Loss. A lonely pit of despair...Of emptiness and longing and forever the creep of cold upon the neck of whom ever feels even the slightest part of Loss. There where nights where his chest heaved and his throat burned with the silent cries, the type where you feel it in your throat, your eyes blur, you clutch at your stomach and chest because it feels like if you didn't you'd fall into a thousand tiny pieces. Then forget sets in, forgetting the way he sounds, the last time they touched, he wished he remembered but the thing about 'lasts' is you don't know they exist until its too late.

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There was a piece of Lucas' heart that still belonged to Finn, and it always will belong to Finn. Even though the days, weeks and months pass, that piece of Lucas' heart always beats for Finn, for their memories and the time they spent together...True, Finn was there against his will...and locked in the room and not allowed to physically leave...But the memory of him was still there. Lucas still knew everything, how he looked, how he smelt, how he had a slight curl in the front of his hair...
It was time to get him back.

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A stop on the way to his prize, was the family. Two sisters and a brother. The youngest of the Reigns was named Jessalyn, A trusting young blonde. Lucas' next challenge.
First, the plan. Lucas arranged for someone to follow her through the forest on one of her rides, just close enough so she knew they were there. Then he waited. Lucas owned a horse, a big black and white Clydesdale that he waited with until Jessalyn was truly petrified, then he trotted over to stand his horse in her way.

"Woah!" He voiced, holding one hand out in surrender. "Are you alright there?" He chimed, his tone light and airy. "You seem freaked...Don't worry...You're okay." He said, a smile spreading across his lips.

"I'm Lucas." 

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Since finding out that Adolf was back from the dead; now known as Finn. The youngest of the Reigns was struggling a little with the new reality that was setting around her and her elder siblings. Like always, she was the last to find out. But the young Initia found herself in a bit of a pickle. Never really knowing, how to approach her elder brother; he seemed different. And in a way, Jessalyn was never truly done grieving. And now he was back. Things were awkward for everyone. Anytime, she thought about the situation; her head was spinning in circles. How was any of this possible?

Like most mornings; Jessalyn was out horse-riding. In an effort to try and clear her head. It had recently been a new hobby, that she picked up a few months ago. Thanks to that she met a close friend of hers, Elias. He owned a Ranch and also gave Horse Riding lessons; to those that didn’t know much about it. Jessalyn had picked up on it rather quickly, but every time she learned something new. And she honestly loved the feeling of freedom, that came with it.

But today of all days; wasn’t going so smoothly as she would have hoped for.

It was a little into her ride; that both she and the horse she was on; Spartan felt unsettled. At first, Jessalyn couldn’t see anyone. But was constantly looking over her shoulder; as if someone was following her. Eventually, Jessalyn spotted someone through the thickness of the trees. At first, she thought there was another rider out there. But she never really seen others, on her favorite trail before; until now. Whomever it was; they were following her. When she turned, they turned. When she sped up slightly, in effort to get away from them; so did they, still following her.

Flight or Fight? The young Initia was too freaked out, to face whomever it was. So Fleeing, is what she tried. Panic was written all over her face. Jessalyn was out in the open, so she couldn’t hide. And her phone usually struggled in picking up a good signal, so far out; so calling her elder siblings, or her friends for help, would be tricky. When someone came in front of her; both she and her horse were spooked. The horse almost bucking her off of his back. “Oh my god...please leave me alone!” Jessa panicked, thinking it was one of the people following her. “I didn’t do anything I swear!” Her eyes wide, as she stared at the stranger.

Jessalyn glanced over her shoulder again; hoping that whomever was after her; wasn’t intending on following her some more. Trying to steady her breathing, which was a bit out of control and panicky, still. “Some...on...e’s foll...fo...follo..wing me..” Jessa told him, at his comment about her being freaked out. Anyone would be freaking out, if they had a stalker at their tail. Her voice trembling; evident fear in her voice. Hearing him trying to reassure her, she was fine. The young Initia looked a little in disbelief; not sure how long she was safe for.

Her voice shaking still. Taking a few moments to fully, get her name out. “J...Jessa...Jessalyn...I am Jessalyn…” she finally managed to breathe out.


Her name sparked two things inside of Lucas, hatred...and hope. The hate he had for the Reigns was obvious, they all gave up on the man he loved. Finn (Or Adolf as they knew him.) was their brother, the head of their family, and they allowed him not only to die, but stay dead. The second, hope, was the one that had Lucas doing this to begin with. He was hopeful that the innocent child before him would lead him back to his only desire...Finn.

Dismounting from his hourse, Lucas offered Jessalyn a hand, his eyes darting theatrically to the trees before him. "I don't see anyone." He said as he heaved her to her feet. The little Initia was shaken, good. He shed his jacket and hung it over the girls shoulders, leading her to a trunk she could sit on. "Hey, its okay to be a little shaken." He said kindly. "But i don't see anyone...Whoever it was, they're gone." Lucas crouched infront of her and cocked his head to the side. "I think we need to find your horse." He added, on a lighter note.

Standing tall once more, he whistled, his Clysedale Hades walking to his side, he then extended his hand towards the girl and wiggled his fingers. "Come on, before he gets too far."

Unable to hold onto her horse. Jessalyn ended up on the ground with a light thud. Dry Autumn leaves ruffling around her; from the impact. Luckily, her arms went in front of her, breaking her fall; so she didn’t injure herself. As her scared horse run off in another direction. “Spartan!” Jess called out to the scared horse, in an attempt to call him back to her. But no response. The young Initia felt a little bit dazed, from the fall. And a little uncertain of the stranger before her; after all. He did swoop in out of nowhere and startle her a little.

Trying to calm down her breathing. Jessalyn shakily reached for his hand;with his help she was on her two feet. Glancing in the direction of where she had come from. Jessalyn couldn’t see anyone anymore either; but the hairs on the back of her neck were still standing up. Maybe Lucas’ arrival had scared them off? Whomever it was…”.I...the...they were...th...there.” She was a little in disbelief. Maybe they were hiding? But Jessalyn hoped they would be gone.

Jessa clung to his jacket slightly, as he wrapped it around her. Looking up at the elder male; whom was kind enough to help her. Nodding slightly, as he assured her they were gone. “I...I hope so.” At the mention of her horse...well not her horse pay-say. The horse belonged to her friend Elias, whom owned a ranch. “He’s not my horse...he belongs to a friend of mine....” Jessa looked guilt stricken. God, she hoped they would find him. Not wanting to risk Elias being angry at her, for losing one of his babies. Even if it was the situation that had gotten them into this mess.

Her small hand clasped around his; pulling herself up again. “I hope he hasn’t gotten far.” Gosh, Jessa felt internally panicked. They had to find Spartan, just had to. She couldn’t return back, without him.

“Umm...thank you. You seemed to have come at the right time.” Finding a calmer breathe to thank him. Her trembling slowly dying down.

Jessalyn seemed just as helpless as Lucas had been told. His lips twitched into a little hidden smirk as she stuttered over her words once again. This is going to be easy, Lucas thought venomously as he approached to help her up.

The Diviner glanced to the treeline where the horse, Spartan, had run off and smiled a little. "Well, if he isn't yours, thats all the more reason to find him. Don't you think?" Lucas spoke softly to her, every word softer than the one before, keeping the kindness genuine in his tone...Even if he'd rather trample the Reigns girl into the dirt.

Think of Finn, Lucas thought as she thanked him. "Fate must of had a hand to play." He purred and shrugged. "I always ride these woods at this time of day. Hades loves it out here, so Its mere right-place-right-time." Lucas added modestly.

Taking a few steps towards the tree line, Lucas began to whistle, the Diviner had learnt the right tone that horses responded too, he'd taught Hades to follow the whistle and hoped this Spartan would do the same. "Im intrigued," He said and glanced back to her between whistles. "Why would someone want to follow YOU in broad daylight? If it were night sure, but day with hikers and such? It doesn't seem to add up..." She hadn't said her last name when she introduced herself, so now Lucas would have to pry for it a little...Even if the name made his skin crawl.

Jessalyn was usually more together than this. Despite what people thought; she could stand up for herself. But today; something was off. She was caught off guard and freaked out entirely; that her usual instincts left the station. No wonder, her elder siblings were so over protective over her, all the time. Even if she told them to stop treating her like a baby.

As she was finding the will, to slowly calm herself down. “Yeah, I really can’t afford to loose him.” Jessalyn swallowed heavily. How would she even begin to explain everything to Elias, if they couldn’t find Spartan? Horses weren’t cheap; and this was her close friends’ horse. That would add more to the guilt, than she already felt. His calm, friendly tone helping calm her down.

“Really? I haven’t seen you around here before.” Jessa said softly, once she found her usual voice again. But it was still slightly shaky. Jessalyn went on this route often; and she hadn’t run into him, before. Hades. The name for his horse made her smile softly. “Are you a fan of Greek Mythology?” she asked softly, assuming that was the inspiration for his horses name. After the God of the Underworld and one of the head figures of Greek Mythology. Ever since she was a child; Jessalyn loved anything mythological and fantasy like. So many books, stories; anything to always escape to another world,full of adventures.

Looking around the treelines; Jessalyn called out softly for Spartan again. He usually responded to her calling his name. Watching the Diviner whistling; Jessalyn watched with anticipation. Come on Spartan...come on boy...please come back. Jessalyn thought to herself, hoping the horse would return.

His question left her stumped. Jessalyn shook her head. “I don’t know.” Jessa never done anything to anyone; she wouldn’t ever hurt a fly. So why was someone after her? That indeed was the question. “Guess strange things are really happening in this city.” she muttered to herself slightly. On the news, there had been odd happenings lately. Jessalyn tried not to pay attention to much, or it would drive anyone insane with worry, and attempts to figure it all out. Soon enough, she heard the sound of hooves running in their direction. Spartan was soon visible through the tree-line. Running in their direction. Jessalyn sighed in relief.

Catching a hold of Spartan’s reign;when he was near, she kept a hold of it. “Thanks for that.” It seemed like that call worked miracles. Jessalyn didn’t know what she would have done, if Spartan would have been lost entirely. Luckily, the horse had been close enough, to hear the whistles and return. Her fingers run over the horses maine, stroking it gently. Almost soothing herself in the process, as she also soothed Spartan.

After seeing her eyes light up at the thought of mythology, The Diviner nodded slightly and shrugged. "Is it lame that I'm super into Greek Mythology?" He said softly and smiled a little. He would need to remember to read up on Mythology on his ride back. For a minute he merely walked in the direction that Spartan had run off in. "I'm always out." He said, instilling the fact. Truth was, Lucas had only been here for the past few days...And only because Jessalyn had been. It had made his flesh creep stalking her, finging out her insecurities, following her for this long...It made him seem like a lover, when really he'd prefer to tear out her tongue.

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Lucas carried on whistling, Hades plodding along after him obediently. She sounded shocked at his question, damn. He glanced to her as she said she didn't know and he pursed his lips slightly. How could he get the information from her...He shrugged slightly again, dismissing her answer.

Just then, Spartan came darting from the treeline heading right over to them. His lips curled into a smirk. Fabulous. He turning to Jessalyn as she took hold of the reigns and shook his head. "No need to thank me." He said simply. Gesturing to her mount, he cocked his head to the side. "I'm still going to finish my ride if you would like to join me?" He said and glanced to Spartan. "I can give you a boost so you can get back on?"

Jessalyn felt a sense of excitement; it seemed like they had something in common.  It was helping her forget about what happened a few moments prior. “No, not at all. Well...at least, I don’t think so.” But then again with her escapist way; Jessalyn had always been into books; of any sorts. Mythology, Magic, all sorts of Fantasy; anything that always absorbed her into another world, when she was a child. So it kind of stuck with her; even now. “What’s your favorite?” Jess asked, curious. 

When he claimed, he was always here. Jessalyn found it odd; that they haven’t crossed paths. Unless, she hadn’t been too vigilant and didn’t notice him. “I’ll look out for you, on my next ride.” Maybe, they’d run into each other again. A new friend on her list, was always a good thing.

Once she had Spartan back; it felt like relief flooded through her entirely. Checking him over; he looked in perfect condition and unharmed. Hearing his suggestion; Jessalyn checked the time on her watch; she was supposed to be heading back soon. But a few more moments in his company wouldn’t hurt right? “Sure, why not.” she said with a nod. As he offered to help her back on her horse. Jessa accepted. Her legs were still a bit shaky from before. With his help, she soon found herself on her horse again.

Spartan was soon trotting, alongside Hades. As the pair carried on with their ride. “How long have you lived in Evermore?” She asked curious. Until today, she hadn’t seen him around. Or she didn’t think she had. But then again, with so many people living in the city. She didn’t remember every single face.

Lucas' had to hold back from rolling his eyes as she asked about his favorite. She was trying to get to know him, which was the plan. To befriend her...But it was also intolerable to him to be in such close confines with the Reigns child...His skin crawled with hatred and his blood boiled...but, he plastered on a smile and rolled a shrug from his broad shoulders. "My favorite." He repeated and sucked in a breath thinking. "I like anything to do with rulers." He said softly, testing the waters with his words. "Struggles to cope with power, Family drama's, Oedipus complex and all that. I find that facinating. I guess growing up I didn't have a family as such, I fell in love young and...Lost him too so." His words haltered as the familiar bump rose up into his throat.

Not lost, he had to remind himself. Taken.

He helped Jessalyn get back onto Spartan before gracefully swinging his own frame astride Hades. Clicking his tongue, Lucas began the path he'd been taking for the past few days with Hades. "Ive been in Evermore for a few years. I don't go out much when its busy, crowds make me nervous." He lied perfectly, his tone never faltering. The Diviner had perfected his lies, he could even trick Lie detectors on his good days. Perks of his lifestyle.

"How about you? How did you find yourself here?"

The youngest of the Reigns was awaiting an answer. Rulers? Mhh that seemed like an interesting response. “So, Zeus? Poseidon?” she tried to guess; as those were few of the head rulers in Greek Mythology. “Personally, I find some rulers, to be much too greedy for power. Nothing good ever comes out, of wanting too much.” And in some ways, the old stories even reflected in today's modern society. How greedy and lustful people were; when it came to needing power. “But the spins and imagination behind each myth, seems to add mystery and intrigue into each story. I’ve always liked that.” Jessalyn had always liked stories that made her think, to try and solve the mysteries along as they went on.

As he mentioned family. Jessa’s eyes softened at his last few words. “I am sorry to hear that.” She couldn’t imagine, not having Cedric and Sierra in her life. It had been bad enough, losing one brother. If she lost the rest of her family; she wouldn’t be able to cope with such loss and heart-ache. “Losing someone you love, is always difficult. But if life taught me anything, it’s that’s there’s always some form of hope waiting out there for people.” If a person loved once, they could love again, right?

With Spartan trotting along side Hades; following the trail. Jessalyn wouldn’t have pegged him for the anti-social/anxious type. She could understand the aversion away from big crowds; it wasn’t always pleasant.

As he questioned how she got here; now the tables were turned to her again. “I moved here a few years ago after…..” she trailed off slightly, remembering the phone call she got from her elder sister, regarding their eldest brothers death. The memory making her feel choked up. Slightly shaking her head “Nevermind. I am sure you don’t want to hear about family tragedies. But I’ve lived here for a few years now. Friends and my siblings, keep me rooted here. I wouldn’t think of moving anywhere else.” she said honestly. Evermore was her home; she loved it here. Having no reason to leave; as the Reigns build a life for themselves, among their tribe.

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