Aurelia left Davis apartments so not to cause issue for him with his roommates or his clan leader as things were becoming very clear that Davis was in fact unique in more than one way. First order of business was to go back to the fight club and clean up the mess she had made saving Davis life, she knew he told her not to but she felt like she need to if nothing else to keep Luca happy enough that he wouldn’t be too pissed with her about ending her fighting career. So she arrived to the club slipping back in and cleaning up the mess which was not as easy as a task as the blood was dried at that point.

Her next stop was to check in with Ares as she had not seen him in a while and since she had taken him on as her ward to keep an eye on she need to catch up with him. He was also an artist like Tatiana and spend much of his time painting away in his studio. She smiled and spent a few hours with him having Tea making sure he was coming to the opening as well since he and Tatiana were best friends. After a few hours with him she made her way back to the Manor where she spent the rest of the day working with new recruit training them on their fighting skills. It was something she had come to enjoy being one of the more advance guards was that she could train others into becoming some of the best guards around.

After that she showered and got ready for the event that evening before she check on the aspects a few of who were coming to the event but not all at once. After that Aurelia climbed into one of the many cars there and made her way to the next town over. She arrived at the Gallery and parked outside and bound her way up the stairs as she walked into the door greeting her daughter with a kiss on the cheek and smiled looking around to all the pieces that hung on the walls. “I am so proud of you Tatiana.” She smiled to her giving her a long embrace and then moved around making sure everything was ready for the guess.

Taking a glace of scotch from the open bar she smiled at the people who began to fill the room. The gallery was open to the public so many people coming in she did not notice but she manage to take not of the other guards who showed up to show support, the aspects who showed up, and a few other to their friends, along with their family. Aurelia walked around smiling at how happy her daughter looked with how her show was going before she came across a wall with a cloth hanging over it, as she went to peak behind it Tatiana was there slapping her hand away which only made her chuckle and want to see what was behind the curtain even more. “Fine I will wait for the big reveal like everyone else you party pooper.” She teased as she made her way through the crowd again and stood in front of one of the few paintings she hadn’t seen studying it.

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Davis wasn’t one to lay in bed and lick his wounds but his entire body ached, not just from where he was shot. It had also need a long night and the sleep he did get was actually pretty peaceful but not enough for his body to truly enjoy. Once Rei had left he moved into the kitchen to see what she had made him and he had to admit no woman had made him breakfast in years. Of course, he never really gave them the chance since he was always make up excuses of why he had to go or they had to go. It was just easier that way after all. With Rei nothing was necessarily easy or normal but he didn’t really mind, it was odd and something he was still coming to grips with.

After eating he cleaned up the kitchen the best that he could and then decided to take some of the prescription pain killers he still had from when they thought he had be hurt on the job and he had to act that since they thought he was human. Now he actually needed them though. Laying back down in bed he set an alarm and sleep over take him so his body could clear. In truth he was to the point where he could ask Rowan or Ros for help with healing but he didn’t want to open it up to discussion about what happened so sleep was the better of the options.

The alarm started going off in the midafternoon and a small groan left his lips from being pulled from such a good nap. Slowly sitting up he only felt a dull ache in his side, nothing more which was what he was hoping for. Getting out of bed he went to the bathroom and turned on the water as hot as it would go before stepping into the shower and letting the scorching water seep into his muscles and relieve the final hints of aching that came with movement. Since he was in a less pain filled stated it was easier to actually wash himself and his hair. After getting out of the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and moved to the sink to shave the small amount of stubble which had popped up over the last 24 hours or so. After brushing his teeth he put a little bit of product in his hair before calling it good and moving to his bedroom to get dressed.

It wasn’t the kind of event you wore a tuxedo for but it still required nice attire and despite his extensive wardrobe of t-shirts and jeans he did own a few suits. Getting dressed was a lot easier than it had been last night and he knew Rei was used to seeing him more dressed down. Even though it shouldn’t seem like that big of a deal he was still a bit nervous over the fact that they were going to an event for her daughter. Or at least meeting at the event since he had the feeling she thought he might bail but he didn’t intend to. After pulling on his polished dress shoes he tied them up and grabbed his wallet, phone and keys before leaving the apartment. Given the sort of event he was attending he decided to drive his Mustang opposed to his bike since helmet hair after fix it was not a good idea. Nor was freshly polished shoes, so the Mustang it was.

The drive to the address she gave him wasn’t that long of one or at least it didn’t seem that way as he was pulling up to the building and took the self-parking approach opposed to valet since he liked to know where his car was at all times in case he needed to make a quick exit, not that he believe that was going to be necessary tonight. At least he hoped that it wouldn’t be anyway. Old habits were just hard to kill and he had gotten used to look over his shoulder that it was hard to relax now that he knew that wasn’t necessary.

Walking into the building he was handed a small pamphlet about the artists on display tonight and he thanked the woman at the door before taking the opportunity to actually read over it. There were some pictures of previously shown works and a photo of Tatiana who did look a lot like her mother, they appeared to be more like sisters than mother and daughter but looks were deceiving. “Do you need any help on where to start?” Another woman came up to say him in a very flirtatious tone as she leaned forward a bit showing off her assets in her very tight dress. Normally he would have taken the opportunity to get her name or her number or just talk her into leaving but him now but he wasn’t feeling it.

“Thank you, but I’m actually meeting someone.” He responded before looking away his russet hues searching for he blonde he was meeting, “Actually I see her now.” He spoke before side stepping the woman and headed over to Rei who was staring intently at one of many paintings. He walked up beside her remaining silent for a moment before breaking that silence. “How does the painting make you feel?” He inquired in the mock tone he had heard an art student once use who was trying to pick up women. "I told you I'd be here if you wanted me here and I'm here." He said with a hint of a smile on his lips since he wasn't actually used to making or keeping promises. However much like with Ros he found it difficult to deny Rei anything she asked even if it wasn't necessarily his cup of tea. It wasn't like that didn't like art, he mostly didn't enjoy events since especially in Evermore things tended to go wrong. His eyes momentarily scanning this part of the gallery finding all the exits or potential exits if necessary.

Aurelia looked at the painting for a few moments longer she always tried to figure out what her daughter was painting. She wondered if each piece represented a part of her like her fathers artwork did. She tilted her head to the side and as the scent of Davis hit her she felt a smile come to her lips faintly as he had actually came. She didn’t look over to him as she heard him say that he could see her so she stayed put in those few moments.

She chuckled at his remark as her vibrant blue eyes moved over to him and smiled softly “I like to play this game with my daughters paintings.” She said softly as to make sure only he could hear her. “I like to figure out what her emotions where or what traumatic tortured event would inspire the painting. I think this one was me almost dying.” She said looking back up to the painting that was spattered with deep reds and blues.

She moved facing him with a smile on her lips “I am glad you came, Davis.” She chuckled softly to herself “though you seem to already be looking for an exit. My company was that bad?” She joked as she raised the glass to her lip taking a sip “You look really good all cleaned up." she let her eyes run over him and back up. "Open bar for the event if you want something.” She said moving taking a step towards it as the blue skirt around her waist and moved with her in a flowing manner, her black heels clicking the marble of the floor. “Or there is plenty of food. I tend always over order for these things, everyone is always on some new diet.” She stopped moving to where the food and drinks where. A tap came on over the mic and her gaze moved to her sister. Aurelia raised a curious brow towards her sister.

“If I could have everyone’s attention.” Octavia said as she walked in front of the wall that was covered with a curtain. “As many of you know you are here because of my niece Tatiana and the wonderful art work she does. Well this event was centered around something special to my heart and Tatiana. My sister Aurelia.” Octavia cast a glance towards her sister. “Something about Tatiana mother is that she use to be a famous photographer under the name Alexandria Ivory.” People all gasped softly.

“Oh no.” Aurelia said under her breath and looked to Davis with a sideways as she wanted to run and hid in that moment.

“All of Tatiana paintings were inspired by her own mother photographs.” Octavia said as she reached up and pulled on the string which dropped the curtain that was hiding the wall behind it, her photographs lining the wall. Beautiful pieces of landscapes and castles. “Now these are just her fantasy pieces and if we can convince her to hold a show of her own we will make sure to get invites to every one of you.  Thank you for showing your support for Tatiana. Enjoy your evening.”

Aurelia eyes locked on the photographs that hung on the wall now playing in her head the art pieces that were hanging around things were beginning to make since. She cleared her throat and looked to Davis “Well I guess I was wrong about that painting.” She said as she wondered what seeing this side of her made him think.

Taking a step back Davis looked at the painting in front of them both, they said every painting could invoke some sort of emotions within a person. His brain however was attempting to figure it out and currently it felt nothing but confusion however maybe was the desired effect. “I’m not the biggest art guys, landscapes, portraits and such I understand, the more abstract pieces my brain can’t seem to handle.” And often times it tried to overload itself figuring those pieces out. “This piece looks like the artist was feeling…or doing….or…alright I really just see splattered colors.” He answered honestly even though he tried to see more depth in it.

A smile curved Davis’ lips at her word, “I told you that I was going to be here, even if you took away my invitation before offering it back again.” Rei had definitely confused him on that regard but she had said she wanted him here and of all people she invited him instead of another Guard so that was worth something. “Force of habit, I like to know where the exits are. Just in case the lady at the front decides to hit on my again and I give in and then you want to kill me.” Though after he said it had had no idea why since that was a terrible thing to say, his usually charm was failing him. “Which would never happen because I’m here with you and I do enjoy your company and I’m going to just shut up now. You said open bar right?” He inquired trying to keep from saying anything else insane at the moment. Instead of speaking he just followed behind her watching the way her attire fit her body and the way the skirt flowed so easily around her body.

Thankfully he had a chance to gather his thoughts as there seemed to be an announcement. Another blonde held the mic and gained the attention of everyone. Giving her his attention so he didn’t have to see Rei’s face after his idiotic comments. A dark brow rose as the truth of tonight was revealed and it was clear that had been kept a secret from Rei as well given her reaction. All eyes quickly moved to seek Rei out in the crowded and she seemed a bit uncomfortable with the new attention that was given to her. “Oh I’m going to ask about this later.” He said softly knowing now wasn’t the time.

“I know where the exits are.” He whispered to her in a joking manner as the curtain he had been curious about was dropped. His eyes widened slightly as he took in the new pieces of art where were more to unrefined taste. “Those are really good.” He said softly moving towards them to get a better look.

Aurelia looked to him as he started at the paintings chuckling as he explained that paintings as abstract pieces just looked like paint to him. That was something she could agree with him “Trust me I get it, it took years for me to finally understand what Tatiana was trying to say in her paintings. I mean like 30 years not just a few years and sometimes even I don’t understand them to this day.” she chuckled to him as they moved to where the alcohol was together.

Something about the way he just smiled at her words made Aurelia smile herself. “I just didn’t want you to show up because you felt like you owed me cause I saved your life. I would save your life any day of the week just because…” she trailed off and didn’t finish what she started to say as she didn’t want to admit feelings to anyone let alone herself. She was a guarded person. “Yeah exits are kind of my thing also though I am sure I know a few you can’t see.” She chuckled to him and rolled her eyes “Well the question is if the woman hit on you again would you be welcoming to it, cause I will step out of the way if you wish to go home with her tonight.” she flashed her fangs slightly at him.

He seemed slightly flustered and she found that rather charming far more then the cocky guy who so easily offered to be an outlet for her angry ways. “I enjoy your company also Davis.” she said to him as she bumped into him slightly in a playful manner trying to easy the moment. “Come on it seems you need a drink even more than me.” she joked playfully as the moved through the gallery together. Though Octavia had caught them both off with the announcement.

Aurelia was glaring daggers at his sister as the eyes moved to her and she looked to Davis and offered a soft growl only he could hear. Which turned into a chuckle as he pointed out that he knew where the exits were she took a deep breath and watched the curtain fall and her photos of the Isle of Skye were there on the wall. She swallowed hard looking at the home she once knew. She moved with him closer to the photographs, “Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time.” She said as her eyes flicked to him watching him move closer “Never something I did for others but myself.” She said as she looked over the photos “This place though isn’t a fantasy, it was my home for a long time.” she said looking to him.

It seemed like yet another piece of herself was revealed to him. She let her eyes flick between him and the photos wondering what he truly thought of them. “Alright honest opinion time.” She chuckled as she grabbed two glasses of champagne that were walking by and hand one to him “Think I should have made a real career out of it?” she raised a brow to him and downed the drink.

Davis wasn’t as cultured as some but he could still appreciate art even if it didn’t evoke any deep thoughts or intense feelings within him. Everyone was different after all and so many made assumptions about how the artist wanted the piece viewed that it was always convoluted as to what the original meaning had been. “And yet that 30 years will probably be much less time than it would take to even get an elementary understanding of what all of this means.” After all he was just being honest, art was something he could enjoy on more of the level of a child than an artist, hipster or actual adult.

The Initia wasn’t the type who did things because people expected it or to pay back favors, especially since he didn’t consider Rei saving his life to be a favor. Most favors were expected to be repaid and she expected nothing from him which was the way it was supposed to be, “I’ve never been one to do something I didn’t want to do. Granted, not a big fan of wearing a suit so you’re lucky I didn’t show up in jeans and a button down.” But he was also more respectful and mature than that since tonight was a big deal with Aurelia and her daughter and he did intend to be on his best behavior. He had noticed how her voice trailed off and assumed that was just because of the fact that she didn’t feel the need to explain the fact that it was the right thing to do. “Well, I’d venture a guess you’ve been her a few times more than I have and know the lay of the land better than I do.” Davis wasn’t necessarily paranoid by any means but he had been running and fighting for so long that it was just natural. Plus being an EMT he had seen so many stuck in bad situations just because they didn’t know how to get out. A slight frown pulled his lips down at her words about the other woman, “Not really. I didn’t come here with her or with the intent to meet her, I’m more than happy with my reasoning for being here which doesn’t include other people.” Rei had asked and he was here for her and that wasn’t going to change just because another woman made eyes at him or hit on him.

 Despite the usual moments of his overly confident and cocky attitude he did still from time to time get flustered and unsure, though it was rare and he was unlikely to admit as much after the fact. “All parts of my company?” He questioned in a musing manner his lips curved into a teasing smile. Though she did have a point, he could really use a drink especially when he was in the presence of not only her daughter but other people in her family as well. It wasn’t something that was usual for him, the whole meeting the family thing and it made him oddly nervous. Granted they were all part of the Ailward Guard and had been alive far longer than he had so he had good reasoning to be nervous.

Photography was something he could understand, lenses and lighting, shadows and contrast. Photography was of things which were real and could be seen and you were seeing them in the exact way the photographer had at the time the image was taken. Owning and having a camera didn’t make you a photographer, pictures like these that took your breath away of a moment which had already past, that made a person a photographer. “Dating back to the days of the first camera?” He couldn’t help but tease knowing from history that those cameras and lenses took far more patience than the inventions of today. As she spoke of it being her home he realized these images were of the Isle of Skye, a place only the Ailward had seen before it’s destruction and a place he knew she still held close to her heart, how could she not? Instinctively he wrapped an arm around her knowing that no matter how she tried to hide it, these photos still affected her.

“You act like I don’t give honest opinions all the time.” He responded amused by her phrasing as she handed him a flute of champagne and he brought it up to his lips taking a slow drink as the carbonation tickled his throat. “I think you could have and you still can if that’s what you want to do. I don’t think you should feel pressured into it though just because they were placed on display for the whole city to see. Photography isn’t just pointing at an image and taking a photo, it’s putting a part of your soul into every shot. I think that if you wanted to, the next show case here could very well be your own.” He responded before tipping the flute back and downing the contents.

She looked back to her daughters paintings, paint was never her medium, frankly she was lucky to be able to draw a stick figure. She knew that Tatiana took after her father with the art world, she had an eye for talent herself especially since she began to redive into the art world but she also knew she wasn’t an artist in that way and she was okay with that. She was happy he was here and she was sure she wasn’t expressing it correctly, though she smiled and chuckled to him “even if you had shown up in jeans and a button down, you would be the best looking guy in here.” she smiled to him as she pulled at the suit jacket, before running her fingers along the tie smiling to him. “Though the jeans and button down would have been easier to get off.” she teased him.

“Also a guard thing to know your way out even if it means putting a hole in the wall.” she chuckled to him as she moved with him, if anyone understood why you needed to know where the exits were it was Aurelia being on missions where she had to run for her life, needless to say she didn’t blame him. She looked to his slight frown and placed her hand in his and offered a soft squeeze, she had offered him several outs for the evening and yet here he was still here next to her. She moved closer and placed a soft kiss to his cheek, she couldn’t express the feeling to have someone happy to even know her lately, there had been a lot of self hate and self doubt. Tatiana made her feel like a bad mother sometimes when she tried her hardest, she cleared her throat and replied simply “Thank you.” not sure if she will ever express herself fully again.

With Davis felt different then it had with the men she hooked up with in the past, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it was the same for him though she wouldn’t ask out right. She chuckled at him and nodded “All parts of your company.” she winked to him, she smiled as he took in her photographs of the isle and she looked to them herself for a long moment, she had only most recently picked her camera back up taking photos of Argent the aspect she had begun being the personal guard too. She rolled her eyes and laughed to him again “Actually you tease but it was the first camera that sparked my interest. People have it easy now a days can take photos so quick, and many at a time not one and done.” she stood there with a far off look in her eyes as she was thrown in the past for a moment before feeling his arm around her. She looked to him leaning into his affection that he showed “It was one of the few places I called home, first place I felt like I belonged since I was turned into a vampire.” she spoke lowly so only he and supernaturals in the room with good hearing could hear her words.

She took the champagne and tossed it back letting the bubbles tickle along her throat as she smiled amused by his quick witted remarks. She smiled softly to him as he told her that he thinks if she wanted she could very well be hosting her own show next. She looked around seeing her daughter busy with interviews and then moved taking Davis hand as she led him from the crowd to the back hall and through a passageway that led to the ally way to a warehouse that was behind the gallery. She unlocked the door walking in, and flicked on the lights as the the large space lit up. “The Art world is a passion of mine,” she said as she walked deeper into the room that had boxes everywhere and things covered in tarps “So when I got back from almost losing my life, I figured that maybe it was time to be a little less angry.”

She said as she began to dig in one of the boxes. “So I took on a dhampir ward who is a beautiful artist along with Tatiana, I bought the gallery you were just in.” She said as she pulled out a photo album and dusted it off. “And brought all my collections out of storage to here in the warehouse I have purchase.” She said as she turned ot him and smiled softly moving closer “What I am about to show you, you can not laugh at, only a handful of people know about this. I am trusting you with one of my most kept secrets.” She said as she moved him to sit on one of the boxes with her and placed the album in his lap and opened the photo album of old photo of Aurelia dressed as a ballet dancer. “I was a Russian Ballet dancer when I left the guard for a few years forever ago.” she said looking at the photos of herself, most of them were of her dancing a few her posing.

Despite the tribute to Aurelia’s photography it was obvious Tatiana was the center of attention tonight which was how it should be but there almost seemed to be an odd sadness with Rei and he found that he didn’t like it one bit. Usually he wouldn’t notice things like that but he liked to think they were pretty closer, granted they were definitely closer at…certain times than others. At her words a smirk spread across his lips as he gave a soft chuckle, “And yet somehow I doubt it would slow either of us down too much. Besides I can think of a few other uses for a tie.” He said before shooting her wink having no shame what so ever especially if it helped to bring a smile to her gorgeous face. The fact he was beginning to realize is that was he was getting attached to Rei and usually that realization would send him running and yet he wanted to see where this lead. Maybe he was growing up, best not to say that in front of Rowan or Ros though since they might die from laughing so hard at that very idea.

“I try my best not to put holes into walls, mostly because being an EMT doesn’t pay enough to cover Hulk like moments.” He joked trying to keep things light because he did want to make her feel better and take her mind off of whatever seemed to be bothering her. “Are you sure you’re alright? We can always grab of bottle of champagne off a tray and slip on out of here. We can just talk,” He said realizing how that sounded, “I can talk, I have this weird ability to open my mouth and sometimes words come out.” He mused frowning in mild confusion as she thanked him, “You’re welcome?” He said in a confused way since he wasn’t really sure if he should be thanked or what for.

“Yeah, well all parts of my company enjoy your company too.” He said well aware of how simple this was supposed to be along with a complete and total lack of attachment but they’d already been through a lot together and it was hard not to grow to care for someone when they saved your life and in a way kept you sane. She understood what he did for work, what he was and why it had to be kept between them and she was honestly one of the better people he had met in his life. Being a vampire he knew she had a long life and had been through a lot so why she chose to spend her time with him was confounding at times. “Why am I really not that surprised? I mean I said it as a joke but your…amazing for your age and sometimes I forget get.” He said trying to find a complimentary way of saying she was much older than he tended to think. “Cameras have definitely evolved since their creation.” Though as he looked the pictures he knew they meant a lot to Rei, home always did. Granted he wasn’t sure where to consider home anymore, Evermore most likely since it wasn’t New York or any of the other places he had been stationed with the military. “And what about now?” He found himself asking.

It was probably dangerous to pour alcohol on the fire that seemed to be their…relationship if it could even be called that, but it seemed to be the norm for them. Besides she was a vampire and champagne had a pretty low alcohol content. Though soon she was pulling him from the gallery and he allowed her to do so more than willing to following where she was leading since she seemed to have a spark of life to her suddenly. “I’m going to assume you aren’t taking me somewhere to kill me since you’ve had more than enough opportunities to do that.” Said as she unlocked a door and lead him into a warehouse which piqued his interest, of course that also made him realize he had never exactly asked what she did outside of being a Guard since those were the types of personal questions they didn’t ask one another. “The art world if a passion of yours and a business you run.” He said slowly as if his brain were still trying to fully piece it together.

Rei was digging through a box as he waited to see what exactly had her suddenly glowing with happiness and clearly it was something which fueled her passion. “Suddenly I’m feeling incredibly inadequate with my shared apartment and working out of ambulance.” He said in a teasing tone since they both knew he loved what he did and wouldn’t change careers for all the money in the world, “I’d say someone’s been keeping secrets but I’m pretty sure that we both have.” Though he continued to listen before she found what she had been looking for and lead him to some boxes where they could sit down. “How about I promise not to tease your relentlessly? I can’t promise not to laugh, that would be setting myself up for failure.” Though as she opened the photo album which was between them he looked over the photos and his breath caught for a second. The photos themselves were aged and yet he couldn’t imagine them any other way. The way the images were taken caught her movements perfectly and obviously an eye for timing was something the photographer possessed. “Why did you stop dancing? I mean I guess you probably went back to the Guard but these photos are amazing. Who took them?” He inquired as he turned one of the pages and took in the new set of photos.

Rei smirked slightly to his reply and let a soft chuckle leave her own lip as she pulled at the tie playfully. “Just a few? Maybe that bullet took away more than I fared.” She smiled to him as he winked to her, something about that ever so charming wink would always do that to her she was sure of it. “And you are right when I want something what is there to really slow me down.” she winked back to him as she grazed her teeth along her bottom lip softly. She was attached to this initia, even if she told herself years ago she would not form these kind of connections with another because they all hurt her. Yet her Davis was finding a way into her heart and she wondered deep down if he noticed, even she denied it herself.

“Leave the hulking out to the professionals Magnet.” She joked to him “After all couldn’t have you getting hurt two evening in a row, you may never wish to see me again thinking I am bad luck or something.”  She half joked and shook her head slightly looking back to the paintings for a moment “I just...Part of me wishes her father could be here to see her artwork, he would have been so proud that she took after him when it came to the artistic side. Her fire and fight that was all me.” she cleared her throat softly again and looked down to not bring tears to her eyes “Sometimes I feel like a bad mother, weather it be my own dark thoughts or the opinion or others, it is just really nice having you here. Having support this evening I had no clue I really needed. So I thank you again.” she said honestly to him.

She giggled like a schoolgirl wanting to hide the slight blush that crossed her cheeks as he expressed that he enjoyed all parts of her company also. He made her feel youthful again, it was strange her reactions towards his charms shocked even her some times. Not only did they understand each other but she felt like they brought out different sides to the other they tried to keep hidden from the world. He kept her sane, one of the last thought she had when she was going to die, he was honestly one of the most amazing people she had meet in her life, and she promised herself she wouldn’t let herself sabotage a what could be just because of her past. She chuckled slightly and chewed on her lip “I just realized I have never told you my true age, lord if you only knew you would be running for the hills.” The way he danced around her age made her smirk and chuckles softly “I may wait and see if you can guess my age before telling you.”  She gave a slight smirk there, giving the photos a good look over before looking back to him, “Evermore has become my home now, I have found people to make it feel more like home recently.” she said holding her gaze to him. “What about you? Anywhere home?”

As she pulled him from the gallery she was sure to grab a bottle of the best whiskey they had champagne wouldn’t cut it for her, though the large downside of being a vampire is alcohol had almost no effect. There had been rumors that one of the humans were going to work on creating an alcohol that could get a vampire drunk, and Rei would want to be the first to try it out though she had her doubts. “I wouldn’t kill you, it's much better to keep your food supply alive and take a little daily.” she teased him with a wink as they entered the warehouse, which was filled with not only her things but Tatiana artwork, Ares Artwork, and Atticus Artwork, along with other collections that she had uncovered over the years. Those and then her memories no one really knew about her. “I know it's hard to see me as an artist since when we first met I was bashing in males heads for looking at me the wrong way. But I swear there use to be a nice side of me. The art world's was just something I always understood and was good at, I have been the muse of many, or so they claim.” She said as she looked over too some of the covered paintings. “Different time I suppose.”

As she found the photo album and settled down with him and opening the bottle of whiskey placing it to the ground for them, just to make sure they didn’t knock it over on anything. “I enjoy everything you have shared about yourself with me. Never feel inadequate for doing what you love Davis.” She squeezed his hand softly “I love that you are doing what you are passionate about, if fact you had a hand in inspiring me to buy the gallery out front.” she said honestly to him and then chuckled “Aye I am sure we both have. I am sure my secrets will always outweigh your though.” she said with a sad sigh, which turned to a soft smile “Okay no teasing relentlessly then.” She waited for the laugh to come but as soon as she opened the book and his breath caught her eyes held his expressions. She bit her lip softly watching as he admired her reflection form years ago. “I was run out of Russia, there is… was a Russian family that wished me and my daughter dead for some time, but that is another story for another time.” she said as she picked up the whiskey “But who said I stopped dancing?” she said with a smirk as she raised an eyebrow to him. “I returned to the guard often between long...shall we call them Holidays?” she said as she looked to the photo and pointed to the signatures at the bottom there were different ones through time. “The sections are about fifty years apart, since the whole ageless factor. You can tell the difference between photographers.” She smirked slightly “I still would have done a better job though.”

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