Months had went by and Serena had as usually buried herself in work, with her now taking on a new specialty it wasn’t hard to do so. Her only friend Erythreus hadn’t texted or called either during this time. At first she’d felt that it was strange, just when they were getting somewhere in their friendship he went MIA. She could’ve called or visited but it felt pushy and wasn’t quite her style she knew he was alive so the blonde just waited things out. A few weeks later she heard the rumors that the aspect had found another blonde to love. Serena was delighted for her friend even tho she missed his interruptions and funny adventures.

The vampire had meet the ancient aspect by incident, a dark night in a bar both of them not having the best day. Despite first encounters the pair had kept contact, mostly due to the aspects pushy nature. Serena was to shy and afraid to disturb to take initiative to things herself mostly. Outside of the OR her social skills were lacking on many levels .Their friendship had evolved and everything had been perfect until Ery announced out of nowhere that he wanted to date, killing whatever comfort the vampire had built up.

Relations had never been something the blonde longed for, she was satisfied with her life existing to help others. Her parents love hadn’t been inspiring, and all the relationship she saw fail within the hospital walls didn’t exactly make her feel like she missed out on something. Still she didn’t want to disappoint her new found friend. However they had gotten over the awkward phase and agreeing on always having the others back. It was a relief that he’d found a new source of adoration. Maybe they could finally be friends without him blurring the lines.

So the the doctor decided to not reach out to Ery, if he wanted to talk he’d call. And now months had went by without any sign of life except the inevitable gossip that came with living in a small town. Not until a day ago when Erythrues brothers had contacted her, worried about their sibling who’d been stuck in bed drunk the last week, nothing unusual for the broody male. They asked if she could pay the aspect of death a visit and maybe brighten his day.

As a good friend Serena cancelled the rest of her meetings and appointments to go and to check up on the Aspect. He was immortal as herself so odds told her that he was most likely alive at least. The considerate vampire couldn’t help but wonder if she really was the best option to cheer Erythrues. What if she made it worse! What if he thought she invaded his privacy?! She decided to trust the rest of the aspects to know Erys needs the best and drove towards the manor.

Serenas impeccable memory remembered where Erys room was located even tho it had been a while since she had set a foot there. The Aliward manor had more residents that the vampire castle and you could easily get lost there. After a soft knock on the door, to warn Ery if he was indecent, she entered the place were Ery spend most of his time. “Good morning Erythreus” she spoke softly hovering over his bed side foldong away the blanket and sneaking in under it. The room was a mess empty bottles and dirty laundry covered the floor and the Aspect himself reeked with booze.

“Time to get up buddy”Serena said watching her friend, who stared blankly at the ceiling , with compassion giving him a gentle push. She wondered what had caused him to shield this time. “You know I’ve got your back, always and forever remember” she reminded him kindly squeezing his hand softly as a comforting gesture.

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The pause between them was different this time. It was miserable, at least for Erythreus it was, and during his time away from his gorgeous doctor, he'd met another blonde, and at first things went well, but the longer Ery pushed and forced it, the more downhill it had gotten, until he was once again, alone, and missing Serena more than ever. But, the fact he'd disappeared from her life without a word, for another female caused him to bottle it all up this time. Ery felt selfish for wanting Serena to lean on after doing that to her, after bringing her to the slightest comfort zone with him then vanishing like a coward.

Shifting from one foot to another, Ery sighed as he looked out the window. Ery knew, he just knew that Serena would pretend to be all bubbly and support him as a friend that he'd been in another relationship, an unhappy one at that.. a relationship that turned a raging alcoholic into an even worser alcoholic. Serena's absence had taken a toll on the Aspect of Death as well. He missed her selfless attitude, he missed cuddling in bed with her, and being a hopeless romantic, thqat first kiss which had ignited literal sparks between the two, he had missed everything about her. Now there was a chance that she would never again open up to him like that again. The fear that had struck the Aspect just thinking about it, caused his fist to hurl into the air and straight through the wall.

"Stupid... STUPID STUPID STUPID!!" he shouted, talking to himself and quite drunk, and as his slurred words echoed through the halls of the manor, one of his siblings decided to slide into his room without knocking. "are you okay? no wait actually.. I can smell you from here Ery, you're drunk nd angry, not a good combitnation" as the familiar voice chimed ut, Ery gave a side glance, while keeping his gaze on the huge hole that was now in the wall. "am I okay?" he asked, a fit of laughter following his question. Ery ended up lauughing until he started sobbing, taking deep breaths as his fellow Aspect / sister told him to. "I probably lost her .. forever... and for what? a girl i went to and spent time with just because Serena wouldn't cave to my wishes.. I fell for her, in ways i can't even describe, she stole my heart and just when she opened up and found a comfort zone with m.. i disappeared, crushing the trust she had for me, and possibly the chance that she will ever love me like i do her"

After letting all that out in one single breath, Erythreus wiped his eyes and ran a hand through his messy hair, watching as his sister began cleaning up in his room. Wrapping her up in a big bear hug, he smiled "I'll clean i promise, then im going to take a shower, and go win her back" with a pat on his shoulder, she said she was proud of him which turned his frown upside down and made his day a little brighter. As she departed the room, Ery walked over to his bed and fell face first into it after taking a long swig of alcohol, the bottle still dangling from his hand as another knock alarmed him. "I SAID IM OKAY FOR GOD SAKE!!" he shouted, but as a familiar voice rang out, the bottle in his hand fell and shattered to the floor. He was a total wreck and looked as bad as he felt.

"Pinch me..." was the only thing his ignorant mouth could blurt out. "This must be a dream" he added, blinking his eyes a few times as he gazed up to the blonde whom he'd been missing and needing since the day he disappeared on her. Her words sounded faint, and now his head was spinning, but she'd brought him right out of that the moment she squeezed his hand. He hadn't felt her touch in a long while now and it took every ounce of strength within him not to jerk her down beside of him, so instead he gently pulled her to sit beside him. "I - I can't" he struggled, and felt anxiety for a moment. But breathing ind eeply helped him gain composure. "Ive missed you Fangster. Ive really fucking missed you" he stated, and cursing around her was something he didn't normally do, because to him it was a form of disrespect to use swear words in the presence of a woman. But god how he had missed her.

"What are you doing here?" he then asked, because frankly he didn't deserve it, not her time, not her compassion, none of it after going MIA on her, after she had only just opened up to him. "Ive gone down hill, much more than before. If I had known you were coming, I would have at least tried to be sober, and would have definitely cleaned" he added looking around to the mess that was his room. "I'm sorry will never know just how sorry I am" he finished off figuring she knew just why he was apologizing. "Have you came here to tell me you cant live without me too?"he asked, chucklin to make light of the moment, but it would have been nice if that was her reason, even though he knew it wasn't. But, Ery would do anything in his power to win her back, he never fell out of love with her, he just wanted more than se could give at the time, and it was a lesson he learned.

Prior to arriving to the manor Serena had had to rearrange her schedule to take the day off, leaving the OR board a mess and cancelling on operations planed for months. The vampire had almost limitless vacation days as she had never taken out one since the day she started, but doing it so hastily always caused a mess. A mess she’d have to handle later. For the first time the blonde had decided to prioritise her friend, a big deal for her, and not her patients. It was what had rewarded her with double board specialties, going for tripple as she just had added trauma to her plate, and a chief position at such tender age. 

Before their break the doctor had promised to prioritise their friend ship and leave work every now and then, a promise she wanted to honor whatever had went down between them. Still the workaholic couldn’t help but be ashamed that she didn’t fulfil her commitment, but that was problem for tomorrow.  

Serena was an intelligent woman in many ways so she could understand that Erythreus had dumped or been bumped by the rumoured partner even thaw he didn’t say so in exact words. She couldn’t help what had been the deal breaker was and if it could be mended, however, as usually she decided not to pry, that Ery would tell her if he wanted to.

Serena chuckled at the aspects drunk slurring, just now realising how much she had missed the broody giants company. ”I’ve missed you too, not need to apologise, Life can get in the way I should know” A soft laughed followed as she referred to her work that almost kept her prisoner. That he was alcoholized and apathetical didn’t disturb her she was a master of puzzling him back together at this point hopefully she’d get him back out on the dating market in now time.

”That would’ve been a great way to end our story wouldn’t it?” She asked softly giving him a faint smiles she saw he was struggling. Apparently he reversed back to crushing on her, a phase she had begged him to get out of. ”I won’t be your rebound Fairy, your siblings reached out they are worried about you” She informed him as gently as she could trying as hard as she could not to hurt his feelings. 

It was in Serena´s nature to be anything but sassy, or the tough love type and her selfless polite traits had only magnified when she turned so it was even harder for her now to take the role of bad cop, but being passive hadn’t worked so far so after taking a deep breath and trying to remember her acting classes the vampire rose from bed and dragged the blankets from Ery´s cradled  form. ”Get up get out of bed we are going out for a jog” the polite female tried her best to sound as bitchy as she could but suspected she failed miserably in doing so. ”And please put on some pants” She added as she left the room not waiting for his answer.  

With furrowed brows, Ery gazed to the blonde Vampire, deciding on not asking her why she wasn't at work instead of being here where Ery had hoarded himself up and started consuming alcohol like he had before promising to cut back for the very female before him, that he'd stupidly vanished on. Peeling his gaze away from her, the Aspect slumped back into his mattress where his body had made an impression into it from laying there hours at a time. After grabbing his pillow and putting it over his face, he gritted his teeth, groaning for a moment.

Right now, the one feeling he felt overpowered by was anger, and it was mostly anger with himself, self loathing was nothing new for him though, just like being a brooding, train wreck of a mess was nothing new. But, when he head the Vampire chuckling, he decided to remove the pillow which covered very intense facial expressions. A warming smile replaced what had been a frown, even if he did still feel like crap, Serena had her ways of making him feel better, ways to make him smile no matter how wrong things felt. "We let it get in the way though, because we're both stubborn, and im moody and emotional, and maybe sometimes im irrational.. but yeah, we let life get in the way because we don't really try to stop it" he expressed, his icy blue optics now narrowing and focused on her own very blue eyes.

The words she had then freely spoke, as if it didn't bother her at all, would probably derail the Aspect even more. "Y-yeah.. perfect way to end our story, Serena" he said, obviously taken back by those words, using her actual name rather than calling her Fangster like he always did. Then the next set of words finally caused him to hop off the bed and walk to the other side of the room, since she'd demanded he get up anyways, being angry at her and with himself was causing some serious bad vibes in the atmosphere. He definitely couldn't let this be the way she re-entered his life. But, then again, he didn't have to be like the guys who questioned females with the "where were you when my world was falling apart" because Serena had been there every step of the way, and no matter what he'd done she never quit on him. 

He'd began to think she was as commited to him and their friendship as she was to work. "My rebound?" he finally snapped back to the present, glaring into her eyes with an angered gaze."You know that's not what I want Fangster, and while I appreciate my prying siblings reaching out to you concerned i may do something irrational, I would like to think you came here because you may have missed me even if only a tiny bit" he expressed truthfully, "The last time you kissed me was the first time. It replays in my head in a loop, makes it kind of hard to be with another person, but there's no one i can be myself with other than you." he then added, sighing softly. The situation between them was fragile right no and he knew that if he spoke to much on his feelings for her, he'd probably just run her away. 

"How have you been though? Any new guys I should kill?" he asked, flashing the Vampire a wink before putting a white button up long sleeved shirt on, only buttoning it up halfway before grabbing his whiskey and chugging it. "Sorry, I am sure this is the biggest reason you're here.. my drinking appears to be 'out of control' in the words of my siblings at least, but it dulls the pain" he admitted, before sitting the bottle down onto the desk where his journal sat. "Ive had enough time to reflect though, I think I know what I wanna do with my free time, well what time im not dealing with the dead and their issues" he stated, chuckling some, trying to make light of the moment. Then as she turned to walk away, a smug grin danced on the Aspects lips. 

"I'll put pants on, but admit it, at least now you won't have to dream of me without my clothes on, i'm giving you a live preview right now. Be thankful, Fangster" he stated, before flashing a wink in her direction knowing she'd have something to say about that when he joined her outside his room after getting his jogging clothes on. Now that he was dressed, Ery shook his head, not able to help the smile that spread across his features .. he didn't appear as broken as he felt now that the blonde had finally came to see him. Re-joining her just outside the door of his bedroom, Ery sighed. "You're very apt on this whole jogging thing and cleansing thing huh?" he questioned, knowing it was for his own good though, and especially with what he wanted to tell her during this jog today, that he finally found a job, his life calling. He was sure she'd be happy about that, and it would definitely show her that Ery really was trying to change. 

“Ery please not this again” She sighed as he heard him continue his endless ranting about his irrational love for her. A love he obviously hadn't gotten over. She was confident that his obsession would fade with time, if she didn´t fuel the fire it would die. Only wanting what he couldn't have just enjoying the hunt. The blonde´s blue eyes gave him a pleading look begging him to not repeat history. Befriending the aspect was certainly both her best and worst decision. It was emotionally draining at times, especially since she wasn’t one who expressed her feelings often, but mostly rewarding.

The doctor had never been head over heels in love, as Erythreus seemed to be every now and then. Feelings didn´t come over her like a bucket of ice cold water impossible to ignore. So she didn´t know what it felt like to be in love so in love that nothing else mattered. The love that you´d cross oceans and leave other loved ones for. Feelings creeped up on her slowly so slowly that she barely even noticed the difference.

“You can´t joke about those things, with you being death and me doing everything I can to help people elude death” Jealousy didn’t exist in the vampires world when you didn't want something for yourself there was nothing to be jealous of. The blonde who was naturally pale fainted even more as she thought of his words. “You didn't” Serena spoke to herself recalling a guy who had cancelled on their dinner planes a few months back after being really eager to get one. She´d thought it was strange at the time as he had worked so hard to get her to agree to go out and then cancelling out of the blue, but never given it much thought. It had been a relief not to have to go, only agreeing in the first place because it was the polite thing to do. Ery couldn’t have something to do with his sudden withdrawal, not even the impulsive aspect would take it that far right?

“You don't have to turn to alcohol to ease your pain, your siblings and me are here for you whatever you need” Hearing him admit that he needed the booze to stand his everyday life pained her and she felt like the worst friend in the world for letting his feeling shadow her judgment and avoiding him when he needed support.

“That's wonderful Fairy you'll have to tell..” She was once again interrupted by one of the males inappropriate comments and grimaced at it but letting it slide and only continued walking out the door. Both being young and blonde she was used to inappropriate comments about both her looks and other things. First time she met people they at best thought she was the nurse. One of the reasons she prefered paediatrician but as she took on other specialties her patient group involved more and more adults. Tumors could make people lose their boundaries saying things they only would think otherwise, so could drugs and alcohol. Even thaw the surgeon new that it wasn't their fault she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable that a majority of people only saw her as a pretty face and someone who´d sleep her way to her position, that she hadn´t gained it by skill. It was the only thing her parents had expected from her.

As soon as Ery finished dressing and exited the manor Serena started jogging hopping he´d just tag along. “Yeah” she replied shortly keeping an even pace as they ran through the woods surrounding the aliwards residence. Running had always been her way of releasing frustration, Ery drank she ran. As long as she remembered it had been her way of remaining in control, that and counting calories. In a family were your every move was decided beforehand there was not much you had control over yourself. It had been hard for the intelligent young female to only be a show off during her younger years and she'd taking it out on herself counting calories and running more so than was healthy at times that habit still haunted  her even thaw it helped with her thirst as refraining from the extra carbs weren't so different from refraining from blood. Med-school was the only decision she had made herself and her parents had never really forgiven her for forsaking their path. While running she was in control it helped her remain collected even when the thirst was eating her alive distracting her from the monster threatening to break free.

“The best thing is to get back directly in the saddle again so I´ve set you up on a blind date tonight” The blonde eyes didn´t leave the road as she disclosed the information. It wasn´t like her to take others paths into her own hands and she was quite sure the aspect wouldn't be happy initially however whatever they had done before had only left them both lost so she figured why not try something new. He’d thank her later. Who could find him a suitable date better than her, his best friend she knew what he looked for in his future partner and what would compliment his personality.

The Aspect of Death showed his emotions more intensely than he ever wanted to. But, in all honesty Erythreus had been the most hopeless romantic in the Ailward manor. Even his siblings made jokes about it, not knowing that it was actually a pretty sour subject for him. Usually he just bottled it all up though, and laughed along with them, not showing that it kind of sucked, that he had fallen for someone who he would apparently never get over.

Now that she stood in front of him, saying not this again, Erythreus furrowed his brows, a saddened expression adorning his features. "You say again, as if I ever got over you in the first place, Fangster" he stated truthfully, sighing softly. Peeling his gaze away from the blonde who still had his heart under lock and key, Ery grimaced as he looked to the floor. In all honesty, the two were very different, Serena and Ery were like day and night. While feelings washed over him like cubes of ice being thwon on him, they slowly crept up onto Serena, so slow that  she didn't even notice them, which had put a strain on the two moving further than a first kiss. But, Ery to this day could still feel the electricity from that first kiss.

With an eyeroll, the aspect smirked, but very faintly, he wasn't quite in the mood to smile right now. "It wasn't a joke" he stated seriously, he definitely wouldn't mind killing a guy if she had a new one in her life. But, he had to admit, it made him feel selfish, like he was  depriving her of happiness, if she really couldn't be happy with him. He didn't wanna be the type of man who felt that if he couldn't have her then no one could. Her already pale features began turning even paler in front of him as he spoke, her words ringing out in an almost angered tone, but still, Serena was very good at not showing her emotions through facial features, or body language. 'You didn't' was all the Vampire could say to him, and while Ery searched deep within himself for words to respond in the most polite way he could a way without sounding overly jealous and clingy, he huffed. "I - well -" he struggled at first.

"When I realized you were going on a date, truthfully it hurt like hell. I worked my ass off to get you to go on one with me, but when we did, it was the best night of my life, I didn't want to think you'd have a night like that with someone else" he finally admitted, gazing into her very bright blue eyes which were filled with many different emotions. That was the one advantage Ery now had, he had gotten pretty good at reading his blonde soulmate, even if he wasn't her soulmate, she was definitely his. Crossing his arms, Ery cocked a brow when Serena said she and his siblings were there for whatever he needed. "If that were true, you knowing what I need, what ive needed since we parted ways, or well since I vanished, you wouldn't make it so clear that  you're not mine.. cause honestly, you're what I need, but hey, no pressure" he stated, sarcasm rolling off his tongue with every word hed just spoken.

"Alcohol don't argue with me, reject me, judge me, etc.. so thats kind of why ive always turned to it" he finished off, figurng that was enough for the sarcastic comments. As they now ran through the woods, surrounding Ailward territory, Serena began speaking, everything was going fine, and Ery felt good running up until she'd stated she sat him up for a blinde date tonight. Stopping dead in his tracks "You. did. what?!" he panted, out of breath, and now upset by her method of getting him back into the swing of things. Standing in front of her, Ery ran his hands over his face before placing his hands on his knees, bent over, taking deep breaths since the running wasn't something he'd done often, and frankly had him out of breath just the short time they'd been out there. "I'll blow it, mostly likely on purpose, but also you forget how socially awkward I am. Why a blind date? It's npt going to make me suddenly move on from the one female who makes it impossible to be with her" he said, referring to Serena herself. "Besides, if history proves anything, it's that im not capable of being with anyone else, I did after all get dumped by the last one I was with due to lack of affection for her, or showing her attention of any kind, all because i couldn't get you off my mind" Ery finished off, gazing to her, shaking his head, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Thanks for trying Fangster, for you ill go, but that doesn't mean im not going to blow it, and again, ill blow it on purpose" he admitted, all she wanted was for him to go, she never said she wanted it to go right, and it definitely would with anyone other than Serena. Ery kind of hated how much he wanted to be with her sometimes but he never complained about the time they got with one another, every second they got together he cherished, even now.

”Of course you did” She sighed and shook her head, causing her blonde curls to fly from her shoulder. Why was she even surprised that the aspect had no limits. Still she couldn’t be mad with him and his childish behaviour, she was rarely mad with anyone, she knew he couldn’t help himself. 

Erythreus was one of very few people who had the ability to annoy the otherwise anger free female. He brought out instincts and behaviours otherwise hidden behind politeness and other traits amplified as she was turned. Somehow her best friend and opposite had become her rock, and despite his love for her she felt incomplete without him. During their months appart her she’d been restless, her trouble sleeping worse than ever before, because of him a fact she didn’t want to acknowledge even thaw her smart brain was way to sharp to not make the connection.

The complicated feelings between the two troubled Serena and at times she wished that she’d been born into a life as his sibling or relative. It would’ve been so much simpler, not that she had ever taken the easy road before. It usually didn’t get you anywhere good.   Maybe if they had never meet that night just months ago both of them would be in much less suffering, she pushed away the thought  quickly. Her life without him had been monotonous as if she had lived in a black and white version of the world until he came along.  So she would navigate this minefield that their friendship was and hopefully come out alive.

The Aspect stoped unexpectedly, losing his position beside the vampire and she turned back running eights around him while he glared at her upset for the stunt. She was prepared that her suggestion would meet resistance. ”Hey anyone will see what a catch you are” Her soft voice rang through the woods assuring him that any girl would be lucky to have his attention if he just let them. ”Besides I know you better than you know yourself so I think I am capable of choosing a suitable date who compliments your personality” She had started to run backwards waiting for him to tag along and jog back to the mansion to freshen up for the night adventure. She saw that he still hesitated and decided to do this with him. ”Would you please at least try” She asked with pleading eyes. ”If you want you can set one up for me as well share the pain” Speaking those words lead to immediate regret but she bit her lip to not take them back she would endure this.

The smirk on his face only widened at her words, and he could tell at this point that he'd already started annoying her "Look, not even an hour with me and you're frustrated" he chuckled and looked back away from the blonde who would apprently always hold a special place with him. But, if he had to be honest with himself, Serena surely did make him work for it. He didn't know if she'd ever be the one to give in, especially when it came to emotions. Emotions were Serena's flaw, even though she probably felt them, she was damn good at hiding them.

Erythreus often wondered if Serena felt anything for him at all, but maybe he should have considered the fact that Serena was there, and that it was enough for now. Pressuring her to express feelings about him was obviously getting him no where with her. Giving it some thought, Erythreus gazed back towards her, holding a blank expression for a moment. "You went somewhere just now" the Aspect of Death expressed, watching as she drifted off every other few moments, battling whatever thoughts she had in mind.

Now that Ery had stopped dead in his tracks, he couldn't help but glare at her, resting his palms on his knees, bent over, in attempt to catch his breath. He knew he'd been out of shape, normally a run like this he could have done 10x over by now and still not be out of breath, and with Seren'a proposal, he was quite distracted from running now. Shaking his head, The Aspect finally attempted to respond. "A catch huh? Cause that's what you see me as right?" he questioned sarcastically, giving the blonde an eye roll before averting his gaze out into the distance before straightning his posture to stand up now that he had caught his breath.

"Serena... i'm to sober for this conversation." The Aspect blurted out, still gazing away from her until his icy blue optics landed on a deer. A smile crept across his features and like a child he began wandering off towards the animal. Wide eyed, he gazed back to Serena, as the deer stood solid in it's place, letting Ery pet it which never happened and it certainly wasn't normal. "This is pretty odd.." he stated, smiling nonetheless though. "I feel your pain buddy.." he then said in the form of a soft whisper as to not scare it away. Ery only said what he'd said about feeling the deer's pain, because as he glanced to the blonde and back to the  deer, a vulnerable species, always hunted and never free, he felt just the same.

Ery had felt as though he was froze in time until Serena said he could pick her a blinde date as well. Leaving the deer alone, he began jogging back at her side, keeping a steady pace this time  until they arrived back to Manor. Ery stopped just outside the entrance door grinning from ear to ear. "Fine. But, we need rules. The main, and probably only rule that I have is that she can't be blonde, she can't be a doctor,  she can't be nothing like you" he stated before clearing his throat and opening the door. "After you... instigator" he stated playfully, chuckling about the proposal but truly he regretted a blind date, a date with anyone besides Serena in general was something Ery felt bothered by, but if this would help them in the long run, that's all it took for him to cooperate. "A blind date .. god woman you come up with some wild ideas" The Aspect finished off, glaring at her almost as if he could stare right through her.

A mixture of both anger and amusement conflicted his emotions, the first chance he got, Ery was definitly going to have a drink.

”And you think we would be a good fit that considered?” She countered shaking her head at him it blew her mind that he thought they would have a shot with a relationship seeing as they could barely make it through 1 hour without making the other almost leave. She was basically a saint so if she was disturbed by the old aspect others would have knocked him a long while ago, letting him resurface on his own. They never scream at each other or fought but the storms of emotion that they brought out in each other was draining.

If she hadn’t seen the way Erythreus treated his body, by cradling in bed with alcohol, she would’ve been worried about his physical condition. He should be able to keep up without problem she wasn’t keeping high tempo. Considering that it was a wonder the male could even run at all without having a heart attack. She suposed it was good genes along with the supernatural trait that had preserved a relatively good physical form. Ery stood bent over grasping for air, he inhaled sharply a few times and Serena couldn’t help but doubting if it had been a good idea taking him out for a jog maybe a walk had been among high enough.

”If was looking you’d be at the top of my list” The blonde reassured him but then started thinking, would he truly?. They said that opposites attract and compliment each other but was she and the broody aspect to different? the young doctor was convinced that they were as friends it worked but partners? Traits she had looked for in previous partners hadn’t been anything like his merits. And wasn’t that why she kept them appart? His question startled her and got her brain to unravel millions of possibilities.

While herself had been caught up sorting their future Ery was done resting and now approaching a deer that had come out of no where. It was an odd animal and it even let Erythreus pet it. Both animals and humans had instincts to avoid vampires, even tho those vibes werent strong around the blonde she stod back and let them had their moment.

The couple continued their jog back to the manor in silence both caught up in their own minds. The aspect broke the silence first as they arrived back at the manor just in time for sunrise. ”I don’t think appearance matters but if you insist” she said chuckling and shaking her head at him. ”Then I have a few rules for you, Firstly you will give this person an honest chance and behave you best and Secondly you shall be Sober” She knew that he would try to oppose to those roles but was prepared and stoped him with a raised hand  before he could start complaining. ”No buts I will need to be in surgery within 20 minutes so I´ll see you tonight and you can help pick out my dress” She followed up looking at her pager that just had started beeping. She was confident that both him and the one he paired him with would grow very found of each other if they just gave each other a real chance.

"I think if you'd look at the bigger picture, then yes" he responded, shaking his head as well. "I just think you're battling yourself to hard on it Fangster, you don't allow yourself to feel the way I do, or the way anyone does really. You're different, but I like that" he then added, with a faint smile adorning his features. Erythreus at this point lacked patience with the blonde Vampire. They had yet to even get into a proper argument, but still she deemed them unappropriate for one another, and in a lot fo ways, maybe they were, but there were also a lot of good they could have both gained from one another. Serena motivated and pushed Ery to be a better version of himself, and Ery pushed Serena to live on the edge of life, rather than in the bubble she was raised in by her parents.

Figuring a lot of her doubt about him had everything to do with them, he always let it slide, assuming one day she would finally stop trying to live for her parents, and start living for herself instead. But, meanwhile, the emotions they brought from one another, definitely was draining. Erythreus drank his pain away, as well as the frustration he felt when it came to Serena, not that he blamed the alcoholism on her, because for the better part of his life, alcohol had been his go-to, and this day and time was no exception, drinking had only increased over time. His health wasn't bad, but that was mostly due to the fact he was supernatural, if he was a human, by now the alcohol would have destroyed his liver, his heart, and the abillity to function at all.

After having an odd moment with a very domestic animal, a deer of all things letting him pet it, they now stood back at the manor, Ery gazing to her in disbelief. "Seriously, no alcohol? How am i meant to function with no alcohol and good behavior, especially if she annoys me" the Aspect mumbled, giving an eye roll to the thought that this blind date idea might just be the worse idea. "And I...." the Aspect started off, but stopping mid sentence when Serena held up her hand, stopping him from objecting to the proposal, amused when she said he could help pick out her dress. "Great, it will be the most modest thing in your closet, don't paricularly like the idea of someone else checking you out". Erythreus looked down to her pager as it went off, alarming her to come to the hospital, and folded his arms "bloody thing" he grumbled once more before starting back into the manor, peering out from behind the door after stepping inside, "Women.." he added. With a final glance to her, Ery closed the door behind him, and stalked off towards his bedroom.

After slamming the door, the giant Aspect fell over onto his bed face first, yelling into the covers, but sounded more like a growl. Frustration made his skin hot, and with that, he had already broken the first rule as he grabbed the bottle of bourbon beside his bed. "One shot Ery, one shot.. you have to be sober..." he mutterd before draining half the bottle, after sitting it down, Erythreus decided to dress decent for this date, and ended up in a suit. The things he did for Serena was sometimes crazier than he could wrap his head around, and he hoped she knew that the only reason he was doing this, was for her. After getting ready, Ery sat at his desk staring down to the blank page he had started for his journal entry for today, and instead, only ended up doodling her name with hearts around i as he waited for his phone to ring, knowing that anytime now, Serena would be calling with directions to where ever he was meant to meet his blind date.

Ery had also already picked a location, and a male for her to go with, after giving him a pep talk of course. "why am i doing this?" he asked, sighing before laying his head down on the desk.

He loved so fearlessly, she loved that about him, how he threw his heart out instantly for anything that was beautiful. However what would the world look like if everyone was like him, throwing a tantrum whenever things didn’t go his way, tear up at slightest adversity. A world of people feeling as freely as the Aspect would probably end in chaos. Like the planet had been taking over by defiant toddlers giving in to the slightest impulse. Among people with sensible values maybe it would be the best scenario but among criminals it could easily turn to the worse. ”Some how I have a hard time imaging that” She laughed softly wondering how the world looked like from his perspective. Was it more colourful than her own reality? What hid behind his eyelids?

Everyone had their own way of dealing with frustrations, some took it out on work, others projecting it on their partner. Ery had turned to the bottle as a saviour. A habit hard to break. Sometimes she wondered if her friend drank because he was upset or it was just on routine. The bad custom wasn’t something that would kill him since he was immortal and all but the affects were still impacting him and both she and others wished that he would find a healthier way to come to term with hie stress. The vampire didn’t expose herself to much stress, aside from having the infuriating death aspect as a frequent visitor. Since moving away from her parents and starting med school the blonde had only focused on non stressing factors such as work. Cutting relations from priorities. The few times she stressed she handled it the same way she had while she was human by exercising.

”I am sure you’ll do fine charming as you are” The surgeon assured him kissing his cheek. Hopefully it would all work out fine. His low self confidence was a mystery to her, as well as him still being single. The woman she had paired him with for this night, a female fire fighter would probably not be a girl he’d pick himself but she was confident that they would hit it off. ”I doubt anyone would notice whatever I wear, so don’t worry” The modest female had never been able to tell when people gave her admiring looks as she didn’t look for the attention. Dressing up had never been something she enjoyed. She didn’t have any concrete body complex but didn’t enjoy showing off her body as her parents wished. 

Serena heard Erythreus mumble something before slamming the door while she rushed to her car. The doctor didn’t even have time to scrub in before the operation was cancelled, the patient hadn’t made it to the table. Death sentenced from the start. It was the hardest part about working trauma, her newest specialty, the patient was often in so critical condition that they deceased before the surgeon had been called. The kind blonde hung hear head as she heard the news and hoped that the patient had found peace in Erys kingdom of lost souls. 

Half an hour later she was outside the broody giants door again ready to sit out an awkward date with whoever her friend had chosen as her company for the evening. She could sense the faint sent of alcohol the instant she opened his door but chose not to comment on it. ”Because you have not manage to find someone to spend the rest of this existence with on your own” She responded with an eye roll as she saw him being bitter, face down on his desk. ”Which one” She asked holding out her alternatives for him to pick from.

Ery's gaze had stayed on the ground mostly, keeping eye contact was often difficult for the Aspect who'd fallen head over hills for the blonde Vampire who didn't really feel emotions the way that he did. At times he wondered just how much it suffocated her. Living the way she has for so long now, then meeting someone like Ery, he knew that had to be a huge adjustment for someone who was used to living only one way; on a routine, or a schedule, never anything out of the ordinary, as to where Ery loved living for the moment, and often he expressed himself in very drastic ways. Basically meaning he always had his heart on his sleeve, and he was easily broken by the actions and words of other people.

Gazing up to her, Erythreus couldn't help but smile as she laughed, that was usually the effect she had on him no matter what they were doing or discussing. Ery knew that his way of resolving his problems had caused those who cared about him to become worried, and while it was true that alcohol wouldn't kill him, it did make visible changes to him either way.

Shaking his head, Ery gazed to the blonde chuckling at her statement about him being charming, barely able to compose himself as she kissed his cheek. It was the smallest things that Serena done that made his head spin, in a good way though. "Oh nonsense Fangster, whatever you wear, you'll be noticed in" he complimented sincerely. Serena did look pretty stunning, even in her scrubs, so he couldn't help but to feel a slight nagging feeling of jealousy thinking another man would get the luxury of seeing her all fixed up. But, if this was what it took to help them out of their downward spiral of whatever was going on between them, then he'd make the sacrifice. It wasn't long after Serena had left to go to the hospital, that Erythreus dealt with the same loss that Serena did, it was something he felt that they definitely connected on, anytime Serena lost a patient, it was basically as if Ery gained someone. Being the Aspect of Death sometimes felt a little to normal to him. And if anything, he'd embraced it more so after Serena told him how important of a role that was for him.

Erythreus had been sitting there with his face planted into his journal when he was caught off guard again by Serena's arrival. Glaring at her when she spoke, he rolled his eyes, but glanced towards her outfits of choice, grinning faintly. "The one on the right.. lucky bastard" he stated, whispering the last two words in a lower tone, trying not to show to much jealousy as he didn't really want to put a damper on their evening. "I did put some effort in while you were gone though, didn't want you to think I didn't care at all" he added before walking to his wardrobe pulling out two suits on hangers with bags over them to keep dust and other annoying things from getting on the suits. "I guess it's only appropriate that you pick mine too" he mused, smirking as he laid them both across the bed.

Erythreus had hoped that the male he picked out would be an okay fit for Serena. Erythreus had went out of his way to call in a favor, from an entirely different hospital, but with a male he knew would respect Serena, one he had personal ties with long ago. He figured the most fitting thing for her aside from himself would be another surgeon, it would give them something to relate on, especially since the male he'd chosen with caution worked in trauma himself. And Ery had also made sure the male was decent appearance and personality wise as well. Now all he could do was hope. Rising from his seat, Ery sighed "I guess I should at least grab a shirt" he stated, as he waited for his blonde damsel to decide what suit she liked best so he could get this evening over with.

Things had been so much easier when they had just been friends. It was one of her biggest concerns that they would end up like so many other couples loosing a great friendship because they gave in to temptation and then when that curiosity faded a great friendship would be lost too. She only had one ex so she wasn’t a great example but she knew that Ery, who had had several love interests during his long existence, wasn’t close to many of his old flames if any. She missed how easy it had been to talk to the aspect about everything, in a way she had never opened her heart to anyone before, now it felt like there was a wall separating them. She wasn’t used to having someone listening and actually caring what she had to say but he had pushed for it and now that she felt like she couldn’t, she missed it. The imaginary wall, built up of expectations and potential prevented them from speaking freely like they did before feelings got in the way. Now if she liked one of the dating objects she knew she could never tell him and she couldn’t trust he was giving them a chance. This whole thing was challenging but neither one of them was one to give in.

The Valkyr didn’t feel like fighting with the aspect over such nonsense as her non existing beauty. Beauty had never interested her. When the other girls had started using make up she had never felt the pleasure they seemed to do. Her mom had been very eager for her to master those skills however and as the obedient daughter she was she had kindly obliged. That one could grow more beautiful the more you liked them was nothing her logical brain could take in. Ery’s jealousy almost visible to the naked eye to vision but to Serena it wasn’t that obvious.

Being the aspect of death came with certain responsibilities and Serena was happy that her friend didn’t take his role lightly. She had seen him help lost souls find peace and knew the burden he was carrying as a majority of souls didn’t want to accept their sad faith and many relatives held him responsible for not giving their loved ones another chance on earth. The blonde had tried to underline the importance of his duty and support him in doing so but she knew she couldn’t help him carry the burdan of being vengeful souls in every corner or hearing the voices of the past whispering.

After changing into the option Ery had chosen for her, a turquoise dress mid thigh length, she changed her focus to his suggestions. She wished she could just go dressed in her scrubs, she felt uncomfortable wearing dresses and heals even tho most of her childhood had been spent in fancy gala dresses and stilettos. It had been a many years since that and showing of her legs and having people watching her body in that way was nothing she felt comfortable with. Maybe she needed to download Tinder and get comfortable in this situations.

The thoughtful doctor studied his options thoroughly before saying ”They don’t want to get to know a fancy suit they want to get to know you whatever you wear, sweat pants, a stained shirt… I think the second option is more you” First impressions was far to crucial in her opinion, people were to quick to judge and place their prejudices. ”I could pick you up after if you…” She interrupted herself before she could say anymore realising that if the date went well they might continue it and spend the night together. It was something that was common these days.

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