Today was one of the darkest days for Mairenn. She stood there in front of the library with her shoulders slumped and a pout across her lips. There was a sign on the front saying closed for construction. There was a bad storm and there was apparently a leak somewhere in the library that caused some mild water damage and damaged some inventory. Not to mention the broken window from the tree branch just outside. It was already boarded up and Mairenn wasn’t sure how to spend the day. She’d never taken a day off from work before. "What should I do jinx?" The cat was asleep on the floor inside the library. Mairenn went inside briefly to fill her bowls with food, and water. She also pet and coddled her for about an hour. She couldn't wait until her future living arrangements were finalized. For some bizarre reason, August struck her mental and she tilted her head. "Think I should go check on him?" She asked the small and sleepy feline. The cat blinked slowly and Mairenn smiled as she nuzzled their noses gently together. "I think so too." She kissed the top of her fluffy head before setting her down and standing up from her position on the floor.

Exiting the library, she made sure to lock it. Turning on her heels, she twisted her lips and waved down a taxi. They stopped in front of her and she showed them a piece of paper with Mr. Orsino’s address on it. She got into the car and buckled herself in. She hasn’t seen him in some time, and she was curious as to how he was doing. He wasn’t as talkative these days as he was when they met. She wondered why, and hopefully being face to face would encourage him to talk. She was wearing an off-shoulder black long-sleeved dress and black baby doll flats. The drive was taking longer than expected, so Mairenn took the opportunity to jot down some books that she wanted to check out or order for her growing library. The sky was decorated with clouds today and everything seemed calm in the atmosphere. Lately it’d been hot and busy. She guessed that the rainy weather was a comfort for most people. Almost like a gentle- sometimes furious cleansing of both the physical and the metaphysical. It then dawned onto the valkyr’s mind that she didn’t warn the gentleman prior to heading towards his residence. Hopefully, he wouldn’t mind? She raised her line of sight as the driver played some upbeat music on the car’s stereo. It was nice, even though she wasn’t familiar with many modern songs and artists. The car slowly stopped outside of what registered as Mr. Orsino’s home and she took a deep breath. “Here I go,” she paid the gentleman up front with cash before departing from the vehicle. With only her book, folder and pen, and wallet in her grasp, she approached his door and knocked on the front door. She awaited a response nervously. Hoping that he was indeed home and not busy. Not only was she concerned about him, but she was developing a somewhat familiar bond with him. She figured many people determined it as missing someone. Something she hasn’t felt since her family passed away.

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As it was a weekend day August was sitting outside his home on one of the two wooden handcrafted adirondack chairs, to make it more comfortable he had bought and thrown down a couple colourful cushions onto each seat. The rain had departed, to reveal a bright sun which was warm on his tanned skin as he sat with papers on his lap, reading through them and making notes along the sidelines, all he seemed to do nowadays was either catch up on the things he had to do for work or sleep. Although life had been treating him better in the past couple of weeks, he still felt a longing deep set in his chest which loneliness seemed to constantly occupy. The spacious house behind him had lessened its looming appearance as his pain slowly turned to anger, he no longer hated being a home by himself but instead began to turn the rooms into his own design. However he still needed to go back to the gym as his toned frame was taking a small decrease in form, or so he thought. 

It was much to his surprise when he heard a car along the quiet road that approached his house, no one ever came this far out and it was one of the main reasons why the site was chosen. Gus stood up, his immense height enabling him to spot a yellow taxi, for a moment his heart paused as he hadn't been expecting anyone to call today, especially someone who knew the address in which he lived. Taking a couple of long strides forward he saw the young woman step out of the car and was approaching his front door, but he intercepted her with a gentle smile and a comforting embrace. He was glad that out of all people who could have came around that day, it ended up being her. Over the past couple of months they had become somewhat closer and he almost felt like she was family, "Hi Mari...what made you take a fancy to come here, don't suppose you've brought me any interesting books this time?" He questioned her his expression turned playful as he spoke, not thinking twice about offering her any refreshment, simply because he didn't have what she would need. "Your kind doesn't consume anything else right?" he asked as he led the small female back to the chairs which he had previously been sitting on.

Seeing August approach her, she smiled brightly and shrugged innocently. "Of course I have a book for you," she giggled as she embraced him in a secured hug. With their height difference, she felt the necessity to rise on her tippy toes so that he didn't have to bend over too far. "This one is called Deep and Dark and Dangerous. It's a fairly light read, but when reading it in the dark, little bumps in the night have startled me. It's a nice read." She offered the book to him once they were inside. She looked around the house and took notice of the differences he was making. "Redecorating is a splendid idea when it's time for a change." Her ears twitched slightly when he offered her a drink. She assumed he was offering her a taste of his own blood and she blushed. "I am capable of drinking other things such as tea, which I quite thoroughly enjoy. However, if you wish for me to have blood, I'll not deny the offer a second time." She took a seat beside him and smoothed out the skirt of her dress. "I came by because you've not been very talkative, big brother. I began worrying about your joyfulness in life."

Now that her mind was on tea, she was craving it. She stood and went into his kitchen to fetch a tea pot.

She filled it mostly with water and set it on a heated stove eye. She collected two mugs and set them down on the counter. "I'd like for us to talk about recent events if you're willing-" she returned to his side and grasped hold of his hand.

"I can start- I went out to lunch with a mid wife and it made me curious about children. I was disheartened 

because I realize that my kind cannot conceive. I am in the process of trying to purchase a haunted home. It's not actually haunted, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually were. The black cat won't leave the library so I guess she's mine now. And I'm without work until repairs are made from the storm." She hoped that by sharing her end of life, that he'd feel more comfortable sharing some of his own. 

He looked across at her, "Ah I didn't think you'd have know me not bein talkative an all that." Gus looked down at his hands, one of which she was still holding and his fingers tightened around hers easily as her hand was smaller, "It's been hard. Um...don't want to take my ring off" he continued swallowing the lump that began to form in his throat as he reached over to pour them both a cup of tea, but it was mostly a distraction to give him time to process the reality which he more often than not, refused to confront, "You gonna show me that new house you are hoping to buy?..I wasn't sure if I should sell this one or have it redecorated, but as you can see..." he motioned around to the piles of boxes and samples of wallpaper and curtains along with new furniture he still had to assemble. "Figured I'd make it more suiting myself. It's been just over two months with no word...not one. I don't want to think the worst." The males mouth twisted in discomfort and he swiped back his hair because anything was better than to show his raw emotions. Or so he thought. 

Turning his head to look down at his favourite raven haired girl, he felt a gentle smile cross his features, "I'm glad you're here. It's a nice change to have some company, even if you do insist I talk about difficult topics. I suppose it's for my own good." Gus lifted the mug of tea to his lips, leaning his elbows on the counter. He knew it was more likely that his wife had saw fit to simply leave his side and was unlikely to be in trouble or injured. At least he hoped for her sake that was the case. But as to why? He couldn't fathom the reason for her abandonment. The heartbreak that she knew would ensue, "What do you suggest I do? Get a divorce?" he joked as he didn't want to fully give up.

Like a switch being flipped his manner changed, as he wanted to focus on a different topic for a while, "Enough about me. How's work? Do you miss your little quiet home in the middle of the forest yet?" he asked her, getting up and lifting the sample books, opening them to the sections he was thinking of, "Which of these do you like best Mai?" 

Mairenn failed to contain her joyful laugh. "How could I not notice? You talked my little ears off for hours with that lovely voice of yours within minutes of meeting me. Of course that might've been initial excitement, but you have been speaking less and less over time. I worry you'll go mute, which would be an absolute shame." The slight adjustment of how firmly he held her hand did not go without her notice. She squeezed back slightly. Her heart feeling the weight of concern and sorrow as recognizable. Even when living in the woods, she still felt these feelings when thinking of family lost. Her eyes looked down at his hand and noticed the ring still on his hand. An urge overcame her, but she fought against it. She accepted the mug of tea after he poured it and brought the cool rim to her lips. Her eyes closed as the hot fluid slid between the small gap between her lips and onto her tongue. His question pulled her from her zen-like trance from the tea.

She opened her eyes and smiled while lowering the cup onto the table. "I'd forgotten-" she pointed to the book she brought with her. The book is a thriller genre, and she thought it befitting to hide photos of the home within the cover. "It will require plenty of work- you'll be more than welcome to assist or visit whenever you'd like. Surely you know I have no company," her words were light. She lifted the book and plucked the photos from the book. She smiled at them prior to resting the glossy pictures on his coffee table. "Perhaps for now, it is a good idea to change it. See if you feel- appeased with it. If not, I will happily assist you in obtaining a new home. A family fortune over a couple centuries of interest accrued permits me that opportunity." She released his hand as he started roaming about. Every small gesture of discomfort, she took note of; moving his hair, the pacing for example.

"Any person- that leaves without saying goodbye-" she tried to choose her words carefully. There could very well be a valid reason, but he knew of nothing and she left not a trace... "In the circumstances of which she left- is unacceptable behavior. Even a letter left behind to say why- even if without great detail implemented- would've been the closure you deserved. What she did was selfish, and the weight of guilt should not rest upon your shoulders August." She stood and walked over to the gentleman who was clearly swirling within his own mind. "I am a critical thinker and a digger. It is how my mind works, but it is how I help." His question said in joke, she took to be secretly serious. "You can legally divorce her without her signature. I did read that in one of the novels on marriage, divorce, and custody laws." When he flipped up sample books, her yes dilated to adjust to the new patterns and colors presented. There he goes again- changing course.

Mairenn embraced the man in a comforting and secure embrace. Letting the moment linger, she brought herself to pull away but left her hands placed lightly on his shoulders. "Let the weight lift from here," she then placed her left fingertips on his forehead and her right hand over his heart, "And let her go from here. I know it sounds soon- but you're allowed to. She created her own freedom, and in turn gave you the opportunity to embrace your own. A real love that will love you and stay by your side is waiting out there. Nina was not that person- but she gave you the chance to find them." She smiled gently and took hold of his left hand between both of hers. "I am truly sorry your heart was injured," she slowly removed the ring from his finger and clenched it in her right fist, "But now is the time to heal, and adventure out into the light." She was prepared as best she could for his retaliation for making a bold move. She then took the sample books and held up the ones she liked. "I like these ones-"

Gus sat there listening to what his sister had to say, his hands clenching together due to stress as she gave her words of advice to him, after all he had asked for her opinion but the reality of his circumstances, was a lot harder to swallow coming from someone elses mouth. To say he wasn't comfortable hearing them would have been an understatement. What he knew about Nina and how she had acted, seemed disjointed... but maybe after all those years, the emotion had finally gone out of her like the rest of their comrades back in Spain. He didn't know the truth of it, and wasn't expecting to ever find out. Mai was right, he knew he didn't deserve to be in constant pain, marking off every day that passed in hopes Annona would walk down the drive one day and open their front door, like she had never been gone at all. If such a thing came to be, he knew forgiving her wouldn't be easy. August loved his wife with every fibre of his being, but his faith in her was diminishing day by day. It would be difficult, but he had to consider himself, despite his want to remain loyal.. to keep hope.. 

At that moment, he was pulled from his swirling thoughts into a secure, warming embrace and he remembered his sister was there beside him. Human contact was more than welcome, so in response he wrapped his large muscular frame around her resting his head in against her shoulder. August closed his earthy eyes as he felt hot salty water prick at them, fogging up his sight, "Thank you, the support means the world to me. I will try my best to heal and find happiness but I can't promise I'll be successful." He said speaking the last part with a short almost choked laugh. Gus stayed in her arms for as long as she would allow, raising his hand to cover his chocolate brown orbs until he felt a partial weight being lifted from his burden heavy shoulders. Time drifted slowly by and the male slowly straightened up, his stature and looked down upon her, watching as she placed her fingers on his forehead and her hand over his steadily beating heart. Would it be possible for him to find another love? Did he even want to? He asked himself. He knew deep down that moving on was ok, but being verbally told it was acceptable as soon as he deemed fit, were words he thought he would never hear. The guilt he placed on himself for her secretly being unhappy ate at him. He did everything but go after her, the thought had crossed his mind, but he knew it was a completely irrational choice. 

Coming out of his thoughts, he took a deep breath, letting the oxygen exhale from his lungs, he was almost relaxed when Mai took his hand again. He was sure his mind was playing tricks on him when he felt her pull at the golden ring around the 3rd finger on his left hand, but before he could react she had the wedding band locked in her fist. Automatically he reached out to forcefully take it back as the shock of her actions caused a spark of anger within his being an usual reaction for him despite how naturally violent he had been brought up to be. "Mai...give me that." he said his facial expression turning cold and his eyes flashing a light blue, which was indicative of his natural electric element coursing through his veins. Gus' fingertips were inches away from her skin when he felt his element run up through his hands, so he pulled back a couple of steps to keep himself in check, "I don't want to hurt you. Why the f-" he paused licking over his lips as he swallowed the curse. "No matter how happy you want me to be, it is not your place to remove that from my hand. Return it." he repeated in a gruff demanding tone this time, touching his lips covering his jaw locking. If he had to he would close the short space and grab her even if that meant his hands would sent a swift bolt up her arm. Of course he would make sure it was just enough to cause her hand drop  his ring but not enough to cause any kind of lasting injury. Because he cared about his sister his reactions weren't as volatile as he knew there was normally logic behind her actions, but this was completely out of order. Even for her but if she gave it back, all would be forgiven.

She almost thought she wouldn't regret the move she made with removing his ring. She supposed that if there was any part of regret, which was undeniably sneaking across the inside of her heart, was hurting him; even if briefly. Her eyes glazed over with tears as she watched him. Inside her mind, numerous factors were taken into account and processed to deliver a proper result. The tension between them grew and the color of his eyes were incredible. Blue eyes- electrifying - almost instantaneous, for a split second Mairenn was caught in her own envy of his power. How quickly he could respond with it and how well managed he was with it in his possession. Contrary to her own timidness. She'd kept the ring in her hand despite his reaction. She didn't move from her stance or shy away. Not as a measure of intimidation, it wasn't even to stand her ground, it was solely her brains innate response to freeze rather than to fight or flee. His pain resonated within the room and between them. So profound that it resonated within her as well.

"A series of ingrained habits can be revealed within seconds- oh" she swallowed slowly and then exhaled a big sigh. "You've shown me two months in an instant- I took something special to you. You were shocked, then you reached to take it back but you hesitated out of hope that I'd return it without force being needed. And now you're hurt- and angry- and still in disbelief that I could do something like that because you trusted me-" she looked down at his finger tips. With her action she removed a bit of the trust he had in her. She has to endure that reality now, even if she did not anticipate to hurt him. She walked up to him and stopped less than a foot away. Her left hand arched over onto the top of his left hand, despite the electric charge build up. Whether or not it would shock her, she couldn't say. Her left hand only partially gripped his while her right fist moved beneath his left palm. She hesitated- she wasn't one for physical reminders of anything or anyone. She didn't want him to continue holding on to things that hold him back- but it is not her decision to make. That factor she'd well considered. "When fear takes over, we hold on to things we know," she left it at that as she opened her palm. Placing their palms together, she turned their hands so that hers was now on top and the ring dropped into his. "We're all capable of imprisoning ourselves within imaginary jails." She moved away from her brother and collected the empty tea mug she was using. In the kitchen she washed it and set it upside down to dry. "Forgoing emotion is abandoning one's humanity. If you insist on feeling then you insist on your own demise-" she repeated her mentor's words. Her heart started racing as she remembered her words. A gory image flashed before her eyes and she squeezed her eyes shut as she stood as statue in front of the sink.

His chocolate brown eyes fell on his sister, filled with dammed salty water again which he was beginning to loathe how frequently they visited his eyes and even spilled out over them when his emotions overwhelmed him. Much like this moment in time. With every new word that spilled from her mouth the pulse of electricity beating through his body in time with his heart, threatened to return his eyes to a bright shade of blue. He reached up and shielded his face to hide his obvious sorrow even if there was no point in that now, but he knew he could hear her coming closer and some part of him wanted to at least have his eyes clear when she got close enough to look up into them. Every step she took closer towards him he focused to keep the potentially harmful current under control, so when she did take his hand, comforting him with a simple warm touch he blinked and allowed his lungs to pull in a relaxing breath of air. She had done what he requested and returned his ring and he found his fingers wrapping around one of her hands to show her all was forgiven. August knew his little sister was only trying to protect him from his own destructive instincts but sometimes she could be stringent with her approach which caused him to blow a fuse. They both knew it wasn't the first time. 

Lowering his head the 6.4 strong male stood in his place as everything inside him settled and his mind cleared of negative thoughts. Everything she had said to him, resonated with him, she was wise and he knew it would be a mistake to not heed her advice, but equally as important would be doing it how he deemed to be healthy. If that meant taking time and cradling the pain a little longer, he was willing to do so. Healing was never quick. Not done properly anyway. Carefully, August pushed the golden band back into place, taking a couple of strides towards Mai who was standing beside the sink with her back to him, and without a second thought he wrapped his built arms around her torso in an affectionate hug, holding her to his frame, "Thank you for understanding, I...I know you are trying to help but...I need more time. My ring isn't a reminder of the pain but of the good days that came before, and it reminds me that maybe there will be better days to come. Not so...dismal." he explained while he remained holding her. "Lets go sit outside, shall we? Or maybe you can help me think of a new lecture subject. We are doing criminal psychology at the moment and I can't choose who to pick..." August paused and let go of his sister, raising his hand to playfully ruffle her hair. 

In her mind she was counting until the images went away. She kept hearing screams and seeing blood everywhere. 'Open your eyes' she thought to herself. She opened them and it was even worse! Her hands were trembling just barely enough to be noticeable. She was surrounded by darkness. All she saw was a woman's bloodied body sprawled out on the ground as Mairenn stood beneath a swinging white light. She squeezed her eyes shut and took deep breaths. Hoping it would clear the images. She slowly mouthed numbers as she counted her way towards ten. She was half way through seven when she felt the sudden embrace of her brother's arm enveloping her figure. She whimpered in shock to his gesture as it made her heart shiver and jump from her chest. But it made the images go away. Mairenn wrapped her arms around him to return his generous gesture. His words were kind and understanding. She knew where he was coming from. So she found no reason to debate on the subject. Every heart, and mind is different. No two are the same. "Better times will bless you soon," as their hug concluded, Mairenn tucked her hair behind her ears.

Criminal psychology? She'd read plenty on such things whether fiction or factual. "Have you cracked open the box of books I sent you at the end of spring semester?" She lightly poked his right shoulder, "No." She honesty couldn't guess if he had or hadn't. She just felt like poking a little fun of his random procrastination spurs. "You could do a sub topic of homicides using the "angels of death" typology. The instances of medical professionals ending the lives of patients for the sake of money, a twisted sense of mercy, pleasure, or just because they can." She went into his office and spotted the small box in a corner. She took a seat on the floor and started rummaging through it. "Or you can do an umbrella of sub topics. Name it something along the lines of "Under the Radar." The crimes, specifically murders, that are often hard to trace, pin, or prosecute. So essentially the medical field, sex worker field, the military, law enforcement, judges etc. How these peoples pick their careers based solely on the flexibility of committing crimes with little to no punishment for their actions. That's surely to keep the attention of students and make them think deeper about the construction of society." She pulled out a book and offered it to him to look through. Se would stand up and smirk slightly feeling proud of herself. Despite the ramblings within her own mind, she was happy to be able to help him. "So let's start power pointing?"

August looked at his little sister with a little bit of guilt in this voice, "Hm. Yea. Sure." he commented with an innocent smile towards her. He hadn't looked at the books she had given him previously and they were still comfortably stacked in the box she had put them in a few weeks ago. Walking over to them he bent down and gathered a few up into his hands, looking through them deciding that now was as good a time as any to look through at least a few of them.

Gus knew with her knowledge of many subjects and vast more years than him she would be able to help him come up with more ideas. He had all but exhausted his own, "Sis you want my job? I'll swap for your library antics for a week and you can go in and teach." he said with a smile on his face as he wiped the dust off of one of the books after he had sat down outside beside her on the same chairs he was relaxing in when she first arrived, "You mean these? Yea I've read them cover to cover, can't you tell?" Gus laughed at his own stupid joke and actually happened to be look into all the murders committed by Jack The Ripper, an unsolved case from the late Victorian era.

Even to this day no one knows who exactly was responsible for his crimes, or even if it was the same killer throughout them all, "Don't suppose you met this guy on your travels?" he playfully asked his dark haired sibling knowing the answer before she even got the words past her lips. Still it would be an interesting concept for a lecture as he tended to focus on more modern cases during this semester. It might be a welcome change for the class. "Wonder what would happen if you bit me." he pondered out loud thinking about it for a moment as he sifted through the rest of the books to see what there was. The sun was becoming low in the sky but he didn't really want his sister to leave, he would have asked her to stay over in fact, but he didn't want to mention it as he knew she had just recently bought a new house and probably wanted to get back home to it. 

She narrowed her eyes at him and thinned her lips together. "Sure, yeah, of course you have." She laughed at him and shook her head. "You know I send you things both for work and for fun right? At least I think some of them are fun," she stared at a copy of Macbeth and twisted her lips. "Okay maybe I'm a bit too old?" She stood up and stretched until something inside her popped. She exhaled heavily, and lowered her arms. She shrugged her left shoulder. "Sure I'd do it for a new tea kettle," she gently nudged his arm with her left elbow. "Library work can be very soothing or boring- or stressful if you get behind with inventory. But overall it's fairly easy. Easier than being a professor that's certain."

She thought over is question as she looked over to what he was referring to. "Jack the Ripper? Pretty sure we had a tea party once," she laughed. She took a seat and leaned her head over. "Uhm- I think it would hurt- you would be losing blood so you may feel dizzy or high.. Do you want me to bite you?" She felt gravity pulling her down and she flopped over onto her side while on the couch. She was a little tired but mostly she was struck with random laziness. In her right hand she still held onto the pen she picked up. More than willing to help him brainstorm and throw together a lecture for his class. Reaching over to the table, she scratched the words "jack the ripper" on a piece of paper. She allowed her arm to hang over the edge of the couch once she finished writing while she awaited his response.

He watched his sister lay down on the couch beside him, her feet were touching the upper part of his legs and he couldnt resist gripping her ankle playfully giving it a squeeze while he listened to her talk about how books could be fun, "Mhm, I am aware you love to read, but my job has dampened that joy for me since it is a large part of my work" he said, thinking seconds later how she wasn't sick of reading by that logic. August made a confused expression and smirked, laughing to himself quietly. "What you mean old. Don't be silly, you're younger than me." Technically she was younger than him in biological age as he was 50 and she somewhere in her early 20s, which reminded him not to forget her next birthday. She never usually celebrated it, but he wanted to spoil her this year. Maybe he should buy her a tea kettle or 10. 

Gus turned his head and reached for the Macbeth book she had in her grip, "I really like this story. It's an interesting concept. You're making me want to read it again." he admitted as much to himself as to her, "....You're kidding right? If you had there would be no way you could convince me you weren't doing that lecture on Jack.. You would be crazy enough to eat with the Ripper...or well maybe just eat him in general" he commented to her obviously sarcastic remark, but he never was sure with her, "I'm sure it would hurt but I'd like to at least feel what it's like to be bitten. Call it an experiment" he spoke out, his low tones lilting a little more musically now that exhaustion had taken over his body. It was way too late for him to be up when he had a full day of lectures.  At least he had prepared this weeks lessons in advance as he did most weekends. It gave him very little free time but what else did he really have to do? Worry? Train? Do something fun? August shrugged at his own thoughts, "Mai, if you want you're more than welcome to stay over, I've got the spare bed made up or do you want to cuddle me instead?" Sometimes she chose to sleep beside him, especially in the colder months but other times, if she was in one of her aloof moods, he knew she would take off to the only other bedroom of his house. This fact was amusing to him, being her brother an all he thought it was a unique aspect of her personality. They may not be related but they were similar in some ways, but that was not one of them. Gus loved company whenever he could have it. 

She giggled when he squeezed her ankle. "Oh no, he's got me," she fake yelped and waved her hands as if they were jazz hands. She let him take the book and she stretched a little more. She was getting very sleepy. She shrugged as he commented on her age. "We both look damned good don't ya think? And I Macbeth is my favorite piece by him." She rubbed her eyes and pouted to herself. "What vampire species gets sleepy at night?" She laughed, ironically at the same time her brother did. Her eyes widened a slight as she stared at him with the ripper comment. "Oh yeah most definitely. He was delicious, and full of juicy details," she joked.

She sat up and leaned on his shoulder. This was her first attempt at standing, and it didn't get her very far. She looked up at his neck and lightly poked the artery pulsing ever so subtly beneath his skin. "We can one day if you want. I won't treat you like a meal I promise." She started plunging her fingers through his thick locks of hair as if she were a monkey. "When's the last time you washed your hair GusGus? Let's wash it in the morning." She didn't give him a chance to respond or rebuttal. She pulled her hands halfway out of his hair when he mentioned bed time. And suddenly she felt like a child when he mentioned cuddles. "Cuddles?" She could go for cuddles. She smiled slowly and tugged him up from his spot on the couch. She felt a pain in her right foot as she hit her toes on the side of the wall. She jumped in surprise, "Ow ow." She stopped walking and looked down at her foot and then over her shoulder to her brother. She gave a shrug of her right shoulder, "I meant to do that," she fibbed, "Sturdy wall." The reality is she wasn't prepared for it and there was the smallest tear formed in her right eye. Leading him to bed, Mairenn crawled under the blanket started at the foot of the bed and wormed her way to the head of it. Her head popped out, her hair a slight static mess, and she blew some hair from her face. She waited for him to get into bed before snuggling up like newborn and falling asleep. 

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