The snow that once covered the streets was now melted away. It was one of the warm days that the weather would allow in the winter and it seemed that the people of the city were going to enjoy it. Kyle was glad to have the day off from the diner today and he took the opportunity to get to know the city better. He wandered the streets, absentmindedly glanced at every other shop through their windows as he passed them. He was beginning to think that he could have a fresh start here while being able to be hidden from whoever knew about him from his past. The small feeling of paranoia still stayed there in the back of his mind that one of those vampires from that group would come to finish their job to take him out. But as the sound of music pulled him from his thoughts, he found street fair going on as he approached closer. He hadn’t seen one in a long time and that caused a hint of a smile on his lips. There were booths set up and food trucks selling any kind of greasy, delicious food one can enjoy. He glanced at the tables that had the seller’s merchandise, all the items pretty much made by hand. As he ventured further into the fair, he found the source of the music that first caught his attention. He stopped and kept himself out of the way as he listened and watched people dance around to the music. He was about ready to explore more when the song ended but as he turned, he collided with another person. “I’m so sorry,” he uttered quickly when he heard things fall to the ground. When he reached down to pick them up, he noticed he bumped into a woman. “If I broke anything, I’ll buy you a new one,” he said as he saw they were trinkets that fell from her hands. He scooped them up and extended his hand out for the Nephilim to take.

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The snow was finally gone and Aviana was glad. While snow was fun for a few days it finally got too cold and boring. That day it was nice and warm so Aviana was wearing her jeans, a white blouse and a black leather jacket. She had on black boots. She thought she would explore the city more as she had not been in the city long and she had not done much exploring since she had been there. The time she has already spent in Evermore was spent sorting a place to live. While she has not got a permanent place to live she has a temporary apartment which would do for the time being.

That day Aviana decided she would go do a bit of shopping. While Aviana was wandering through the streets deciding what shops to go in she zoned out as she was thinking about her sister Bryn. The sound of music pulled her out of her thoughts and she turned around into a side street to see where the noise was coming from. Aviana saw a fair. She wandered through it ending up further in it where the music was. ''My sister probably would have liked this'' she thought to herself. Aviana put her hand into her bag to feel the trinkets she had and turned to keep walking and bumped into someone. The trinkets fell out of her hand. Aviana saw someone pick them up and She heard someone apologise "Its not your fault it's mine sorry" she apologises and takes the trinkets and puts them back in her bag. "Thank you there not broken" she says softly and adds "I am Aviana, Aviana Evanhart"

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