Months had went by and Serena had as usually buried herself in work, with her now taking on a new specialty it wasn’t hard to do so. Her only friend Erythreus hadn’t texted or called either during this time. At first she’d felt that it was strange, just when they were getting somewhere in their friendship he went MIA. She could’ve called or visited but it felt pushy and wasn’t quite her style she knew he was alive so the blonde just waited things out. A few weeks later she heard the rumors that the aspect had found another blonde to love. Serena was delighted for her friend even tho she missed his interruptions and funny adventures.

The vampire had meet the ancient aspect by incident, a dark night in a bar both of them not having the best day. Despite first encounters the pair had kept contact, mostly due to the aspects pushy nature. Serena was to shy and afraid to disturb to take initiative to things herself mostly. Outside of the OR her social skills were lacking on many levels .Their friendship had evolved and everything had been perfect until Ery announced out of nowhere that he wanted to date, killing whatever comfort the vampire had built up.

Relations had never been something the blonde longed for, she was satisfied with her life existing to help others. Her parents love hadn’t been inspiring, and all the relationship she saw fail within the hospital walls didn’t exactly make her feel like she missed out on something. Still she didn’t want to disappoint her new found friend. However they had gotten over the awkward phase and agreeing on always having the others back. It was a relief that he’d found a new source of adoration. Maybe they could finally be friends without him blurring the lines.

So the the doctor decided to not reach out to Ery, if he wanted to talk he’d call. And now months had went by without any sign of life except the inevitable gossip that came with living in a small town. Not until a day ago when Erythrues brothers had contacted her, worried about their sibling who’d been stuck in bed drunk the last week, nothing unusual for the broody male. They asked if she could pay the aspect of death a visit and maybe brighten his day.

As a good friend Serena cancelled the rest of her meetings and appointments to go and to check up on the Aspect. He was immortal as herself so odds told her that he was most likely alive at least. The considerate vampire couldn’t help but wonder if she really was the best option to cheer Erythrues. What if she made it worse! What if he thought she invaded his privacy?! She decided to trust the rest of the aspects to know Erys needs the best and drove towards the manor.

Serenas impeccable memory remembered where Erys room was located even tho it had been a while since she had set a foot there. The Aliward manor had more residents that the vampire castle and you could easily get lost there. After a soft knock on the door, to warn Ery if he was indecent, she entered the place were Ery spend most of his time. “Good morning Erythreus” she spoke softly hovering over his bed side foldong away the blanket and sneaking in under it. The room was a mess empty bottles and dirty laundry covered the floor and the Aspect himself reeked with booze.

“Time to get up buddy”Serena said watching her friend, who stared blankly at the ceiling , with compassion giving him a gentle push. She wondered what had caused him to shield this time. “You know I’ve got your back, always and forever remember” she reminded him kindly squeezing his hand softly as a comforting gesture.

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At times, Ery himself thought about how much easier things between them had been when they were only friends. But, if he expected everything to be easy, it would certainly take the fun out of everything. Like Serena though, the Aspect did worry that if things went downhill in their relationship, that they may end up losing an amazing friendship, but that's why Erythreus tended on proving himself to the fullest and doing what he could to make this work. He also didn't want to end up like every other couple who were doomed to hate one another. Shaking his head, burying those thoughts for now, he glanced over to the Valkyr, realizing she was as usual, somewhere else besides in the room with him.

Clearing his throat, Ery shook his head, but a grin gracing his features nonetheless. "Something on your mind love?" he questioned with a raised brow. He knew it was always a long shot asking her what was on her mind, because now that they had put a bigger title on what they had, it seemed to have caused Serena to build a bigger wall than she had up before they'd even became friends. It was like she couldn't be honest with him about what was on her mind now that they were more than friends, and at times, it made him miss their friendship too with how things were when they were only that; friends. But, Ery did however long for more than that, and he did indeed push for it until it's what they ended up with.

Erytrheus could still sense the loyalty however, that had became a part of their friendship, Serena neever failed to support him and at times, even push and motvate him when it came to his duty as the Aspect of Death. Not that he'd ever fallen short on the role that life had granted him with, but during the dark moments he'd had, where he knew it was unlikely to ever have such things as children of his own, and a little bit of normality, causing him to drink more than he already did, and fall just a little depressed, but that's when his Valkyr pushed him the most, always finding a way to shine light on the hardest situations for the Aspect, making him appreciate what he did actually have around him. Serena had became the most normal part of his life, and for that, he supposed he could only be grateful and count his blessings.

Widened eyes couldn't help but roam her features after she had changed into the dress he picked for her, and immediately, the Aspect wanted to kick himself for picking it, because she looked absolutely stunning, and to think another male would get to see her this way, nearly made his blood boil. Almost speechless, Ery sighed. After she picked option two for him, Ery chuckled, shaking his head. It was crazy how good she was at things like this, picking what suited him... but the irony in her picking another female to suit him besides herself was more than he could handle. "I guess you're right, maybe I should just bath myself in whiskey, wear that said stained shirt you were talking about, and be completely annoying for this..." he stated, a serious expression, giving an eye roll before finally obeying her wishes and changing.

He certainly was having second thoughts now, and felt like he was clamming up all of a sudden. Ery knew it wasn't so much the fact that he had to accompany another female on a date tonight, it was the fact that another man was going to accompany his girl on one. But, perhaps this was the final test for the two of them, maybe if she went out with another man, she'd realize Ery was the one she wanted to be with. Huffing, he waltzed over to the long stand up mirror, fixing his hair into it's usual fashion before his gaze fell back onto her, and well, her long legs and everything else that her attire visibly showed to his wandering eyes. "I really hope this will be worth it." he then added, with a frown to match his statement. Perhaps some reassurance from his damsel would make this a little easier. But it was also the fact that Ery now sat here thinking about how he had failed in literally all other relationships before meeting Serena.

Maybe he would fail at a blind date too. "Man, I must really love you.." he finally added, chuckling before shaking his head, amused at the lengths he'd actually go to just to prove what he just said to her. Knowing she probably didn't take those words to heart, Ery couldn't help but wonder if she realized that he did actually love her at this point. "So um, where am I taking this ... female to?" he questioned, almost shuddering as he said the word 'female', still not entirely comfortable yet with the idea of being around another woman, but assuming she would just come up with some words of encouragement, the Aspect decided to not push it to much. Before saying anything else, Ery took a seat beside of Serena, turning to face her with a faint smile on his face "You really do look beautiful though. I know I seem jealous, maybe even a tad bit childish, but when it comes to you, I can't help it.. ive been in a few relationships, granted, they all ended shitty because I wasn't what they wanted, or I wasn't good enough, but still, even though I had tried with them, I never felt this strongly about anyone except you... and as much as I know you dislike me spilling my emotions into your lap, I didn't want to leave it unsaid before this night begins" he admitted, falling silent as he glanced up to make eye contact with her.

Things had never come as a challenge for the blonde, without practicing she had been a natural in most things her parents had forced upon her as a kid. From singing to acting and gymnastics. Failing tasks weren’t something she got familiar with until far later. Now days she almost preferred the hard road over an uncomplicated. When things were simple it risked becoming complicated just as their relationship had been. When they meet Erythreus hadn’t even been single. His girlfriend mustn’t have been thrilled that he gained a female best friend who he relied on. Was that a factor to why they had broken up? She wanted to believe so was not the case back then he wasn’t aware of the feelings he’d catch for the selfless valkyr a couple of heartbreaks later.

”You’ve hung out too much with Brits” she avoided his question with a soft laugh. Using love in sentences was so unlike him, was it the soberness talking? She couldn’t remember the last time he’d been on this little alcohol. Lying was something that all supernaturals seemed to do naturally. She could sense lies but telling them herself was a whole different matter. Another reason she hadn’t been suited for the riches world. She couldn’t tell a believable lie if her life depended on it. If they got out of this awkward state of their friendship and the aspect finally buried his crush he’d have to teach her. She wondered if their friendship would survive this phase. She surely hoped so it was nice having someone to talk to about everything. Someone who pushed her to challenge herself besides herself. So far she had stood by him through the trials he’d faced but was that really a winning concept? the thought appeared from thin air but she didn’t think more of it. Her mind had been down similar paths before so it was nothing alarming.

Her selfless side could only allow their growing bond to thrive as long as it wasn’t hurting him more. Lately she wasn’t so sure if this hurt Ery more to have her in his life. Making a clean cut and forcing him to move on could maybe save him from the alcoholism and hurt he was experiencing now. Thinking those thoughts hurt she’d become very fond of the grumpy aspect and leaving him without looking back would erase the non robotic person that had developed with him around. Hesitating wouldn’t help either of them and she could read in his eyes that giving up wasn’t on the map for him. She’d be forced to take action soon to make the suffering as little as possible for the both of them. Still her mind begged for a little more time with him just another day or two. It couldn’t be so bad could it? Maybe she could use this time to convince him to fall for another.

”Since you promised me you’d do non of those things I know you won’t” She teased him letting a faint smile paint her face a few seconds, a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, strange her acting was usually flawless. She backed away from him like a frightened animal as he started to throw around love confessions, like her reactions were heightened. ”You know I’ve only lived 28 years on this earth while you’ve been living over a century and a half” Her panicking voice  was barely a whisper and she couldn’t force her eyes from staring at the floor. ”We are not in the same place in life. You want to build a life along with someone I understand that In a decade or so I might be there too or might never be ready but this isn’t the time and place for you and me to happen” She let the words fall from her lips words she had stopped before not to hurt him. Suddenly that blockage was gone.

She took a deep breath trying to collect herself she hated herself for letting it get this bad. ”Lets not keep these dates wait” polite as always. The surgeon opened the door for Ery and waited for him to get into the car. The ride to his date was awfully quiet none of them speaking a word. The Valkyr was surprised he hadn’t broken anything yet according to her calculations the aspect would have a blast at the date only to prove her wrong about things. ”Give her a real chance” She pleaded as she dropped him off.

Surprisingly enough she actually enjoyed herself during the date. The male Ery had picked out was really nice and funny. Although she couldn’t help but comparing him to her best friend missing some traits or remarked that he would’ve made. Other than she could see herself going on a few dates with this guy. She even had a few drinks, something she never did. The blonde was about to decline the alcohol as she always did but it was as someone had planted a thought in her head making the beverage more appealing. She couldn’t shake that the thought weren’t hers but who would plant thoughts in her head? It was probably just after the day she’d had. They left the date agreeing to go on another the coming weeks.

As she didn’t consume alcohol normally she was an easy target for its affects. From only 2 glasses she was all giggly and what others would classify as drunk. Suddenly a clear voice in her head told her to go to Ery’s place it made sense so she obliged. The woman entering his room was not someone she recognised. Was it the alcohol? She couldn’t recall that it had happened the other few times she’d been drinking. It was like she was detached from her body and someone else was wiring her like a marionette. Her body moved straddling the aspekts lap giggling seducingly as her finger trailed over his chest over his lips. ”Missed me?” She heard her voice ask dashing flirtingly with her long lashes. ”Let’s play a game” her voice suggested grinning devilishly an expression her face had never made before. Was this how people felt taking drugs? in that case how could they stand it? ”Ill do truth” the voice continued whispering into Erythreus ear before nibbling it with a fang careful not to make a mark, before kissing the corner of his mouth. ”You really think a girl like me would go for someone like you? No wonder they others left you broken as the bottle is your only friend” Her lips formed the mean words before she could stop them. What was happening was this a bad dream? During her life she’d never thought a mean thought about anyone, let alone saying something insulting. For god sake normal Serena couldn’t even lie about anything without getting so bad conscience that it failed before she even spoke the lie.

She saw her words shattered him every little piece she’d helped him build up before from earlier heartbreaks. It awakened a pain within her. This wasn’t her. She wasn’t this person but being the cliché that blamed her behaviour on alcohol wasn’t tempting so she left the room. Everything around her was a blur. Hours later she woke up confused in an unfamiliar room. She could vaguely remember going on a date before everything came rushing back.

A sea of confusion and doubt troubled and interrupted his train of thought and lately it had became a little to normal for the Aspect of Death. Rarely people were able to look at Erythreus without seeing him with his head hung low, fighting that nagging feeling within him that made him think he was never going to measure up to anything his blonde Valkyr wanted in her future. He knew all to well that when he'd pushed for more, when she had already offered him a genuine friendship, that it had only compliated something that used to be pretty simple for both of them. Feeling bad was something he couldn't do though, Ery couldn't feel bad for loving her the way he did. He only felt bad that he was possibly the very thing holding the Valkyr back from living whatever life she saw fit for herself.

Ery shook his head, obvioulsy affected by her capability of changing the subject every time he mustered up the courage to say the word love out loud, using it instead of calling her 'fangster' or 'blondie' definitely was a little unlike him, but at the same time, it didn't feel anything less than normal. With an eye roll, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye; "You think so?"  he questioned in response to her comment about him hanging with Birt's to much, "I suppose when they call their mate 'love' though, that they get more of a response"  the Aspect stated in a bitter fashion, something else that was very unlike him when it came to how he spoke to Serena.

It was then that Erythreus couldn't help but wonder the same thing, if their friendship would survive this phase that they were in, that he seemed to mostly be in by himself. Erythreus so far had proved that he was hell bent on making it work though, so giving up wasn't even something he even thought about, it was more so thinking Serena would eventually give up and deem this relationship impossible, but Ery felt that it was all due to her incapability to open up to him like he had done with her. It was ironic to even think that way, because when it came to his blonde beauty, she had never been incapable of anything, until he realized just how deep she had buried things like emotions and feelings. Had she been hurt by a man before? So many thoughts nagged at the Aspect as to why she was like this and he knew that in the past, her parents pushed her to be with someone who fit their description of perfect, and assuming he was very far fetched from their idea choices, he knew that played a huge part in why Serena had been so detached from the Aspect, and why she didnt push for things to go further than their amazing friendship.

IT almost frightened Erytrheus when Serena sat there in silence the way she was right now, he knew her mind went down paths that would prety much destroy him as a man, and break his heart for the rest of time. If this happened to go down hill, Erythreus would never love again, it sucked to have to move on two times befre meeting Serena, but those two previous times, he'd never let someone have all of him like he basically did Serena, and never had he loved anyone else like her in the thousand plus years that he'd been alive. It was painful to say the least, and a huge part of Ery wished that he'd had better self control before it got this far. He would never regret falling for her, but he would soon regret the heartbreak that he felt she was about to bestow on him. If she happened to make a clean break and run for the hills, sabotaging everything they had worked up to this far, Alcoholism would be the least of anyones worries. Ery felt that he would end up turning into the animal he used to be.

Ery snapped back, averting his gaze to Serena who panicked more than she ever had about Erys feelings for her. He couldn't understand where it had came from, but laughter erupted from the Aspect's lips. "You know, after dying twice, beiing beaten to death for not killing women and children, and living like an animal, neglecting humanity whatsoever, how did I become such a moron?! how am I the one sitting here with his heart on his sleeve, praying to whomever that the next words that leave your mouth won't be ones that sting so bad?" he questioned, but as she then said not to keep their dates waiting, Erythreus pressed by her, stopping for a second to look down into her eyes, and after gritting his teeth angrily, he pressed on. Erythreus and Serena had now parted ways, and as his own date began, he could do nothing more than think about everything she'd just said to him prior to this date.

He ended up ranting for nearly an hour to a perfect stranger about how pissed off he was at Serena, even though his date didn't know Serena, he continued on until it eventually sent her walking away from their table, shouting out curse words at him as she looked over her shoulder, flipping him off before the door shut. People stared at Erythreus, who now sat alone at a table for two and candle light. After slamming his hand onto the table, shatter his plate underneath the strength of his hand, he too walked out, leaving what he knew would be a disasterous date. Now that he was home, Ery shook his head, "never again" he simple said before his door opening all a sudden caused his gaze to dart over to ... Serena?

Widened eyes roamed the giggling blonde who waltzed into his room like something he had never seen before. At first, he was taken back by this so much that he'd frozen like a deer in headlights, but then, when she straddled his lap, Erythreus's hands involuntarily dropped to her waist. But, he couldn't help but think something was wrong. And he damn sure wasn't about to take advantage of her, even though he knew he'd hate himself for not at least stealing a kiss. He nodded to her question, though his facial expression said something else, confusion, maybe even a little bit of fear as to why she was approacing him like this. "What's going on Fangster? Did he do something to you?!" the Aspect asked, keeping his tone as calm as possible, but anger flowed and ripped through his entire being until Serena asked to play a game.

Okay, maybe she had finally wanted something more than waiting ... but what she said to him before their dates was nothing like this. Ery could feel his heart racing from his chest, and sweat began forming on his forehead as he literally had her all over him, for the first time at that. "Okay Serena... but maybe---" his voiced out, ready to suggest they slow this down but he was simply cut off as her lips brushed against his ear, and a fang nipping his flesh with a gentleness that sent all of his self control out of the window, but instead of reacting how he wanted to, he laid his head against her shoulder, holding her, with a state of confusion dragging the mood down. "God, Serena. As much as I wanted this to happen- -" he started off again, but soon enough it felt like the earth had began shaking after the words that left her lips.

Tears dared to start flowing, and no matter hhow much of a softie Erythreus was; crying hadn't been a thing of his, not unless he was truly hurt. And, right now, he felt like she had plunged  her hand right through his chest, gripped his heart before pulling it out and stomping it into the ground. "Serena, who are you? Why would you say that?!" he asked, his own voice forming out a yell and his hands that once held her dropping to his side. He couldn't even look her in the eyes now. His face turned red, and words had left the Aspect, for once, he didn't know what to say to the woman he loved, the woman he called his best friend. As she got up and stormed out, Erythreus dropped his head, feeling as though he couldn't breathe, and he hated himself for letting her hold that much power over him. It was when she'd stormed out that one of the guards stormed in to check on him, Ery knew he wouldn't be rational right now, so with that he begged them to leave him be.

Erythreus, broken and feeling betrayed all over again, had finally mustered  the strength to stand, after grabbing a few things and stashing them inside of a bookbag, he figured he just needed to flee. After sitting on his bed for hours, wondering where that had came from with Serena, he just needed to leave, but when he walked out of his room and looked  across the hall way, he realized that someone in the manor put Serena in a room for her to sleep it off. Dropping his bag by the door way, the Aspect of Death grabbed a chair and sat by the bed, unable to touch her, and found it hard to even look at her sleeping form after everything shed just said to him, but redardless, he continued to sit there and if she woke before he walked back out, perhaps there would be an explanation for her  second personality coming to life and playing with his feelings, because he knew, he just knew that she couldn't have been in her right mind while saying all of that to him.

Resting his elbows against his knees, the Aspect placed his hands over his face, angered that his palms were now wet by the tears the very same woman who'd built him up from nothing, had caused him to shed like those who'd broken him before this. The only love Ery had really ever known in this life, had finally just slammed him right onto the ground.

The harsh tone coming from the aspect was something new, his voice tended to turn soft and dreaming when speaking to her. Still this change of cadency didn’t surprise the doctor. She was more patient than most, a trait that came in handy when you worked within healthcare and your best friend who constantly tested the limits. It was expected that his bitterness would shine through sooner rather than later. She hadn’t prepared herself that it would sting a little when he did so. The valkyr wasn’t easily affected by peoples behaviour or the tone used against her. Taking things personal was something you learned to discard during the first semesters at med school. Her instinct wanted to apologise when he accused her for not giving him the response he desired, but she kept it in knowing that a sorry wouldn’t appease .

The society painted the picture of what everyones dream was. That everyone longed for  finding their one, getting married, moving in to a huge white house and raising children. Sure to a majority of people it is. Maybe because the had been brought up and was expected to do so. The blonde had been taught not to except to been in a loving marriage. Her strict behaviour lessons had focused on how to act pleasingly. When she got the chance to start med school early she accepted fleeing from a future as someones trophy wife. After that she’d only been in one relation and that had mostly been out of comfort. When they graduated and moved separate ways for their career none of them cried or considered joining the other. The doctor didn’t share the publics obsession with finding true love. It took time and focus away from what was truly important.

Just how invested the aspect was, wasn’t clear to Serena. People having a crush on her was no news, but it was always shallow and after not gaining any interest back they moved on. In Serenas world Ery would too. He might grieve a week or two before getting back on the horse. That he would give up and give in to an ancient version of himself wasn’t on the map. She had never fully understand those individuals who came in to the ER after attempting to end their life when love had failed them.

Her words, the ones that she hadn’t been able to block this time hurt him worse that she’d imagined when playing the scenario over and over in her head to make it as merciful as possible. maybe this was faith? the push she needed to say the things she usually held in to get them back in balance as friends. He restrained himself from making a big scene which would be characteristic for the impulsive male. Throwing a tantrum whenever he didn’t get his way was nothing new so this new self-control impressed the collected doctor and raised the hopes of him moving on after this.

Being drugged at parties was a common phenomenon these days. The victims often described their experiences similar to what the valkyr felt now. It hadn’t crossed her mind that someone would do that. She didn’t even know if the substance would work the same way in a supernaturals system. However the voice in her head had begun before her first sip so that possibility was out. Erythreus reaction wasn’t what she had expected. She was glad that he seemed to recognise that this wasn’t her. Still her stupid hormones couldn’t help but making her feeling humiliated by his apparent lack of interest in her. Her irrational mind quickly wandered places. Maybe she’d been right thinking that he was only into the chase and once the pray was hooked he wasn’t interested anymore. Of course the force controlling her made a point of telling him that. ”I was right wasn’t I? You only wanted another conquest to your collection, did you and your brothers bet? She asked chuckling amused as her lips moved down his neck before delivering the death punch.

His tears woke her from the compelled state she was in. Since the voice had started pushing the buttons, deciding what to do and say she had just been confused and in a blur but his shed tears and words asking who was this person it gifted her some clarity and she regained control of her body again. Throwing herself out of the room before she lost the battle again and the inner demon took over.

When she woke up hours later and everything came flooding back she just wanted to bury herself in bed and never get up again. It hadn’t been just a bad dream. Had her inner finally concurred? She didn’t hear them now, actually her head was awfully quiet. The anxiety distracted her a whole ten minutes before she got up to see where she was, and notice that Erys sent was lingering in the room. He must’ve been there sometime during the night keeping her company as her body recovered from the alcohol and unknown influence. Her eyes couldn’t spot him now, where was he? She needed to… Appologise wasn’t an option she didn’t want his forgiveness, she didn’t deserve that after the way she had acted last night. Owning up to ones mistakes was her not blaming things or begging for forgiveness.

The valkyr couldn’t imagine a life without Erythreus, she had to find him and try to at least ease his pain. Not for her sake for his. The blonde hurried over to his room only to find it almost empty. His personal things missing. For the first time she realised that she could actually lose him. That realisation had never hit her before, deep down she knew they would always find their way back this time she knew it was different. It was shocking how much this changed things. The saying you don’t know what you’ve got until loose it was really spot on. The surgeon couldn’t believe how blind she had been. How she had let her stubbornness and prejudice lead her for so long denying the love for Erythreus to grow and see the light of day. Not until now, now that she had lost him. It couldn’t be over, not after everything. She remembered their promise Always and no matter what. ”No matter what” she repeated to herself touching the neckless he had given her a few months back in between his relationships. She had to find him, an aspect couldn’t survive without his family. But where would he go? Where did he go when the world had failed him during his last heartbreak when she had been working and not able to comfort him right away? Suddenly she knew.

Erythreus knew the moment his tone hurt her. Serena had never been affected by things Ery said, not even all the romantic feelings he poured into her lap on a daily basis, but somehow, the bitterness within him struck something within Serena. At times, Ery loathed all the behavior lessons, and med school she had under her belt. Years and years of being taught how to act, taught how to shove personal feelings aside, only to think about others, definitely made it's mark on Serena, and at times, it put a slight damper on how they communicated with one another. You would assume someone like Erythreus wouldn't be so full of emotions himself, due to his own background and upbringing. But, the very fact that his choices had been taken away from him long ago, was probably the reason that he found it so easy to attach himself to people in the here and now. In the past, Ery had no one absolutely no one to turn to, but a set of evil Valkyr brothers, and in the end, they killed him.

Beating after beating from the brothers, Ery had began praying for death to come his way. Sometimes he wondered if his prayers were answered with the fact that he became the Aspect of Death. It was bitter sweet irony, but if given another chance, he would still have became the very being he is today, less likely to be the one who wears his heart on his sleeve thouh.. It always seemed to bite him on the ass. It was true that society painted a pretty picture of what everyone was meant to do when they were in relationships, but, Serena and Ery would beat those odds for sure at this rate. Their first kiss so far had been their only kiss, and he'd not yet been psychical with her, due to his respect for her, but also she respected herself, and it'd been a build up of things for them to be where they were right now. Not that they were in the best place.

Erythreus snickered though, he could somehow almost sense what she was thinking, maybe it was the fact that he just knew her that well at this point. "Don't go there, did you think i'd someday just move on like what you and I have never existed?" the Aspect questioned out loud, something he wished he'd kept in mind only. But, sometimes thinking out loud helped, as oopposed to keeping it all built up. Ery didn't know what had possessed the Valkyr to blurt these things out, but when she continued talking, it nearly broke him in half. He didn't want it to show through his expression, not this time, he didn't need to look weak, he felt it enough. "Serena you were never a chase... is that how low you think of me?" the Aspect questioned, but before he could get another word out,the Aspect shivered from  satisfaction  with the way her lips moved along his neck. But, quickly he threw those feelings aside, right now wasn't the time for him to want her in that way. Without another word, Serena threw herself from his lap and out of his room, leaving him to sit there alone, and question just why he deserved such harsh treatment.

"Goddamnit" he grumbled, slamming his hand through the table beside the bed. He figured the first time they actually got psychical with each other, that he wouldn't stand there filled with regret like he was now. No, Ery had always imagined something much more beautiful and sensual between them for their first time. Sighing, the Aspect made his way to the room one of the guards placed her in. He sat by her bed for hours. She had finally given in to whatever evil forces were with her when she'd passed out, and even after all the vicious things she said to him, it had been Erythreus to sit at her bedside and make sure she was okay, until he just couldn't anymore. As the Aspect mustered up the strength to stand, he ventured into the hallway, being bombarded by two other guards "You can't run away Ery, not at a time like this". The Aspect merely chuckled and pushed forward, finding himself in the rain. Thunder and lightening ripping through the skies of Evermore.  Waves of sorrow crashed onto him for the first time in a long time, and he felt like letting it drown him. Serena the very woman who at once made him feel like he was coming up for air afer drowning in sorrow for so long, had now became the very thing drowning him all over again. 

Her voice, and the things she had said to him was still embedded into his head, much louder than the storm happening around him, the thunder was barely audible compared to the things Serena had said. The weather seemed fitting for how broken he felt, nothing but rain, thunder, and lightning surrounded the Aspect of Death, and a broken heart to fit all of that.The guards had followed Erythreus through the double doors, yelling out to him "She will wake to you being gone, what would you have us tlel her Ery? that you ran away?" the two of them shook their heads at him, disappointment evident. Erytrheus looked back to them, and they sensed his pain just from looking at his face, causing them both to fall speechless, and hang their heads low. "We'll let her know you've left for some alone time"

"Tell her the grass isn't always greener on the other side" he stated, a clue as to where he'd be, where the grass was literally faded out on one side of the safe house, and a bright lush green on the other side. It was one of the safe houses he'd told her about a long time ago, and she had been the only one outside of the Ailward Aspects and guards to know about it.

Walking  seemed to take the Aspect ages, maybe it was the fact that he was a little to heart broken to cope with anything right now, making it seem exceptionally painful. But, after another few moments he'd located the safe house happily, and threw his bags through the entrance door, after typing in a security code. Ery knew none of the guard would come after him, unless he stayed gone for days, which only left one person who would, Serena. And hell, she had already made her feelings a little to clear, so Ery assumed he would have the luxury of being left here alone to cope with nothing but his music and his bottles of alcohol that were already stashed in the safe house for whatever Aspect resided heree when needed.

After putting some music on, Ery shrugged the soaking wet coat off, letting it stay in the floor, before falling back onto the couch with a bottle in his hand. He still couldn't sallow the painful lump in his throat, and in times like this, when he was hurtung this bad, the one person he wanted to talk to, was now the one person he was afraid to even look at. Feeling lost, The Aspect finally gave in to the emotions stirring inside of him and began sobbing. He didn't know what the hell he'd ever done wrong, but it was clear that he wasn't worth staying with. The last two before Serena proved that, and now.. well he couldn't say it, because something was wrong with Serena, that much he knew, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt like hell.

It was right here in this very moment, that Ery wished he'd just went against Serena's wishes, and told her just how much he did actually love her. But while sitting here with a broken heart, unsure if he'd ever even see her again, he just wanted to lose himself, being conciouss in this very moment, hurt way to much, that's when he decided to start chugging the booze by the bottles.

Nearly 4-5 bottles later, Ery finally felt the pain dull a little. It took that much. He felt more weightless now at the very least, but no amoint of liquor could ever be enough to make him forget how much he loved Serena, and the things they'd been through, to now, and the things she'd said to him to lead him where he sat right now. "Please don't let this be the end..." he muttered to no one whatsoever, he had to remember he was here alone, but he had to talk, even if it was to himself, the silence hurt even more. Oblivious to the knocks on the door, Ery continued sitting where he was, but after another loud bang against the door, he typed a code into the digital remote control pad, that allowed him to open the door from where he sat. He was obviously a litttle drunk, cause even after letting who ever was knocking in, he paid no mind to it, and continued listening to the music, rather than paying attention to whoeevr was there.

Assuming it was a guard, he knew they were only there to drag him back home. He didn't think for even a second it could have been Serena.

There was no utility in wondering about the what ifs, spinning possible scenarios from the past in your head trying to find clarity in a moderated reality that would never see the light of day. Surgeons were good at dwelling the past decisions to learn from them. With the question what if, they couldn’t change the past, but hopefully just the procedure so the outcome in the future would be another. Serena knew that it was a waste of time thinking about how her life would’ve looked like if her parents had told her that her Mr Right was out there and let her watch cinderella like other kids. Instead of making her accept that the probability of her marrying out of love and not convenience was below zero. When she had had her first and only crush on a boy and told her parents, as you do, they hadn’t been happy or encouraging and the week after his family moved due to a lottery win. At least that was the official reason. 13 year old Serena was smart enough to know that her parents had had something to do with it.

After that incident the blonde hadn’t even bothered to look twice at guys. Her guardians would never settle for a male they hadn’t chosen anyway. She was surprised that they hadn’t forced her to get married yet, from the day she had turned 18 they had been nagging for her to start a family of her own and continue their legacy. This year she should’ve turned 28 if she hadn’t been turned.  The Valkyr couldn’t help but speculate in how her life would’ve looked liked if she hadn’t been programed to refrain from falling in love to avoid disappointment. For the first time since that only time when she was 13 she dared to dream of a future with someone her heart fluttered for. There was still a long way till she could imagine herself ever getting married or spending the rest of eternity with anyone, or specifically Ery, but opening her heart was a step into the right direction. That was if Erythreus could forgive the horrible act she’d put up the previous night. A big if at that.

While her mind wandered off to possible futures the blonde looked through the aspects room to get any clues to his whereabouts, she faintly remembered him speaking of a safe house when she had asked where his favourite place in the world where. He had promised to take her there sometime but her schedule had never allowed such activities. It was miles away according to the guards and didn’t even exist on the map, if he stayed there without vicinity to the rest of the aspect he wouldn’t last long before going insane and eventually pass away. With the current situation were two guards had gone missing and presumed dead it was a far riskier situation. The guards remained calm but she could sense that they blamed her for the events that had lead to Erythreus departure. She could simply agree it was and if anything happened to him due to her inability to control herself she’d never be the same again.

Presume that Ery was at the safe house how would she even find it, asking the guards didn’t seem like an option as the guards didn’t seem very keen on the idea of her trying to mend things with the aspect of death. Understandable herself was worried that the voice form yesterday would return. Her parents would’ve been proud over the seductress from yesterday, a woman who did and said whatever to get the upper hand. It was the kind of behaviour they would’ve praised but the normal Serena could never do. The kind blonde didn’t want to make things worse by showing up but an invisible bond between them and the promise to always be there for the other couldn’t let this be the tragic end to their story.

The white Audi was still outside the restaurant across town from after the date only hours back, luckily the voice hadn’t convinced her that drunk driving was a good idea. The surgeon couldn’t even recall how she gotten to Ery last night. Well well it didn’t matter now she’d have to walk and try to follow her besties sent to find his hidden location.

She had run a few blocks when she realised that she was only dressed in the cocktail dress from last night and a pair of stilettos, maybe not the perfect outfit for someone running around early in the morning. Especially not in a town like evermore where dangers awaited behind every corner. In a box under the aspects bed Serena had a stash of extra clothes for the times he managed to convince her to stay the night, now she had come too far to turn back. An hour later her feet was aching, she could take of the shoes but thought it would be even worse without them, besides surgeon spent hours on their feet. Another couple of hours later and loosing Erys track equal times leading to her having to turn back, the blonde was on the verge of giving up the sun was almost up and she was freezing. If she didn’t find the safe house soon she’d have to take cover until the sunset.

The sound of music spiked her hope again just when she had decided to give up. She rose to her feet and let the distant melody lead her way. A few kilometres later she could make out the safe house or at least she thought it was. What if she was mistaken and her friend in fact was elsewhere? After knocking on the door she’d know for sure. Then came the next problem what would she say? When he opened seconds later reeking of booze and some tacky hard rock blasting from the house. An instinct told her to scream at him for turning to the alcohol once again, and kiss him at the same time but it was the same voice that had pushed thoughts into her head the previous night. No alcohol was in her system this time so she managed to stay in control and push the urges to say hurtful things away. ”Hi” she said meeting his eyes and just being close to him seemed to have a healing affect.

As if he hadn't been feeling bad enough, and angered that a guard had found him and arrived to drag him back home, life threw him another curve ball as Serena herself stood before him only saying 'hi'.  "Well well.. did you come here to give me another painful reminder that i'm not good enough for you? Because if anything, i've came to the realization that i'm not good enough for anyone.. especially you.. you deserve better, at least we agree on one thing" the Aspects voice echoed out in a cold tone, bitterness evident as he spoke, but the booze probably played a part of his angered words. Erythreus had always refrained from talking to Serena when he was mad, as he had made a promise to never say anything to hurt her.

Right now happened to be the exception for that though. All kindness went out the window when Serena came in, for what Erythreus assumed would be more insults. Glancing to her with hesitation, the Aspect's eyes finally wandered to hers, trying to read her so to speak, but thats what he had loved about Serena in the first place, that she happened to be one of the only people he had ever met that he couldn't see right through. She was unpredictable, and that was a quality he enjoyed in a female. But before she had hurt him the way she had, Ery found himself wishing he could have predicted that, at least he could have guarded his heart and feelings before the impact.

"Yeah, i'm drunk.. you came at a bad time" he stated, laughter errupting from the Aspects lips for no reason at all. He figured it was the fact that his brain cells were drowning in the effects alcohol had on him, not even a small part of Erythreus would have ever assumed that any of this would conclude as mind control. Glaring at the blonde, with watery eyes, blood shot and teared up, the Aspect stood and began pacing.

“You really hurt me..” he admitted, but found it hard to say that to her. If she happened to be here because she was guilt stricken, then Erythreus reminding her of how much she had hurt him wouldn’t help. “As many times as ive wanted to blurt out the fact that i’m in love with you.. Youve put a fear in me, which means ill be anything but myself right now..” he expressed, hoping he was making at least a little bit of sense. “How did you know where to find me anyways?” he then questioned, arching a brow. The Aspect continued pacing the floors back and fourth in front of where the Valkyr stood, every so often giving her a side glance since he found it hard to make eye contact.

"let's play a game..." Erythreus muttered, while shooting her a bitter glare. "You really think a girl like me would go for someone like you? No wonder the others left you broken as the bottle is your only friend” he said, repeating her very words, the night she had finally managed to crack him right in half, stopping in front of her, glancing from the floor to her eyes. "Do you really think a guy like me, 1500 plus years old would want to play a game like that?" he asked and shook his head. Sadness radiated from Ery, but he had to continue for whatever reason "I really can't believe you went that far Fangster.. I just..." he stopped, before walking away from her as a wave of anger crashed over him, and a presence within him sent his fist crashing through the wall, creating a hole big enough to hide in. "I hate myself.. I hate how much I fucking care.. about you!" he shouted, feeling himself spiral out of control, and fearing that it may go to far this time.

"You know what, just go.. leave me be" he then said, his voice bitter and colder than it'd ever been, grabbing her by both her arms, but not in a way to harm her, just in a way that would give her no choice but to look at him. Whatever had gotten a hld of Ery, made what he was about to say, seem like the right thing but it was far from that. "You were merely just a distraction from the last blonde who broke my heart. Though, I will admit, I thought i'd at least get to sleep with you.. what a disappointment" he stated, mouthing out those words before his brain could even process what he was saying. "So yeah, you can go. Unless you wanna seal the deal first? I can only imagine how amazing that body looks unclothed, but if not, then go"

Somewhere deep down the belief that herself and Erythreus would overcome anything and remain friends never died. The male was one of her only friends and a life without his impulsive plans was unimaginable. The years he’d been in her life had changed her in many ways and even if most of it had been challenging and on the verge of them fighting it had been the best period in her life so far. He truly saw her not just the kind rich girl who happened to have blonde curls and a appealing look. The aspect had seen beyond that, he’d gotten to observe how truly selfless she was, her fears and troubles things she usually hid to give room for the other to express their sorrows. Somehow he’d dug under her walls and would miss her if she left, and not only the possibilities she brought.

The moment the blonde saw Ery, after him slowly making his way to open the door, that last spark of hope died. This man was more drunk than she’d ever seen the aspect and lacked compassion. From stories about the aspect of deaths past she could get a glimpse of how he was decades ago. An animal hunting for his pray without any concerns for anyone else. It was a tremendous difference from the guy she’d gotten to know.  ”You know its not like that, if something I’m the one not good enough for you” It was a pointless thing to say because she knew he wouldn’t listen not in this state. Arguing would lead them no where. She could only nod when he told her how hurt he was. She didn’t beg of his forgiveness, she didn’t think she deserved that. Living with the guilt and owing up to her actions would be a suiting punishment.

”You told me long ago remember after your first heartbreak” she said softly meeting his eyes. Couldn’t he see the change in hers? The love and affection that was there now clearer than ever. He’d seen it when she didn’t but now nothing. Her eyes dropped to the ground as he repeated the dreadful word that had left her mouth less than 12 hours ago. Where did such word come from? She’d never been the mean type. The naughtiest thing she had done in her life before that moment was disobeying her parents orders. Which of the many blondes he’d dated that he was referring to now was unclear. Had she been forced to guess she’d put her money on a nephilim female from the beginning of their friendship.

Also the last of her hope faded when Erythreus spoke the last words. “As you wish” she whispered and started to unlock the neckless he’d given her at the beginning of their friendship. Jewellery wasn’t allowed among hospital staff but this gift always followed her in a pocket or around her neck. She gave the necklace back and closed the giants hand around it as she placed the small object. “I suppose you want this back” She hoped hoped he’d get a future with the blonde he referred to and could give her the necklace. Anger didn’t hit her for the diminishing way he spoke of her the alcohol did this to people. Still a small voice in her head told her that it only made people spill the truth ”Take care and please don’t stay here alone long, not while there is someone out there killing guards” she begged him as she backed down the stairs and then vampire speeding out into the Forrest surrounding the safe house. 

It taken all of the calm she’d built up over the years working as a doctor not to shed a tear when saying goodbye. Making it harder on both of them didn’t do anybody any good so she’d swallowed the tears burning in her eyes that was threatening to fall until she was alone again. How she had gotten to the Ery was blur in the valkyrs normally clear mind and soon enough she was hopelessly lost with the sun burning her skin and forcing her to take cover under a large pine tree. There she let the tears drop down her cheeks quietly as she waited for the night to arrive again. He was the first person she’d cried over, the first to make such a lasting impression. Though the sun was shining it was chilly in the shadow with only a cocktaildress, but she couldn’t exactly go out in the sun to get some warmth. Unless she wanted to feel even weaker as the light from the sun battled her own darker energy. There was nothing to do but to try and get some rest until sunset was approaching.

A loud noice awakened the doctor who’s first instinct was to try and blend in with the shadows but due to the sun, and her being one of the weaker valkyrs even during nighttime,  her powers didn’t respond. With a little luck it was just animals who’d leave her alone, however her luck hadn’t been very successful lately. minus later she could distinguish footsteps and voices. Normally she could scent which species from miles away but as another side affect of the sun she could only rely on her hearing. To chit chat right now and have to try and explain why she was out hiding under a tree in just a dirty dress and a pair of heels didn’t feel so tempting so with the hopes of them not noticing her she closed her eyes and rested her head against the tree trunk.

”I think today’s our lucky day” A male’s voice called out. Where they mushroom finders? Weird season for that. she thought but didn’t bother to put two and two together. Her heartache momentarily taking over the surgeons clever brain. As they came closer she could almost make them out from under the branches. A male and a female both with tattoos. ”Look the track ends here” The woman responded. Maybe they weren’t after mushrooms but animals. How horrible hurting innocent animals for their skin and meat. It didn’t occur to her that she could be their pray , not until she saw the hunters wide grins as they caught her eye. ”You won’t make any trouble will you?” The woman asked with a chuckle while the male fired an arrow piercing through her arm. A scream of pain escaped her lips before she pressed them together determined to not give them the satisfaction of a praying prey. Pain was a new sensation for her. During her life she had been spared in that department. She hadn’t been forced to undergo surgery herself and never had any broken bones. It stung from the arrow nested in her arm as she rose to her feet to follow along with this couple and whatever evil plan they had.

Erythreus felt a great sense of sorrow crashing over him while looking into the eyes of the very woman who had made it possible for him to love again after having his heart broke more than once by others. Serena had never turned her back on him through his alcoholic ways, and she hadn't abandoned him when he expressed his feelings like others had. It seemed like the second Ery had ever gotten comfortable with someone, they ran the other way. It was normally easier if he stayed on edge, and never spoke of his feelings, at least it kept people around. Not Serena though, no matter how much he infuriated her, or assumed he did, she stuck by his side. And, truth be told, the Aspect was more fearful of losing the friendship they had built up than anything. But, he would have been lying to say that it hadn't gotten to the point where he feared his heart being shattered by her if there came a time where she decided to break free.

Her words then cut right through him, making it hard to breathe. "Not good enough for me.." he repeated out loud, laughter errupting from his whiskey stained lips to just the mere thought. "You're more than good enough for me... you deserve something/someone much better than me" he stated before dropping his head, grimacing as he looked at the floor. Even though in that split second where Erythreus wasnt in control of the words coming out of his own mouth, it broke him to say those things to her, and surely, with Serena being the person she was, she would have chalked it up to the alcohol, and that people only spoke the truth when they were drunk. That wasn't it though. Ery hadn't meant none of what he said, and somehow he stood here cold, not taking any of it back. He couldn't, something had even contolled his ability to tell her that much.

When she placed the necklace in the palm of his hands, Erytrheus stood there helpless, clutching onto it like his life depended on it. For a moment, he actually found himself wishing for death. He had wished just now that he had never been spared, to return for the role of the Aspect of Death.. all he had ever gotten from it so far was heartbreak, and more punishment than either of those two Valkyr brothers gave him the day they hurled his body from a cliff, dropping him to his own death by the ocean. A huge part of the Aspect knew deep down that if she walked out this door, no good would come of it, and he knew that the moment he had said all those hurtful things, that it would probably take just as long for her to forgive him as it had taken for them to get to where they were the very second before each of them had hurt one another with their words.

Watching her leave was the hardest thing the Aspect had ever done in his entire life, and while he wanted to run after her right then and there, his feet were glued to the floor, his body frozen in time, unable to move a muscle until she'd gotten hersel so far away from him, that the only thing he had left was an ear piercing scream matching her very own voice. Erythreus fought whatever invisible force that was with him until he finally threw himself to the door, using his supernatural speed to get to the source of sound, but what he arrived to, were only foot prints, three different sets and rops of blood, that he had immediately noticed to be hers as he touched the blood stain before rising his fingers to his nose. For a moment, the Aspect dropped his head, guilt stricken. This was all his fault, had he not been so cruel to her, had he fought whatever was controlling him better, she would have possibly still be there with him, maybe even in his arms.

After shedding a couple tears when the worse scenario's ran through his head, in vivid images about what would happen to her, Erytrheus tracked her by the footprints, and by the scent of her blood, being lead to an underground place, covered by the forest floor to make it blend, and be almost unnoticable for those who weren't looking for someone who['d just been taken away. Somehow though, no matter what the scenario was, Ery liked to think their bond had provided the sense of always knowing how to find her, just like she did him. As the Aspect pulled the door up off it's hinges and slung it through the forest with brute force, he carefully climbed down a set of strairs, leading to a dark 3-way tunnel. Which one she was in, was beyond him, but frantically the Aspect began in the first tunnel, until the sound of metal clanking together led him right to her.

What he arrived to, was nothing he thought he'd ever see. Not Serena. The sharp Valkyr who would have never landed herself in a situation like this chained up to some torture device, hooks seemingly plunged through both of her shoulders, and a jar of liquid sitting on a table with syringes by it, along with what he instantly recognized as the wood from a hawthorn tree. They had obviously planned to torture her before killing her. He knew what he was about to do would weaken him greatly, cause truth be told, Erythreus didn't find himself hving to use this kind of power often, and he rare occasions that he did, it took a lot from him, but for the one he loved; it was worth every painful moment he'd have afterward. A pair of laughing voices approached him from behind, but Ery was stuck, traumatized at how he saw Serena, unable to pay attention to those who were about to attack him as well. But, that's what he wanted.

As they sunk a set of hooks into his own shoulders; Erythreus gritted his teeth, hoping to bare through it just long enough to summon the hooks to do his will, by using death-force; an ability that only the Aspect of Death had. The Aspect of Death could  also manipulate nether, popularly known as death-force, to conjure, shape or manipulate any kind of weapon with perfect skill. As he done just that, he manipulated the hooks that sunk into his blonde Valkyr, making sure they swung over to the attackers and wrapped around their necks before sinking into their chest to pierce their hearts. He knew by doing that, it would put Serena in a great deal of pain too, but it would have hurt either way to get them out of her. Since Erythreus had only gotten two of Serena's attackers, he could only fear that there were more. Looking over to her, Ery shook his head, barely able to swallow the painful lump that had formed in his throat, knowing he had caused this. "How many were there?" he questioned before dropping to her side and tearing his shirt off to place over her wounds, but he knew those would heal on their own, it was more so to clean up the blood leaking from each of her shoulders.

"Im so sorry Fangster.." he then breathed out, knowing those words would have probably fallen on deaf ears. And, truthfully, he didn't really care about the apologies and being forgiven right now, all he wanted was to get her away from her, and go from there. Weakened by using his own abilities, the Aspect staggered around a little, feeling light headed; unable to fathom why this would or could happen to someone like Serena. IT burn him up just to even try to comprehend it.

Irony shined through their whole relation, the entire chase, cat and mouse game that had become their relation. Both finding themselves insufficient for the other. According to her Erythreus deserved to be with someone who was head over heals in love with him and ready to dedicate their world around him, in a way herself could and would never. A person who would put them first, unlike her who always had to put patients before anything else. At the same time he thought she should be with the type of guy her parents had tried to pair her up with. A sober man who’d take care of her, preferably a doctor, less intense than the aspect of death. Not the type of guy she saw herself with, the rare occasions she considered letting someone in. Being cared for made her uncomfortable, diminished like she was just an accessory to someones doll house. The valkyr needed someone to care for, not with the purpose of fixing or pitting but to not feel pitted herself or captured.

Shaking the image of Erys cold distant appearance as he spoke his mind, maybe the only true words he had ever said, was impossible and burned worse than the chains they had driven through her shoulders with hooks. She didn’t pay much attention to where they were going. There was no point in doing so. Her chances of escaping was below zero. When the sun hadn’t suffocated her powers she was still one of the weaker members of her species. Both because of her youth and that she hadn’t practice those skills. In her everyday life they weren’t to much use. In her current state with the sun reaching the highest point at the sky she was weaker than one human alone and an easy target so even if she had known how to fight back her odds would still be slim.

While they filled her body with liquid from the Daystar flower, a poison to valkyrs that would weaken her even more. Pathetic really she wasn’t defying them more than the refusing to make a sound. Her screams wouldn’t attract help, no body would miss her if she didn’t return. Aside from Erythreus she didn’t have any close friends. The Valkyr King was rumoured to have the power to sense all of his members their current state and location. Any rush of fair or pain would alert him. Putting her ruler in jeopardy, or anyone else was prioritised her selfless heart couldn’t stand the thought of risking putting anyone else in danger. Suffering in silence was better. Hopefully he’d not act on it if her attempts to radiate calm and peace while the burning toxic flowed through her veins. She wondered who’d take over her patients when she didn’t come to work and if Ery would think that she had left town to work at a bigger hospital now that nothing held her to this town. 

She could sense that she infuriated them with refusing to show her agony as they ripped her skin with wood from the Hawthorn, a lethal weapon. As they tortured her her mind wandered to her story with Erythreus that now had come to an end. Not one of those written in books for kids where church bells rang at the end. It was almost to crazy to be true, everything they had lived through. Perhaps it was all a weird dream and she’d wake up in the apartment close to med school she shared with her boyfriend, or in her room at her parents property. Life hadn’t become quite as she planned even tho it had been pretty close she had her dream job and was finally getting out of her shell much thanks to Ery. It couldn’t be a dream could it? If it was she didn’t wake up and forget the moments she had gotten with her aspect of death.

Familiar footsteps dragged back to the horrible reality was she hallucinating again? Being close to death the brain usually gave you one last look at the ones you loved to give you power to fight with the last energy you got. ”What are you doing here? GO you can’t be here RUN” Her eyes widened as the aspect of death came into sight. Her voice was barley a whisper as she tried to convince him to escape save himself before they took him as well. His part in the world was far too important to be risked like this. How could the guards let him wander around alone like this when they had gotten reports of several people loosing their mind and a guard presumed dead.

She hadn’t screamed when they had hooked her but when the metal came for Ery she screamed and threw herself as far as the chains allowed to protect him. Of course it wasn’t enough. Powers took much energy to use especially the mightier ones, she had never witnessed the aspect of deaths full magic, but when the chains from himself let go of his skin and trapped one of the hunters she understood that it was his doing. ”Don’t hurt them” the kind doctor whispered a little too late. Even tho they had intended to kill her she couldn’t mad. They probably had a reason to hate her kind. ”I don’t know I only saw these two but I think they where waiting for back up” She said sadly looking at the corpses, two more people on her conscience. ”I am sorry too” She apologised weakly burying her face in his neck and wrapping her arms around him for a hug. ”Lets go” It wouldn’t go fast, both of them were weakened but step by step, supporting each other they came closer to safety.

What happened next, simply made the Aspect want to shake her to death. Why would she have done that? To throw herself in front of danger to protect him. Tears had welled up in his eyes at the heartbreaking sight of Serena using the very last of her energy in hopes that she could save him from the monsters who'd already nearly ended her at this point. She had tried her very best with her raspy voice to convince him to leave, leave her there and save himself.. it was clear to the Aspect of Death how much she did care in that moment, but this was never the way he wanted to come to that realization.

Right now, Erythreus had escaped from this present moment, and travelled to the days where he was more of an animal, the days before Venetus had taught him how to live as a man again; his features were wicked looking, that of a mad man. All he could do was posess a sinister smile, just to be caught off guard by Serena's soft voice cutting in asking him not to hurt them, a little too late however, as their bodies lied there lifeless before him. Ery knew very much what he was capable of, and he also became guilt-stricken every time he had harmed someone by his own hands, he knew this would be no exception, and that maybe, he'd even be punished by the Gods who had granted him a second chance, to bring change among species and humans. But no one would hurt Serena.

Listening to her voice, as weak and fragile as she seemed right now, Erythreus grabbed her face, gently enough to turn it away from the bodies. "That right there isn't your fault. It's mine.. let me deal with those consequences, you really don't need to carry the weight of my wrong doings on your shoulders, but I can't help but feel like it was the right thing to do Serena. They wanted you dead, in the world I know, it's normally kill or be killed; sadly you don't get to choose an in between" he expressed, but he knew she was in pain, distraught, and upset with how he had chosen to punish the people laying at their feet. Erythreus could barely notice himself being as weak as he truly was, due to the fact that he was only focused on Serena and her healing properly. "Will you heal as quickly with that in your blood stream?" he questioned, referring to the daystar they'd apparently filled her with. Not wanting to take any more chances and risk the two of them being caught by the corpses back up, Erythreus scooped her up, carrying her away from the scene bridal style, using more effort than he'd normally have to, to get them both home.

Serena had done her very best too though, to support Erythreus in this very second. No matter what she ever went through, the selfless trait that she possessed had never faded for even a second. While being full of daystar, her flesh ripped by hawthorn, and holes sunk deep into each of her shoulder blades by the hooks that had bound her, she still made it a point to try to be strong for Erythreus himself, who had hurt her as well. Whatever had happened then though, Erythreus knew it wasn't himself, and he had absolutely no control over the words that were being pulled out of his mouth. Things he had never even thought of Serena. Trying to explain that to her though, was going to be rough, he already knew she'd blame it on the alcohol and tell him that people were more willing to be honest when they were drunk, but nothing he'd said to her, was from the heart.

It wasn't long after the Aspect had scooped her up, that he found himself collapsing to his very own bed with her. Both of them being supernatural and immortal, he knew they'd heal on their own. But, he couldn't help but fear that Serena's healing process may have been slowed by the poison still flowing through her blood stream. Using his own fading strength, the Aspect pushed himself back to the headboard, resting himself against the pillows, while the upper part of his body sat straght up, pulling the Valkyr up to him, holding her while she'd allow him too. While he had her there, the Aspect looked down as he ran a hand through the back of her hair, stroking it gently, finding himself unable to swallow the lump of fear in his throat. To think of a world without Serena in it, was a world Ery didn't want to be in himself. "I can't lose you.. and while i'm able to say it, I think I should. We never know what's going to happen next, we can be fine one moment, and walk out the door and nearly die in the next moment, so you should know, that I fell in love with you a long while ago, and there's not a single part of me that regrets it.." he stated in a low breathy voice before leaning down to kiss the top of her head.

Leaning himself back again, Erythreus closed his eyes, feeling as though he'd fade any minute now. He  hadn't had to use his abilities in a long time now, and he had forgotten all the unfortunate side effects from doing so.

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