As the morning sun came up to shine down on the city so did the Dhampir's clock on his phone telling him it's a new day, wake up since it will be a long day from him at the office. Walking to his clothes to get his jogging outfit since it was just shorts, a white t-shirt, a lightweight blue jacket, and white tennis shoes.  Brushing out his hair as he put his headphone in his ears as he turned on the Bluetooth on his phone as his music came to his ears. Every morning he likes to take a light jog along with hiking to build up leg muscles but is very careful due to his illness.

Nikolas hated that he has limits until he can't do anymore. He still wants to build a better body for him so illness is not going to stop him like how determined he is to be a protector. Opening his door as he places his keys in his pocket along with his phone in his arms wrap. The morning was like lukewarm water, hot but still can feel a bit of cold. 

Jogging up to the trail, he took the time to drink some water from his water bottle as he looked around. His favorite time of the day is the early morning, the weather is really next and to his best liking. There was no crowds or people around as they there either still sleeping or getting ready for work along with getting ready for the school season coming up.  The Dhampir is very glade his Law School is done but it was not like he didn't enjoy it. There were days the class excite him but most brought him down knowing the reason. He would not have the job he has today other than him trying to get himself stronger in his own way with no judgment or telling him what he can or can't do. 

Not much he can look back but his siblings and his father back home. Nickolas, of course, misses his family but staying in a place they do not let him go forward he needs to live his own life with his own rules.  Big step but in his eyes, it's the best risk someone like him would take. 

The Dhampir looks a liking to the City when he got us to it, still not getting over how many supernatural and humans were in one city. The moment he stepped in his job as a Lawyer all the files told him the city has more mysteries and a story then anyone from the outside would imagine.  After taking a few minutes getting ready to walk on the trail he watched his breathing. When he got better his legs started to moe themselves. One thing about Hiking that Nikolas thought was a treat is to connect with nature and see how beautiful the world is. He for one is not a green thumb but he does care about everything around him.    

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Warmth shone above horizon and into the pasture where Justice’s beautiful white Arabian; Raine was grazing peacefully while her owner tended to the other animals of the ranch. Justice finished bailing some hay for the livestock he had on the ranch. Raine began becoming rowdy in the pasture; Some of the help heard the commotion and alerted Justice. Running to the pasture as Justice came into the clearing where his horse was rearing up on her back legs, but coming back down as Justice jumped the fence and entered the pasture. “Woah girl!” He yelled as the rest of the crew backed off as Justice soothed Raine.  The normal gentle beast calmed by hearing the soft tone of Justice’s voice.  “Let’s see what has you all stressed.” He said as he began to walk the pasture; Raine following behind him butting her with his head as she could smell the sugar cubes in his pocket.  “Hold on girl, are you wanting attention?” He asked Raine as she nuzzled her snout into his hand as he raised his hand to touch her. 

The Therianthrope tacked the horse with a saddle and reins that he would use to steer the beautiful creature while they went riding on the trail. The beautiful steed traveled carefully with Justice holding on tightly as they moved along the rugged trail without any issues. “Good girl.” Justice commented as he reached around and patted her neck.  Neighing happily as the horse trotted along peacefully on the trail. A pit of guilt lingered in his stomach as he hadn’t ridden his favorite horse in a long time. Some of it of course had to do with him just coming back to Evermore City, after being away for a couple of months as he needed to be able to find himself. Especially after the loss he suffered while on the job. 

Challenging enough as his occupation was Justice managed to keep his other livelihood alive. Justice’s ranch was about the closest thing he has left to his little bit of family he has. Bailing hay was one of those things that definitely kept him busy and kept him away from riding Raine. “Let’s open a little bit shall we girl?” He asked, before he kicked the sides of the horse a little; as she began galloping down the beautiful trail. Their hair flowing in the wind as they moved down the trail. Laughing as this was the most fun they’d had since Justice had since he’d come home to Evermore City, Colorado. 

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