As the heat was setting in, the season of summer if finally here. More for Zandra to be lazy and trying to stay cool. The season was not this human's favorite time of the year as the wish for Autumn to come early was like wishing a on star waiting for the wish to come true for a little child. The idea of watching leaves falling down or raining pouring down out side her window making everything cold and calm made her cool down a bit but not enough. 
~ | | | ~
Zandra like to keep in shape as much as possible but her weakness as a human is heat. Doing more things then she usually does make her more tired and sleeping all day is not the answer. Going on her phone and looking at what is going on in the city as she saw a Fitness Club having a free meeting for people to come in an enjoy a free work out class, talk with others within the club and enjoy free snakes and water. Zandra thought it was a great idea to get out and see what is up with the club also getting her out of her apartment.
~ | | | ~
Getting her keys and purse as she walking to fitness area. Wearing just a her yellow tank top, black pants and black and white converse, she did felt out of place. Zandra soon found the event area and smiled and people who told her welcome and if she was new coming around here.  She was looking around what they are have to offer and what activities. Zandra might have been in city for a few days but everything to her felt strange and new still. Zandra new she had to try and show she is not shy, she just needed to talk with someone and everything will be fine. 

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The work day had been long and annoying. Today had been filled with dull back to back meetings. All Tobias wanted to do now was to go workout at his local gym to blow off some steam. As he approached the gym he took notice of the socialization going on. Thankful to not be dressed like a slob he spoke when he was spoken to by the associates. Then a girl in a yellow tank passed him. “Do you know what’s going on here? I’ve never seen this place so packed.” As usual Tobias sported his polite smile. 

As Zandra was walking around she watched people from the far side doing the first round of the free class that was said on the event site. She stood their thinking about if she should sign up up not. Zandra would love to join events or clubs as much as she can; including things Zandra wants to try out. Poeple where walking past her so much Zandra did know someone was beside her asking a question. Zandra looked up to a very tall man as she looked around and then smiled. " Oh It's a Fittness event trying to get people to join. it was on the site." the darker women said as she looked at how he looked and thought he must of came after work or a very long day of work. " It's not like this? Will that will explain much. Am new here so I don't know much that is going on." She nervously laughed to herself and looked around. 

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