The morning had started off like any other, Kaven awoke to the shrill sound of his alarm clock, screaming to alert him it was 5am. The shrill screech penetrated the silence like a knife and felt like needles in Nephilims ears, but it was the only thing that actually woke the heavy sleeper up. That and Bullet. As if by the magic of thought, the next sound was a low pitched bark, just once, just reminding Kaven that he existed.

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Rolling out of bed, Kaven stretched his muscles and began the same morning routine he did every weekday morning.

Kaven was a young looking Nephilim with an abundance of blonde curls atop his head. He was slim, toned but not muscular and had a few scars across his hands and arms from his training back in Texas.

He dressed in joggers and a tee, Got Bullet his harness on and took the large German Shepherd out for a walk. The walk lasted around an hour and on the return trip back to Kavens little bungalow right on the edge of the city centre he picked up a coffee and some warmed croissants for breakfast.
After returning back home, he quickly ate before getting into his work uniform. Black trousers, black shirt embroider with Evermore PD and black shoes. He attempted to tame the mass of blonde curls atop, his head and life every morning...gave up.
Arriving at the police station at around 7.15am, Kaven and Bullet made their way through to Kavens office. Letting Bullet off the leash, Kaven moved over to the desk and sat down, glancing tot he computer. A Yellow post-it with his own scrawl over it read

"Intern day, Fleur Aarden, 7.30am"

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Checking his watch, Kaven grimaced at the thought of taking a young adult under his wing at the force, but they probably made Kaven do it because the others would ruin her somehow. He grunted and looked back to his computer, getting up the email with a few details about the girl.
She was dutch, Kaven hoped her English was good because his heavy Texan accent made him difficult to understand to Americans, let alone a Dutch girl. She was also a Dhampir, one of the reasons she was brought onto the internship in the first place.

Checking the clock again, it was 7.25am. "Come on Bullet, put on your happy face." He said sarcastically to the dog sat obediently in the corner. He made his way towards the reception area where the girl would have been instructed to come too. But she was no where to be seen.
Checking with Hollie at reception, He sighed when she said there was no one under the name Fleur. And the wait begins...

Kaven stayed stood, with Bullet at his feet, watching the door. He smiled and nodded his head to everyone who came in, none professing to be Fleur...

This was not a good start.

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Nothing was never easy for her. Like her past was constantly there to haunt her. A reminder of her wrong doing. Back when all things went wrong she was a child in the eyes of the law. It meant that she was able to get away with the type of crimes that she helped to commit. One of the downsides was that she was still being checked in check by the police and other higher ups. Just to make sure she wasn’t in contact with the old gangs that she wasn’t. Fleur left that life behind a long time ago. Choosing to take the more legal side of things now. Turning her life around the best she could under the type of circumstances she found herself in after. It came as a total surprise to her to find she’d been offered an internship at the police station in Evermore. Part of her probation process and given opportunities that she would never have been given before. Believing that with her track record she would be long past any chances of finding herself any good job. Thinking that her past would be there to follow her for the rest of her life. Fleur still couldn’t wrap her head around it all to why the police thought she’d be any good candidate for a job in the force of any type. With her old track record. Yet Fleur was told that she had qualities and different tactical abilities that would be useful. Not nothing herself what they were but others have seen. Fleur has always been good at reading people. To almost figure out who they were. Back in the gang she would be there to make sure sure there were no imposters who would be a fret to the whole underground operation. The leaks and undercover cops. 

For the last few weeks since being offered the internship she’d been drilled in that this was her second chance at a better future to not mess anything up. If she was to do anything wrong she’d end up being locked up herself since before her track record was all clean as she was only a minor before. Fleur knew not to mess this up making sure that she wouldn’t. Even finding herself doing a little bit of homework, research so that she wouldn’t make a total fool of herself on her first day. Since she knew already that she’ll probably make a few slip ups with English not being her first language would cause some bumps along the road.  Yet it’ll all be a working process thats for sure. Fully prepared for herself to be corrected today by people. Checking the time, Fleur noticed that it was getting time for her to leave not wanting to be late for her first day. That wouldn’t make the best first impressions for sure. One thing that she forgot to was to check exactly where the police station was in the city as she was still getting used to the city herself as a hole. Thinking now that she should of mapped out her route beforehand instead of just going on a whim. 

It didn’t help things that she was to start at the station first thing in the morning. Fleur did wonder at first why they wanted her to start so early compared to the normal working hours of starting at 9am like any other people. Fleur didn’t know what to wear for her first day since she didn’t have any uniform yet. Choosing to wear casual yet smart looking clothes, her style was never revealing or too short anyways. Fleur hurried out of her apartment hoping to find her way to the police station to be there in good time, luckily she figured out her way on her own. Finding herself almost barging into the reception to make it on time that she did but wasn’t early. Fleur walked over to the reception trying not to make it seem like she’d been in a rush to get here. Explaining who she was that it was her first day. The receptionist soon explained that she would be taken under the ring of someone called Kaven. Finding the reception motioning to someone standing nearby. Fleur already knew what she meant, looking over she saw a man who looked to be a few years older than her. Noticing how pale he was, blonde curls that looked almost imactlet. Too noticing how the was a German Shepherd dog standing by his feet taking her off guard for a moment not expecting a dog to be in the reception of a police station.  Moving quickly over to introduce herself. “Hello, sorry I'm late. I know it looks bad, my first day and all” Quickly excusing yet letting him know she knew she was late. “My name is Fleur Aarden, nice to meet you Kaven” She smiled softly introducing herself but was sure she pronounced his name wrong finding it a different name to what she was used to. Extending her hand out to him, making sure to look and act professional even with her tardiness.

The early morning wore on, Bullet whined at Kavens feet, pawing at the ground until finally Kaven tutted, but gestured to the Alsation to lay down. "There you lazy dog." He muttered affectionately. A sigh left the Nephilims lips and he checked his watch again for the time. Still late. Kaven wasn't exactly OCD, but he was pretty anal about punctuality and late was not something he entertained and so early was always a necessity in his books.

All of a sudden, like a whirlwind, a girl barged into the reception area and almost barreled straight into the desk itself. Kaven cocked a brow and then tilted his head to the side slightly as he dark eyes fell upon his features. Kaven smiled a little at her expression upon looking at bullet, he opened his mouth to speak but before he could the girl started.

Kaven took her hand and shook it firmly. "Welcome to the Evermore PD Miss. Aarden." He said simply. Gesturing to the dog at his feet "This lump is Bullet, he's my partner so he'll be around a lot." Shifting his weight, Kaven gestured to her to follow him. "Its early I know, But we have paperwork to get through and seen as thought you're under my wing, You start when I start and Im an early riser." The nephilim made his way through the halls until he reached his office. The door read 'Officer K. T. Jacobs, Polygrapher'. Swinging the door open, Bullet lead the way inside as usual, then Kaven gestured for Fleur to go in.

Closing the door behind him, Kaven went round to his side of the desk and sat down. "Im the PDs Polygrapher, which means I'm pretty much a human lie detector. Im the only Polygrapher Evermore has at the moment, hence why you're coming under my wing first." He paused slightly and gestured to her. "I want to presume you're keeping up? I know from your application English isn't your first language." Before he even gave her time to answer, Kaven gestured to her again. "Its not all Polygraphs, I patrol too and Bullet is trained so, when the K.9. unit is called out, I go."

Kaven ran his fingers through his curls and sighed just a tough. "Where I go, you go. You'll be shadowing me and I'll be teaching you along the way."

"Is all that clear?"

Fleur was still trying to get used to how things were. With moving many countries away from her old homeland. A place where another language is used all with new people too. Everything was all strange to her. Not knowing many people in the city didn’t help matters. Only having a few links to people and places. Part of her felt a bit alone but she knew it was normal for anyone to be in the same situation as she found herself in. That she’s the one to blame getting mixed in with the wrong crowd of people. Now she had to relive with all the consequences behind it. Hoping that this internship would give her a new, better start at starting up all over again. Now she was hoping that not many people will now about her track record and past, not wanting it to be something that can make people hate her before she’s even started. Fleur knew that her files would be locked up with how she was underaged at the time so that ther past wouldn’t be brought up for future jobs. Although she never properly imagined getting an internship offered to. Part of her wondered if it was all a test to see if she has changed her tactics, cutting all ties in a way. She knew she couldn’t mess and slip up. Wanting to prove everyone wrong and that what she was going to do. 

Maybe being late wasn’t going to help her make a good impression on her first day. Hopefully she could blame it on being forign and still new to the city. Any reasonable explanation hopefully. When she arrived, Fleur knew that others knew of her tardiness. Seeing that she was caught as she came in by who must of been waiting to take her on a tour first thing. Fleur was surprised to find out who she would be working with would have a dog at his side, not that she minded dogs. “Right” Nodding her head trying to take in everything he was telling her. Already knowing that the paperwork would take her a while to fill in with English not being her first language but she knew that Kaven would already know that. Following Kaven and Bullet through the corridors of the police station till they reached his office where she’d learn the job. “ So I’ll be helping you to crack down on the criminals in the city to see if they commited the crime or innocent?” The total opposite of what job she was used to. Fleur was a bit hesitant hearing as he was already questioning if she’d be up to the job or not.

Quickly stopping him from thinking she was useless wanting to prove she was up to the job. “I understand, don’t think that you need to always speak a lot slower and change your ways to make it easier for me. I’m a fast learner” She interjected, wanting to prove that she was up to the job. Not wanting to take the easy route. “So I’ll be learning from the best, right” She smiled softly, eager to learn and get started on the job. Learning the tricks of the trade, hopefully Kaven will be a good teacher and not too tough on her and not to know about her past to interfere with her future in the station.

Kavens features softened slightly when she reassured him that she wouldn't be taking the easy way out, that she wanted to be tested and that, thankfully, Kaven wouldn't have to slow down for her at all. "Good." He said softly and shook his head. "To be completely honest with you, I'm learning this tutoring thing too. I've never had an intern, Its usually just be and Bullet..." He paused and glanced down at his beloved dog before glancing back to her. "I'm sorry, I didn't even think if you were allergic or scared of dogs..." His brows tugged together into a frown, hoping it was neither.

"I suppose so yes." He said in regards to her comment on cracking down on criminals. "Something is effecting the city...More so the residents and its our job to find out what or whom." Kaven pulled out a few files from the bottom draw of his desk."To begin with I need a few of these signing. NDA's, documents listing injuries or such you might encounter, documents ensuring you wont sue...That sort of thing." He then added a smile "They're scary but, Im sure I can look after you enough so you wont get injured."

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Fleur was a little intrigued as he spoke of something affecting the city almost able to tell that he was saying that it was something more to the supernatural side of things. “That's a little early” She laughed softly. Already finding and figuring out soon after coming to the city that it was full of supernatural species. A reason why she chose it over all the other cities she could of gone too. Wanting to learn and be around people who are different like her. “Right” Nodding her head, watching as he pulled out a stack of files from his desk. Surprised to see how many sheets of paper and how much was needed to cover over the station trying to cover themselves. “So it’s all just covering your own asses right” She marvelled sarcastically before laughing knowing that it was typical things that needed to be done. “If I get hurt, I’ll just blame you since I’m following in your footsteps” Pointing on and putting a little pressure how she was the first intern he had wanting to remind him. Fleur took the pieces of paper from him along with a pen as she started to see how much she could understand. Knowing there may be some things she wouldn’t understand and needed help in. Able to fill in the basics information easily. “Do I have to read it all?” Looking over to him if he was serious about her reading it all, almost giving him a look that she was a foreigner. All of it was gibberish to her. Thinking she’d only just need to sign not needing all the classification and information that's written on the pieces of paper. 

If you would have her years ago a job at a police station would be last job she thought of having. All with what her old line of work was and how she spent her teenage years instead of doing all straight A students do. Choosing to get involved in gangs and drug dealings. It started off a retaliation against her parents wanting to act out for all the years they forgot about her. Wanting to be seen instead. Now years later she realizes how childish and foolish she was, that if the police officer all those years ago didn't give her a second chance. Everything would be different that maybe she’d still be behind bars instead of free. Fleur knew she was given a second chance to make amandes and do good. Now she was put on the right path. To take the opportunities that are now coming her way. Even if it wasn’t ones that she may not see herself doing. With how she knew she didn’t exactly wanted to be a polygraph, especially one in a police station. 

Maybe she’d see how she does thinking if the police station was for her she could see what other paths she could take. That all was based on how she started off and liked the whole job. Fleur was setting her expectations quite low all with believing and expecting her reputation would follow her whether she goes even now. Wanting to prove herself she was up to it even with her lack of experience or english not being her first language. All big factors that would be big turn aways, ones that she didn’t want to affect her. “So in a way we’re both learning” She mused a little how she was the first person he was tutoring. Fleur could see almost tell that it was mostly him and the dog that he was one of the people who prefer their own space. Thinking she would be overstepping already with taking the job. “Don’t worry I’m not one of those things, I just didn’t expect for a dog to be around on my first day” Quickly answering, stumbling on her words a little as she followed Kaven where he was heading not wanting to lose him and get lost already.

Kaven was baffled by her question, a frown tugging his brow down harshly. "Do you have to read it all?" He repeated before scoffing. "Of course! That contract could be signing your soul away?" He added before then pausing and taking her it for a moment...

"You can't read it?" He asked softly and then sighed, raking his hands through his hair. "Yes you can just sign it..." He said. "All it says is that you won't hold the presinct and/or me personally responsible for any injury and or worse." He spoke quickly, he wasn't a fan of dwelling on a subject for too long.

He smiled a little as she said they were both learning and he nodded. "Indeed." As she mentioned she didn't expect it, He smiled a little and shook his head. "Where I go, Bullet goes." He said softly "This beast has saved my life more times than I can count, So he goes where I go...He's my only friend so to speak."

Standing, the Nephilim went for the door and then paused, glancing at Fleur and taking a breath. "I need you to fully understand everything that leaves my lips." He said and gestured to the door. "Outside those doors and in this uniform, You're a target to some...This means that outside those doors we need to work as one and if English is a trouble for you...I need to teach you to be fluent before we can even attempt to work out in the field."

"Do we need to add some English lessons in here?"

Fleur knew soon as she was questioning if she had to read it all that it was a stupid question. By the looks of it from his reaction she was right to how he reacted. Slowly looking down back to the piece of paper with how she knew she’s messed up. “But if it saves me from reading pages and pages of things I’d never need to know about or do after right” She commented laughing a little trying to make light of it when in reality it was too much information for the brain to focus on not having it all written in her native language. Something that many people like her struggle with whilst many people over think nothing of it. Luckily Kaven soon had noticed and knew the reason why she didn’t want to read it. “I can read bits but not all of it, didn’t exactly get taught all those words in English classes back in school” Reminding him of how she was still learning but it all was too much. The Dhampir nodded taking in the brief summary of what were on all the sheets of paper she was meant to read. “So basically it’s so I can’t sue this place” Sighing a little knowing how things were all so much difficult and what the legal system was just so businesses and people could cover themselves. Fleur quickly skimmed through the pages looking at the titles of the topics briefly so she could get the jist of it all. Before at the bottom of each page, putting her name, date and signature. Signing away her life in a way to save herself from having to read, going in depth. 

It did surprise her that a person who was in charge of the polygrapher to have a police dog with how she thought they were mainly for the officers who were to track down dangerous criminals or drug raids. Now she knew that she was wrong. Fleur smiled at how he spoke of bullet and how much he meant to him. Already seeing how strong the bond was between the dog and it’s owner. “I can see that he’s well looked after” She grinned at her new mentor seeing how happy the dog was. Fleur knew the feeling of not having many friends with how it was the same for her too. “I don’t have many friends either, I’m working on it tho” Always finding it hard of making friends especially these days finding hard to trust people enough for them to judge of her past or where she comes from. Finding she’s always been better by herself. Listening to Kaven, she was almost sense that he was finding that she was from another country proving difficult. “I know and understand English well enough” Turning away his language tutoring lessons, not wanting to be treated differently from everyone else. Finding that she’s already has whether it was for her past or for her speaking skills.

Kaven had to sit back in his seat for a moment when she mentioned she could only read bits of it. Once again he'd forgotten she wasn't English and that this 20-page booklet of jargan meant absolutely nothing to her. He nodded and then, when she'd signed, he took the document and set it to one side. "In future, I will try and remember to print things in both English AND Dutch." He wasn't sure how he'd do that, but he was an intelligent man...He'd find a way.

"Friends will be hard to keep with my schedule." Kaven stated simply. It was true, the Nephilim kept some strange hours and in his own brand of perfection, Kaven didn't exactly have time to have friends...Or he didn't allow himself the time.
When she responded coldly about his tutoring, Kaven frowned and shook his head. "I didn't mean to cause offense...I merely want to make this easier for everyone." He stopped himself from going on, he didn't want to insult her. So instead, he merely nodded and stood.

"In that case, lets get on with a patrol." Kaven said, Bullet jumping to join the blonde's side. He opened the door and cocked his head to the side. "First, uniform."He said, leading the way towards the locker rooms. Kaven gestured to the females door and handed Fleur a key "There's a locker with your name on it, the uniform inside should fit...It doesn't matter if its a little big, please change and lock your things away and then we can head out."

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At first she didn’t think to look too much into all the job entails. Seeing it more of her community service of giving back more so. With how she has yet to figure out her future. Never sticking to doing one thing after quitting and leaving all the gangs behind when they were caught and shut down. Being the type of person always in between working, doing anything just to make a living. Easier and more spontaneous lifestyle so she was not used to having a job that was more demanding like the one she’s about to commit to. Never being in one that had her reading and signing sheets of paper of things that were more common sense. Already starting to see she was having her way, hearing how Kaven suggested he would be helping by being more prepared next time to have documents in two languages. “That’ll be a lot easier for sure” She pointed out with a sly smirk on her face. “I don’t want to be signing for something that I didn’t even know what it was about” Fleur added which was true with all the sheets in front of her she didn’t know what half it all was. “This is all new to me” She was truthful not wanting to seem like she already knew everything about the job but in reality she was like any other new person coming into something like this even if it was one she’d not chosen by choice. 

Fleur still wasn't all that sure that she signed up, thinking she’d find out. “I don’t have many friends” She mused a little, shrugging her shoulders. Always having kept to a small group of people after all that happened. She really only spent time with other  Dhampir’s at the dojo mainly with Nora who’d been training her and that's it. Fleur was thinking whether she came off a bit cold when shutting down his help with her English without intending to. Trying her best not to screw up the only job she’s had for a while. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want people to think that I’m only going to slow people down cause I’m not from around here” Believing everyone always sees and thinks her differently. Making her miss home almost.  “Patrol?” Still unsure what patrol meant whether they’d be going around the city streets already on her first day in the job. “Right uniform” Nodding her head with her least favourite thing about working anywhere was a set uniform. “Okay, I’ll go and get changed and be out in a few minutes” Soon taking the key from him and headed to where the women's locker room was. Heading inside looking for which locker was hers that were too hard to find. Opening up the locket, finding some uniform inside it, taking it out the Dhampir soon got changed and put her belongings in the looker. Finding the uniform to be a bit too small like Kaven had said, seeing he was right. Fleur made sure to lock up the locker taking the key out heading back to the corridor to where he was waiting. “Ready” She chimed in, seeing if she’d surprise him with how quick she took thinking he’d expect her to take longer.

She replied that maybe dual-lingual paperwork would be more useful for her next time and he nodded making a mental note. Kaven hadn't really had to deal with anyone with a lack of English skills in Evermore, the people around him all spoke the same language, except Bullet of course, but the day his dog begins to speak will be the day Kaven checks out for good. He grumbled a little at the thought of the extra workload, he wasn't told English wasn't her first language and wish he had been...

'New' She said and the remark made Kaven scoff a little. She then went on to say she didn't have many friends and he smiled a touch. "You're really selling yourself here Aarden." He replied. He wanted to gloss over her next comment, but she'd said it and it obviously deserves a response. "As long as you keep up, there won't be anyone saying you're holding someone back. Okay?" Kaven added.

She then wandered off for her uniform and he nodded, turning to Bullet once she'd gone and sighing "Todays gonna be a long day boy..." He muttered. When she came back out pretty quickly, the Nephilim glanced round quickly and took her in. She looked smart for once and a smile lifted his a lips a litte. "Good." He said softly and then pat his pockets before finding a small patch with a number on that he added to the Velcro of her sleeve "Thats your number, If you file anything or are involved in anything its that number that we will use." Kaven explained and then nodded.
With that, Kaven lead the way out the doors at the end of the corridor and towards the streets of Evermore, Bullet walked on the right side of him and he kept Fleur on the left, a nice brisk pace. "Patrol basically means we're on call but don't want to sit in the office. We walk the streets keeping an eye out for any activity, any suspicous behaviour...Something more important than ever in this day and age."

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