Penelope never knew how truly empty she would feel after losing her mother, her coven, and her unknown father all in one day. She gained a business, a purpose, and a new life. Yet some days when she woke up in her room in The Archives Hall alone, with no one to turn to in a moment of sadness. That was when the weight of what had happened really settled in on her. That morning was like that on the anniversary of all the lost she laid in bed tears rolling down to meet her pillow.  She felt utterly alone. The Hall seem to have ways of feeling her sadness as a loud thud came from just outside of her room door. Pulling herself out of the bed she wiped away the tears knowing her face showed she was crying. Pulling the door she had expected someone to be in the Hall, yet it was a spell book sitting there at the door of her room.

She picked it up and moved over to her desk lighting the candles with her words as she sat the book down. The book flipped to the page it wanted her to view and she raised a brow at it. "A locator spell? Really?" She said as she then looked around and the book flipped pages again. She read over the text and gave a soft hum into the air. "A Familial locator spell." She read over what she needed moving from her room the book in her arm as the candles went out and she moved to the room she crafted spells in.  She placed the map of Evermore down knowing she couldn't travel far not with her duties of guarding the Hall. She placed the crystals around the map and sand ring before she took the dagger and cut her hand and let her blood pool in the middle of the map. Repeating the words she watched the blood collect together expecting that it was going to go now here.

Yet to her surprise it slowly started to move, when it stopped she looked at the spot focusing on it till she teleported. In an alleyway outside of Maddox Mediums. She stared at the Mystic stop with a questioning look. As she moved closer to it. She walked through the door when the ding went off it was clear that there wasn't anyone there but her and maybe the owner. Could the owner be related to her. Taking in the energy of the shop and all the items it was clear to her that they where a diviner or knew of a diviner. She picked up the card reading the name there. "Abraham." she said as it filled her mouth for a moment. She looked up to the male as he entered the room and didn't even try to fake smiling. Her heart was hurting as she stared at him. He held a familial look to her mother in a few ways. She felt the tears spring to her eyes again. "I-I'm sorry." She said as she moved to exit out of the shop but paused as her hand rested on the door handle.

"My name is Penny," she said keeping her back to him. "I'm here because I think we may be related but I am not sure how to prove if we are or not." She slowly turned her head to look at him over her shoulder for a moment. "I could probably find a spell to prove it but, as a spell lead me here but..." she raised her hand to cover her eyes. "Forgive me for just showing up like this I have lost everything and a moment of weakness caused me to use my magic and now I am here and not even sure how to explain with my jumbled thoughts."

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It hadn’t even been a week in December and he had already received many requests from his family to come home for the holidays; his Mother was incredibly persistent and adamant that her son would return to Budapest for the holiday period. In Abraham’s defense, he was always going to go back, for at least a day or two, there was no way in hell he was going to miss out on his Grandmother's cooking; and no matter how many times he reassured his Mother he was coming home, the very next day there would be another letter, another note on the steamed up mirror from his shower. She was obsessed. Today was no different, he had found a message in the dust which had collected on the TV stand; and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes - in fact, he didn’t even bother to reply this time. “I love you Mum, but for the love of God” He muttered, his voice croaky from being forced awake by his alarm clock; his fingers ran through his growing hair before slapping himself on the cheek to wake up, at least enough so that he could make breakfast and not poison himself in the process. 

Once he had finished up with breakfast, he wandered downstairs and to the back of his shop where he did most of his research and where he did most of his experiments; he even found himself nodding in greeting to a fair few of the dark objects which decorated the shelves. Abe knew how touchy they could be if they were not greeted or not said goodbye too; many people wouldn’t believe him when he said the objects he had collected in his time had a life of their own. The Diviner made sure that everything was in place for later when he would close the shop and try and break the barrier once again; yet he was torn away by the chime of the grandfather clock - indicating it was 9am, and thus, his shop needed to open. Not that he would get many visitors this early in the morning, in fact, over the months, Abraham had done research on his customers and he had found that many of them turn up once the sun begins to set; and with much consideration, he was beginning to think his shop should be nocturnal - to allow the more questionable characters to shop with him. 

Abraham hummed softly as he gathered the broom and began to sweep the wooden floorboards, it was something he should do once his shop was closed; his Mother would have his head for this, but he never saw any customers at this time so what was there to lose. Therefore, when the bell dinged, notifying him that someone was in his shop, confusion and shocked did not even cover it; the male left the broom against the wall and wandered into the shop to find a rather distressed looking woman. Fantastic. He thought sarcastically to himself, a tearful woman was just his cup of tea. Abraham watched her silently for a few moments and quirked a brow as she went to leave, almost knowing that she couldn’t; no woman remain sad and silent. She is absolutely mad, completely bonkers. Abe thought, but knew he had to be polite and somewhat professional and open minded. 

With a flick of his wrist, he locked the shop door and flipped the open sign to say closed so that they would not be disturbed; it would not surprise him if he had family he had never met - he knew his parents had siblings, his grandparents too. “I think I need to get you a cup of tea, and well… several boxes of tissues by the look of it” He pulled a slight face and nodded his head towards the back of the shop, telling her to follow him. “And you can then me all about how you’re my family” He tried not to make that comment sarcastic, but he failed miserably and he muttered under his breath. 

Was it a hopeless situation that the diviner had placed herself in after all showing up at someone's place of work in hopes to find someone who was related to her? She really was grasping at straws in that moment. So as she found herself there in front of Abe. Tears taking over her delicate features. As he used his magic to lock the door and turn the sign to close feeling slightly bad she had caused him to close his shop over her dramatic state. She often was so put together, yet this moment she was crying her eyes out to a stranger all because she was tired of feeling alone and lost among the city. The only people she allowed close to her where Malva the aspect of magic, and Wyatt a Diviner who knew her father well. Though he hadn’t been around in a long while at this point. The anniversary of her parents death was always hard on her especially because she didn’t get to learn about her father before his death.

She watched him nod his head for her to follow him, which she fell into step behind him. She could feel the sarcasm that came off his tongue. As if it was his second nature. She wondered when she was a dark diviner if she was that sarcastic. “Thank you for the tea and hearing me out even if you don’t believe me.” She said as she moved through the bead screen that lead to the back of his shop. She looked around the room for a moment taking in the things the shop had to offer before taking a seat at the table she was sure he did readings at. She settled into the seat there as she waited for him to return with tea before letting out a soft sigh as she closes her eyes.

As the tea was sat in front of her, she took hold of the mug in both of her hands and looked to him. “Thank you.” She said gently before raising it to her lips and took a long sip before placing it back to the table. She cleared her throat making sure she could speak on her mother. “I come from a coven that when a male was given birth too they would be taken to their father and placed among the world. Our coven believe males misused magic and used it in unnecessary aggressive ways.” She said as she touched her finger to the mug for a moment before looking to the Crystal ball for a moment. “So I know my mother sisters had male children and their sisters before that. So the probability of us being related is high.” 

She stayed quiet for a moment, “I should have brought the book I was using to track you but I am not even sure if that would be enough to convince you short of a blood test.” She said raising the tea to her lips once again taking a sip looking to him. “What do you think? That I am a crazy woman?” She looked to him for a long moment.

Abraham was well experienced in the unexpected; more often than not he thrived off of it - he enjoyed that it made a very predictable life, unpredictable. And ever since he opened this shop up just over a month ago, he had seen a lot of unexpected customers asking for the most unusual things; and so, this woman would now be added to his strange encounters with the women in this city. He would have normally been fine with this, but it was because she was completely and utterly tearful, her eyes had turned red and puffy from it; he wondered how long she had been crying for, but for his own sound of mind, he would not ask. Emotions, particularly when it was a stranger made him incredibly uncomfortable. Thus, when he invited her in to his shop and closed up, he mentally kicked himself and wondered what the hell he was doing. At any rate, she looked as if she was ready to flood his shop out. “I have seen and heard stranger things in my time; having family that you do not know you have doesn’t really fall into that category” He mused to himself as he offered her the sofa in the back of his shop; typically where members of staff would reside if he ever got round to hiring them.

The Diviner was extremely old schooled when it came to making tea; he had a kettle for those mornings when he needed a caffeine hit quickly but when it came to a hot drink he wanted to enjoy, it was always in a teapot over the stove. He lit the gas and placed the teapot upon the hob to let it heat up. Soon enough the kettle began to scream the room down; probably coming out in sympathy with the woman - thus, he found himself pouring out two glasses of tea with milk and handed her one of them. “No problem, tea is a great comforter.” He nodded and took a seat on one of the wooden chairs. “You don’t want sugar or anything, do you?” Abe forgot to ask when he was making, although he highly suspected that she would be polite and say no. He lifted the glass to his lips and gently blew down onto the hot liquid; the last thing he wanted was to burn his tongue.  He glanced upward as she began to speak about where she was from. She jumps straight to the point, I like that. Abe mused to himself and quirked a brow at the concept of a Coven banishing baby boys from their Mothers because of some outdated belief and stigma. 

Abe tried not to allow his disgust in that practice to show on his face; but he could not imagine being torn away from his Mother - he hoped that she would have had some common sense to leave with him if that were the case. “So you were only surrounded by women, growing up?” He queried and brought the mug up to his lips; he did find other cultures fascinating, and he had heard of certain covens working in what he saw as improper ways. “So let me get this straight. You think that an Auntie of yours, had a son who could potentially be related to me?” Abraham attempted to connect the dots with this one, his eyes shifting as he tried to do that family tree math. “Which at the very lest, would make us cousins in some shape of form?” He hoped it would be that simple, but from his experiences - family never were. Abraham exhaled in pleasure as he pondered her question, of course he needed proof that they were related; he would be daft not to. “Everyone's a little crazy” He smirked before his shoulders rolled in a shrug. “I mean, it’s very probable. It would be foolish of me to completely disregard the idea of this”

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