Insecurities continued to bubble within her gut, even though it had been weeks since she made the final decision to start integrating herself into civilisation; despite having abandonment issues, and not trusting other people, there was a part of her that craved that very thing. Of course, other woodland creatures kept her company, and offered her comfort but there was a piece of her heart that was still very much missing. The first time she entered the city and left her woodland behind, it was late and it was comforting as there were not many people around to scare her but she knew that what she had planned next would definitely involve more people. Due to this, it delayed her plans; she doubted she was ready for such a buzz of people in an overcrowded city - hell, even just bumping into one redheaded woman on her first city run attempt was bad enough at one point. Often than not, Riley found herself sitting cross legged on the ground on the woodland boundary just so she could watch the city from afar; the noise often made her flinch in fright or made her hands rush up to cover her ears. She would watch these machines with wheels flash by her, and honk at the other for reasons she wasn’t too sure on; but seeing all of this, from the woods truly made her question if this was definitely what she wanted.

However, despite being scared, Riley was also stubborn and she would stick by her decision to try the new world as she no longer wanted to live the life that her family wanted from her - considering she was no longer part of them, she no longer needed to worry about living up to their expectations; their high expectations of how a lycanthrope should live. With a huff, Riley gathered her things, which consisted of very little - it was just a rucksack which had loose change in and a small jumper in case she got cold in the ever changing weather. She took a deep breath and began her adventure of leaving the comforting shadows on her woodlands; tripping over tree stubs, and walking into branches as she did so before coming to the road that she often watched again. Riley made sure she stayed far enough away so she didn’t get hit alongside the road until she finally entered the main city; chocolate hues widened as she witnessed the overcrowded humans, all of which bumped into each other as they tried to make their way down the streets - some showing frustration whilst others laughed with their friends. Riley stood there for a good few moments in complete and utter shock, a nagging voice in her mind confirmed that her Mother was always correct, that the woodland and their way of life was always more safe.

“What have I got myself into” She spoke absentmindedly to herself, her lips fell agape as she stared into the crowds; before she inhaled deeply and took the first step into the ocean of people. Riley could already feel the overwhelming feeling of being way over her head - she did have some form of plan, but first, she needed to try and learn the basic skills of what civilised people got taught from a young age; she needed to learn how to read and write. From spending time with Kaelyn, she had overhead of a woman who could be a great tutor for someone like herself, someone who could be patient with her because lord knows anyone would need patience with Riley. “Sorry! Oh lord, Sorry!” Riley continued to muse out as she bumped into people, before tripping up a little on a raised part of the pavement. “Why am I like this?!” She grunted to herself as she tried to sniff her way to the place in which Kaelyn told her where this Holland girl would be. And of course, it took a lot longer than Riley had expected; after a while, she found herself getting well and truly lost within the many roads that lined the city. She placed her hands on her hips and looked around, her eyes wide like a lost puppy until she found the shop which apparently was next door to the apartment complex the human lived in.

Riley attempted to prance across the street as she felt pride feel her bones, however, as she did so, a loud honk rang in the air as she almost got hit by a car which came out of nowhere; she couldn’t help but squeal somewhat and run across the last part of the road until she came nose to door. With a quirk brow, she saw all the buttons on the side with what looked like squiggles next to them. “Errrr” Riley hesitated for a moment before she shrugged and pressed all the buttons, hoping to come across the one named Holland.

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Chocolate hues flickering open as she had found herself covered in sheets as she had still been in the same clothes from the night before, remembering when she had gotten home; Sariah had helped her into another change of clothes but what came with the wake up was this pulsing headache that had came rushing too. The pain had only gotten worse when her optics made contact with the light that was beaming from her lamp. The room light itself was turned off. Now pushing herself up where she sat up as she placed her hands into her face, groaning. “What happened?” she asked herself. The night before seemed like a distant memory. All she could remember was showing up at Sariah’s door and going so some bar where she managed to get herself drunk. The sudden headache started to make sense now. As it was more of a hangover. The sudden feeling of regret bubbled up. Had she slept the whole day away? It looked like it. Thankfully it was the weekend or she would have killed herself for missing work, then probably would have been annoyed at the fact that Sariah allowed herself to convince her to go out. Needless to say, no more nites out for her for a while.

“Sariah?” the brunette called out as she kicked her feet from out under the covers as she stood up, shuffling her way into the kitchen where there had been a note on the table. ‘Drink lots of water. Text me when you’re awake. I had to leave early this morning to take care of something urgent at work. Hope you understand feel better, love your closet friend. ~ Sariah.’ Of course she understood. Sometimes work had to come first and when being ambassador. Things always tended to happen in the spur of the moment, making Sariah leave sometimes in the worst moments. However, this time it was alright. The worst was hopefully over with this hangover. No throwing up or nothing. All she needed to do was drink some water. Grabbing the note within the confines of her digits as she threw the paper away into the trash can before making her way over to the fridge as she opened it. Wincing at the brightness of the light, reaching in to grab a bottle only to quickly shut the door. The brunette couldn’t take the light. Twisting the cap as she kissed the edge of the bottle, allowing the water to make it’s way down her throat. All she could do was let out a content sigh. Water did taste good sometimes when one needed it the most.

Hand reaching out onto the counter were she was able to unscrew the lid on some Aspirin as she jiggled out a few before throwing it into her mouth. The water followed next. It wasn’t shortly after a loud buzzing sound came to light. It was the sound of the buzzer, stating someone was at the entrance of the apartments. Groaning at the sound. Hopefully it was Sariah who made her way back. Making her way to the microphone that was connected to the outside. She couldn't be bothered checking to see who it was. “You can come up.” As she had thought it was a friend. Grabbing her hoodie off the hanger before she slipped it around her frame. Arms wrapping around her body as she heard a knock at the door, which made her cock an eyebrow because Sariah wouldn’t have knocked at the door. She wouldn’t have just made her way in. Her hand grabbed onto the door handle as she opened the door only to see a darker woman who was about the same height, dark hair with pink tips. “Do I know you?” she asked in the least annoying way possible. Holland had never see the girl before. Maybe she was lost and looking for some sort of direction.

The longer that she waited there, the longer and more intense her anxieties got; the sound of the traffic right behind her continued to make her jump on occasion and without a doubt - made her feel extremely uneasy. Her chocolate hues remained shifting back and forth each time the thing on wheels zoomed passed her, and the honk of each horn gave her a mini heart attack; the uneasiness got so bad that eventually her muscles began to quiver. Her slender arms crossed over her chest, wrapping the denim jacket that she sto-- No borrowed -- from Kaelyn, around her cropped t-shirt whilst she rocked back and forth upon the balls of her feet. “Do I really need to read and write?” Riley softly muttered to herself as she glanced down the street; the moment she decided she wanted to give civilisation a try, she knew she was never going to be good enough. For example, she lacked in areas that normal people were, by her age, excelled in; she didn’t have proper schooling, therefore, she had no qualifications - what she was knowledgeable in, wouldn’t necessarily help her in the real world where others may not have a clue about the supernatural. She also didn’t behave in a way that civilisation would deem appropriate, of course this could change but did she want that? Riley enjoyed her quirks and she didn’t want to become a sheep which followed the herd.

A low huff escaped her chest as she contemplated all these things, and she was within seconds of turning away when the small machine on the wall rang with the sound of a rather soft, woman’s voice. Riley quirked a brow and examined the small box and wondered how on Earth a voice came out of that before watching the door open on it’s own. “The fuck?” The rather confused, and bamboozled expression remained as she sheepishly and suspiciously walked through the door; she made a conscious effort to not go anywhere near the door in case it suddenly changed it’s mind and refused her entry. Once in the building, Riley took a deep breath to relax herself - she was no longer near the rather loud machines which meant she was safe from getting knocked over by one. Stood at the bottom of the stairs, she would have to take a rough guess which room this woman lived in; if she could recall, she pressed… Everything single button. “Grrrreat” The beginning of her word was growled in frustration and she glanced over her shoulder to make sure no human heard the very realistic growl; becoming all flustered, Riley tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear and jogged up the stairs.

There were too many floors and to be frank, it would definitely be luck if she got this Holland on the first door she visited; muscular but feminine shoulders shrugged as she confidently approached one door and knocked three times. After a few moments, an elderly woman opened the door with a warm but also forced smile; Riley could tell that she didn’t understand how Riley got in. “Hi!” Riley beamed brightly. “I am looking for a woman called Holland? Do you know which room she lives in?” After what felt like an eternity, the elderly lady finally gave Riley the door number, which she thanked her with a courteous nod; from a young age, Riley was always taught to respect her Elders. Once in front of the correctly numbered door, Riley repeated her previous action of knocking three times before waiting for the occupant to emerge; and as expected, the woman who she assumed was Holland opened the door with a less welcoming expression than the woman before her.

“Er, no. I don’t believe you do” Riley laughed as she waved a hand of dismissal. “In fact, no one knows me in the city -- Wow that sounds creepy. Anyhoo!” She cleared her throat and forced herself to try and act somewhat normal if she wished for Holland’s help. “I overheard you’re real smart, and I need help in basic human skills, you can say” Riley tilted her head a little, the stench of alcohol teasing her nostrils and she had to restrain herself from shuddering at the very potent smell. 

Cocking an eyebrow. The darker woman gave off a vibe but she couldn’t place her finger on what it was. It was probably because she wasn’t fully herself as of yet, as she did have a long night last night. Something she hadn’t done in what seemed like forever, but Holland wasn’t one to turn someone away when they showed up on her doorstep unless whoever gave an uneasy vibe and well, this woman gave off a vibe that she needed help more than anything, as she did look lost and the feeling of she shouldn’t have been here. “I assume you saw the flyer I placed up in town?” to be honest, she didn’t think anyone was going to take her up on that tutoring offer, most people didn’t these days. “I’m surprised someone showed up—you’re the first one. I didn’t think anyone would bother.” nevertheless, she was always ready to help others even when she wasn’t smelling the greatest.

Backing herself up as she opened the door more. “Forgive me, do come in.” allowing the woman to enter her world of the apartment. “You’re a….” eyes narrowing as those doe brown optics of hers, watching the woman carefully, or well.. More her aurora. “Lycanthrope—Therianthrope, to be precise.” Holland was thankful for that book her parents gave her when she was younger where she was able to spot out someones species just by one glance of their aurora. “Do you need a water or anything?” It was always polite to offer her guest a drink. It’s what she was younger, to always offer guest something when they enter your room. “Or pop? I’m sure I have diet coke or something if you’re super thirsty.” there were times were water just didn’t do it for her as a drink as it always tasted bland from time to time, but that was just one woman’s opinion of course.

“Oh and uh….I promise you, I usually don’t smell of alcohol. It was a one time thing. I just…nevermind. You probably don’t want to hear my issues.” laughing softly as she shook her head. “Tell me what you need to learn while I go get properly dressed. I’m sure we could come up with some kind of scheduled and we can get started right away with whatever you need and feel free to sit wherever.” her living room was full of most of the awards she had won and a few framed diplomas, she liked people to know what she was capable of. Plus, if she hadn’t placed those up. Her walls would have been rather empty, as she wasn’t home much to place anything else up. Offering the woman a smile as she passed to enter her room, closing the door just enough to where she was able to leave it cracked enough to hear the woman speak. “So when you say basic human skills, can you explain a little more?” she was just trying to understand what she would have needed help with.

Riley couldn’t help but feel a little awkward as she stood in the hallway in front of a woman she barely knew the name of; her anxieties continued to rumble within the back of her mind demanding that she returned to her life in the woods where she didn’t need to socialise or learn anything else - perhaps she could even find another pack there, rather than try and fit into society. The wolf way of living was, in her eyes, a lot easier and simpler - far less complicated than the laws of being human. She took a rather deep breath, a smile forced upon her lips as she clicked her tongue across the back of her teeth at Holland’s question. “I didn’t… No. One of my friends did and she explained it was probably a good thing to get tutoring from someone who held many of these school qualification things” Riley glanced over Holland’s shoulders to see some weird looking paintings upon the walls and assumed they were something to show off rather than decorate the walls. A small laugh bypassed her lips overhearing that no one else showed any interest in the advertisement, and she couldn’t say she was surprised - not many adults would admit they wanted help, and well, children had school and had teachers for free at their disposal. “I’ll spread the word to raise your profile” Not that Riley knew anyone to spread the word too.

She cleared her throat as she was gained access into the woman’s apartment, and in that moment, she made sure she wandered over to the paintings which hung on the walls and squinted at them; although she didn’t understand a single word that was written there, hell, she didn’t even understand the strange scribble beneath two words. Riley cleared her throat, not wanting Holland to suss why she was here just yet, thus, turned on her heels to face her when the human commented on her species. “Yes, correct. I am, Moon Moon” She mused, although she couldn’t help but wonder how the human could have gained such knowledge just by looking at her - for example, her eyes were not white and a human could not have sniffed her out. Suspicious. Riley tilted her head at the comment of pop, what on earth was pop? Did she even want to ask what that could be? River water almost always sufficed, sometimes rainwater was a treat and of course, the moment where she was lucky enough to steal some moonshine from neighbouring woodland folk. “Water would be just fine, I don’t want to be popping home” Riley smiled, a laugh just cracking through her lips.

The moment that the human wandered off into the other room, after apologising for smelling of alcohol caused the young wolf to laugh. “Trust me, I have smelt far worse. I have many brothers” She shuddered at the mere memory of living with her brothers and the smells which used to come from them or the foul smells which followed them in from the outside, clinging onto their clothing. As she spoke, Riley investigated the room and the many different trinkets that occupied the many surfaces - often than not, she found herself dropping them, only to panic and she rushed to place back on the table; not because she was scared of breaking them but she didn’t want to be caught snooping. There it was, the question of all questions - a question that would lead a lot to judge her, after all, there were not may 24 year olds that were unable to read and write. Riley laughed nervously as she glanced at the door which was slightly a jar, glad to know that Holland again, couldn’t see her awkwardness; her fingers wrapped around the framed diploma which was sat on a counter near the window and examined it. “I funnily enough, cannot read or write... I know, I know, crazy” She blurted it out into the air, however, that was the least of her worries as she was not expecting Holland to come back when she did; thus, the woman’s voice made her jump, which consequently made her drop the framed diploma to the ground - cracking the glass. “Oh shit” She muttered, her features becoming flustered.

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