The confrontation with Orion was never far from his mind the Kitsune Alpha never knowing when to stop. His was mouth was far too big and Elijah had every intention of making him eat his words from both now and the past.  Which is why he was currently following a scent with a slight familiarity to it but one that was also all the female’s own with a mix of her parents. Interesting especially since Elijah messing with his daughter would cause Orion to begin to lose his mind, he had told the Kitsune he would take everything from him and he fully intended to do so. This was just the beginning of Orion’s suffering, he wouldn’t hurt the girl, just turn her against her father.

Stopping in front of the younger brunette her lip curled in an annoyed expression. “There’s a whole sidewalk so how about you move out of my way?” She moved to side step him but he reached out and grabbed her arm the young Kitsune striking out a jab aimed right at his throat but he caught her fist.

For a few minutes they were locked in a back of her sending blows and Elijah deflecting them. “I just want to talk to you.” He said when he finally locked her arms down to her side, “You do have your mother’s temperament.” Those words seemed to cause the young woman to let her guard down as she turned to look at him with shock.

“You knew my mother?” There was disbelief in her tone as he let go of her arms nodded in head.

“Destiny and I were friends when we were younger, your father as well. Times change, people move away a lot happens once you reach adulthood as I’m sure you know. I was very sorry to hear about her passing along with the way it happened.” Elijah said with true sorrow and concern in his voice since Destiny had once meant the world to him and Orion had allowed her to be killed by the very things he was meant to protect his family and humanity from. “If you’re done fighting me maybe we should grab coffee.”

Seraphina was leery of going anywhere with a stranger but it would be in public and she was curious of how this man knew her mother and why he was in Evermore. His scent clearly marked him as a lycanthrope and an Alpha which probably set Harper on edge having another Lycan Alpha in the city. “I know a place.” She said leading him to a small coffee shop and taking a seat at one of the tables.

Elijah followed suit and sat down across from her as a very stunning Nephilim waitress came over but he kept his composure and fought against his own nature to keep from flirting with her. He needed the young woman to believe his intentions were pure and he was only here for one reason which meant he had to pretend to be concerned about his wife. “I came to the city look for my wife, she left the pack in Nevada and came here. She was very distraught over your mother’s death since we just learned about it recently. News travels slowly.” He had to make some sort of excuse for Tansy’s departure other than the true reasoning. “You mother was my wife’s best friend for a very long time.”

Seraphina listened to him before they ordered coffee and the waitress walked away. This man seemed to be genuine with his words but she didn’t know who he was. “So who are you and how do you know my parents exactly?” She asked curiously from across the table.

Elijah should win an award for his acting that was certain but he would do what he needed to. “I met your mother in high school, the two of us were actually dating when I met your father.” That was the truth since Destiny had been dating him for a few months before Orion made an appearance into the story. “She was the most beautiful and kindest woman I’ve ever met, I thought she’d be mine forever but your father somehow won her over.” He knew and clearly remembered how Orion had bested him but that wasn’t the part of the story he was going to tell. “Tansy and I grew close and in the end we got married. Since they had been so close she couldn’t handle the loss of her friend and came to Evermore, now your father won’t allow her to leave.”

That didn’t sound right to Seraphina, her parents had been together since high school but she knew her mother had dated others before her father. Her father only having eyes for her mother more in love with her than anyone he had ever seen. What he had done to win her mother over was still unclear to Sera since that was something that was never discussed. “My parents were meant to be together no matter how they got there and my dad would never hold someone against their will. So whatever you want you can shove it up your ass.” Seraphina spit at him from across the table and stood up with a sneer, she had no idea who this man was but he was no friend to her family.

Elijah stood up just as fast and reached over the table roughly grabbing the young woman and dragging her across the table. “Your father is going to pay and you’re going to my first message to him.” Elijah’s fist rose and went to connect with Seraphina’s face but she slammed her knee against the table and it collided with his groin area causing him to groan and his fist to fall. She was as quick as her mother and ready to harm him for her own good.

“My father is going to end you!” She growled out before grabbing the small vase of flowers off the table and slamming it against Elijah’s head before leaping over the small fence of the coffee shop and ran.

Snarling his shook his head as his red eyes began to show through, “You’re all going to pay.” He growled out as he quickly left the coffee shop at the sound of approaching sirens.

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