A mechanical chime rang softly through the still evening air, almost too quiet for someone with normal hearing though given his lack of vision he heard the ringing loud and clear. Pausing with his hands buried in the rich soil the Male waited, expecting at any moment for a cold nose to touch the outside of his arm. The warm weight of her body to brush against his back as a soft whine alerted him further to the fact that it was time to head home. Either came, a stark and painful reminder that Tink wasn't with him. People talked all the time about the separation anxiety that dogs had to deal with when their owners were not around yet no one talked about an the owners depression at having to go without. Even for a day it had been hard, though the necessity had been there for even working dogs needed their shots and a good grooming.

Sighing Wade placed a hand on his knee and pushed his body into a standing position, arching his back until he heard a satisfying series of cracks. Groaning at the pleasant sensation he pulled his folded up walking stick out of his pocket, though inside the shop he hardly needed it. The layout was seared in his brain at this point, and anything new was placed right where he knew it would be. Pacing around the perimeter he locked the shop up, placing the money in a secured safe, and locked the front door. Though it was late the desk clerk at the vet's office had assured him he could pick Tink up, as it was one of those 24-hour emergency joints.

Once out on the sidewalk he turned left and headed down the street, whistling a jazzy tune while his stick made rhythmic tapping against the cement. About five blocks down he became aware of another sound, steps that were uneven and sporadic. Shuffling followed by an errant rock that hit the side of a building with a loud ping, though every time he paused to listen he heard only the hum of the city. Slightly perplexed the Celestial kept going, his steps light and sure as he counted buildings in his mind mapping out where he had left to go. Just as he reached another alley, this one wide as it sat between two warehouses he was shoved off balance forced to stumble into the depths of the alleyway and the lurking darkness.

Laughter bubbled up around him as he braced his hands against the brick wall, breathing in the stench of garbage and human waste. Tilting his head he caught the shimmering lights as they circled him, like wolves herding a wounded kill they were riled up and volatile. For a moment panic seized his chest, making it hard to breathe while his focus wavered. Never having been threatened before the fear nearly choked him, until the first of his pursuers took the first swing. Instinct kicked in, some buried knowledge had him ducking and twisting at the last moment effectively dodging the swing. A peace stole over him as he lashed out at his assailants, a soft glow emanating from his body that only grew brighter the more he was forced to fight and defend himself.

Not a single assailant landed a blow, though by the time he roundhouse kicked the last of them he was glowing bright as a star, causing those who were still conscious to run away shouting nonsense about a ninja angel.

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Aurelia had been spending more time out of the manor in her city penthouse. It was easier to see Davis and keep an eye on the gallery. The guards knew how to reach her easily and since the lost of Vlad, Aurelia couldn’t handle the emotions that seem to be running so high in the Manor. She was thankful to have the getaway. It made it so she had a place she could breath in. Her sister had come and stayed a few nights with her when things became too much for her being in the Manor. Aurelia and Octavia had a shared experience in losing loved ones.  It was one she wouldn’t wish on anyone let alone her sister. All Aurelia could try to do was be strong for her sister while she went through this dark time.

That evening was like many others for her lately when it wasn’t Davis night off. She had a drink at the gallery bar check over everything and then lock up. She picked up her bag off the counter as she walked over flicking the lights off and stepped out locking the locks to the door. She tossed the key in her bag and began the short walk to her penthouse. She hummed out softly into the night air when something in the air seem to change. She paused for a moment as she took a step back her ears catching the sounds of what sounded like a fight to start happening and it was near her warehouse which sat just behind the gallery itself. She narrowed her gaze as she caught the brightness that was there. She could tell the Aura from any source of light.

Celestial. With a slightly loud groan Aurelia blended with the shadows and made her way down the alleyway. She was sure who ever it was, would be fine but she couldn’t take the chance. After all she was an Ailward guard and it was in her blood nature to protect even if it was a celestial she had probably helped hunted down at one point. The closer she got the more she wanted to back away from his Celestial glow. He was glowing so brightly it was almost as if he didn’t know he was a pure beacon for supernatural enemies. She lifted her hand to shield the glow that is when she manages to catch a glimpse of his face. “Atticus?” she questioned and then instinct took over. She moved in and quickly took down two of them. Who ever they where. They were sloppy in their fighting skills.

She felt the Celestial who she could not see was not Atticus land a hit on her, which caused her to take a step back and growl out. “Hey watch it! I am trying to help you here! What are you blind?!” she said as she looked to the other attackers who began to scream “Valkyr! Run! Its his bound!” Aurelia hissed out as she watched them make an escape all but one which she had taken in a headlock “What do you want with him?” she hissed into his ear as she let her fangs grow. “Tell me or I will rip your throat out.” She then looked up to Wade squinting. “Stop glowing so fucking bright before you call something worst then these thugs over to you.”

In the midst of the fight a darker presence entered the fray, distinctly female she moved with a grace and poise that was mesmerizing to watch. Unused to his own newly found fighting skills and being placed so close to another he landed a blow or two to her, though he didn’t mean to. Sucking in a breath of apology the Celestial kept his guard up, moving around his attackers with a skill that he didn’t quite understand or fully have command over. It was a rather odd sensation, to not be able to see what was going on but somehow have instincts that drove his body to react to actions that were encroaching upon his personal space.

Barely dodging a punch to the face Wade couldn’t help but chuckle at the clearly feminine voice that seemed outraged at his clumsy skills. “As a matter of fact yes, I am blind.” He shouted back, grinning as a tripped up an assailant wincing happily at the crack of bone meeting wall made a satisfying crunch. There was a hissing sound that was oddly reminiscent of a snake only far more sinister, the terrified screams of the rest of the attackers had the male furrowing his brow. A Valkyr? What would a Valkyr be doing in the alleyway, and what was this rubbish about being bound? Shaking his head the star took a slightly defensive position near one of the walls as the feminine voice spoke again in a far too menacing tone for his liking.

When she snapped at him to stop glowing Wade had the good grace to blush, huffing loudly as he closed his eyes in order to focus. Shutting out everything that was going on around him the Celestial centered himself for a few moments, imagining a big internal dial on his illumination and turning that dial all the way down to zero. On the outside the glow he was putting off slowly dimmed and then went out altogether, leaving everyone remaining in the alley in complete darkness. Clearing his throat the male opened his eyes, drumming his fingers on his walking stick when he spoke, “Better?”

Given that he couldn’t see it was a bit embarrassing when someone pointed out that he was glowing, a point of contention with Ophelia that often got him into trouble. It wasn’t his fault, he just couldn’t tell what set him off or made the illumination start so it was hard to control. Not to mention the few people he was usually around didn’t much care when he started to glow or had the decency not to say that he was. Suddenly Wade felt very tired and very frustrated.

Aurelia had to admit the fact the male was actually blind did take her back slightly as she tried to process how he was able to even land such decent punches for a moment. As she grabbed one of the males arms snapping it like a twig without thinking. “Well then I guess I can forgive you for being so reckless with your glowing.” She said as she dusted herself off watching the assailants for a long moment. She was able to finally rub her eyes to keep them from sting when it came to staring at him.

“Much better.” She said as she looked over the younger looking male for a long moment. “I have never came across a blind celestial.” She looked at him for a moment longer. “And I would remember you if I had.” She took in his sharp jaw and then crossed her arms for a moment. She felt her energy returning to her now being surrounded by the shadows.  “You must be a new Celestial.” She slowly put together the pieces of why she hadn’t seen him before. “Or you were in hiding like Ophelia.”

She was now just talking aloud as she tilted her hand as she let out a soft breath. While Celestial and Guards had their history with one another it was clear that this male didn’t seem to understand that. “Do you want me to walk with you to make sure you get home safe? If you are still working on controlling your glow things can get dangerous and from the looks of it. Seems like someone has it out for you.” The Valkyr could still smell the blood lingering in the alleyway in those dark moment.

Aurelia shifted from one heel to the other before she took a step closer and held her hand out to him. “My name is Aurelia Ivokav, I am a Valkyr who is also an Ailward guard.” She wondered if he even knew what that meant. “My people have a strange past but we are here to help how we can.” She said for a moment as she looked him over and could see the blood from the side of his mouth and a few cuts. “If you would let me, I could patch you up and get you home.” She said softly as she looked to her extended hand. “I am holding my hand out for you to shake.”


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