier was contemplating to go or to not go at all seemingly as he was never a social butterfly when it comes to parties. Since arriving to Evermore, he could feel himself getting lonely and he needed to make some friends at least. He hoped to run into Joshua or Ash along the way, he had a costume ready and he was ready to head down there. His costume wasn't his everyday look but it was rather fashionable and something completely different. After driving to the Crowthrone Inn, he arrived and parked his car not too far from the event. He was surprised at the number of people showing up to the event, there was a decent amount which was good. 

Placing his hat on top of his head, he began to head towards the Inn, upon arriving, he saw there was a dance floor, drinks and food available, a pumpkin patch he could see outside from where he stood and a haunted maze. He didn't know where should go first but he decided to grab a drink then headed towards the haunted maze, entering inside of it. He chuckled to himself when he heard the screams of terror coming from the other side of the maze, where people must have been more further into it than he was. He gripped his glass as he sipped on it, heading around a corner before he was jumped scared by a zombie and he almost shrieked in freight. ''Bloody hell!'' He yelled and the zombie smirked before he hid away for the next person. He was lucky he didn't spill his drink, coming around the corner of the maze edge, he didn't see someone right in front of him before he bumped into them, and groaned in annoyance slightly. ''Sorry... My bad,'' before he blinked and he looked over the person in front of him. Was that Ash Dunford? He smirked slightly as he saw what he was dressed as. 

If there was one thing that always set Rowan on edge and made him antsy, it was parties. The Scot had just never really been the kind of person to enjoy them, nor did he particularly see being around a load of strangers and getting drunk particularly fun but Giselle was required to attend and it made sense for the very public Halloween party to be the place where they announced their fake relationship or at least gave Evermore daily something to write about at least. Being unprepared as he was, he hadn't been able to find a costume in his closet and had headed out in the morning to buy one only to find that nearly every store was sold out. 

So here he was, dressed in a monkey onesie, staring into the mirror and questioning all his life decisions until now. After a while he shook his head at his reflection, just a few photos, some free food, a couple runs around the maze and being made jump and then they could make an escape. Plus the pout on Giselle's lips when he'd tried to refuse was ingrained in his mind and he knew he would end up doing what she wanted. He headed out of his apartment and locked the door behind him before ordering an uber and getting inside, they had chosen a near location to meet so it was less suspicious but it was a short walk from the party and when he stepped out he could hear the music in the distance. 

When his eyes fell upon her he smiled brightly "Well I see you did way better with costume than I did" he spoke with a grin as he closed the gap between them "You look great" he complimented with a grin "And ready to save the world I might add" he chuckled softly and did his best to swallow his nerves rubbing his slightly sweaty palms before he offered an arm out to her "Ready to face the music?" he spoke and then raised his brows slightly "At least there's free candy" he quipped trying to lighten the mood a little.  

Halloween. One of the fun holidays of the year. The Celestial was always quiet a festive person. And despite the challenges life threw her way; she had tried to take part in social events, that Evermore hosted. One that had slowly gotten her out of her shell, had been in the spring fling; even if certain people she hoped would show up, didn’t. Hopefully this time, her best-friend Ridley and a certain Valkyr, would show up. Artemitra knew that Ridley was a social bunny, that liked to have fun. But it always took her ages, to try and persuade Phoenix to join in the fun. She thought it’d be good for him. To meet more people, especially some of her friends.

Mitra had some fun crafting her halloween outfit, the past few weeks. At first, she settled on a Snow White themed outfit. But then one evening; she saw a slender sword in one of the costume shops, which gave her other ideas. So she ended up giving her outfit a pirate theme. Thanks to Ophelia, Artemis altered the dress slightly, so it would fit her perfectly. It took her a few good hours to get ready; mainly because the current hairstyle, took her about almost 2 hours to perfect. What can she say? She was a bit of a perfectionist. Not to mention, it was a fun night out, so she wanted to look good. Her sword, was attached to her belt.

By the time, she arrived. The music was thumping loudly. Quite a lot of people had arrived already, clearly enjoying themselves. Artemis made her way inside, after showing the ticket. Her brown chocolate hues, scanning the scene before her; trying to see if she spotted anyone familiar. Seeing Hanseol with a few friends, she gave her fellow Celestial friend a wave. But since he seemed bit preoccupied with others; she wasn’t about to intrude on his conversation. Making her way towards the drink table. The Celestial almost bumped into some tall and large. Glancing up. There stood the Aspect of Death. Artemis hadn’t seen Erythreus since the entire ordeal in the woods and hospital incident. “Fancy seeing you here.” She had assumed, he was too busy for such events. Taking a glimpse at his outfit, it seemed very like him. So it was hard to tell, what he was coming as.

The Spookfest. Tonights Party; was well known about. Andersen heard a few people in the city talking about it. Not to mention the young Diviner, Ridley. She mentioned it more than once; always excited about the social occasion. Almost like she was hinting at him to attend. It always took the Niveis bit of time and persuasion, for him to attend things like this. But his baby sister was the one encouraging him, to go this Halloween event. At the end of the day, whom didn’t love a good party? Not to mention, he looked forward to any moments he had with Ridley. Strange, how the Bubbly Diviner always pulled him in.

Andersen dressed up, as the iconic villain; The Joker. Using a hair spray, he turned his hair green. It was temporary, the green wouldn’t keep in his hair forever. Green wasn’t exactly his favorite color; but oddly enough it suited him for the event. Along with the creepy Halloween make-up. Anders looked quite scary himself. Once he was all set; he drove towards the Valkyr territory, where the party was taking place. There were quiet a few cars, present already. His hearing could pick up on the music playing, and screams and shrieks coming from within the maze; making him chuckle slightly. The Niveis didn’t scare that easily; it’d take a lot to frighten him. Making his way towards the door, he showed his invitation. Before making his way through the maze and towards the party. He looked impressed by the decorations.

People around him shrieking/jumping. The Niveis didn’t look as freaked out as so many people. But a small group of people around him got scared; it caused him to jump slightly. Two many people freaking out, got to him. Chuckling to himself. He shook his head. Once he was out of the maze, he entered the party scene. Glancing around, he couldn’t see Ridley anywhere yet. Instead he spotted a familiar human/friend of his. Hana.  “I see you’ve come to enjoy the Spookfest too, huh?” Anders spoke as he approached the human. Little mingling before Ridley arrived, would keep him busy.

Halloween was something that she never understood really. Just another reason to add an annual holiday each year. That it’s too overdone, losing it’s true meaning many years ago. Rather than to what it originally stood for. Cora just thought that it’s another money making scheme for people. Yet there’s some people who took it all very seriously and went all out. Finding that american’s loved to celebrate it mostly. Seeing how Evermore City celebrates Halloween each year. Hosting different types of Halloween type of events over the years where she found herself going.  Cora knew that Evermore City loved holding it’s extravagant events. Another excuse to spend the cities money but a time when everyone comes together. Each time she swore that she wouldn’t attend finding no interest in the holiday. Believing that it’s just making fun of the whole supernatural world with the different costumes and make up. Cora found herself getting ready for the Spookfest or whatever it was called. Coming in fashionably late but at least she was still going since she was never really a party person. Finding herself to be forced to go to any social events or get togethers. Keeping up with appearances and all that. So here she was going to another halloween event. Deciding this year not to dress up so to say. Instead to get some clothes out of her closet and mash it together and say that it’s her costume. For her to go as a shadowhunters. 

Leaving the safe walls of the Ailward Manor, with or without her personal guard. This year instead of it being at the townhall it was at some Inn place. Cora weren’t too sure where it was so she took a taxi instead forgetting to hitch a ride with Erytherus who already left a while before. By the time she arrived at the party everyone were all having fun. Spotting a maze just ahead. Cora was planning to meet with Rashesh sometime during the night at the party. Deciding to text him saying that he’d have to go to find her first. Making it a bit more difficult for her, he would have to go through the maze to find her. Cora made her way through the maze without a care in the world. Passing through the people who were frightened and screaming. Spotting a familiar grim reaper up ahead deciding she’ll have fun whilst at it. Cora started to creep up on Erythreus, using her Aspect powers to take away his sight. Putting him into darkness giving her the opportunity to grab and scare him for a few moments until she hears him scream like a little girl so she could return his sight. Taking away any reputation he still has.

Seeing Han’s reaction to his outfit made him worry for a moment that maybe he had done too much, he didn’t normally have the excuse to dress up and so he was being a little experimental with it and he didn’t hate how it turned out “Thankfully it’s all temporary because I already freaked myself out in the mirror twice” he commented and laughed shyly “Yeah Ahri always used to make me help her with her costumes and makeup” curse of being the younger sibling, you got dragged into things. “Well remembered” he spoke softly when he said it was from one of his movies, Jae really enjoyed superhero movies of all kinds.

Jae eyed Han when he moved into his usual innocent, I didn’t do anything wrong tone and laughed softly “You’re lucky I do” he spoke as he pressed his hand over his heart feeling it beating fast because of how surprised he had been. “Well you know I do like an excuse to break out the hair dye, I’m colorful” but being surrounded by loads of people he didn’t know was hard for him. Hearing a female voice from behind them he glanced over his shoulder quickly and then grinned seeing her Winnie the Pooh onesie, he bowed slightly at her compliments “It took me about 5 tries to put the contacts in without my eyes watering” he laughed slightly and grinned at Han with a look of awe when he ruffled his hair.

It wasn’t long before the host of the party showed up too and Jae couldn’t help but laugh at the valkyr’s choice of costume “Nice to meet you, Hana” he responded to the introduction and then laughed at the way Han protested her was older than Yeon “I don’t think he cares all that much” he spoke softly as he threaded his hand through Han’s arm and then grinned brightly when he randomly commented on the name of his costume “You do remember” he spoke in a slightly surprised tone and smiled, he wanted to press a kiss to his cheek but the public setting stopped him and then they were interrupted by the presence of another girl. He had to wonder to himself how many friends Yeon had “Yeah I’m Jae” he responded and tilted his head slightly “And you are?” he didn’t know any of Yeon’s friends except Daehyun after all.

Since living in Evermore; Jessalyn noticed how many social events seemed to go around. It’s been a little while, since she attended one of them. Due to some personal family things. But she didn’t want to miss the chance of attending the Halloween Party. As a young child, she always loved dressing up for the holidays. Even as a young adult; she still loved the holiday. And the fun, that came with the holidays. Young Jess had spent weeks working on her outfit. Deciding to come as an Elven Princess. Jessa had made the dress herself; using bits of her old dresses, to make an elvish looking dress. It took lots of time, effort and watching Youtube Tutorials, how to string it together. But she was quite proud of herself; as it turned out to be good. Her hair in a quiet intricate hairstyle; which she spent a long while on, with Sierra’s help. Entwining leaves into her hair; from golden yellow, to greeny-yellow and red. It seemed to add the woodland vibe to her outfit. Jessalyn even brought fake elvish ears, from the costume shop.

Double checking herself in the mirror. Jessalyn was satisfied that she was ready. The young Initia made her way over to the Valkyr Territory, where the party was taking place. Wondering whom the organisers were; the names on the invite didn’t  sound overly-familiar to her. Upon arrival;she showed her ticket. Before slowly making her way through the maze. The music was slightly making her dance her way throughout the maze. Taking in the decorations. Whomever did it; had an eye for design. It looked spooky, but in a cool way. A few times, the young Initia got scared; with people jumping out from the hedges. Jumping, with her girlish screams; that slightly echoed through the maze.

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