Elias had been back in Evermore for a few weeks now, he stopped by the celestial Manor often enough to know that the youngest star was very shy. She was the newest star and needing some time adjusting Eli had offered that she could come by his Ranch anytime she liked. She could help with the horses and he could help her adjust to life on earth, technology and the like, Elias thought of himself as a friendly helpful guy. His past had caused him to have a great many fears that haunted him in his sleep mostly, but while awake he did his best to put one foot in front of the other. 

Waking up the Male showered and got dressed heading down to the kitchen to make himself a tea and some breakfast. Instead of getting right to work today he had asked one of his ranch hands to take over some of his usual jobs so he might spend some time with the horses. He wanted to go for a ride and just enjoy the quiet of the morning before the young one arrived. He had gotten the call only the day before asking if it was still alright if she stopped by. Elias accepted.

Two hours of riding the redhead Star was back in the barn giving his horse some water, and food. While brushing him down. “That’s a good boy Perseus” He smiled and pat his side. He had named the horse after his home in the sky Perseus’ ears cocked off to the side signalling someone was coming up the gravel drive. Moving out to meet the Cab Elias paid the driver and helped the young star out of the car. “Welcome to Braelynd Ranch.” He said offering out his hand to the young one.

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Since the journey to Evermore, one thing Miyaza does have a single struggle with is speaking in the same language as everyone else. As Korean is her first language telling people about needs and to know something in a conversation is very hard for her to keep up.  With a problem like that made her feel introverted regardless of her shyness and making the wrong move to face them. Miyaza got invited to go with a fellow star's ranch something within her got super excited. She always loved animal but never got a chance to have one for herself.

 The young star knew she can trust the other as they were both the same. Learning to trust others is to trust those who can understand you which is a start. Miyaza got up and di her morning routine as well as putting on her makeup and brushing her hair. Bring out her journal and her star pen she begins to write down everything she is thinking about and her dreams. It bothered her she didn't remember anything other than her name. In case of it happening again, Miyaza begins to write everything down even if it was a short entry it means a lot more then nothing at all.   

It was something she cared around with her in her bag, with a lot of cards, written translation and little things to remember when it comes to speaking English. One thing that keeps coming up in her dreams we two people holding hands. Miyaza does not know what it means nor why she keeps seeing it. So many questions she asked herself. Finishing her writing she put it back in her bag as she went down to the kitchen to see what she wanted that morning. She knew something light with no knowledge of they will be doing but enough to keep her energized.

Her eyes laid on many foreign words and a few technologies. "Omo, 오모. 왜 모든 것이 복잡해야합니까? 나는 정말로 영어를 배워야합니다." She soon found cereal knowing she can do this for now. Miyaza is a very simple girl who does not need anything fancy to please her. So a simple bowl of cereal is enough to keep her happy.  She when to her favorite spot in the castle where she kept a little of home along with her Korean novels, a blanket, pillow and a widow she can look out to the skies of night and day. Opening her book "I'll be right there" by Kyung Soo Shin taking her time to with her food along with keeping her mind on when she needed to leave. 

After a few minutes after eating and brushing her teeth, she put a note on the counter so if anyone is looking for her they would know she is at the ranch. Miyaza put her bag on her shoulder as she begins to walk to the car the older male paid for. Miyaza is very happy she didn't have to go through talking a lot. Not saying there were moments of talk as she tried to sound ok for the driver to understand her. As she reached to the ranch a smile came on the young star's face. "너무 귀엽고 귀엽다," Miyaza said as she saw the male walking up to her to help her out. "T-Thank you?" she asked wondering if she said it right. Miyaza does not know if anyone told him about her language barrier. 

1. OMG. Why does everything have to be so complicated? I really need to learn English. 
2. So cute and adorable.

Nodding his head to her “You are most welcome.” Elias smiled happily “Would you like a tour of the grounds first? Or would you rather head right over to the horses?” He asked her. Eli tried his best to speak slowly hoping she would understand. When he saw she was having a bit of trouble he pulled out his cellphone and spoke into the device which translated it into her native tongue. The Celestial loved technology it was a major help when in a tough pickle, and Google was a godsend, whenever he had trouble figuring something out he would hop onto Google and boom he would have an answer within no time.

Elias watched the young woman “I can try and teach you English, and help you with horses. Is there anything else you would like help with?” Elias may have been almost 3 centuries old but even he was struggling with his Celestial powers, after the whole Isle of Skye ordeal Eli had done everything he could to keep his powers in check. He didn’t want to give the Aliwards any reason not to trust him or to capture him and hold him against his will again.

Eli was hoping that if he could help even a few of the younger Celestials to stay in control then the Aliwards would leave them alone completely. Watching her Elias began to walk towards the main house to give her the grand tour of the grounds. “This is the main house, would you like to see the inside?”

The young star felt safe and comfortable with the older star with her. Miyaza smiled noticed her is making an effort for her to understand him she felt bad but she knew it was not her fault.  It is very hard on herself to talk and meet people even though that is a dream for her also is one step to make her own life. When she saw the other bring up a device she never has seen before she throws her head to the side wondering what it does. She heard him speak again with no understand but soon hear another voice speaking in her native tongue. She looked around wondering where it came from. "그 목소리는 어디에서 왔습니까? 하우스, 괜찮 으면 요?" She spoke in Korean knowing the other wouldn't be able to understand her. She got excited to hear there were animals on the ranch.

Mizaya keeps eyeing the device the other is holding wondering if it was the voice that spoke Korean. When the other asked her questions she understands a little bit of what he said saying but not the whole sentence. "English? ... Very Hard." she said trying to form words she knew how to say. By the looks of the older star, she hopes she won't waste is patience. She is very grateful for the other to understand her main problem. " Name is Miyaza?" she said wondering if she said that right. The young star is taught to treat people who are older with respect as she didn't say her name to the other she wanted to make sure she is giving him as much respect as possible. Something about the other reminded her something very familiar, was he too captured in the past as she did.  Not knowing the faces of the many who got captured only by voices. Something about him sounded so familiar. 

Miyaza still has no idea about the powers she holds within herself but the feeling after she felt after getting out of the years of hell. The young star knew anyone of them would be able to help her but she wanted to understand things and learn more to speak in English before she would ask. For now, she wants to stay on the low side of life until then. She walked with the other as she looked around with her brown eyes landed on the house. She didn't know what the other said but she nodded with a smile.

1. Where did that voice come from? House if you don't mind? 

Elias smiled when she said her name was Miyaza “Nice to meet you Miyaza.” Nodding his head to let her know she had said it correctly. “I am Elias, most call me Eli.” He said and placed his hand on his chest to indicate he was telling her his name. Looking down at the phone “It is an App that helps translate the things you say in your language to English for me.” He explained where the voice came from. “Technology can be a very handy tool.” He continued as the app translated for her. Eli headed up the front steps of the house opening the front door for her to enter, “Are you hungry?”

Once they were inside, he shut the door behind them both before entering the kitchen first “Kitchen.” He gestured to the small kitchen with a small table in the middle. “Or would you like something to drink?” Elias didn’t want to come across as rude and not offer his guest something to eat or drink. Once they got started with the horses Eli often lost all track of time and could be out there for hours at a time and forget to eat himself.

He often fed the horses before he ever even thought of feeding himself, the animals on the farm were his babies his pride and joy and nothing would stop him from caring for them. They were his first priority each and everyday, his sister would text him and remind him that he also needed to eat or he would be no good to the animals; That usually got him into gear to care for himself as well.

The young star smiled as she heard the other greeting her back as she caught his name. "Elias. Very easy for me." she smiled looks like she is making some progress. She had to admit his name is really cool sounding. ""Eli. Very cute." she said with a light giggle. Miyaza wanted to at least try to keep knowing they won't come out right but if they can understand her broken English then that makes me feel like she can be on the right track.  When the phone repeated what he said Miyaza looks at the phone making an O shape with her month. "Very cool," she replied as she bites her lip knowing broken English can go only so far. "{1} 당신의 전화는 매우 새로운 것입니다. 어떻게 사용합니까? 나와 같은 사람도 얻을 수 있습니까?" she asked knowing the phone will say it in English. She wondered if a phone can translate book pages and signs on stores to help her around also hear how to say things. 

Miyaza nodded at his question getting used to the voice. "{2}  나는 가벼운 아침 식사를 먹었다. 나는 너무나 긴장해서 내가 원하는 것이 무엇인지 잘 알지 못했습니다," she said with a light giggle of her embarrassment. In truth, she was really nervous about him not able to understand her but it looks like the problem is solved. She listened to his words careful to see if she can repeat them in her mind. As the voice came back on she looked at the male from looking around. "Any thing?" she asked wondering if she said that right. The young star heard that word from someone on the street not knowing what it meant but to the person, it was something close to the question. 

She really likes his house so she could not help but look around without going into places she is not allowed to. "{3} 오늘 무엇을 할 것인가? 당신은 매일 무엇을합니까?" shed asked wondering as Miyaza sit down at the table. She really likes how nice the other male is.
1. Your phone is very new to me. How do you use it? Can someone like me get one too?
2. I had a light breakfast. I was so nervous to come I didn't know what I wanted or to eat well.
3. What will be doing today? What do you do on everyday basis? 

“Thank you My name just kind of came to me” He chuckled to this day he had never met another person with his name. Eli watched the young woman looking from him to the phone and back, he nodded his head. “Yes I am sure we can get you a phone, I would be happy to help you understand it. How to use it and such.” Eli opened the fridge to show her a few items. “It took me a very long time to get to know how to use cellphones to, they are a nifty little invention for sure. It is like having a little computer in the palm of your hand.”

It was true technology had advanced so much over the years, Elias was shocked to think about where it had all come from. It was nice to see the advancement of it over the years, going from horse and buggy to cars, to phones and cell phones, computers and tablets. The internet was so much faster and more responsive than it had been when it first became a thing. 

“I have Water, Juice, Tea, Coffee?” He gestured to each of the items for her trying his best to help her learn what each thing was. “If you are hungry I could make some eggs, bacon and toast? It is best to have a healthy meal before working so you don’t feel sick later.” Elias knew that first hand what happened if he didn’t eat and went to work all day around the ranch on a few occasions he had fainted while working because he became overheated and weak from lack of food in his system.

“Everyday I wake up, eat than I go let the horses out into the pen and muck out their stalls, fill them with fresh hay, give them their breakfast. I then drive or take one of the horses out to fences around the property to make sure there is no damage that needs repairing. I do odd jobs around the ranch, mostly I tend to the horses, I’ve hired a few ranch hands to help with most of the work so that I might tend to the horses myself.”

Elias loved his horses they were like his own children and he enjoyed being with them, riding or playing and just having general time with them.

The young star nodded when the male said his name come to him, something within her remembered when she could not remember her name until three weeks after calling her Jane Doe. That is when he could not remember anything past that, where she came from, her parents if she had any brothers or sisters. it's still a blur to her now Miyaza is thinking about it in her mind. The young star does not like to be seen as a pushy person but she could not help wanting to know the experience this technology could be due to her age. Being an eighteen-year-old girl does lead her into trouble and her wanting things. Miyaza smiled as she nodded, she had no idea how much one of those would cost or if she would understand how to use one what she could do first. Maybe she can see what is going on in Korean today or to see if the people who raised her are still alive or are living somewhere else thinking she is dead. She might find a missing person's report about her.  Miyaza knew they were probably really worried. 

"Is it Hard?" she asked in her broken English. The young star didn't know how old the other was nor she does not want to guess since she can mislead people herself. A woman who is actually a child.  Miyaza heard of the computer before but never to see one or didn't care enough to look into it. Knowing in Korea most boys during school always talked about going to the Games Rooms after school but other than that she has no knowledge about anything else.

Miyaza listened to all the options as she smiled saying she would like to have some tea. A cup of hot tea always made her feel at home no matter where she was at. She did wonder if there were any tea houses around the city like her hometown for what she calls it. No matter where you walk there are hidden tea houses to turning the corner or see three on the same street. Korea really loves their tea but it was not just the drink that made her go to each one, it was the history and old fashion culture that is now in the past forever. After thinking about it she supposes the male is right as she nodded. "please?' she asked not sure what more words to say. 

많이 들리 네요. 그들이 말할 수 있다면 그들이하는 모든 일에 감사하게 생각하십시오." ( Awesome! It sounds like a lot. Am sure they appreciate everything you do for them if they can speak.) She said laughing at her joke. Sounds like they will be doing a lot of work today as the young star is ready to see where it takes them. 

Elias made them both a tea and he began to make them something to eat as well the older star enjoyed having company it made him wonder why he didn’t just live in the castle with the other celestials. He was a very social person he thrived on interactions with others, he smiled over at her as he cooked. “Have you met many people?” He asked. “Other Celestials? Or other factions?” Elias was curious as to how many people she may have known maybe he could introduce her to some people.

Elias’ best-friend was a woman named Jessalyn she was an Initia, his boyfriend and love of his life was a Valkyr. Elias knew many people from many factions and he was sure in time Miyaza would meet others as well. Serving her a plate along with a hot tea “Is there anything you would like to do?” He smiled sitting down at the island to eat his food.

“Besides me putting you to work, we could go into town?” He asked with a smile. Elias was open to anything after all he was just trying to help teach her anything she may need to help her adjust to life in evermore. Going from being a star to a living ‘human’ was very different and needed quite a bit of time to adjust.

Elias remembered how hard it was for him and that didn’t ease with time for him, instead, he lost a young girl she died because he couldn’t help her. In time he had lost so many people and Eli was doing everything in his power to not lose anyone else again.

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