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The annoyance in his tone satisfied Rosalyn to great extents, the female sitting proudly on her stool as she sipped at her drink that the bartender had ever graciously refilled. When she stabbed him however, her anger had almost completely faded and was replaced by amusement at the situation - a wannabe bad guy stabbed by her in the blink of an eye. Clicking her tongue, she watched him pull the spike out tentatively, almost as if it had no effect on him which sort of ruined the fun of things, Rosalyn simply sitting back down with a shake of her head. “I would be..” She trailed off and with a shrug added, “But I have definitely done better.” She informed casually, not wanting to take credit for a wound that didn’t have the desired effect.

His idea of driving the spike into her however was downright hilarious as Rosalyn chuckled, and before she could reply, his fingers were immediately around her throat, in an attempt to crush her larynx and cut off her air supply. Rosalyn had no fear in her eyes, the smirk still evident on her red painted lips as she stared right back at him, squirming only just a little, “Into BDSM are we?” She sat there struggling for mere seconds, leaning back until she had the right shot. Aiming her knee at his groin, she slammed upwards hard, taking the opportunity to free away from his grip before wrapping her fingers around his elbow and twisting it around his back, slamming his head onto the counter. Leaning across his back, the female let her lips hover over his ears, her irises blinking an icy white shade, “Why don’t you men ever learn…” She sighed, the skin underneath her fingers freezing.

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He felt the dominance over her when he was beginning to crush her throat with his bare hand like it was effortless. ''BDSM? Yeah, you could say so. Shame we are in a different circumstance right now.'' He said, his words laced with humour, his smirk wide as possible which was quickly wiped off the moment her knee coneccted with his groin, causing him to let go in attempt to protect his groin in the case she planned to go for them again and that's when she took advantage in his moment of weakness. ''God damn it.'' He groaned, as he his head was pressed against the counter, trying to struggle out of her clutch but he couldn't budge. 

''So what?'' He begun, giving up on trying to get out of her clutches because it was never going to give up, refusing to show signs of being cold due to her fingers being below sub-zero. ''Is this you trying to make a play or what's going on?'' He began laughing to himself. Isaiah was never one to show fear. He didn't recognise fear. ''I'm easy. How about you let me go and I'll give you a little peck to calm you down.''

Once she had his head slammed against the counter, Rosalyn smirked at the effect her touch sent through his skin, and though he didn't seem to flinch even the slightest, the bluish shade of his skin gave her enough of amusement. "If I wanted to make a play." The brunette tightened her hold on his hand, twisting the limb further, "You would know." Not that she had ever needed to attract someone, Rosalyn added mentally, dragging her nails deeper into his skin.

At his next words, the brunette raised a brow, "I don't think you realise how this works." She started, though already bored of this altercation, she let go of her hold, straightening up and taking a step back, her gaze returning to its azure shade, allowing the male to stand on his feet. "Alas, I'm letting you go since you..." Shrugging, she let her gaze travel up and down the male from behind her mask, " Definitely don't seem like you can handle me."

She had the upper hand and there was nothing he could except allow her to just exert her dominance of him. He couldn't exactly release his usual plethora of chaos and violence because she was nothing like he had ever encountered. She was able to counter everything he threw at her and he didn't have the element of surprise to defeat her. He groaned in slight pain as he could feel her nails digging into his skin. ''Yep, good point.'' He strained. 

''Apparently I don't. So, are you going to let me go or what?'' He asked and before he knew it, the hold had been released, allowing him to raise back up to his full height as he looked down at the female, adjusting his suit. He laughed at her as she claimed he couldn't handle her. ''Perhaps in combat, I can't handle you, but I promise you, it would be the opposite in another circumstance.''

A wannabe badass, that's all the male was to Rosalyn. She had encountered many like him, and most had gone home with broken bones and a promise to be good, not that spreading positivity was her intention, but she had scared them all enough that they would pray to never cross paths with her again. This male was no different, especially with his alpha attitude. 

She nonchalantly let him go and as the two stood face to face, his tall frame hovering over hers, though not by a lot, the brunette cocked a brow, "And what....?" She trailed off taking a step closer to him, slightly amused by his cockiness. She dragged her index along the white shirt of his suit, deliberately trailing over the tie, "Circumstance is that?"

For a second or two, he was angry at the fact that he wasn't getting his way like he always did, but that passed quickly. As long as he wasn't bored, he didn't mind whatever it was that was happening between the two. He didn't care to impress anyone or to portray a certain image of who he was. He was a killer who was beyond unstable. There was nothing else to it. 

He smirked as she began dragging her index finger over his shirt, causing him to lean in, but not to kiss her or anything, merely just to tempt her into doing something. ''I'm sure you know exactly what circumstance I'm on about.'' He whispered, not revealing anymore, as they were both on the same page clearly.

There was no denying that Rosalyn had begun to find the entire conversation a little interesting. Most people, men and women, would by now retreat but this man, however wannabe she thought of him to be continued to challenge her and even hinted circumstances that would feel objectifying if the brunette cared enough. And she hated that her ways of intimidation didn't have the effect on him.

As he leaned forward, Rosalyn could feel his breath on her sharp features and a smirk dragged across her lips as she tilted her head just enough to allow her lips to hover over his right ear, her index still sticking into his skin. "Enlighten me." She whispered, though drawing out the words as her fingers projected metal spikes that dug deep into his skin and one her fingers had pierced his chest, her hues turned an icy shade as she continued, "While I explore what makes you think you can have me."


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