With the dawn of light approaching; Ash knew he'd be clocking out soon. Thrilled with that realization, he gave his computer chair a quick twirl before standing to his feet, only to be met by the Chief himself, pushing most of his weight against Ash, and glaring down at him as though he could eat him whole. "Problem chief?" he questioned, he asked with a coy smirk painted on his lips. Ash had copied a few things over onto his hard drive that he wasnt supposed to even read; but it had given him some insight on his very own kind and what they were up to; humans were no weak link in this city, to be honest, some of them seemed more dangerous than the supernaturals he had come to learn about so far.

"You know exactly what the problem is Dunford. I want that hard drive. Now" he demanded, but Ash only yawned and tilted his head, unamused with how people assumed they'd get more from him by trying to intimidate him. "Say please?" Ash expressed, but that only got him in a little more trouble. "Fair enough Dunford. You're off the case", Chief was pissed. But, pissed enough to take the best off the case? "That's the dumbest idea you've had yet big man" Ash said in response, giving the Chief's huge stomach a pat, snickering as he walked away with his laptop bag thrown over his shoulder and a redbull in his hand.

Stopping by Donna's office; the red head who had the hots for him, Ash peeked in. "Chief threw me off the case ive been busting my ass on, I need a favor" he stated before  walking in and shutting her door behind him. "Hold onto this" Ash expressed, while stuffing the small hard drive down her bra, smirking as her body quaked to his touch. After that, Ash simply left, careless of how he made her feel, he knew she'd keep the hard drive safe, and if for some reason the chief decided to go to extreme measures and have him searched, he wouldn't have anything discriminating on him.

Ash had finally made his way to the outside of the building; breathing in the fresh air as it greeted him. It was still barely light outside, and it gave him enough time to explore a little before he'd go home. Ash hadn't gotten much further than meeting Amoura, and getting under her skin enough that he made her glow, quite literally. It gave him new information to hang on his walls painted with facts about the supernatural. But, Ash needed some excitement. Even if it landed him in trouble, he was literally craving it. A few blocks away from where he worked, he couldn't help but notice the small but notice a small isolated place where he supposed someone resided.

The desire to walk over, ran amok inside of him. Ash couldn't help himself. This was who he was, but it also got him what he needed, sometimes what he wanted. Finding himself in the garden of someone's home, Ash began looking around. He knew how dangerous this could be for him if it ever went wrong, but he'd always swore he'd die figuring this cold world out and what lived in it. After pacing around the garden for a few more moments, he saw the window to the inside the strangers garage cracked open enough .. just enough for him to be irrational and impulsive before making the decision to let his feet lead him over to it, and just as he readied himself to peer inside, a cat came out of no where hissing like the devil himself.

Ash acted on reflex, before kicking the cat back away from him, sending it a few feet backward; but that'd made even more noise as it screamed out. The demon furball just caused him a mess; Ash was almost sure now that the person who owned the home, saw his face.  Maybe he'd luck up though, maybe no one saw him at all; either way it went, Ash glanced down to his feet picking a small white business card up that read 'Evertronics' something Ash had heard of himself. So, while he came here with ill intentions, he now had new ones. He knew this person well, even if they had never met psychically, she was pretty much a genious from the things Ash had found on her. He wasn't sure it was her helping keep the rogues off the street, but if this was the one, then he damn had just lucked up.

Ash was different, since he just simply hated the immortals and supernatural's of the city; it was a pretty simple minded way to be, but he grew up knowing nothing no different. His step dad slayed them for a living, and if they had proved to be anything, it was that they were malicious and killed people for sport. Maybe it wasn't that bad here, but he wasn't about to let that wall down. As Ash began walking off, ready to leave with the card he'd found; the hairs on the back of his neck stood, and for a moment, his entire body froze as the sound of foot steps began approaching him.

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Seeing the exchange between Ash and her pup she narrowed her eyes for a moment “And he doesn’t like many people, especially ones who lurk in our garden so either he sees something in you or you’ve hidden dog treats in your pocket” she spoke it bluntly even though it was evident she was joking with him. She shook her head when he asked if he was going to bump into her on the streets “Just an avid interest in knowing Evermore’s streets are safer is all” there was no evidence, nor did she intend for there to be any evidence which linked her to the Scarlett Archer. “If you’d done your research on me then you’d know I have somewhat of a personal mission against drugs” that one wasn’t a secret, every major news outlet had reported the whole process of her parents being incarcerated and the fall of Nordstroem Pharmaceuticals.

Nora felt for him in a way but also it wasn’t her place nor her responsibility to be looking after people from the streets, nor was she any kind of experienced professional who could give advice on the things he had been through “It’s pretty clear cut to me, either you continue as you are and every bit of pain you cause can weigh on your shoulders until you can no longer move or you can do something to right the wrongs” she had experience with feeling that pressure and she had worked every moment since then to make up for the pain her family had caused. Perhaps some small part of what she said did manage to get through to him but she didn’t know him and she certainly didn’t believe one meeting was going to change his life. But perhaps she would help him to find the will to think twice. “Way the wrong way” she answered bluntly though the harshness in her voice was beginning to fade the longer they talked “You’d be surprised how many people we meet in your position, thrown into the world of the supernatural with no idea how they’re supposed to understand the revelation” they either ended up on the organization’s doorstep or the Dhampir Dojo, she found.

She shrugged slightly “Well work keeps me away a lot so mostly it’s just about having someone here, wouldn’t be fair on Cloud to leave him all the time so she gives him company and takes care of the place” it was evident from the decor and size of the house that she was pretty well off when it came to money. “Plus I like to take pride in my home, it’s something I earned for myself through blood, sweat, and tears so” she pursed her lips, she hadn’t ridden on the coattails of her parents and wouldn’t want to after everything they had done. “It does, especially because we have this in-joke that his head is always in the clouds” she laughed softly “Always going about his merry way that pup” it was usually pretty hard to get his attention unless you were important to him.

“Not really” she answered and shrugged her shoulders slightly “Try spending all day, every day, in an office full of people, you quickly learn to appreciate the quiet moments” she gave a slight shake of her head, she got her fill of people from every day so she couldn’t say she was especially lonely. Though perhaps she had daydreamed once or twice of having someone to hold at night, though it was usually quickly shot down when she was reminded that she didn’t like being around most people for extended amounts of time. “Well one of the wisest things you can learn is usually the dog actually chooses you” she commented it softly “Go to a shelter, this time of year there will be plenty of pups looking for a forever home, believe me you’ll know when you see them” she was sure about that, little Cloud had been the quiet dog in the shelter that seemed afraid to even approach her but when she got with him alone he was the sweetest and most unique character she had gotten to see in there.

“Just opening the space out really, it feels a little too cramped for the space as a whole” she commented and shrugged, she did like the kitchen but she felt like it just didn’t match the rest of the house, probably because she had the rest remodeled when she came here and hadn’t got around to this part yet. She shrugged slightly heading over to the kitchen island and hopping up onto one of the chairs. If he wanted a lesson on the supernatural she supposed she could give him that much “Never met a Celestial myself, though you can see the castle from miles off with Supernatural eyes” she commented as she leaned against the counter “No, Valkyr at the very core are a very honor driven species, Valkyr and Dhampir, we feed on blood but it’s actually quite a pleasurable experience for both parties” she shrugged slightly “Plus those who don’t want to hurt anyone just opt for donated blood, they sell it on tap at most bars” there was this vision of drinking blood killing so many people which was completely wrong and entirely invented by bad fiction novels.

Nora had never been a major recruiter when it came to the Dojo, she just kinda showed up and did her part so she bit her lip for a moment “I can only really give you an address, just give them my name and explain what you’re there for” she grabbed a pen and pad from near the phone and wrote down the address for the Dojo, to most, it was just a self-defense center but to every Dhampir it was the heart of their community and the place they went to train. She raised his brows when he said he wanted her to be the one to train him “You’d be the first” she commented with a chuckle, most people avoided her classes because she was known for being quite rigorous and strict. “Well at the very least you should be able to name every species and know their tells, or at least the ones who have tells anyway” at least if she was a human that was what she would wanna know anyway.

"Or he's a drug addict on the low" Ash added to her reasons of why the dog may have liked him so much and realized his joke was of poor taste. Chuckling, he glanced at her nervously, figuring he had just pissed her off all over again  "Sorry. I really don't take that stuff as lightly as it may seem" he added, hoping to redeem himself. "I don't know, i mean i'm just usually great with dogs for some reason. The K9's at the station love me" he admitted, reflecting on a specific police dog named Rocky that Ash had seemingly formed a special bond with. If it hadn't been for the fact that the dog belonged to the police department, he would have already taken him home. 

"Fair enough. I'm glad to know someone is at least trying out here. But noted, I didn't jump into this mission of learning about the supernatural with my duks in a row. Ive honestly done no research at all on people that I approach, that's  how I get my information, but simply just approaching them.. I know.. it's a dangerous game to play with the supernatural" he admitted, and hugn his head low for a monment, grimacing. "One day it may very well be my demise .. but it's the only way I know" he shrugged. Being bold, blunt and even impulsive had always been the way Ash had done things, and so far, it hadn't caused him to much trouble, and he'd gotten a surprising amount of information to add to his shrine at home. 

She may of been harsh, and blunt with every word she spoke to him, but perhaps that's what Ash had been in need of all this time. So far people had been dismissing his actions because of his charm, or his ability to wit his way out of it all. "I guess .. I know I can't go back to the beginning and start over, but I can start now with trying to make a difference... a better one of course. I'm sure ive made plenty of difference in peoples lives already, just not the kind that assures they'll live to get their next fix. This city was surprising a little low on dealers, and it made matters even worse for me, because that meant the moment my name got out there, everyone who was in need of a dealer came to my door step.. and that kind of money.. well it can be just as addictive as drugs themselves, so I guess i got a little caught up" he said sadly, ashamed to even admit that, but at least he did admit to the shit he was guilty of. 

Ash smiled genuinely however, when she seemed to have a spark in her eyes upon talking about her home. "Well, I admire that. I can't judge either way, because I guess in a way, my lavish lifestyle wasn't earned through blood sweat and tears. The money has been incredible, the combined income I mean, but I know one's gotta go, and when it does, I might have to downsize on some of my luxuries. But, at least then, everything i'll have, will be honest" he sighed to himself, wondering if he could actually go without the kind of money he was used to having in his pocket. The dealing on the side of being a forensic pathologist gave him anything he wanted. "It all makes sense now" he chuckled, and averted his gaze back to the dog when she said he always had his head in the clouds, "Sadly I can relate" he commented, blushing slightly. Lately his head definitely had been in the clouds. Lucius had given him enough reason to stay distracted for sure. 

"Thanks, I appreciate that advice. I'm terrible at picking out gifts, shopping etc, so I assume i'll be just as bad when it comes to picking an animal, but that sorta makes more sense, that it kind of chooses you instead. I guess i'll take my chances" he smiled faintly, and shrugged. Ash had been pretty lonely himself, and he knew that maybe an animal at the very least, would make his apartment feel less miserable. All he had in the place, was a shrine of news paper clippings plastered to his wall, information written on paper, pictures of certain supernaturals he'd been watching from a far that he was simply to scared to approach, and more creepy items, that reminded him that he was definitely a loner, one that had fallen into a dark place. He needed a distraction for the late night hours. "Fair enough" he added, when she commented on why she had opened her kitchen up a little more. 

Ash couldn't help but feel himself get choked up at the news of how bars sold blood on tap. "Seriously?" he asked, floored by that small revelation, and shuttered a little "Sorry, i'm not judging .. I just never thought ..well" he struggled for the next couple seconds, not knowing what to say at all, finding himself flustered. "But, that's good news I suppose.. the Vampires I had an encoutner with, were evil, cruel bastards.. and thankfully I didn't meet them personally. They just delivered the man's head who raised me, on my door step" he swallowed harshly, always hating just how haunted he still was by that traumatic event. "It's relieving though to hear that some go for donated blood, but what happens if that type of donation ever ceases to exist?" he asked out loud, but it was more so a thought that scared him a little, and he assumed she wouldn't have an answer for it. He just figured it would throw the whole city into a war that would shed plenty of innocent blood. 

Ash raised an eyebrow and grinned "and I would imagine it's because you're so sweet" he joked, "Nah, I mean I would much rather have someone who's gonna push me and help me learn the right way. If im not pushed enough, then it won't do me any good to go into that kind of training" he admitted, and listened intently. He guessed that was where he needed to start "Sounds like something I should do for homework. I know there are Celestials, Dhampir, well you.." he started and smirked playfully "then Valkyr, .. and Vampires are a complete different ball game, but that's all I know" he admitted, having a feeling that there was so much more he didn't know. "I always thought the way I was going about it, would make me some kind of supernatural wikipedia, but I guess I was wrong. I need to change my style" he laughed, but it saddened him more than the smile on his face showed. All he wanted was to fulfuill that one thing, and then he'd have the ability to move on. As if it would be some kind of closure to the human. At least that's how he saw it. 

"When do you go back to the Dojo?" he asked, smiling as he took the piece of paper she had written an address on. "Thank you for this. I promise I'll at least give it a chance. Who knows? Maybe even for someone as lost as me there's hope after all"  he chuckled and slid the paper into his wallet. "Do you celebrate holidays?" he asked curiously. Since she lived alone, he couldnt help but think that she may not even like the holidays. 

“I guess someone raised knowing about the supernatural and being one takes for granted how much they get taught by their family” she commented thoughtfully, humans, however, were purposely kept in the dark and it wasn’t easy for them to find out what they weren’t supposed to know, most people wouldn’t dare to share the supernatural secret for fear of whom the person might tell but she didn’t have anything to worry about considering he’d managed to come to half the conclusion on his own “Yeah, probably not the wisest way of going about it, that's for sure” she commented giving him a stern gaze “I get wanting answers but surely you’re not stupid enough to die for them?” and yet the fact she had to ask that question made her fear that was exactly the case.

“The world doesn’t have a reset button, but it does sometimes offer second chances to those who deserve them” she wasn’t going to pretend like she lived her life perfectly and always did the right thing because that was a complete lie but she did like to think she made the effort to put some good into the world when she could, both when she was herself and when she was her other-self. “Well, the one thing you do seem to be his honest about your motivations I guess, but there are plenty of honest and decent ways to make money which don’t involve putting other people in harm” if he wanted to go and scam some corrupt company then by all means, she wasn’t here to police the city or help greedy people, she was here to keep the average person in Evermore safe.

“Luxuries are overrated, I have three spare bedrooms I don’t need in this apartment and it’s seriously overkill, makes the place just feel to big most of the time” which she was working on reducing by giving each of the rooms a purpose, of course, she still needed a spare for guests but one had already been converted to a gym. “And believe me, it’ll feel better when you know you actually earned it, I gave up everything my parents had and built my own empire from scratch, I didn’t want a single penny of their money to shape my life after what they had done with their own greed” she had always had money until then, but for a few years after they were jailed, Nora had barely anything to her name and if it wasn’t for Emilio, she might still be in that situation now.

She nodded slightly “I guess the best advice is to go in there without anything specific in mind about what you want because then you won’t be swayed by looks alone” she nodded slightly, she definitely found the personality of the dog and how you connected with them was far more important than getting one that was considered ‘pretty’, in an ideal world she would have gotten a slightly less fluffy dog because he required brushing quite literally every day but it was worth it.

“You thought people waited on street corners for their next victim to walk down?” she responded with raised brows and a questioning look “Do I look like someone who hangs out on street corners?” okay technically she did but not for feeding but the outward appearance she gave out to the world was that she was a refined COO. She her pressed her lips together when he asked what happened if the supply was cut “It’s probably not as bad as you think, taking from the vein isn’t a painful thing for either party” and there would always be people who wanted that high Valkyr could offer “Many people seek it out much like I’m sure people seek you out” good as a drug many said.

“Incredibly sweet” she responded to his statement very sarcastically, she wasn’t exactly known for her patience when it came to training people and yet she did still offer her time to people who needed it, though she did see the looks of fear in people’s eyes when they realized who was training that day. “Well I warned you so whatever you do with that particular information is now on you buddy” she grinned slightly at him, she really wasn’t that bad, she just pushed people to reach their potential and didn’t have time for quitters. As he recounted the species he knew she nodded slightly “A start but you haven’t even covered all the species in the city yet” she tilted her head slightly “Instar Diviners, your typical witch-like species, rumor has it most other species came about because of them” she nodded slightly “And then you have Therianthropes, or as most media likes to paint them, werewolves” she nodded “Though they also have fox and big cat variation species” she wasn’t going to go overboard and list them all out right away so she paused so he could ask questions.

“In a couple of weeks, I do as much as I can but the job comes first” she nodded slightly, both jobs actually be he didn’t need to know everything. When he asked if she celebrated the holidays her expression faltered very slightly but she nodded “I do, not in the grand way a lot of people do but I definitely like sitting down and watching all the stupid Christmas movies” she laughed a little sheepishly scratching at the back of her neck slightly “What about you?” though she was sure he wouldn’t have even asked if he didn't.

He had to admit, this had been entirely too amusing not to continue with that sly smirk on his face. It rightfully gained him a slap through the face, but thankfully, the Dhampir didn't feel the same. Ash knew his arrogant ways got under people's skin, but Nora was able to hold her own, that much was clear. Ash was lucky that she hadn't actually kicked his ass for being on her property. His time with Amora, the Celestial he had met, was a bit different, and while Ash took the same measures to learn about her, he did it pretty openly, but going into her gallery, and spending a shit ton of money on her paintings just to learn about her. So now his apartment not only had a ton of news paper clippings, drawings and facts from the web about supernaturals, but his walls also adorned a bunch of paintings he didn't really like.

"No kidding.." the human snapped out of thought and chuckled when she agreed he hadn't chose the wisest path in life when it came to learning when he desired to know. Ash cleared his throat when she asked if he was stupid enough to die for the answers he wanted / needed. "Well.. I mean, I guess when you feel like your life has no purpose .. it's easy to take risks bold enough to know you could die for it" maybe that sounded insane, but Ash wasn't a sane person these days. He knew he had the potential to be great, and he knew that being part f the council would likely change his ways. But, he had yet to even approach Sairah, and he needed to desperately. But admittedly, he was intimidated of all the ambassadors of this city. Ash had only recently learned that there was an ambassador for each faction.

"But that reset button sounds like a nice invention" he huffed, and shook is head. Ash definitely could use a fresh start in life. And he knew that the only thing holding him back, was himself. "It takes more courage than i'd ever have thought, to just simply put one foot in front of the other. But I know I need to, And I will" he stated, shrugging some, because he couldn't say when that would happen. He just knew it would, eventually. Who knew, maybe Lucius would end up being the reason Ash changed.

Ash chuckled and nodded in agreement when she said luxuriues were overrated "You could always turn your spare bedrooms into holding cells. Though making them refined and powerful enough to hold a supernatural sounds insanely impossible. Or hell, since we both have confirmed that drugs are an issue in this city, you could even turn them into rooms for addicts needing to detox. Just a thought, maybe even a stupid one, cause you'd also have to hire people to watch over them when you're not here to do it yourself" he chuckled amused.

Ash became a little more curious about Nora though when she shared a dark detail oof her past, saying that after what her parents had done with greed, that she didn't want anything at all from them, especially not their money. "Well at least what you have is yours, and you gained it by your own blood sweat and tears, so your empire is something worth being proud of" he said thoughtfully, and even felt a small part of himself long to have the same thing someday. "I will keep that in mind. I guess even the ugliest dogs can at times, make the best pets. I'll see how i feel while holding a few of them, whatever it is you do to connect with the furballs. Yours seems to like me enough" he chuckled, and flashed a faint smile at her.

Ash chuckled when she asked if he thought people just waited on street corners, and resorted to asking if she looked like she did it herself. The human playfully cleared his throat before shaking his head "Nah, really you're a gorgeous woman. I wouldn't assume you hang out on the streets by looking at you" he admitted nonchalantly. Ash never found it hard to tell a woman she was gorgeous when one was, simply because he was gay. Noticing a woman's beauty was as normal to him as breathing. To tell a guy something like that though? Ash simply didn't know a thing about properly flirting or charming a man. Though, whatever he had done with Lucius worked. So, he guessed he wasn't to bad at it.

"I recently experienced that.. how it feels to be fed on, it's a different feeling when you're willing" he started, and sighed to himself at how that whole night had went between himself and Javier. "I wouldn't have expected it to feel so.." he stopped himself from finishing that sentence and gave her a look, assuming she might know where he was going with the rest of it. "But yeah, honestly. I could see myself becoming addicted to something like that, and seeking it out" Ash shook his head, amazed with the words leaving his mouth right now because to be someone that hated supernaturals, he damn sure loved the way a set of fangs felt when he was willingly giving himself over, rather than being made into a meal.

Ash smirked when she responded as sarcastically as she could to him saying it was because she was sweet, which had been his way of being sarcastic as well, so he deserved it. "Warning taken. But,  I prefer someone who don't have time for games, and that sounds pretty much like you. So, whatever comes of that training, i'm pretty sure will be worthy. I mean honestly, am I even in a position to turn down help right now? Even if all the training does for now, is help me balance out the right and wrong in my life .. then it's worth it to me, and probably half the addicts on the streets. Not that they realize they have a problem.. but if im no longer an issue, maybe some of them will get help" he shrugged, some addicts never even went forward with getting help, and they remained addicts until it killed them. Ash knew for a fact, that it was the one thing he didn't want on his conscience.

When Nora said that it was a start with what species he listed, he hadn't expcted her to name any, but found his inner obsessive side sparking to life when she mentioned a few others he hadn't heard of yet. Ash took the small note pad and a pen from his pocket, and wrote down the words 'Instar Diviner' and 'Therianthrope' maybe he would try to g about the learning process of those species differently than he had with Nora to learn about Dhampir's and Amora to learn about Celestials because his methods were shitty with both of them. "So, the Instar Diviners are like witches? You mean they can do dark magic and cast spells?" he asked, which seemed obvious, but he wouldn't assume what he didn't know. Ash and his information was something he never assumed anything about, he always had to be sure, and he always had to have the right facts before he'd go ahead and think he knew anything at all. "And then Therianthropes.. wolves.. wow" he felt pretty overwhelmed, but he imagined it would only get worse when he learned about the rest of the supernaturals out there.

"Do they turn on full moons?" he quirked a brow. Ash likely seemed like a hyper child in a candy store now that they were talking supernatural stuff. It's when his inner nerd scratched it's way to the surface.

She gave him a quirk of her brow when he said his life had no purpose and shook her head slightly “Then make it have purpose” she responded bluntly as she dismissed his statement and the whole woe is me thing he had going on, she believed in people being defined by the choices they made and the actions they took and she got the impression from him that he was too scared to do anything meaningful with himself. “It takes no time at all to start making the right decisions and no, things will not immediately turn around but you have the control to take that first step” and until he did so, he would not have her respect, because she wasn’t tolerant of people who didn’t even try to be decent human beings. “Well you apparently now know where I am when you decide walking is better than crawling” if he thought she would go easy on him then he really had approached the wrong person tonight.

“Pretty sure the humans have the holding cell thing covered, besides I’m not sure I’d want a bunch of brutes in my home” she commented with a grumble, not to mention any false imprisonment charges if she was found out, it definitely wasn’t worth the risk, especially not when the human organization already had containment cells of their own. She had to admit she would love for the opportunity to see one of those cells in action herself, though preferably not with herself in them. “You know, I think I’ll just keep the extra space and let the professionals deal with the crazies” she responded with a low chuckle. He was right when he said she had earned everything she had thought and that made her much more comfortable with where she was at in life “True, though I’m still not the type to flaunt it, I live comfortably but I don’t go for extravagance” just wasn’t in her nature really, you could tell because her apartment was very simplistic in design and layout.

She tilted her head slightly to the side when he said she was a gorgeous woman and how that somehow seemed to equate to her not being the type who would be crawling the streets but she brushed it off because that topic was one she would rather steer around given her vigilante alter ego. “I’ve fed a few people my blood before in a crisis, Dhampir blood is naturally like a shot of medicine to humans, it can be the difference between life or death” she confirmed and then nodded her head, when she had been too late to a scene to stop someone getting hurt she had fed them her blood to ensure that they lived long enough for an ambulance to arrive, though she had to be very careful about exposing herself in those sorts of situations. “Never been fed on though” he explained how it was addictive which is how she had seen others describe it “I know there’s a trade for it, humans who donate their blood in exchange for a good time, heard it usually ends up in the bedroom” she commented with a wry smile, really it was quite a risque business to get into.

She gave a somewhat sarcastic grin when he said he was serious when it came to his training “Just don’t start crying when you realize you’ve chosen something you don’t know how to handle” she didn’t have time for people who consistently made the mistakes, she had no patience for excuses, she didn’t let up just because someone started getting emotional with her and frankly, she just wasn’t that good at being around other people. But there was one thing for sure, her methods worked and those she taught got stronger and more diligent with the teachings she gave them “I mean you’re about one stupid move away from someone turning around and snapping you like a twig so” she pressed her lips together “I’d say you need all the help you can get” especially if he was going to barge in on people’s homes like today.

The way he responded to the species she explained to him was both interesting and concerning, he jotted it down on a notepad he seemingly pulled out of nowhere like some crazy investigator who was looking for a lead at any moment. She continued talking though, if he was going to keep searching for more information about the supernatural then it seemed smarter to tell him what was out there than to keep him in the dark and have him follow some other person home. She pressed her lips together “Well not just dark magic, light magic too, portals, curses, blessings, body switching, you name it” she shrugged slightly, she tried not to get too deep into the magic pool because you could probably get lost in the possibilities. “Yes, every full moon but also whenever they want so probably best you stay out of the woods at night” she gave him a stern look because she was only telling him this stuff so he wouldn’t go looking for it himself.

“Then there are Initia, also known as elementalists, they’re your nature manipulators, they can control one of many elements, ranging from water, fire, earth, air, gravity, electric and metal” those were all the ones she was familiar with anyway, she had definitely seen her fair share of rogue Initia.

Make life have purpose. Ash silently thought over those words for more than a few minutes. In fact, it kind of consumed him until she spoke again. Was it really that simple? If so, something was still standing in his way, and he guessed that something was his need to let the past go. Letting all that go, meant he had moved on and no longer mourned what he'd lost by the supernatural. Ash sighed, because she was right.. he did have the control that he needed to make the first step in changing his life. It was the unknown that scared him. If one couldn't know the outcome of a huge change like that, then it was rather hard to put one foot in front of the other. 

When Nora said he knew where to find her when and if he decided that walking was better than crawling, Ash scoffed. It was true that he'd rather die trying to stand on his feet, than to live on his knees. He wasn't sure what to say, and simple words usually meant nothing to someone like Nora. He wasn't the best at reading people, but it seemed like she'd rather see action than hear a bunch of promises. 

Ash was part of the human council and had made a vow that he'd go meet Sariah some time soon, so he could find himself an established position within the council, so it was no surprise when Nora told him that the humans already have something like  containment cells. Now he definitely needed to hurry and get himself established in the organization. Ash was more intrigued than ever, and perhaps that was it. While he had a massive light bulb hanging over his head with ideas, and a cheesy smile gracing his features, lit up with excitement, the human chuckled. He was rather excited though, to ask Sariah about the position he just basically came up with, if no one else had taken anything like that on.. plus, if he could do what he had in mind, then maybe he'd have a better understanding of supernaturals, especially the ones he feared most, which were the ones who did wrong. Those containment cells held more answers than he realized.

"Fair enough, besides .. it seems like it'd take a lot just in security to keep something like that under lock and key" he couldn't imagine a bunch of supernaturals breaking free in a place like this, not only would they demolish it, but likely kill whoever was in their path. Ash gave a mock eye roll when she said she lived comfortably but didn't flaunt it "What's that saying? If you got it, flaunt it?" he chuckled, being one of those very people who did flash his fancy lifestyle in front of others. "Money is my only baby, so I kinda take pride in all my materialistic stuff. I'm probably the only man who goes to a five star restaurant to eat alone" he shrugged, admitting something pretty pathetic and lonely. But, if anything Ash was an honest guy, even if he was shady.

Ash noticed the way she brushed off his compliment, and paid attention to the fact that she didn't enjoy it, it at least told him not to go that route in conversation with her again. With a widened eye, the human cleared his throat when she said she'd fed people her blood in a crisis before, that for humans, it sometimes meant life or death "So if by some chance something crazy happens to me while i'm here, your blood could save me? Is that from all things fatal? or just certain things?" he wondered if a Dhampir's blood could save a person from all bad endings, and if so, perhaps he needed to get in on this kind of business instead of drugs. Ash nearly choked to death on his coffee when she explained that there was even a trade for it. That humans could offer their blood in exchange for a good time which normally ended in the bedroom.

He chuckled and brushed his fingers past his eyes, which were now watering from how he'd gotten choked up. "That sounds pretty thrilling. I didn't know there was an actual business for it. I'm sure it's one that's rather hard to get involved in huh?" he was trying to be discreet about the way he was asking, since it was clearly so that he could try this scandaleous operation for himself. "I'm sure you'll supply my tissues" he responded back, when she told him not to start crying when he realized he'd chosen something he knew nothing about "I mean I get it though, It'll be hard at first, and mentally draining as well as psychically, but I do think it'll be worth it. That's all I'll need to get me through it" he sounded much more optimistic than he really felt.  Nora had a point, and while it was a harsh one to say he was one stupid move away from being snapped like a twig, he could only nod, with widened eyes "You don't hold back do you?" the qestion didn't really need an answer, he was just amused. "I mean, I don't often go on peoples property. Its usually manipulation and using my charm to my advantage. The Celestial I met, that's how it was with her.. I went and bought a ton of her paintings just to have a reason to be around her. She finally agreed to let me wine and dine her, not even realizing I was gay" he shrugged and continued "I had planned on using her for information, but she strangely disappeared" maybe Ash had started liking Amora a little more than he ever meant to. Her leaving the city took a bigger toll on the human that it should have for his actual intentions towards her.

Ash noted the look on her face, and grimaced at his notepad. "Yeah i know it seems a little too extra, and my ways are a bit scary.. but It's just something that happened out of no where.. I really can't recall the moment I became obsessed like this" he clutched his pen slightly, causing the ink to smear on the small piece of paper he was writing on "I always keep a notepad in my back pocket. I'm one of those people who write everything down, or i forget it.. and I don't wanna forget important stuff" he would never really understand himself, or know what his true purpose was in this world, unless he could do what he felt was right when he went to Sariah in the next coming days. "Yeah got it, I rather not become wolf food anytime soon. Is it the way the movies show it to be though? Do they have beef with Vampires?" he asked, and continued to write some of the stuff she said. 

When Ash began to write about the Initia he found himself most intrigued by this species "They sound pretty awesome!" oh god, this was so movie-like in his opinion. The way humans got overly obsessed with supernaturals in the movies he'd seen, and even to the point where they wanted to be one. That was what seperated Ash from your average obsessed person, he never would want to be what he was obsessed with. His face flushed slightly from how excited all of this had made him and when she finished speaking of the supernatural, he tucked his notepad away in his pocket and fiddled with his pen nervously. "So, when can we start miss Eleanora?" he asked, giving her a playful smirk, while writing his number on a sticky note he grabbed from her side table and sticking it to the fridge.

“Not to mention what might happen if they managed to get out and wanted to hurt someone” she spoke in a grumbling tone, she could imagine being asleep and having some psycho try and kill you” she shuddered slightly and shook her head, she had seen her fair share of bad people in Evermore and she wouldn’t want any of them in her home. Frankly, she preferred being alone here than having any company at all. She gave a mock roll of her eyes when he said a rather cheesy statement about showing off and the way he spoke about materialistic things “Ain’t gonna last when all things are said and done, I try and choose the memories over the things” though she did earn well in her word and that meant she got herself the things she wanted to have from time to time.

She noticed the way he seemed really interested in the fact that a Dhampir’s blood could heal someone and she nodded slightly “I mean it’s not gonna save anyone from dying from a fatal blow but if someone’s illness took a turn for the worst, it would give them a fighting chance” it wasn’t pure magic in that it could protect someone from death but it did help the body naturally fight to stay alive and in that sense, it could save someone’s life if they took the blood soon enough. For someone who seemed to against the supernatural he certainly seemed pretty curious and even open-minded about them which definitely had her interested. Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as the persona he painted to the world. “It’s not the kind of thing you get into unless you have a death wish” she spoke sternly because it was seriously dangerous to play around with Valkyr because of the chance they could lose control.

“I think there’s a certain peace in knowing you can take care of yourself” she responded with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders, she did believe that, after she had learned to fight she felt more comfortable on the streets and even in her own skin which then meant she felt like she had the strength to be able to help others too, it was a cycle. “No” she responded bluntly when he asked if she held back “It’s not in my nature to go easy on people” because the world wasn’t going to go easy on you and you had to be prepared for that reality, not whining about how things are too harsh or difficult. “You do realize how incredibly stalkerish and creepy that sounds right?” she commented it and pulled a face, it was a bit like that storyline in the Netflix show she watched before, it definitely occurred to her that this guy could be potentially dangerous.

“Sounds like you need a life, or a hobby” she commented a little sarcastically as she watched him, her eyes were hovering on him because frankly, she didn’t trust some guy who randomly showed up at her house and wanted to know about the supernatural. She was caught between the part of her which definitely didn’t think his intentions were as innocent as he made them out to be and also feeling a little empathy for him and the life he head led. “I recently moved mine to digital” she commented when he mentioned his notebook and shrugged a little “Apparently it doesn’t look good for the COO of a tech company to still be using pen and paper” she chuckled slightly, perhaps they were right “Not really, some of them have their issues, mostly over territory but mostly they get along, there aren’t many species who actually have those stereotypical wars” though Initia and Phoenixes were certainly an exception.

“They take care of nature, of course they’re pretty cool” she didn’t have any issues with other species as long as they kept to the rules of the city and didn’t hurt anyone, but she wouldn’t hesitate to take any of them down if they were using their powers to hurt people. When he asked her when they could start she gave him a harsh look because she was pretty certain he still had no idea what he was even in for and he must be overconfident “Friday, at dawn” she responded shortly “And if you’re late by even a minute I’ll be gone before you get there” she spoke harshly, she didn’t have time for slackers.

Ash had never really cared to know the truth before, simply because he had his own version of the truth. And that was, that all supernaturals were monsters. Any of them could pick apart a human like Ash.. and they'd taken so much from him anyways. He'd even been ambushed and attacked by a few out in an alleyway one night after leaving a bar. He could remember it like it was yesterday having Javier save his life, and then take him back to his apartment just to feed on the drunker version of Ash. While it'd felt amazing, and almost so good that Ash sought him out again just for that, he had to remain true to Lucius .. at least while they tested the waters. Even though, Ash did find himself wanting to dive right in with both feet. Testing the waters had never been his thing. It's not like they hadn't tested each other sexually already. A sly smirk adorned his features just thinking about that night.

He definitely did lean more towards Valkyr and Dhampir when it came to learning. Dhampir's  blood could heal you, while Valkyr could feed from you and make it the most pleasurable experience you'd ever have intimately. Ash arched a brow however when she spoke of the dangers that brought. "I'll do my best to keep that in mind. I don't have a death wish right now at least. Its just one of those things, where you have a slight taste of it, and can't help but want more" he shrugged some, finding it rather easy to just say what came to mind around her, which was pretty ironic considering the way they met and how she could have messed him up pretty badly if she had wanted to.

"Oh no doubt, I like thinking that I may just be able to survive this fucking city. It sounds rather nice to be prepared for whoever, and whatever should come my way" he sighed, because he knew if he found himself in another situation with Valkyr's addicted to blood.. no training in the world can save a human like Ash from that. For one, he had been outnumbered, and two, they were much stronger and faster than him, even just one of them were able to subdue him.

Ash cleared his throat after chuckling at her comment about how stalkerish he seemed for how things had been played out with Amora, because he noted the look on Nora's face, which wasn't a happy one. Ash knew he scared people, and therefor, Nora kinda happened to be the only one in a while whom he'd found himself feeling okay around. She had at least given him half a chance, and she let him explain himself before kicking his ass, like he truly deserved. "I know my methods in all of this are messy, and thats the only thing I have right now, is knowing it's wrong.. it could be worse.. some people don't even realize the mistakes theyre making in life, which I imagine, would make it even harder to change what you're doing. I often wonder if the Therian who raised me, had been alive today, if I would have turned out different" though Tate was the one who had pushed Ash head first into the street life, teaching him how to deal drugs, how to be part of a gang, etc.

Ash shook his head, amused when she said it didn't look good for the COO of a company to still be using pen and paper It's certainly the old fashion way in this generation. Modern day technology is all people really know. But, something about writing with pen and paper soothes me" he shrugged, knowing that probably made him sound a little old fashioned, and in this case, he truly was. It wasn't just that he forgot anything he didn't write down, it was that he loved writing. Ash did have a few normal traits, he wasn't just the stalker in the city that everyone feared or hated. He found himself laughing again when she said Valkyr and Therian didn't really have issues with each other, and found that it made sense to hear that it was really just a territory thing with them.

Ash could already tell Eleanora was harsh, and maybe even a little impossible to work with, but he needed that over top of someone who didn't really care. "I'll be there with a smile on" he gave one of his more charming smiles, feeling better than he had in a while now. And, while that didn't mean he wouldn't still be his stalkerish self, this day with Eleanora did mean that he would try to see things a little differently, and if the training with her did what he figured it would do, then Ash may just have his ducks in a row to start changing and becoming the man he was sure he could be outside of this shell he created around himself. "Thanks for this, all of it.. even the part where you could have really hurt me if you wanted too, but didn't. I would have deserved it but i'm grateful" he chuckled, but he meant it nonetheless. He had never really admitted to liking a supernatural, but Eleanora was someone he could see himself growing fond of.

"I'll try not to get in much trouble between now and then" he smirked playfully as he hung a piece of paper on her refrigerator with his number on it. "There's my number.. but I'll be seeing you Friday" he gave a simple nod, and waited by the door so they could exchange goodbye's. He already seemed weird enough to most people, he didnt wanna just walk on out and seem even crazier.

For someone who seemed to completely hate the supernatural before he certainly seemed to do a 180 when faced with the potential of a thrill, perhaps that was what he lived his life for right now, it occurred to her but she hoped she had done well enough at drilling into him how playing with the supernatural and their powers was not a game he wanted to play. She could have hurt him if she wanted to but she was the kind of person who exercised restraint before action but she certainly couldn’t say the same for most others “Then think very wisely about whether you really want a taste of it, you can live your entire life never knowing” she used that logic with anything which could be detrimental to health, though she had failed when it came to alcohol.

“Surviving is one word for it” she commented dryly thinking about all of the insane things she had been through here in this city, she liked to think she was doing her part to make the city better but there were always going to be cruel people and those who thought they were outside of the law. She watched him as he spoke about the person who raised him and how he felt like he didn’t have anyone to guide him when it came to his own decisions in life “Well if no one is going to tell you what you should do then maybe you need to be a little tougher with yourself” she commented it softly nodding her head slightly, he couldn’t be relying on others to tell him that he was making massive mistakes, he needed to rely on his own morals.

He did have a point when he said there was something about the pen and paper which was soothing though it was hard to put her finger on exactly what or why “I’ve just always found it easier to express my thoughts about something when they were in scribble form” she admitted with a somewhat sheepish smile, it was just something she enjoyed really, when she was in a meeting at work, writing notes took little focus and didn’t make any noise while she was paying attention to whoever was speaking.

“You’d better, I don’t usually give in and let anyone learn from me” she commented a little dryly, it took a lot of time and patience and while she had both of those to an extent. From her experience, the other person usually ended up realizing they weren’t actually cut out for the training she expected them to do and went to find someone who would baby with them. She wasn’t the type to baby anyone and if she had to throw them on their ass time and time again to drill into them how dangerous the world was, then she would do that. “I’d hold off before you thank me if I were you, you don’t even know what you’ve gotten yourself into just yet” she let a smirk slowly spread across her lips.

“Not just try, succeed, I don’t want to hear about you follow anyone home again” she shot him a stern glare to warn that she was serious about this and she wasn’t going to tolerate him going around and harassing anyone else. “At the dojo, make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting dust and dirt on” what could she say, her methods weren’t always indoor on the mat methods. She headed towards the door and opened it for him “Don’t make me regret the decisions I’ve made tonight” she warned him with a stern look as she stepped aside so he could head out “I’ve tried to see the better person in you, prove to me that he exists” and she would not take well to him letting her down.

"I like you" he commented playfully. But in all honesty, he meant it. Nora said what came to mind, and typically the things she said, really stuck. Especially for Ash. So far he had been clinging onto her every word and really liked that this had been the first supernatural he had decided to trust. Ash would never trust anyone completely, human, supernatural, it didn't matter, he generally lacked trust for any and everyone. But, Nora had been the first person ever to gain a little of his trust. "It's really not hard to think about when it comes to doing something that gives people a thrill though. Even if it is bad for one's health" in all honesty, it's exactly why the world had so many addicts. 

For a moment, Ash certainly felt like less of a man to have admitted that he basically relied on Tate to tell him what to do, how to live, etc. He didn't expected nothing less from Eleanora as she told him he should be tougher with himself. "I agree. Its just a lot easier said than done, but as a grown man, it does nothing less than wound my pride to admit that. I know I can't rely on others to make my decisions or guide me around like I'm a child. It's not really that I need to grow up. Sadly I did that way before I was meant to, It's more so that it felt nice having someone elses advice and opinions on the bad decisions I was making. Not to say the man who raised me ever gave me any good advice, and he damn sure didn't guide me into a good direction, obviously" Ash was the way that he was, and did the thing he did simply because Tate encouraged, and sometimes, forced it. Ash had been forced to live like the Therian's he was brought up around, and it was what led him to the drugs and violence and chaos. His only escape, or distraction, had been the obsession he'd gained with the supernatural. 

Ash chuckled at her statement about pen and paper. It was a lot classier in his opinion, to write things down, rather than type it on a computer. "Scribbling is always my first choice. Don't get me wrong, using a computer for certain things is a life saver, but I just remember better when I write things down" Ash honestly had used a computer for all the research he'd done so far on the supernatural, but he had tons of notebooks full where he had written down everything he had ever found out. Even at work, Ash took the time to write down everything .. especially at a crime scene. To outsiders, those who didn't know Ash, he seemed like a freak of nature, but it seemed that when people got to know him, they weren't as afraid, and often liked him a little. Still, he lacked friends. 

A coy smirk graced Ash's features when she said he'd better because she didn't usually give in and let just anyone learn from her. "So, i'm a special case then?" he asked, giving a cocky nod as if he knew the answer was yes. "Im grateful for your services however. Not many people are brave enough to agree to help me" he admitted with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. He'd gotten to the point that he didn't care what people thought anymore. 

Ash quirked a brow at her next comment. Perhaps he was biting off more than he could chew with asking for her help, but, he'd rather have someone to wear him down real good and him be exhausted and to a breaking point, than to have someone who was going to feed into the fact that he had no self-discipline and no self-control just because he had a way of swaying people with words. "I'll heed your warning. Trust me, by no means do I believe this is going to be a cake walk with you. I mean, have you met you, woman?" he asked seriously, but allowed a dry chuckle to escape his lips to avoid sounding like a dick. Eleanora was a tough ass, a bad ass even, and Ash knew he was about to be put through the ringers. But, if this would help him, then it would be worth every harsh second he'd spend training with her. 

Ash held his hands up in defense, as to say he wouldn't follow anyone else or harrass anymore supernaturals "Ill be on my best behavior, you have my word. It's the least I can do for you helping me" he gave a nod of appreciation. Ash listened intently as she then proceeded to explain that he needed to wear old clothes to the dojo, and walked beside her to her front door. After stepping out, Ash peeked his head back around the corner "I promise you won't regret it. I'll try my best not to make you regret it anyways" his tone was sincere as well as the expression on his face. Something weird happened just beforee he left though, Ash felt emotions rush over him like never before when she said she'd tried seeing the better person in him, and that she wanted him to prove that person existed. Swallowing harshly, he gave a nod, "He's worth finding" Ash knew he was lost, but to become a better person, or at least the person he had been in just this short time with Eleanora, it was worth every bit of whatever he would go through, to prove that this side of him existed and that the bad side of him wouldn't be the one to win him over and derail everything he wanted in his life. 

Ash glanced back one last time as he began walking away, giving her a genuine smile, along with a wave. "I'll be seeing you soon!" he called out before disappearing into the streets.  This meeting had been a very unusual one, but this was the first time Ash found himself with a supernatural, where he didn't feel completely terrified, or full of hatred. He enjoyed Eleanora, and couldn't wait to start his training. Ash's apartment had never looked so good before, and it wasn't no time before he got into some joggers and a tank top before he fell asleep. It had finally been an amazing day for the human, no matter how crazy it'd started off. 


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