“No Ilyas”

“For the love of God, Ilyas!”

“You’re just one big man child, aren’t you”

The Pirate had only been on the road for a few weeks with this bizarre woman who constantly nagged him for doing things which were not deemed appropriate for this day in age; he had already made his opinion that he did not like this modern day. Already, he missed the drunks in the street, the women catcalling every pirate and commander on the street and he certainly missed the fights which often broke out; as the two wandered the many streets and cities, Ilyas watched with a curious eye and it disgruntled him that hardly anyone spoke to the other, they all had their heads down looking into this rather strange device which he couldn’t make head or tail of; Valeria also had one, and the noises it made were even more frightening than some of the Pirates he had encountered in his time. Ilyas, when he wasn’t watching the behaviour of these new people, he commented on their clothing and according to his Dhampir friend, the clothing the women wore in particular was now the in thing, the fashion that everyone wanted. Now, Ilyas was not someone who knew fashion, but the amount of flesh these woman had on show was confusing - to the eye, he very much liked it but he knew if this was his partner, he would not like another man staring much like he was doing right this moment.

Ilyas was one who was very good at being able to navigate where he was but since arriving in this new world, it was as if his geographical knowledge had just vanished; he was pretty sure all Valeria needed to do was spin him around and he would be lost and just that thought alone frustrated him. Despite the desperate need to survive in the belly of the forest, part of him missed that lifestyle - he missed his people, he missed that way of life even if at the time he absolutely hated it. Valeria had told him to wait outside of the store whilst she went in to gather a few items for the road, apparently they still had a while to go before they arrived this Evermore City if they were not going to travel by plane; she believed that would be a big step for him. The well built man rolled his eyes as he watched her go through the self… Moving doors before leaning against the wall; his arms crossed over his chest as he allowed his mind to wander back to his family who remained in the forest. He wondered if his sister had given birth yet, if they were surviving well enough without him, without their brother and their leader. His fingers curled roughly within the palms of his hands as his mind took him to darkened thoughts, what if Kadri’s son watched where Ilyas appeared from and were able to track down his family from there.

Despite not having long enough nails, the pirate was still able to draw blood from his skin; the anger began to flow into his muscles and he knew he had to walk away from the spot where Valeria had told him to wait - much like a Mother would a child. A low growl rumbled within the depths of his belly, making a couple of passerby take a step or two away from him until he pushed himself away from the wall in order to find a bar. In that moment, he didn’t care that he left Valeria alone, if she had learnt anything in the few weeks they had traveled together, she knew he wouldn’t be too far; because, despite his aloof ways, he felt protective over her - much like he was over her Great Grandfather. Ilyas continued to mutter to himself as he dodged the many people and the things which were called cars which ran horse and carts out of business until he found a place which looked like it was a bar; another thing which didn’t look the same - he noticed the lack of women walking around with jugs of ale and topping the customers up if and when they needed.

Messy brows furrowed as bright screens decorated the corner of the room, his eyes squinted some to see what it was; his eyes betrayed him, therefore, he took a slight detour from the bar to step up to the rather large screen. This, thing, was not something Valeria had the chance to explain yet; thus, with his frown, he lifted a hand and allowed his fingers to poke at the screen and at the many men running around inside of it, kicking a ball. “İçeride kapana kısılmış insanlar var” (There are people trapped inside) the male roared, looking over his shoulder. “People! Out, now!”

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How are you still alive? You should have been dead a long time ago...I would know! You died in my arms afterall.

In all her years of wandering around the globe, she had met many people in their various flavours and moods, enough to even write a book about them and perhaps be the next best-seller. Many had varied reactions to her presence and company, from flirty to friendly to indifferent to downright hostile. But never in her life had she encountered a stranger who had greeted her with those words.

Her lips twitched in amusement on thinking back to that conversation as her eyes flicked towards the deliverer of those words who was walking alongside,taking in the sights with an intense curiosity. Ilyas Enver was an enigma, there was no doubting that fact. She had mentally resorted to calling him Tarzan in her head- afterall, he not only looked the part, he also played the part perfectly. Her phone buzzed with an incoming text and she shook her head with a tiny smile as he started at that sound before zoning in on the device in her hand. It were times like these that made Valeria wonder just what he made of all the modern amenities she had taken for granted- from something as simple as a watch to as magnificent as airplanes. It was gratifying and humbling to get a chance to look back at the world through the lens of his curious, astonished gaze.

It was also perhaps why, for the first time in a while, she had broken out of her character and been the one to do all the dragging and nagging and talking-even going so far as inviting him back to Evermore. From the moment they had met, she could sense that he wasn’t a human though she never ventured into inquiring about who he was or what he had been beyond the basics.They lived in the present and that was all she intended to focus on.

Valeria had left him outside the shop to get more food and water, quickly paying for the items. They still had a long way to go before reaching Evermore afterall. But as she got out, he had completely vanished in thin air. With a muttered ‘Not again’, Val set out to seek him out. She knew he’d never wander far away and though the ambassador part of her, which had gotten utterly used to having her orders being followed was miffed, the other part of her recognised that if the tables had been turned, she would have probably done the same thing.

Allowing her husky to lead the search, she stopped outside a bar. “Too early to have a drink if you ask me Memphis, but hey, who am I to judge” she commented shrugging her shoulders before entering the establishment, her puppy in tow. She didn’t even have to glance around to find him as that very moment she heard a loud, and a now familiar voice shout. Her eyes fixed itself upon him as she attempted to understand just what had him so agitated for he did not seemed drunk, before her glance went at the object behind him.

The Television. Of Course.

Quickly making her way towards him, she grabbed his arms and began tugging him towards a quiet corner. Not many had spared them a glance, perhaps used to drunk people rambling random things. As Memphis began sniffing his shoes, Valeria turned to him and crossed her arms “You didn’t wait” she began without a preamble “If you continue in this manner, I will be forced to buy you one of these” Gesturing towards her cellphone, she let a small grin dance across her lips “And I’ll call you at the most randomest of all times and set the scariest of music. You have been warned!” With that over, she turned towards the television, rubbing her hands dramatically “Be prepared. Once you learn about this, your life will never be the same. Illyas Enver, let me introduce you to the television!”

This whole ordeal was incredibly confusing for him, he truly had no idea if he was coming or going but there was one thing he knew for certain - he didn't feel like he could ever fit in with this society; and certainly his siblings and crew would struggle also. He had noted how many looked at him since his arrival in each town with the Dhampir, some looked at him in awe whilst the majority of people looked at him in fear of what he was capable of. His English was not as good as it used to be, back when he was courting Eleanor but he knew enough to hear some murmur to Valeria to stay away, in fear that a brute like himself would harm her; yet there was the odd one or two who could tell that he would allow no harm to come to her - a trait much like his Father had when it came to women he cared for. Ilyas, however, did find it odd just how protective he was of the blonde woman - maybe he felt like he owed her Great Grandparents; after all, he was unable to protect them from what he considered a preventable death. The look they both gave him, particularly her Great Grandmother remained with him, and considering just how alike Valeria was to her; he knew he could not go through that ordeal again, despite death being a common phenomenon in his life.

Ilyas remained silent in his thoughts as they rambled between the past and the present, with the present particularly focused on the men who were trapped behind the screen; what sort of witchcraft was this? What cruel hag would want to trap people in there, like that? In his past, he was sure he could think of enough women who would be cruel enough to do such a thing, thus, he dismissed the question as soon as it popped up. Bushy and messy brows pushed forward as not a single soul even battered an eyelid his way, besides the odd one or two simply gave him side eye at his loud exclamation. With a rather frustrated grunt, it was clear that no one was going to help him nor those trapped in the box, therefore it was down to him; he would take matter into his own hands and free them the only way he knew how - violence. Broad shoulders rolled as he turned once more, his chocolate hues staring at the bright screen once more. “Bu acıtabilir” (It may hurt) he mumbled, before his arms lifted to curl his fingers around each side of the screen; just as he was ready to pull the thing off its hinges he felt petite hands wrap around his arm - and if it weren't for the fact he had gotten used to her scent, he would have easily flung her off from him.

Despite not flinging her off of him, didn't mean to say he allowed her to pull him easily away from the box; he added some resistance to his stance, making both her and her little husky tug at him - clearly the dog was having more fun which caused a deep chuckle to rumble like thunder within the confinements of his ribcage. Eventually Ilyas let her win as they entered a quiet corner of the bar, his arms crossed over his chest as she began to scold him for disappearing. The moment she paused to indicate what she was going to buy him, he interjected roughly. “Me on rope?! No!” He growled at her, the ice like feeling appearing in his veins once more until he noticed the look upon her face; she wasn't afraid, but again it was a look of a disapproved Mother. Yet the ice in his veins soon disappeared as she reassured him that it would be a mobile phone she would put in his hand. If he was going to be honest with himself, he didn't know which one would be worse than the other - rope or a small loud thing. In attempt to cool down, he ran his fingers through his dark locks which were tied up into a bun before giving the puppy a rough scratch behind the ears as Valeria turned back to the so called, television. 

Ilyas followed her towards the box and glanced between the television and Valeria; tilting his head to the side, much like Memphis did when she was confused. The Pirate barely parted his lips as he tried to say the word as she did. “Tel-i-vson” He throwned, knowing he had not said it correctly as he stepped forwards where his eyes were only mere inches from the screen. “They stuck for” Ilyas made a slight ‘err' sound as he tried to recall his English, knowing if he was to stay here, he would need to learn it; despite her witchcraft of understanding Turkish at ease. “Entertainment? Why?” He questioned, wondering why on Earth men would choose to be stuck in the screen for another man’s pleasure.

All her life Valeria had felt a burden- a heavy burden of her father’s love for her mother Esmeralda. Love wasn’t often seen through that lens, but having experienced what it did to her, of all the unrealistic expectations and standards it subjected her to, of all the hard ways he expressed it, she couldn’t help but scoff at that emotion. She had grown up feeling less, feeling like she had to prove herself just to feel happy within and it had taken a long time to face the mirror and not instantly remember a string of criticisms and bring out a list of things she lacked.

Val could hardly remember her mother, what little she knew had all been told by her parent’s friends. Her dad wouldn’t ever talk about her death or the death of her twin brother and after a while she stopped asking him. But fate had presented her with an unusual chance to perhaps understand her mother and her family better. When Ilyas had mistaken her for her grandmother, he had shared a few memories with her. She hadn’t asked too much initially, just astonished at the fact that he knew them, had met them, had even been there when her grandmother had died.

But with each passing day, her curiosity grew.
And yet her courage failed.

She simply couldn’t voice the questions she desperately wanted to ask- did her grandmother ever talk about her daughter? Did he ever chance a glimpse of her mother?

She was terrified of opening those old wounds. When she had been five, she had once overheard her aunt telling her dad that a child never got over the death of one of its parents, that it did need a mother no matter what he thought and Twenty-five years later, Val knew those words to be true.

If only there was a rune for muting emotions.

But the fact that he knew her grandparents wasn’t just the only reason she had developed a soft spot for him. It was moments like this- moments when he tried to destroy a television to save the ‘trapped people’ inside, moments when her normalcy became a sort of nightmare for him and it made her want to help- to show him that the things that were strange now could be enjoyable and that perhaps after a little adjusting, this place, this time, this century they currently existed in wouldn't be that bad at all for him.

Thinking for a moment on how to make him understand that the television was not dangerous, she moved to stand next to him and unlocked her phone “No one is hurt or trapped inside that box. Here let me show you” Opening the front camera, Valeria grinned a little as both herself and Ilyas came into view and with a ‘say cheese’, she snapped a picture. Turning to him, she gestured towards the screen “Look! This is us but we aren’t trapped inside this phone, are we? We are here. That is how television works. It’s like watching a performance at the theatre. The only difference is, instead of going to the theatre, the theatre now comes to you.”

Watching Memphis move around the room, Valeria tapped on the table behind them and commanded “Memphis up”. With a deft jump, her husky followed her order and looked at her as if asking for a treat for being obedient. Running her hands through her puppy’s soft fur, she switched to the video recording mode on her phone. With a “Now Korsan, watch this” Val ordered Memphis to speak. As her husky began howling, she recorded it, with her and IIyas appearing in the frame as well. As things quieted down, Valeria proudly showed off that video to him.

As it started playing, she gestured to the screen “ See...no one is trapped there. It is like how you remember things. I bet if I were to ask you to tell me exactly where the dining area in your house was, you could picture it in your mind. Only it doesn't have to remain in your mind- you can now record things, click pictures and watch it whenever you want. Pretty amazing isn’t it?”

Before meeting him, Valeria didn’t really appreciate how far technology had developed and just how many things she had always taken for granted and now that she was beginning to appreciate the wonders around all over again, she couldn't wait to show everything to him.

There were moments in their travels that Ilyas would fall silent; he wouldn't actually be listening, even if Valeria believed him to be - in fact, he was returning to memories which involved her grandparents and just how confusing it was with her appearance and her Grandmother's. Ilyas truly didn't understand how something like this could work, and despite Valeria constantly saying she was not her Grandmother, he was adamant that a new soul had entered her Grandmother's body; no gene could be that strong to replicate the same face. At times, when they were speaking about her family, he could see that she was dying to ask more questions, to get a better understanding of who she was and where she came from; however, there was no language barrier when it came to being scared. Ilyas understood that he could give her answers which could hurt her, or even shatter any imagine she had made within her mind of what they were like - and he wasn't sure he was ready to take the risk of shattering those unless she was truly ready. He understood just how complex family relationships and their pasts could be; hell, he was still paying for the deaths his Father committed long before he was born as well as dealing with the shadow of his Father's enemies. Therefore, when she began to explain what the television was his, attention was fleeting between the past and the present.

That was, however, until she moved to stand next to him and brought out her little demon box; naturally his brows furrowed, he really didn't like the thing, yet the moment she pressed a button, it revealed an image of both of them - she was grinning and well, he looked rather complexed. What was this? A vortex into a new world? Ilyas leaned closer again, seeing how the copy of his face copied him - it acted like a mirror but it certainly did not look like one. Cheese? Why would he say cheese? Just as he was about to question her quite random outburst, a shutter sound rang in his ear as the image that was being shown on her demon box had frozen in time - his baffled expression remained intact despite that he had moved on from that. “Witchcraft” Ilyas mumbled to himself as he looked between the image on her phone to the movement on the television - the next wonderful thing that she was going to show him. His features remained confused and a little disgruntled by the whole thing; of course, he tried to understand that this was quite a needed thing in this day and age and that time always needed to move forwards - much like the 1600s were different to how those in the 1100s had lived. Despite that realisation, it truly did not make any of this any easier to accept.

The nickname of Korsan made him chuckle, in fact, he actually found it quite endearing that she had used that word as a nickname for him; it was nice to hear the very used Turkish word come from an individual who was not Turkish nor a Pirate. It took a few moments to understand what he was seeing on the device in her hands, unlike what she had shown before, it was now repeating the actions all three of them had done. Eventually, Ilyas looked up from Valeria’s hand to regard the expression on her face - she was  passionate, and excited about what she had just show him, and he had always enjoyed seeing such expressions but he couldn’t ignore the fact that he was a little frightened by the little demon box. Today was not the day that he would warm up to the thing, nor accept that his face was now trapped inside of it even though he was slowly understanding that his face was still upon his body and not within her hand. Ilyas soon became frustrated with the conflicting thoughts and found himself shaking his head. “No” He grunted. “No, Ikiz” With that, his hand moved up to nudge her wrist in an attempt to free her hand from the poison of this new technology; to avoid her scolding him for almost causing her to completely drop her phone on the floor and smashing it - he walked rather quickly towards the bar to get them both a drink, which she would need to pay for,  before they took to the road again.


His words broke the haze of her being awed by the device in her hands and as he nudged her wrist, she shut off her phone with a small shake of her head. He stalked off to the bar and Memphis followed him, nipping away at his heels, excited to find a new companion to play with. Turning to the device in her hand, Val took a moment to replay the video again, grinning at the expression of his face. She hadn’t been a huge believer in time-traveling despite being exposed to all varieties of magical occurrences in her life and yet, meeting Ilyas felt like meeting someone who had quite literally been dropped from a different realm, the way they portrayed in the movies. In a way he had been, but unlike many she knew who had navigated through different ages and adapted to the changes easily, it seemed that his heart and head were still back where his family and other crew members were currently living.

It certainly made her curious on how he perceived time and change, having lived through different eras and having met different people. He may not be extremely enthusiastic about technology right now, but Valeria was determined to change his mind about them soon. It seemed to her that unfamiliarity was more the problem than what those devices were and what they did. Change was never easy- it hadn’t been for her when she had left home and everything familiar in Paris. And she had been desperate to leave. But over time, as one got used to the stability within the change- perhaps like that of the seasons, the change themselves ceased to appear intimidating. Ilyas it seemed to her, was someone who had lived all his life in one season-perhaps the rain and the sudden appearances of sun and snow felt conflicting and confusing for him. But maybe once he got used to it, he would see that they weren’t all that bad. Till then Val promised herself to keep trying to expose him little by little to everything.

Walking towards the bar, she saw him nursing his drink and slid into the seat besides him, grinning suddenly on recollecting his nickname for her. It had surprised her and warmed her heart at the same time when he had first used it. 
Ikiz. A twin image of her grandmother.
And maybe for the first time in a long while, Valeria felt connected to her mother’s family in a way she had never experienced before.

“So how old were you when you had your first drink?” she asked attempting to steer the conversation into a familiar territory “I was thirteen and thought my dad’s bottle of vodka to be lemon juice. Let’s just say the morning after wasn’t pretty” Chuckling at that distant memory, Val took a sip of her drink, careful to not consume too much. She was the one driving afterall and being a lightweight, three drinks was all it took to make her really tipsy. Noticing Memphis moving around freely, she suppressed a smile “Dogs aren’t usually allowed here but I think most people are too drunk or too unconcerned to notice her presence. I wonder if we will get kicked out for bringing her in. Memphis will probably bite them if they tried." That thought brought a wide smile to her face. It was no secret that her husky was a spitefire diva with a mind of her own and since she had entered Val's life, she brightened her every day "Did you ever have pets?” She posed the question finishing half her glass and placing it on the counter, rested her head in her hands to observe him. Her thoughts flickered from Ilyas to Evermore. It would be wonderful to finally be back home and hopefully, Val mused, he’ll find the answers he had been seeking too.  

If it were any other animal, or an animal that didn't belong to someone he remotely liked, Ilyas would have found himself extremely frustrated by the constant nips to his ankles as he walked to the bar; over the course of the weeks, the pirate and the husky puppy had grown incredibly close, exceptionally fast. It was out of the norm for Ilyas, he loved animals and in particular, dogs, and despite the very hidden desire, one often long forgotten in the new skin that he now lives in; he found puppies to be like children. Puppies needed a lot of attention, and a lot of around the clock care, much like the young of man - and Ilyas, certainly did not have the patience of that sort of behaviour. Despite being a leader, and the natural instinct to protect his own, and the vulnerable, he was well known to be selfish - thus, he expected himself to irritated by Memphis almost constantly; yet, there was a bond between the two that he couldn't quite put his finger on. She frustrated him with her barks and very pathetic attempts at howls but, he couldn't stop his heart aching at every head tilt; therefore, he accepted the ankle bites with the occasional gritted teeth. “Ale” Ilyas grunted as he reached the bar, his forearms leaning against the wooden frame, his chocolate hues eyeing the pup at his feet.

Ilyas, did, however note the annoyance from the bartender and he could only assume it was because he failed to say his please but alas, politeness was not a must in his day; in fact, the bartender was lucky the pirate didn't choose to go behind the bar to get his drink, himself. The moment the ale appeared in front him, Ilyas was quick to bring the glass up to his lips, which triggered a pleasurable exhale to escape him; at least alcohol was somewhat the same - maybe not as strong, however. The pirate was soon distracted by the soft whines of the baby husky who continued to hit Ilyas's leg with her paw in another attempt to gain his attention; a devious smile found the corner of his lips as he glanced up at Valeria - who was still distracted by the phone in her hand. “Ne bilmiyor” (What she doesn't know) Ilyas winked before he crouched down with the pint in his hand, he offered some of his drink to the very eager puppy who lapped up some alcohol happily. “Enough, enough!” He muttered before standing once more which Memphis clearly didn't like - telling her no caused her to start sniffing around the pub in a temper tantrum; Ilyas rolled his eyes and drank again. Many would find him drinking the same liquid that a dog did, to be disgusting, yet he had lived in worse conditions; he had drank the same water in which someone showered.

Just as Valeria appeared, he propped himself up onto the stool, the pads of his fingers drummed against the glass; inhaling sharply in amusement at her question, but more importantly at her own answer. “Vodka? Lemon juice?” He repeated, to make sure he understood properly; a brow quirking. “Vodka, better taste” Ilyas grinned, taking another swig as he tried to recall his first alcoholic drink; of course, many years had passed therefore he knew he couldn't remember. However, he knew his Father, his Crew and in particular his lifestyle so he would assume he was very young when he first tried alcohol; and it was likely because the men in his life offered it to him and not because he stole it on the sly. Ilyas took another swig and ran the back of his hand along his lips. “Young. Korsans, alcohol er… lovers” He grinned rather cheekily, it was common knowledge that his kind drank alcohol in their cereal. Chocolate hues watched her take a few small sips of her drink - he had noted she did not drink much and he planned to change that, even for a night; he remembered how her Grandparents loved a drink, and if she was anything like them, it would be amusing. He glanced over his shoulder at the roaming husky and his lips curled somewhat. “She, you, alike” Ilyas mused, what was the saying? Like Mother like Daughter? “Hm, her bark is louder than bite” Ilyas teased and turned back to the blonde dhampir beside him with a shake of his head. “We had dog, on boat” His brows furrowed in thought. “But he was everyones” Ilyas was, partly glad she didn't tease about him having a parrot. “After here? Where to?” He finished his ale and hoped he could grab one more for the road; however a thought to steal the barrel was tempting.

A loud laughter bubbled up her throat at his words. No one ever had dared to compare her to her temperamental husky and though it was secretly one of the reasons, she rarely reigned Memphis in, that wasn't an understanding she'd prefer to portray outside. "Watch it Korsan" she began, amusement visible in her eyes "Our barks may be louder than our bite, but our bite is just as worse. But you better not go comparing a woman to her dog-especially a female dog. Most would see that as you calling them a bitch and while you may have dealt with dangerous situations in the past, nothing would shield you from a woman with stilettos." She knew that he might not be familiar with that term so she pointed out to the high heels a woman was wearing "Sharp weapons" her voice teasingly continued before finishing her drink.

His presence was freeing. To him, she was not the leader of a faction or a girl who had to live in the shadows of her mother's accomplished. She was simply Val- crazy, confusing and a tad bit mischievous but she didn't have to don a mask in his company and it felt like a breath of fresh air. She listened to his answer to her questions and though his English was understandable, she knew he'd probably need a few lessons when they reach Evermore. The thought of going back created a strange sort of excitement in her- it had been long and she had missed that place like she had missed no other. That itself was a huge indication of how much she had changed in the past year.

"We still have a long way to go before we reach Evermore. Not too long, but I doubt if we'd reach it before tomorrow. I could drive all night but we might stop around for an hour or so to rest" she explained before gesturing towards the bag that had rested against her feet. "I got us some food for the road. Many of which you would have never heard of before, so I hope you are excited!" In her opinion, if there one thing that transcended the boundaries of language, culture or even the century, it was food. He may not get what he had been used to eating on his ship or even in his country, but she decided to look around for a turkish restaurant for their dinner. Although she couldn't begin to fathom just how difficult it would be to simply uproot oneself from every level of certainty and understanding they had about the world and try to fit in a new one, she hoped he would someday come to see those changes as being for the better.

Fishing for some cash, she paid the bartender for their drinks, her eyes moving around in search of her missing husky. Val didn't have to search for long as her dog's exuberant bark came at the same time as that of breaking glass, a woman's screech and a man's very angry voice demanding to throw the dog out. "Oh hell" she muttered before turning to Ilyas. "We need to get out of here. Come on" Without waiting another second, she took off, pushing the door open while whistling for Memphis as the same time. She didn't know just what level of damage her dog had wrecked but she knew that they both didn't have that amount of cash to pay for it and she doubted if Ilyas would really prefer an experience in washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Chuckling at that mental picture, she waited at the corner for them to catch up. 

Ilyas could see Valeria’s mouth move, he could hear the sounds which were vibrating from the tip of her tongue and he noted just how quickly the sounds seemed to come out; and he was sure a blank stare was radiating from his countenance. It was confusion, the speed in which she was speaking was too fast for him to process and then translate into Turkish for him to even remotely comprehend what she was speaking of; of course, he managed to understand a word here and there, such as Bitch and Woman, but other than that, he had no idea - thus, he simply plastered on a very small smile and nodded. Despite not truly understanding what she was speaking of, Ilyas did know she was making light of the conversation, there was a playful undertone to her words, which were accompanied by the loud laugh beforehand. The Pirate took a long swig of his ale as she threw a word at him that even if she did speak slower, he would not understand; with the glass firmly to his lips, he turned his head somewhat to look over his shoulder to a women. Why was she making him look at her? He tilted his head some before Valeria guided him down to the woman’s shoes which made his brow quirk even higher.

He regarded the woman’s shoes for a long while as Valeria stated that it was well known for a woman to use them as weapons which simply, confused him further. Eventually, Ilyas turned back to Valeria, his expression rather perplexed, not because of women using them as a weapon; in fact, he completely understood that, they looked sharp - there was a more pressing question. “How? Walk?” He questioned as he raised a hand. “Little finger, bigger.” Ilyas mumbled under his breath, women seemed even more confusing now than they did back before his life had crumbled to pieces. Upon listening to Ikiz as she answered his questions, he noted the excitement upon her features - she looked so happy to be going back to her home, to this Eternal City and he couldn’t help but smile into his glass; it was in moments like this that she reminded him so much of her ancestors and that comforted him in this strange world.

The mention of food truly couldn’t have made him happier, even though she had, thus far, made him eat things that he did not understand; he knew that anything was better than nothing and better than eating berries, constantly - and rationing so there was enough for ten people.  Therefore, he was excited to see what treats she had conjured up from this particular town. “When rest, I drive, yes?” He perked up, a wink dropping from his left eye as he knew for a fact she would shut that idea down quicker than he could down the rest of his pint; the two were taken from their conversation as Memphis began to get up to her old tricks once again. Ilyas watched and downed the rest of his drink as Valeria tried to usher her puppy to the front door before he stood. He looked around for a brief moment and noted that the barman was nowhere to be seen, thus he took the opportunity to run behind the bar and collect some of the chilled beers. 

Ilyas nursed the beers in his arms like a Mother would a child as he caught up to Valeria at the front door; her unimpressed expression only made him laugh. “What?” He asked in an almost defensive manner as he walked straight passed her, he had gathered it was sometimes better to pretend he hadn’t done something to save the lecture she would give; therefore, he walked with a slight mission to where they had left the car a few hours ago.

Meeting the turkish pirate had been nothing sort of ordinary. Even now she couldn't fathom just how anyone could have lived so long around and yet seemed untouched towards modern civilization. There were things she had used everyday, something as simple as a toothbrush to a shower that he seemed to find utterly new and if there was one thing Val had learnt, apart from all others in his company, it was that she did not want to travel back in time. A world without pizza, toilet paper and Netflix? She could never stand that.

Thankfully for them, the bartender had no followed them out, but as her unimpressed gaze landed on the alcohol he had stolen, she could only mutter under her breath and walking towards the car, got it. They still had a long way to go before she could get back to sleeping in her comfortable mattress. A slight flicker of worry that always lingered at the back on her mind, still persisted. Despite what Donovan or Scorpios stated, she had high-tailed out of the city and Val simply hoped that no one was too disappointed with her actions.

Making sure that they were all settled, Memphis included who seemed quite for a change, she started the car and began driving them along the road that would take them away from the city. "You know this isn't your regular ship don't you Korsan?" she began playfully remembering his comment about driving "And this isn't the sea? I doubt you'd want to be locked up in a prison tonight. I won't even bail you out" With a mischievous glance at his profile, she increased the speed of the car to the extent that it almost seemed like they were flying. The roads were practically empty, the town being small and all, and Val happily lowered down the window and turned on some music.

Ed Sheeran's Shape of you blasted through the speakers- something else she wanted to introduce her friend to- Great music, and with the wind whipping her hair, she sang along. Their journey continued for a while, hours perhaps, before she spotted a Mac-D ahead and gunned the engine down.

"I don't know about you, but I am hungry. And you" she pointed to the turk, " have not yet tasted burgers and fries." Getting out, she allowed Memphis to jump down too and stretched her muscles before wandering towards the take away section. Handing a menu card to Ilyas, she gestured for him to choose, doing the same.

"So...we never really spoke about how you came to know my family" The statement seemed out of the blue, but it was something that had been playing in Val's mind since she had meet him. While she normally did not do heart-to-heart or spoke of things close to her, figuring as there were burgers and fries to sweeten the deal, Val decided to bite the bullet with her next four words "Tell me about them"

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