The past few days had been slow, Logan sat in his lab staring at the old evidence for this case. They had lost their lead; Logan was not they. He was just the lab rat they regarded second, the lab rat that could have helped them keep this lead. He took an audible breath and closed the file, rubbing his eyes as listlessness settle on top him and weighed him down. There were not any new cases for him to work on this quarter, his partner and himself having a solid hand in settling all of them with ease. Making the decision to leave he rose and headed for the door, calling it a night sounded right, even if sleep  was not waiting for him at home, it was better than just sitting here playing with all the shiny equipment.

As soon as I had made my way to the door, I found myself trotting backwards, my boss dead-set on coming into my lab. He closed the door behind without a sound rising from it ‘you have somewhere safe to review cases, right?’ I forwarded my brow and shook my head in a slight confusion by the question. “Uhhh...” he shhh’d me before I continued quickly catching on to his need to keep this quiet. “My home is pretty...” he was already shaking his head a slight panic in his demeanour and worry on his face. I dropped my head and huffed crossing my arms over my chest. “I cannot tell you where I go, but yes. You will just have to trust me from there.” He took a breath of relief his tension easing, shaking his head as he fully came to terms with what I had said. ‘That is all I ask.’

It was nearly dawn, the sun rising and Logan would probably deny that he had fallen asleep at the bar if Diya had not seen it for herself. He jumped when she woke him unsure if it was intentional or by accident, clenching his eyes and shaking his head to focus through his grogginess. His body ached as he straightened his back, he had not slept in so long he was shocked he had manage to fall asleep here and like this of all places. “Thanks again for letting me us the bar after you closed. I should have been gone by now. I will help you set up and then get out of your hair.” He looked over at her with closed mouth smile.

I followed her line of sight to see what she was looking at, placing my hand on top of my case file at the same time as her; tug of waring with her over it slightly. Smirking at her with a squint, getting into a staring competition to which she OF COURSE WON. “Fiiinnne!” I let the file go so she could do her nosey thing, standing up and beginning the tasks I knew she normally did before opening. “I swear that will get me fired one day.” I said jokingly as I worked. In all honestly my boss if he found out would cover for me, but if anyone else found I let Nadyia look at and spoke to her about the open cases I currently worked, I was a doomed. “This one has been open for months now, but the Captain only recently got fresh evidence for it. He was really adamant I not go home or stay in the office as I worked on connecting the old info with the new.”

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At first, it surprised her and she was never able to get her head around the fact that he specifically chose this establishment to do his work when he couldn't do it at his own place. Now, she was no A* pupil for starters as she never attended school and for the most part she showed only a few brain cells at a time but even she knew there surely were better places to do your homework than at Poison, the fabulous if she could say so herself Brothel of Evermore. Nadiya roughly knew what his job entailed and assumed that the papers he had sprawled out all over his table were highly confidential; any drunk customer could easily get their hands on it. Yet over time, she slowly began to understand why he chose a place like Poison; once of course, her girls realised they would have no such luck in winning him over to go with them to their room. 

People who attended Poison came for one or two things, the services and to find themselves releasing all their pent up emotions by engaging in physical activity and others, simply there to have a drink and watch the show. So in fact, no one would even give Logan a second look nor his papers. Nadiya actually thought it was very smart and most times he arrived straight from work, she asked one of the girls to make up a sandwich or something to feed him; Diya, a motherly figure if she was not off on a feeding spree. Thus, when she saw Logan enter her establishment this evening, she was far from surprised as he took his normal table; yet she feared he looked far more stressed than normal. The Valkyr huffed but left him to it and informed her security to leave him be when he fell asleep slouched over his papers. She shook her head and ventured to her room to retire as the sun was just beginning to rise; the perfect time for her a being like herself to sleep. 

Hours had shortly passed and the brunette finally pushed herself up and out of the comfort of her bed and yet continued to wrap herself up into her dressing gown; she was not ready for her day to begin just yet. Diya trotted downstairs and shook her head as he awkwardly woke himself up and dusted himself down. "You know, at this rate, I might as well set you up your own room! You sleep here more than some of my girls" She mused, and went to turn the kettle on; yet she was quickly distracted to see just what he was reading last night. Diya growled playfully as Logan attempted to keep the papers away from her before giving in. "What even was the point? You'd let me look anyway, as if you could say no" She sneered with a satisfied grin over the papers before glancing down at the documents. Where she didn't have thorough reading lessons, she perhaps couldn't make out a lot of the words or sentences but there was enough that she did understand; particularly the pictures. The pads of her fingers ran across the images of the deceased; a chill running down the length of her spine. "Why can't you do this at work?" Diya queried before glancing his way, ignoring the very familiar feeling in her stomach. "And are there any dots so far to connect?"

"Yup, you are the reason I am going to be fired, and no one can change my mind." He said with a playful groan as he shook his head. He was quiet as she reviewed the papers continuing to take chairs down of their table and get poison ready for the night. "Mmm the last time you gave me a room here, it was invaded by three people who then promptly started having a minajatwa right on top of me. So I think I shall pass." He chuckled, stopped to properly stretch a moment and rub his face. 

I let out a slow huff running my hands through my hair, why I could not review this at work or home had been my same question since the chief gave me the case. "I do not know." I shook my head and shrugged. "He seemed pretty on edge about someone there hearing our conversation about this so maybe this has to do with someone there or..." I stared down at the floor and thought as I crossed my arms over my chest. "... Or someone there tried to cover up a lot about this case." I would not really know the answer until I got more details. 

"No dots yet, I will likely have to request jurisdiction access out of town because the crime happened one town over." He went back to continue setting up the pleasure house for Diya. Bubbling in contemplative silence as he thought about the factors of the case. It was not so long ago that Logan never even said a word to anyone, his own sister barely hearing his voice on the day to day and they lived together. Now while he still did not talk much unless like now he was asked a question or two he still said more in his answers to Diya than anyone else. "Oh! Before I forget, there is a bag of blood in your hiding spot! I stashed it when no one was looking last night... Or was it the early morning?" 

Nadiya continued to shift her gaze between the documents in her hand and Logan who had begun to make Poison a little more presentable and ready for the evening; even though he really didn't have to do such a thing. The pads of her fingertips brushed over the images, and their remains continued to turn her stomach in ways she had long forgotten; she couldn't shake the shadow which loomed over her - how and why did the images feel familiar? Yes, she had been around for almost a 100 years and so had seen many grueling acts of violence but this murder scene, these wounds and defensive wounds seemed too close to home. Nadiya refused to comment on the images, she was sure she was being silly; she was much better controlled now especially with her support system with Damien and Logan - she even had Sofi as her therapist to help her work through the trauma that she suspected created Carmel. 

The sound of the coffee maker brought her back to the present and distracted her away from the devastating images. "If you get fired, you can have a job here" She mused and began to pour two mugs of the warm beverage. Diya chuckled at his story and recalled his expression as he left the room that evening. "I'm sure they offered you to join in" She commented and turned to offer him his cup to try and wake up a little more. "That seems a lot, I'm sure police do cover some things up but for you to work that alone seems weird" She sipped at her drink and shuddered as the caffeine coated her taste buds. Simply because she couldn't shake the images she quickly proposed her idea which was either genius or ridiculous. "If you go out and investigate, please can I be your partner?" She asked with a wide smile which had been known to melt butter; and knowing Logan well enough, he would eventually cave in or simply have an understanding that she wouldn't take no for an answer. 

Diya finished off her coffee and rubbed her eyes to rid herself of any left over sleep as he finished taking the chairs off the tables. Upon his comment, her muscles froze and she daren't move in case it stirred something inside her. She had yet to tell him she needed supervision for feeds and in her current state she did not want to worry him of such matters; Diya would hate how much guilt he would feel knowing he fed the monster. Any good soul would tell Damien of her spot, but she had to keep some secrets surely? Besides what would one blood bag do? "You know you don't need to do that silly, although having you as a connection on that line of work to get blood bags is very convenient" Nadiya smirked and shifted her eyes towards the spot. She jumped on the spot slightly and clapped her hands once. "So you'll tell me if and when we get to go outta town?! You play good cop, I play bad?!" 

SHE IS GOING TO GET ME FIREEEEEDD! That was the sole sentiment in his mind before and while a huff and a roll of his eyes came just like it always did. Logan did not notice her zone out for a moment at the mention of the blood he bought her, he was multitasking already, trying to figure out the idiosyncrasies in this case while he swept the floor now. He did notice how the sound of the percolator snapped them both of them out of their thoughts. Logan in the moment went to offer a penny for her thoughts but her statement came first and his head dropped when her words hit his ear. He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed before rubbing the unshaved shrubs on the bottom of his face. "They offered me to join in if I paid them." He gave a sad chuckle and a shake of his head. 

I rubbed my eyes next "There are rats in the precinct and the Cap does not know who they are. He does know it is not me though, just based off of when and how I joined the force." I spoke with a Grimm tone not wanting to go into it as my eyes searched the floor. I perked back up when I heard what she said next "Yup, there it is! The question that leads to me getting fired." I smirked and shook my head "One day far into the future they, and do not ask me who they is because I do not know, but, they will ask me 'Hey Logan what did you do 1200 year's ago that got you fired from the police force?' And you know what I will say?" I glared at her playfully a faint smile at the edges of my lips as I watched her in a moment of silence. "I will tell them 'oh you know nothing really, just brought my best friend to an active crime scene." I groaned and rolled my eyes once again. 

He looked down at the time on his phone and blew a breath passed that vibrated passed his lips. "The Cap will sometimes let a prospect or intern join us on cases, maybe I can come up with something to convince him to let you be there." He huffed again and that eventually turned to a groan. "I will go talk to him and text you the answer, though something tells me that if he says no you are coming with me anyway..." He chuckled and gathered his stuff before bidding her adieu just for the moment because, in all honesty, he was expecting a yes from the Captain. 

A teasing smirk found the corners of her mouth; it tugged at her lips like a small twitch as she could easily read his expression in regards to her statement that she wanted to be his partner in this and thus, the bad cop in their working relationship. Diya also knew that he knew that no matter what he said, nor what his bosses say, she would be at that crime scene regardless; she had a knack of somehow getting what she wanted. Nevertheless, even if getting onto the crime scene was challenging, she was such a little gossip that she would find out information just by a small flick of her tongue. “Regardless of your answer, and the Boss's decision. I will be there and I will, somehow get information about these cases and depending on how you respond, will decide as to whether I share that information with you” She responded with quite a smug, yet playful grin as her head tipped upward slightly. 

Diya mocked a gasp as he told her the future of what he would tell others when they found out he had lost his job. “I would never get you fired, I can’t believe you just said that” She sipped at her coffee and exhaled as the caffeine hit all the right places. “I’m such a delight, that if anything, I would get you promoted because really… I have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose or gain in this criminal behaviour” Which, to be fair, in this situation was a bit of a lie as she would get some form of answer to this uneasy feeling that rumbled in her gut at the images; but at any other crime scene, what she had just said would have been completely true. “Although, my expertise in this field would also give you some competition as many would probably want to hire me” She grinned and hummed into her coffee mug at the thought of being more than just a Pleasure House Manager. 

She watched Logan leave Poison and she rested her forearms against the bar for a few moments as she pictured the images in her head; a slight frown formed before she shook her head, allowing the excitement to take over. Nadiya quickly downed the rest of her coffee and generated a shadow to portal to her room just because she didn’t want to waste a single moment. Diya found herself shrugging into clothes and grabbed a weekend bag for further items of clothing as she couldn’t tell how long Logan and her would be on this field trip. Once she was satisfied she had packed enough clothing, she grabbed her phone and cautiously headed towards the blood bag which Logan had left; her eyes shifting back and forth to make sure that Damien didn’t unexpectedly come by, or that one of her girls was walking the halls. 

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