Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

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Siobhan had relied on Isaac so much once she came to the city, he had saved her  life after losing her father and brother, then causing the relationship between her and her mother to be strained. Though this life inside of the city was so much different than the one she was use to. She had grown up on a farm never been around technology until a few weeks ago. She never had been inside the city until a few weeks ago and it was a culture shock for sure. She spent a week walking around the city with Isaac by her side making sure she didn’t get lost thankful for the help she learned the city quickly thanks to her tracking skills.

Now weeks later she had become the Assistant that Isaac never had running around the town delivering things for him from place to place. That was what happened the day she read the chicken scratch that was written across the paper trying to make out the numbers that where there. She sighed and went to the office she thought she was to drop off the package. When she walked into the waiting area of the studio it was dark and she looked around as she walked deeper into the room “Hello?” She called out as she moving down the dark hall as she moved through the hall she came upon a door. She was not aware she was in a studio and she pulled the door open. She walked inside hearing the sound of instruments going seeing a dark haired girl sitting there and as she moved closer she fell into the drum set causing loud clashing that scared her more than anyone around.

Dropping the package in her hands she turned and took off making her way out the back door in the middle of the ally as she stood there working on catching her breath she placed her hand over her rapidly beating heart. She heard the door open to see the raven haired girl once again “I’m so sorry I was looking to drop off a package I have no idea what happened.” She admitted as she leaned her head to the side and let out a shaky breath she hadn’t been that scared since the night her Father and brother were killed.


Erin had been working late that night, finally fixing up a new album in her studio. She had a few songs written and was just beginning to put them to music and try to make something of the first few when she heard someone enter the area. She turned her head slightly not too worried. They weren't a vampire or anything. She continued working, pressing a few buttons on the synthesizer and began playing around with the song, she barely heard footsteps at that point. But then she heard the door open.

Erin turned around to view the person who entered, annoyed and disturbed. She rolled her eyes, wondering what she was doing and turned back to continue working until she heard the drum set make an odd noise. The snare drum had a hole in it. Fuck, really? The snare? She just replaced it. "Jesus fuckin christ." Erin yelled over the music and had gotten up, taking her headphones off but the woman had fled. She growled and left the room, hurrying after her. She was going to make her pay for that.

"Hey!" She called, jogging down the hallway and out of the back door, she rushed to push the door open as she caught the woman in the alleyway. "What the.." She let her voice carry off as she finally took the woman's features in. She was a blonde and a very attractive one at that. Erin liked blondes, a lot. Erin bit her lip hard, running a hand through her fringe, pushing it away. She probably seemed like such a bitch to her. "Oh, uh.. it's not a problem. Er, sure this was the place? I wasn't expecting anything. I could help you find its rightful owner. I'm Erin." She gave a slight smile and walked up to offer her hand. 

Siobhan had her good days and had her bad days and today was one of those bad days she was trying to find her way in this new world and no matter how much she loved Isaac she new she need friends to find her way in this new world. She looked up to Erin with her blue eyes that seem to have a purple hue locking with Erin brown ones. As the anger dropped from Erin's it allowed Siobhan to let out a soft breath and offer a half smile as she pushed off from the wall of the building she was leaning against she looked away from her. "Well to be honest I couldn't make out my bosses hand writing." She patted her pockets once finding the paper and held it out to the young woman across form her. "See I wasn't sure if this number was a one, seven, or a four." She said with a soft sigh.

"Well I am guessing this isn't where I should be." She said softly and then realized she dropped the package in that strange room. She cleared her throat softly before moving closer to Erin "I am Siobhan, I hope you don't mind leading me back to that strange room where I dropped my package according to my boss it must be delivered today." She said as she looked from the girl remembering the snarl she had offered her earlier  when she had knocked over what ever that was in that room "I am glad you say you forgive me but what was that strange room?" She asked softly.

She could sense that this girl wasn't human, but still being knew to this whole supernatural world she wasn't sure what Erin was. She moved back inside with her as she lead her back into the room where she reached down picking up the package and she looked around at all of the instruments into the room. "What are all of these things?" She asked as she looked around the room and helped her pick up the drum set she knocked over "and why is it all so loud?" She asked as  she rubbed her temples softly looking back to the girl. "Sorry where I am from We don't have any of this stuff." She said softly as she leaned her head to the side looking at her, for some reason she didn't want to rush out like she had moments earlier.

Erin had taken the note and looked it over, raising a brow as she looked it over. "Yeah, doesn't look like this address." She chuckled softly, she didn't know what it was either. She handed the piece of paper back and nodded. "It's nice to meet you and sure I can.. it's a studio." She grinned. "I was working on a new album at the moment, well was." Erin shrugged and nodded, turning back and headed into the building.

She walked back down the hallway and into the room, flicking the lights on. She pointed to the package. "Um..instruments to making music?" Erin rose a brow and suddenly realized not only wasn't Siobhan from here, she didn't seem too familiar with earthly objects. "Well, its loud to project the sound outward so people can hear it.." Erin smiled softly. "Where are you from, if its alright to ask." 

“Studio interesting, everywhere I look around this city and it seems to me something new to see.” she chuckled as she looked around picking up one of the instruments. “I am from somewhere I never the knew the name my family and I traveled all over the place until they settled here. I grew up outside farming and tending to animals my whole life my father nor my mother had ever had anything of these instruments you say?” She looked to the girl in the middle of the room. “I am not normal I know that.” she chuckled as she moved closer to her and pointed to the guitar behind her “this one I know, my brother use to play it he taught me a few things. Do you mind?” she asked as she walked over to it and picked it up.

She rested the strap over her body before she began to pluck at the strings slowly as she played Let Her Go softly humming lightly to the tune and smiled softly before she frowned and stopped playing “sorry forgive me it brings up some bad memories for me.” she took the guitar from around her and placed it back on the stand before walking over picking up her package “thank you for being so kind to me and I am sorry again for interrupting you.” she smiled softly as she leaned back on her heel “I guess I should go fine where ever this place is.” she laughed softly to herself.


Erin arched a brow, watching her closely as she wandered about the room. Hmm, from somewhere. It definitely didn't seem like earth or anything. She wanted to ask her species but bit her tongue for now. That could come off as rude, besides Erin wanted to find out for herself later. Erin nodded when she mentioned the word 'instruments' again. Oh no she wasn't normal. "Sure go ahead." Erin offered, surprised when she picked up the guitar and just started playing. She was actually really good and Erin was already trying to see if she could use another voice in the album she was currently putting together. Although she usually ran solo, perhaps adding someone else at least into one song wouldn't be half bad.

"Oh, not it's alright. I understand your pain." Erin smiled slightly, watching her put the guitar away. She swallowed trying to think up a way to ask her out as she seemed like she was leaving soon. "Oh, no its quite alright.. interrupt me anyway." Erin grinned, winking and she herself, blushed lightly. "Uh, I was wondering if you'd like to go out for a coffee or something sometime?" She asked softly and took out her phone. "You can just text me your address and I'll come pick you up?" She shrugged, biting her lip.

Siobhan smiled softly to her and nodded as she turned towards the door until she heard the next question she asked and she looked back to her "I would love to go for coffee or something." she smiled as she then looked down to the rectangle in her hand that she held out towards her and she looked at it with her head to the side "I see everyone with these when I walk through town, what is so magical about them?" She stepped closer looking down to the screen at the pad where she was to input her number. "How about I write down the address I live at, I am not sure how to work one of these things yet." She smiled softly as she pulled out the pad of paper from her bag and wrote down her address

She ripped off the paper and handed it to Erin with a smile "See you later. Hopefully I find this address quickly wouldn't want to miss coffee." she chuckled and waved to her biting her lip before turning on her heels once again pulling the map from her bag and walking down the hall making her way through the front lobby and read over the map pulling out the paper and turned it upside down laughing to herself the place she was looking for seem to just be up the street a bite of the way.  She turned and began to walk toward the shop.


Erin smiled, chuckling softly at her reply. She was so cute. "Great, uh.." Erin let her sentence trail off when she started talking about her cellphone. Wow she hadn't even seen a cellphone before. Erin was getting even more curious about her than before. "Perhaps I can tell you tomorrow morning." Erin had nodded and let her write down her address. She took the paper and slipped it into her back pocket. "Laters." She waved back before walking over to close the door and took a seat at her keyboard, she grinned, running a hand through her hair as she began working on the album again.

Erin awoke almost noon the next day and she cursed. The morning was over and Siobhan probably thought she wasn't coming by, shit. Erin hurried to shower and change clothes before heading out. She put the address into the GPS of the car and pulled out of the spot in front of her parking lot. It didn't take her too long to get there and she drove over to the call button. She swallowed a few times before pressing button #25, requesting Siobhan and waited. She hoped she looked alright, her hair was a little wavy from quickly drying it and she had on a plaid shirt over a white crop top, jeans and boots as usual.

Siobhan had manage to get the package delivered and made her way back to the apartment she was living in with Isaac. She smiled when she arrived home after doing a few things she went to bed. She awoke the next day early in the morning helping Isaac with a few things when it got to be around ten she sighed and looked to the time sure that Erin was not going to show up, sure she found her weird. She was watering plants when she heard the bing from the box.

"Hello." Isaac said into the box and when he hear another voice he looked over to Siobhan "Looks like she showed up." He said with a smirk. "Go ahead I will see you in a few hours." he smiled to her softly. Siobhan smiled and walked over hugging Isaac good by and then made her way down the stairs and through the front door she smiled to Erin.

"Hey "she said raising her hand to wave as she walked out in blue jeans, a plain blue t-shirt and a jacket over it with her bag slung around her. "I thought you forgot about me." she laughed once before a soft frown formed on her lips. She stepped closer her hand clasp together as she smiled leaning her head to the side "So where are we going? I am still very knew around here and am not sure where things are." she said softly as she  looked slightly nerves.

Erin smiled when Siobhan finally came out and she got out of the car to greet her with a quick hug before holding her door open for her. She closed it once she had gotten inside and slipped inside. "Oh just a cafe close by, nothing too bad." She smiled looking over to her before pulling out of the spot. "I'd never forget about you." She grinned, heading down the road. "Well we can have a look-see around if you'd like I don't have much to do tonight besides working on a few songs." Erin nodded to herself, trying to remember. "Sorry I was late by the way.. was in the studio a bit late after you left." She smiled over to her softly before turning into the city. It didn't take long to reach the cafe and she parked in front, soon getting out of the car.

Siobhan gave her a hug back when she hugged her before climbing inside of the car placing the seatbelt on and held her hands in her lap as she cleared her throat and placed her hands in her lap and looked to the  her as she drove "oh good if its close and I like it I can go there more often." she smiled to her before looking out to the road watching her park. "I would like to have a look around, I have been dying to go to a comic book store and getting some." she said as she got out of the car with her and nodded "You showed up that is all that mattered." she said softly as she walked with  inside of the Cafe and looked around to the city around her and smiled softly "I have to say this place is beautiful but not as beautiful as the farm I grew up on." she said as she chuckled walking with her inside holding the door for her to walk in.  She walked behind her and looked at the colorful menu and tapped her chin softly. "So many choices."

Erin perked up as she heard her words. "Of course, I'd never stand any as lovely as you up." Erin grinned, sliding into the cafe as she had held the door. "We can check out some stores afterwards if you'd like I don't have much to do today, besides work on my album tonight." She smiled, taking a seat across from her. "Yes, it is very pretty. You should tell me about the farm life though, I definitely don't know much about it at all." she picked up a menu as well, even though she knew exactly what she was getting, her usual. She soon got up to place her order, getting a white chocolate mocha and a sandwich. She hadn't noticed how hungry she was until then.

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