It had surprised him that he had now been in modern society for over a year now; in fact, it worried him that it had been that long since he last saw his family and because of that, he was often left awake a night in cold sweats worrying over their safety. Yet, Ilyas knew he could not ponder on those thoughts too long as he had no idea on how to get to them, not anymore and anyway, he needed to settle in Evermore and make a home for them when he did find them; he knew how drastic the change was, not only from the 1600s but from living in a forest to a place where there were things like cars and planes. With that in mind, he knew he desperately needed a job - Ilyas had already decided he would build the Enver home himself, but money was essential, even in his day for survival; and despite knowing what he wanted to do, he was nowhere near that mark financially. Thus, throughout the year he would take on small jobs to get the money. Many of them were physical labour, being the local handy man but they did not pay as much as he wished. 

So, when the request came through from a Dhampir by the name of Sangeun Moon; Ilyas was quick to jump at the chance, albeit he was surprised the man chose him - after all English was not his first language. It was in that moment of accepting the job, that Ilyas had to thank both Anivia and Valeria for their constant patience with him as he attempted to pick up the language; and admittedly, he was picking it up fairly quickly. Ilyas was eager to take on this job, firstly, it was different to what he was used to, and it was a challenge he was excited for. It was complicated, brutal and would be hard work but he knew he would thrive as well as learn new things of this modern world along with the possibility of making friends outside of circle. Therefore, for a few weeks, he was tasked with following people, certain clues and possible lines of interest to gather information to help Sangeun stay safe. It was a lot of responsibility, but Ilyas saw it as no different to if he was protecting his family or a member of his crew. 

It was exhausting work, he would up and out at good knows what time at night, but he felt he now had at least enough information to give Eun for an update; he never wanted to bother the man if there was nothing to give. He seemed smart, and for Ilyas, probably not a man who would want to spend time with a brute like himself. Either way, he didn’t want to waste his time. Without having a phone or email to contact Eun, he had to use Valeria, after all, she was Eun’s ambassador to set up the meeting. Ilyas wanted it down low, a situation that did not look conspicuous in case the assassin was out there watching; he wanted him to believe that Ilyas and Eun were simply friends, rather than business partners. Thus, he organised a meeting at dusk within the park which rested in the city centre; once seated on the bench, Ilyas leaned back and kept a watchful gaze for the Dhampir to appear. 

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Sangeun was nowhere near complicated, in fact he was the opposite of how naughty a child should've been. Growing up, he was a rather simple kid, but displayed promising traits like any other prodigal child would have. A few years later, he received a few more siblings, a younger brother and sister. He was raised in a strict household, his father always reprimanding him of his responsibilities as the eldest son. All the scolding he received was for his own good, his mother told him. The lonely nights in his room were filled with sorrowful tears and hiccups from the young dhampir, the place he locked himself in whenever he had to give up for the sake of his younger siblings. Eun was like any other child who would've gotten upset if they were asked to give up their toys for others, so his mother consoled him by using the only way she knew was viable; bribing him with sweets. That's why coming to Evermore had been his first step outside of that controlling period of his life.

 When his brother came studying here out of all places, the elder Moon was compelled to also come after him, a part of him had been craving that sense of longingness. Yet he buried it deep down because he couldn't see it through. When he received a client here, coming straight into his email asking for him specifically, one of the best, to go and take his case, Eun was fast to take on the opportunity. He’s never seen that kind of emotion when he was back in Seoul, the newfound triggering emotion was something refreshing and Sangeun desperately wished he could be one of those people who had the chance to feel the same. And even if it wasn’t anywhere near the same sentiment Jae shared with Han, Eun wanted to feel just a bit of it, enough to insert a sliver of hope somewhere inside his demeaning self. 

The suite was spacious, it was nowhere near cramped or the likes, but the adventurous soul inside Eun’s dhampir self was aching for a taste of the outside air. The elder Moon had always been working in the office, but most of the time he gets to go on-site and work outside of it and those are the days when he was extremely productive. He was stressed. Oh, that was an understatement. He's been here for only a month and just when he was going to pay him a visit a few days ago, Eun was hit by the news of him overdosing from alcohol consumption. At first, he was inclined to believe that but the postmortem report says otherwise. It was too good to be true seeing as his client, Mr Baine, was a quitting alcoholic since 4 years ago and has never touched a bottle for that period of time. 

When everyone told him to go back, he wouldn't have it, so he made sure to go out his way and hire someone who would tell him his client did not kill himself, rather he was killed. That led him to seek out a man that was said would do anything given the price. Language barrier wasn't a problem seeing as Eun knew exactly it was hard for people like them. If it wasn't because of his working field, he wouldn't be able to pick up English as well as he could now. In fact, his Mandarin and Japanese remained so much better than his English. Korean eas a given due to his heritage but aside from that, language was something Eun made sure wouldn't be a problem in the future. Making his way to the central park where he was told to meet Ilyas didn't take the dhampir as long when he finally went past the gate and took a seat at the bench where he saw the other male was already seated. "Did you find anything?" 

Whilst Ilyas sat on the damp bench which had briefly been coated with snow, he allowed his eyes and mind to wander; it had reminded him of the time he waited to meet the once Ambassador of the Initia - Sierra. It was a grand meeting, in the sense that it perhaps opened his eyes that her species had also changed along with his own; and although it took a lot for him to overcome his deep rooted hatred of that particular species, he was able to make it work. Or at the very least, allow it so they could all live in the city in harmony rather than at each other’s throats all the time. It had also made him realise just how lucky he had been, to come out of the grand battle alive and unscathed physically; mentally, however, was another story but it had taken many years to overcome it and he was glad to have done so. Or else, he would not have been able to see what the world had become and quite the world it had become. As his eyes wandered, they fell upon many different people - from families with young children, to the elderly sat hand in hand in the bench opposite him. 

It was quite a sight to behold, and despite the worries which overwhelmed him at times on how he was going to make it; there was some peace and comfort in knowing that everyone struggled. It was perhaps the reason why he so eagerly accepted this job from Sangeun - and for whatever reason, it simply did not sit right in his stomach to allow a man to leave the city he had now probably called home for a crime that he did not commit. Ilyas was assured that it wasn’t the authorities that were threatening to kick him out, but it was probably his friends and work colleagues who believed the death was a threat; foreshadowing what may come to him if he was not careful and thus, wanted him to back in the safety of his family home. Far away from Evermore City. And he guessed, he could not blame them - he would do the very same thing for someone he cared about and would make sure that they didn’t return until the threat was gone, but alas, the world was not as simple as that. 

The pads of his fingers drummed against the cool and frozen wood; the cold now becoming his friend, much to his dismay. He was also slowly to learn his newfound powers which partly excited him although nothing could quite beat fire in that department; The Turk hummed to himself as he watched the elderly couple for a few moments before the sound of approaching footsteps knocked him out of his trance; Ilyas cleared his throat as the male sat beside him. To make it seem more of a friendly greeting, Ilyas was confident enough to embrace the man roughly; perhaps too roughly as the two have very different physiques. “Er, sorry” He chuckled at and leaned backward once again. “Watchers… maybe” He gave the reason for the rather bold movement he just did before nodding some. 

“Evet (yes) I think.” Ilyas tucked a loose strand behind his ear. “I follow, I find some base. A er, deniz feneri (lighthouse), big… round, light up in air?” He tried to explain to the best of his ability before continuing. “I no check out yet, always guarded.” Ilya hummed, he knew it may be dangerous, but he felt it was only fair that he invited Eun to join him; after all, surely the Dhampir knew how to fight? Plus, he would be with a Pirate, he’d be well protected. “You want to? Explore it?”

The park wasn't that packed neither was it too quiet, there were plenty of people around; children running around the greenery, parents watching over them, teenagers cycling and jogging, you name it. Eun feels a lot more comfortable to meet people at places such as this because it gives them a certain amount of privacy that he needed but nothing too quiet because it messes with his working ethics when it's outside office hours. He's a carefree guy who prefers to keep his clients casual, formality was nice but it was, in no way, needed when dealing with Sangeun Moon. He couldn't just go home, not now. It's not as if he was all too eager to get back to his fiancee's arms and proceed with the marriage, anyway. He may as well take the excuse to stay here and investigate deeper. 

Eun never had a failed case before, he kept an excellent streak in his portfolio. It was the reason why he flew all the way from Korea to America just to aid his client because he was the chosen one. His client chose him. It was his responsibility to adhere to the contract once he accepted it. He was surprised and clearly taken aback when the other male suddenly greeted him with a hug; a rather rough one, if he may add. Eun didn't mind because in all his life as a dhampir, this wasn't a level of strength he's not used to, but he was really surprised. Perhaps it was also because of their two very different physiques. The elder Moon was the tall guy back home, standing at 6'0" and had broad shoulders, even though his younger brother was also a lot taller. But Ilyas was another level. Middle Eastern genes, he thought. 

When he said watchers, Eun understood it as another word for eyes. Of course, eyes would be everywhere watching his every movement. "Deniz Feneri?" He paused momentarily before realizing he could cast omnilingualism rune to understand Turkish but he had already cast the invisibility rune on his sword that is hanging by his hip, supported properly by a holster. There was no way he could bring out his sword out in the open like this. But since Ilyas could still communicate with him fine, he decided to leave it as a last result. "Do you mean a lighthouse?" From what he caught, it is heavily guarded. For a place that shouldn't be so fortified, it does raise suspicions. "How far is this lighthouse?" He would love to explore it.

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