Let's just face it, Austin didn't know jack about weapons. He and his elements were pretty fond of each other, but the Initia had never in his life branched out or stepped out of his comfort zone to try anything new, or anything thrilling. And to him, that was exactly what handling a sword as flawlessly as those who were good at archery, meant to him. He watched videos on it some days, from sun up to sun down; passing out right on the keyboard of his laptop.

Austin was good at one thing aside from handling his elements. Gaming. He had made a career of it. Austin was your typical nerd, with the exception of being a true stoner. He loved his weed. After sparking up and smoking a blunt, the Initia left his laptop long enough to go shower, figuring today was the day. Today he would step out of his shell, that bubble of protection he had placed around himself, where the only thing he knew was gaming.

As the hot water rushed over him, the Initia let out a moan of satisfaction; the tension in his muscles was real. He knew it was from the insomnia and how he sat in one specific spot for hours at a time without moving; transfixed by what the internet had to offer, or whatever game he was playing on his gaming systems. Austin owned them all. PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch; you name he had it. Austin had also mastered his degree in college though and he was the gameplay engineer at a pretty huge company in the city, with an exceptionally big presentation coming up that Dakota had convinced him he'd survive at.

The hint of a smile marked his lips as he thought about the Diviner. Quickly though, he shook her off his mind for now. Austin didn't tend to do well with plans he had if Dakota lingered on his mind, he was simply to distracted by it to function properly. After stepping out of his much needed shower, Austin walked back to his room wrapped in a towel, quickly getting dressed into casual clothing, which was odd for him. He was normally dressed in a suit, due to the job he had. After finishing dressing himself, Austin grabbed what was necessary, which only resulted in his cell phone, keys and wallet before leaving a note on the refridgerator for Dakota.

"Be back later.. if I don't die. I'm going to see about getting into a match of sparring.. crazy right?"

Attaching the sticky note to it's desired place, he headed on out and climbed into the drivers side seat of his Rolls Royce Phantom. The sleek black  beauty kick started his heart just by seeing it sitting there. In most ways, Austin was a business man, so it wasn't a stretch that he drove one of the few Rolls Royce in his part of the city. He was nervous to meet one of the few people he had heard about when asking around about sparring.. Mikael was his name, and from what Austin knew, he could at least diret him .. plus he was an Ailward Guard. Since Austin had never met any of the guards, he figured now was just as good a chance as any.

The ride over to their neck of the woods didn't take him long. After pulling in and shutting his engine off, the Initia stepped out inhaling. Walking up to the door of a swords shop, where he was meant to find the Guard, Austin stepped in gazing around with wide eyes. He had never seen so many swords in his life. To the side, a man stood holding a sword, waving it around like some kind of warrior Austin had seen in an old timey war movie. "You must be Mikael" he stated, raising  a brow as he approached, and ducked out of reflex when the sword came just a little to close to him for comfort "Dude.." he added, shaking off what had just nearly made him piss himself.

This was doomed. Austin + Sparring? That equaled certain death, or at least humiliation for him.

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