Aisling read through the file laid before her, she'd been sitting in her office thinking about how she'd continue approaching the situation at hand. Her best friend now back in town with no memory, and a man following her around, had Aisling beside of herself. For the past few days, the young Diviner had been following him,  as he followed her, assuming she was keeping Nat out of danger, without knowing the real truth about it. The on her desk rang, startling her. Deep in thought she snapped away and picked the phone up. "Miss Griffin, your next appointment is here" the woman out front said, Aisling bit down on her lip, looking down to the file. "Cancel it" she said quickly, snatching all her belongings up from the desk and cramming it into her purse.

Tucking the file in between her rib cage and elbow, she put her sunglasses on and left her office. As she made her way to the front, her patient glared at her, trying to stop her fom leaving, explaining he really needed his session today. "Im sorry, ive got to handle something" she said before pushing past him, departing the building where she worked. A frown adorned her features as she slipped into her hummer H2, revving the engine as she turned the key. Aisling had never turned a  session down. Her patients had true issues, and they needed her. But, so did Nat, and she wanted to know this man continued to follow her.

Spinning her tires, leaving black marks against the pavement as she pulled out, Aisling went to her usual location. After pushing her sunglasses on top of her head, she got out, shutting the door quietly. There he was, again. "Who the hell is this?" she asked out loud, gritting her teeth. She wouldn't let Natalie come to any harm on her watch. But then again, the past few days Aisling had been stalking this man, he hadn't went near her, he watched from afar. Aisling got close enough but far enough to where she could see his face. She wanted to know what was going on and if it killed her doing so, so be it. She thought to herself silently. 

Seeing Natalie pushed tears to the surface of her coco optics, she'd only just reunited with her best friend who didn't remember a thing about their friendship. Aisling quickly got back into her hummer, nearly jumping inside of it, as the man turned to scan the surroundings. Maybe he had information about what had happened to NAtalie. With that, she used her file to follow the location on it, where he lived. It led her to a cabin deep in the forest. "As if he wasn't creepy enough" she said out loud before getting out and picking up a bolder sized rock in case the door was impossible to break into. Just as Aisling assumed, she couldn't simply break into the cabin by the door. Walking around back, the young Diviner took the bolder and smashed a piece of the window out, unlocking the latch that held the window closed.

After she unlocked the latch she slid the window open, climbing up into his cabin. Her nerves had began to get the best of her. Her hands shook and her breathing hitched. "what am I doing?" she questioned out loud, would it be worth it in the end? She shook her head and proceeded, she began going through desk drawers, noticing only one of them was locked. She then went and grabbed a knife from the kitchen, working it into the lock that held the drawer closed. Once it popped open, the first thing her choclate optics seen, was a gun. She pushed it aside, not thinking about fingerprints. Not that she even cared. She then seen a numerous section in the drawer of pictures and files, all with NAtalie's name on them. Picking one up, she heard the sound of a vehicle parking outside.

She dropped the file in the floor, scared, she didn't think she had time to pick it up so instead she shut and locked his drawer back and attempted to find somewhere to hide as the door nob was heard, "Oh my fucking god" she said, cramming herself into a small space in a closet where a washer and dryer sat. She could see through the cracks of the folding doors in the closet. It was him, he was home. What was she supposed to do now? She couldn't sit here much longer, as nervous as she was, she had forgotten to turn her phone off to prevent noise. Just as the thought entered her mind, her phone rang "shit shit shit" she cursed quietly, attempting to turn it off, but dropped it instead, a loud thud heard from outside the closet, she was sure.

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He couldn’t watch her 24/7, despite his natural instinct to make sure the young girl was protected – it just wasn’t practical for him to drop everything in his life and devote it to one single woman who could kill him with one simple string of words. He had his personal life to live and his duties to his Faction and Valeria - Scorp was a man of his word; he just needed to learn how to balance all the priorities at once, as well as indulging in some leisure activities such as his art and his books. Scorp was also fairly sure that during the evenings, on most nights, the young girl’s brother, Weston would be home to protect her – the thought alone comforted him each night that he returned to his cabin. His blue hues watched intently as he witnessed her walk up the steps of the porch to enter the family home and with that, he simply nodded before withdrawing back into the shadows to find his mode of transport to get back to his side of the city.

Scorpios lingered within his car for a few moments before driving away – simply to enjoy the warmth that the inside of his car had to offer, he didn’t know how much longer he could deal with the cold; in fact, he had even got to the point where he began to cross off the dates on his calendar to Summer. Blowing heated breath into the palms of his hands and rubbing them together, he soon forced himself to drive off; arguing with himself that he would be warmer… Much warmer at home where he could have a log fire burning. The sky had completely darkened by the time he pulled up outside of his cabin, the canopy of branches giving his humble abode an eerie sensation and the poetry that could be triggered by such aesthetic pleased him deeply.

Scorp reached into the back of his car to pick up his weapon that he received from his ceremony at the age of eighteen and soon locked his car up – as his hand rummaged in his back pocket to find his key, his eyes caught the glimpse of the light on in his study. It was extremely unlike him to leave such a thing on, considering he knew he had OCD which he would never verbally admit to. Witnessing the light on, it made his movements a lot more wary, he refused to be the prey, therefore, he made his movements predatory. Unlocking the front door, he simply wandered around his cabin slowly; yet saw no sign of life besides the very blatant broken window. “Fanculo” Scorpios muttered in his mother tongue and left his weapon beside his desk until he heard the sound of something hitting the wooden deck.    

He followed the sound slowly, making sure that he didn’t step on the boards which he knew too well creaked if any pressure was applied. His rough hand stretched out before him as his fingers curled around the door handle to the closet – he counted to three slowly in his head before opening the closet door rather quickly and rather harshly. Scorpios felt his muscles tense as he prepared himself for a fight until his gaze fell upon a petite woman curled up in the corner. “Well, what do we have here?” His Italian accent bypassed his lips, as he leaned up against the door casually yet with her being so low to the ground, he definitely had the power dynamic.

Aisling had never been more terrified in her life. What if he had killed her just for her being in a place she didn't belong? Her breathing was unsteady and her heart beat against her chest rapidly, wondering what was about to happen. The closer his foot steps came, the more she tried backing herself into a wall that she was already smashed into.. she couldn't have gotten any close if she wanted to. She could sense his hesitant spirit when she heard the noise from the door nob, slowly but surely opening until she was in plain sight. Part of this was amusing, considering how alarmed they both were before the door opened, and the other part, still had Aisling on her toes, she didn't know this man, nor why he constantly followed Natalie around .. stuck to her daily life like a leech. 

After Natalie had returned to the city however, with amnesia, Aisling was sure she had people guarding her, protecting her, etc. PErhaps this was one of those people, but still.. there was something that set her senses on fire when she was in this man's presence, and she didn't like it. She remembered before he'd opened the door, he'd used the word 'fanculo' with that, she then knew he was Italian... just one of her few weaknesses, but she paid this man no mind.. not for that reason anyways. Aisling wanted answers and now there was no point in her leaving without getting at least a few today. She'd make it a mission to bother this man every day of his life if she had to, until he told her what he was up to.

Since he didn't pose a threat, or any harm. Aisling then stood, now face to face with him, pressed against him, she breathed heavily but didn't break eye contact for even a split second. "What we have here, is one of Natalie's best friend.. and you've been following her for weeks ... what are you? a hungered stalker... I am not leaving here without an answer. You can make me a drink too.. if you'd be so kind" Aisling stated, an arrogant hint to her once sweet tone. Eyeing him up and down for a few moments as silence settled between the two of them, she grinned and made her way past him by brushing into him before finding herself a seat at his island counter, and taking a file from her bag, roughly slapping the folder against the smooth marble top in front of her.

"After the few times I watched you follow her, I started digging for information about you.. here's all that I found. I don't need the small details, so burn this.. read it, frame it.. whatever. Ill get out of you what I need .. my own way" she smirked before spinning in the stool to face the direction he stood in, waiting for a drink. Aisling couldn't help but find this thrilling, the stalker was being stalked ... and Natalie, probably had no idea that either of them were following her the way they had been.. or did she know that this man had been following her? Aisling huffed out of frustration... had she not cared for Nat so much, she wouldn't have went the extra mile by breaking in .. and taking matters into her own hands. What would come of this? A new enemy to watch out for? A frienemy.. or maybe even a friend as twisted as the world seemed to be, it surely wouldn't surprise the Diviner.

Broad shoulders leaned upon the slight door frame, muscular arms crossing over his chest as he regarded the woman before him; his ice like eyes narrowed as he took in every feature that she had to offer and somewhere, in the back of his mind there was a nagging voice – the nagging voice hissing that he had seen her face somewhere before. In fact, his brows creased somewhat as he tried to locate her very face; she must have been one of Natalie’s friends. Nevertheless, just because she was his client’s friend didn’t mean he would let her off so lightly nor did he ever trust new people. He had assumed that she was just like Natalie, a Diviner and he found himself completely wary of them and the voodoo witchcraft that they could summon. Of course he had the ability to cast runes but he was specie of protection and fighting was always his last resource – mainly due to the fact he knew what Valeria would be like if she found out he had got into another fisty cuff.

Scorpios watched the woman stand before him and how she closed the space between them without hesitation and it caused him to exhale. The closeness didn’t necessarily bother him, he had been this close to many women before but under this circumstance, he knew she had ulterior motive. Upon hearing the words which bypassed her lips, he allowed his lips to curve upwards ever so slightly allowing a silent amused gust of air to escape his lungs; his head shook briefly as he studied her before giving any response. “An observant woman, well done you” He mockingly replied with a roll of his eyes, especially when she demanded that he got her a drink, and it was in that moment he couldn’t decide if he disliked her more, or admired her for such boldness considering that she was in his house.

He would play her little game, for now until he got bored of what she had to say. She looked small enough for him to throw her over his shoulder and then out of the front door. Scorpios grunted a little as she barged pass him, purposely nudging his shoulder as she did so, he could tell she would get great enjoyment from ruffling his feathers. After a few moments he followed her into kitchen/dining room and his eyes curiously fell upon the file that she had dug out of her bag – the file holding information about him which made him laugh. “I don’t mind what information you hold, I have nothing to hide.” His accent laced with amusement entered the air around them as he was obliged to pour her a drink; he didn’t ask what she would want as he didn’t particularly care, therefore, he ended up pouring them both a glass of red wine.  “Your name, intruder” His voice became stern as he offered her a glass, his gaze locked with hers before leaning against the counter. “Once I know a little more about you, then be my unwelcomed guest – you may ask me anything you like.”

Aisling who had now closed any space he'd had to himself, smirked at this man. He intriged her more than she cared to admit. Why did she have to have a weakness for smart asses? She sighed, a breath of air escaping her lungs. She certainly wasn't amused by his answers though. He was still to discreet for her liking, but perhaps it was because she'd broke into his house? Sure, it wasn't her best approach, or her brightest idea lately, but she'd ran out of options. Aisling looked into the eyes of those who stood on the other side of her, she could sense paranoia with this man. She could tell he had a problem with what she was, but, she was here now and it's not like she could change what she was.

The amused expression on his face, didn't exactly help this situation. IT more so intimidated her. Swallowing roughly she rolled her coco optics at him, not able to peel her eyes away from those icy blues. They were almost captivating. Not able to stand close to him any longer she groaned, "just move" she stated, and smirked as he grunted when she pressed by him. Her smile brightened when he followed her to the kitchen, picking red wine for her requested drink. "Very kind of you, why don't you join me?" she asked, tapping her free hand against the counter before her. "And, to your previous statement .. yes, I am observant, especially when a man is following my best friend.. who don't even rememeber a damn thing about me.. maybe im wasting my time" she stated, tears pooling up in her eyes.

Was saving NAtalie worth so much hassle and even risking her own life by going to the extent of breaking in someones home? Aisling inhaled deeply then exhaling, a huge breath of air escaping her. The file didn't seem to phase him either, he said he had nothing to hide, so with that, she'd get the answers she needed right? Or would he be stubborn? As the male who had yet to give his name, assumed red wine was her poison, she smirked, because it happened to be what she drank the most. "Good taste, I see." she complimented, trying to soften her serious features. Perhaps she was the one in the wrong here, and maybe this man meant no harm at all, but she'd decide that only after a few drinks and a few answers later.

"My name.." she said, after sipping from the glass. "Aisling Griffin.. but we are gonna play a game of if you show me yours illl show you mine, but in this case, answer for answer. Your name mystery man" she replied, flashing the Dhampir a wink. Aisling the nodded, his only rule being that he knew a little more about her, to give her the answers she came for, she found that to be fair enough for her to begin telling him who she was. "Fine. Natalie and I met in Canada.. during our childhood, we have been best friends since very young ages, she was sent away though, when we grew up, it was the safest thing for her back then, it's only been recent that I figured out she was here in Evermore, Ive been following her in the shadows since the day I approached her, and she didn't even know me.. Ive seen you since day one following her too.. what's your reason, stranger?" she asked after explaining herself.

"And, i'm sorry for breaking in. I'll replace the window. I shouldn't have gone that far, but I had to know you weren't trying to harm her" she then said, falling silent so he could process. "And, what's your deal with Diviners? I could sense your fear because of what I am" she blurted out thoughtlessly before chugging the rest of her wine, helping herself to another glass.

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