The word, that Josefine Dietrich was missing was slowly spreading. After all, the middle brother had been searching anywhere he could. Handing out flyers to strangers he passed in the streets. Asking anyone, and everyone he met along the way, in case they seem their sister anywhere. But so far, nothing. No clues as to where Josefine could be. And strangely enough, he nor their elder brother had seen Daehyun since the night of the New York Festival either.

He was a fellow Niveis-and the one they had learned about Evermore from. Josefine, had introduced them briefly after she told him and Andrew about Evermore; since the blonde Dietrich had met the fellow Niveis first. Anders still wasn’t sure, what to make of the mysterious man. He had offered them a solution, to their problem. But now, they’re issues still weren’t over as his baby sister was missing. And that left Andersen unsettled. He already struggled to trust people, enough as it was. Especially when a lot of people were out to get you. Did he and his siblings make a mistake trusting a stranger?

Only time would tell.

It was that morning, that Andersen had gotten a message from the fellow Niveis. Asking for him to meet up with him. The middle Dietrich furrowed his eyebrows at the message. “Mhh, I wonder what he wants.” Andersen stared at the message for a few long moments; debating if he should reply or not. He didn’t know Daehyun that well. Maybe, that was the mistake they had made. They didn't find out more about him-before they trusted his words about Evermore and that they’d be safe. Maybe this could have been avoided. But he didn’t want to rush into any conclusions yet. Since neither he or his elder brother knew what was going on really. But it seemed, like a strange coincidence that his sister went missing, not long after they had met him.

‘Alright, I will be there in an hour.’ He texted back. Although, a little bit reluctant to do so. At least, the said meeting place was local. So Andersen didn’t have far to go, to meet him.

Whatever it was, a part of Andersen hoped that it would at least help them figure out, where Josefine went and what happened. Maybe the other Niveis knew something, they didn’t and could help? Andersen still looked like he could use some sleep; the Niveis hadn’t really gotten much sleep lately. Late nights, early mornings he was out and about, carrying on the search. Mixture of Coffee and Energy drinks, is what had kept him going. Not to mention his brother’s support as well. But the more tired Anders was; the more irritable and prone to lashing out he was. Most, tended to avoid him in that state-when they knew his temper. 

Pulling himself from the motel bed; he staggered into the bathroom. Turning on the cold water; he let it run for a bit. Before Andersen splashed his face, a few times in an attempt to perk himself up. Cleaning himself up; Anders tried to make himself, at least look half decent. After a shower, his hair seemed even more dishevelled and all over the place. Since it was bit temperamental that morning, it took a while for him to calm his hair down. It took him a bit longer than expected to finish getting himself ready. Anders felt like he was half-asleep and half awake. 

Getting himself dressed, the Niveis was rambling on about something to himself. "Coffee...get myself some coffee." He muttered to himself. Making a mental note, that once in town. He would be in need of such a beverage. Finally putting on his jacket. He zipped it up, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he left the motel room. Making his way towards the small park, where he was supposed to meet with Daehyun.

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Click. Click. Click.

The same sound emitted from the pen he's been clicking for the past hour resonated in the space of his room as he tried to wrap his head around the current matter that was bothering the snowy haired niveis who's sitting on the chair. With one arm perched on the mahogany desk as he fluttered his eyes closed, trying to search for any possible methods that he could possible utilize in his next recon. The pen clicking should get irritating after a while, especially to someone as easily irritable as Daehyun, but surprisingly since he had tics, it didn't prove to be a problem for him because it kept ringing in his ears for an hour already and he hasn't threw the delicate thing across the room and neither did he froze it.

Laid on his desk was a document, a profile really, of a female, one he knew decently enough to make assumptions on – Josefine Dietrich. He remembered meeting the Danish born woman recently at a New Year's Festival in New York early this year while he was around the area to help Alita with scouting. Coincidentally, he stumbled across a blonde beauty who introduced herself as Josefine, and from there, Dae knew he had to help her. The female sounded very uncertain but strong at the same time, so much it intrigued him and had successfully caught his attention, which is rare generally since the elder Stormwind didn't usually pay attention to others personally. But something about her piqued his interest, so when he heard that the youngest Dietrich went missing all of sudden shortly after their encounter, to say he was a bit worried would an understatement.

Dae is a slightly unnerved by the whole thing, because he was responsible in bringing them to the eternal city they're currently residing in. He took it as his responsibility, one of the many he shouldered the burden of, and now the person he reached out to was MIA? Something doesn't add up, obviously. A part of his felt immensely discouraged because he was supposed to bring them here safely. Word goes around that the two brothers arrived not long after, but still no sign of the whimsical female. So the snowy haired niveis did what he did best, keeping his ears and eyes out for anything.

Reaching out secretly, there wasn't a thing Dae wasn't able to acquire if he puts his head into it, it was one of the few abilities he had on him, which was made him to be a good soldier, in the first place. He had the mindset of one but still retained his common sense king title. Easily enough, Daehyun Stormwind is known notoriously for his pessimistic views and cold detached self, but also for his spying skills that would rival that of a mercenary, even. For the past week, he's been gathering information from around, tracking back from where she first went AWOL.

Daehyun got a few something but everything was too vague to piece things up, so he fished out his phone and send a quick simple text to the middle Dietrich, Andersen. Honestly, out of the two brothers, Anders seemed a lot more sensible to talk to without having the blond pulling out fists, because that's the last thing he really wanted to do. He didn't expect him to be hospitable too seeing as he's do the same if he was in his shoes if anything happened to Mirae. Actually, he'd do a lot worse. He wouldn't react on the spot, and show publicly what he's feeling but mark his words if anyone did anything to his baby sister, they're not going to live to see another minute. That's the thing about Dae that no one else could really try to prevent, he's a risky guy who will not bother you lest you bother him or his tribe. Fiercely protective over the people he cares, he would not mind getting his hands dirty if needed to be, so needless to say, do tread carefully when dealing with him.

Closing the file and keeping them inside the locked drawer, the elder Stormwind grabbed his overcoat anda cap, wrapping himself with them before making his way out of his cabin. Regardless of the fact that the chilly weather doesn't bother him, in fact he likes them, keeping a low-profiled life is what they were asked to do and that's exactly what he'll do. You don't see anyone wearing a one layered clothing outside in the snow and not wonder if they would die from hypothermia next morning. Unless they're niveis, really.

Allowing his wings to help him propel up the sky as he soared in the sky, his dark hues pinpointing the exact location to the park he used to venture some evening for fresh air. Once he did, he landed nearby, a few blocks away from the exact destination and made sure no one saw him. Glancing over to his watch, it seems like he's early. Good. He couldn't stand tardiness from himself. Dae made his way to the park and took a seat on one of the benches available, leaning with his back touching the cool metal encased around the wood.

Andersen haven’t really heard much from Daehyun, after their encounters in New York. Now all of a sudden, the other Niveis was trying to reach out to him? Why the Sudden text, out of the blue? That is what, had his brain ticking in wonder and curiosity.  Hopefully, he would get his answers soon enough. As tired as he was; he was sure he could pay enough attention; that his concentration wouldn’t falter. Even, if he was tired and it didn’t look like it-his attention span was quite high. Of course, with the different situations he had found himself in over his centuries of existence. He somewhat trained him, to be alert...even when he was feeling tired.

On the way to the park. Anders had passed a small cafe. Walking was quiet empty. Walking over towards the counter; he ordered a medium black coffee to go. Grabbing a small sachet of white sugar. A dose of high caffeine with some sugar, would help him feel more alert. After paying for the hot beverage. Anders peeled the small sachet open...pouring in the contents. Stirring it in...before he put the lid back onto the portable cup. Leaving the money on the counter; The Niveis left the cafe,almost as quickly as he entered it.

Not having time to stick around, there. He was taking sips of the hot liquid as he walked towards his destination. Not even buying anything to eat. Food, was the last thing on his mind. The mixture of the hot bitter liquid, added with the slight sweetness was slowly circling around his system. The more he drunk.

Reaching the park, his eyes began to scan the area around. Searching for the fellow Niveis he had agreed to meet. It wasn’t long before he spotted the snowy haired male, sitting on one of the park benches. With a change in pace. Anders made his way towards Daehyun. Whilst taking another swig of the warm beverage, that was in his grip. “So….we meet again.” The middle Dietrich breathed out. His expression seemed neutral.  Showing emotions, in front of strangers, or people he didn’t know so didn’t come to him that easily. But there seemed to be some sort of distant relief, in his gaze. Relief, that he was seeing a somewhat familiar face here in Evermore.

“You requested my presence?” His Danish accent, coming out slightly husky. Anders preferred to get down to business, rather than have small chit-chat. That could come after. Right now, he was more focused on finding out why Daehyun wanted to meet up with him. His words coming out more blunt, than he may have first intended. But in his current state of tiredness and general irritation, of not getting anywhere with his search; Anders barely had time for pleasantries. “I assume, it must be off great importance. After all, we’ve gone a while without speaking to each other.”

A slight yawn was threatening to escape him. Andersen doing his best to stifle it. “” he breathed out. A slight moment of manners coming to him. “It’s been a tough few weeks.” he grumbled.

When he got there at the park, the supposed spot where the two niveis were going to meet at, Daehyun took a seat at the wooden bench, leaning against the cool metal engravings on the edges as he stared at the sky above them with a blank look. A part of him wondered if anything had happened to Josefine, but prayed that nothing befell the older female since he was the one who brought them here, he was the one who prompted them to come, in the first place. Whatever happens, it was his responsibility, one way or the other.

The night sky was dark and dull, giving off a somber feeling, much like what the middle Dietrich was feeling, no doubt. From the corner of his eyes, Dae noticed the taller male from the entrance of the park, with a coffee held on one hand which reminded him of beverage he favored a lot; iced americano. God, how much the snowy-haired niveis could use one, right now. When he first met the three Dietrich siblings, he only got a glimpse of Andrew and Anders, and only knew Josefine on a more personal scale, having chat with the blonde for a few hours regarding her new identity as the Danish-born siblings emerged in their rebirth as a species they had no idea nor control over.

Daehyun recalled what Josefine said that night, while the night was being celebrated festively in a crowd, how grateful she was to find a clue to what they were and he understood the pressure on them. He too, much like them, was the same, once upon a time ago. However, Dae was slightly on the luckier side because he had a tribe to help him, though it didn’t matter much since all their abilities were repressed into carrying out their tyrannical leader’s orders only. The niveis kept a calm and composed self as the elder male came nearer to where he sat until he arrived just before his eyes. “Judging from your tone, you don’t seem to be delighted, not that I can blame you on it” he mused, his tone airy and leveled as he met Anders’ eyes daringly. Do not mistake Daehyun’s jittery nervousness as fear, he gets anxious just like any other being, but that does not mean he is afraid.

Similar to how they were phoenixes before, their emotions never failed to get the best of their abilities, and that stayed with them even after becoming the counterpart. Even the elder Stormwind had no full control over his emotions, which resulted in a few blizzards or rain here and there, sometimes. “I heard Josefine went MIA. I pulled a few contacts but haven’t actually tracked her down on my own, I’ve been a bit-,” carefully searching for the proper words to put in his sentence, the niveis pursed his lips lightly before continuing. “Occupied. I’m still under the orders of my chief since I’m within our community. But, that didn’t mean I left your sister. She was supposed to meet me at our territory, last week.” The bright light of the moon shone on Daehyun, allowing his pale complexion to illuminate the night, which somewhat made the snowy-haired male look a lot more intimidating than he initially was.

Noticing the hostile tone the other male sported, Dae would lie if that didn’t bring an annoyance click inside him given his temperament, but it never flashed across his emotionless mask. He could also pinpoint the exhaustion in Anders’ tone, which reminded him what the middle Dietrich have been doing all this time. Searching for his missing sister. His baby sister. Of course, he could relate. “My contacts said a blonde female fitting her description was spotted in Siberia last two weeks ago. I’m not sure if she’s still there, I couldn’t get a day to fly out.” The guilt accentuating his words made it clear that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but rather due to hectic and untimely schedule.

The warm liquid run down the back of his throat. Sending a strangle warm tingling down his body, from head to toe. In attempts to keep himself awake. But the more, he drunk; the more addictive it seemed to become. Just like, any other mortal things you could say. But Caffeine was one of them. Especially if you relied on it, a lot more often than one should to keep yourself awake.

Dae’s words, almost echoing inside of his head. Delighted? No...Andersen was from Delighted. Delight was the last thing on his mind. He rose a slight eyebrow at the younger Niveis. “Can you blame me?” Andersen wanted a truthful answer, right there from that question. “Perhaps, if the circumstances were different...I might have been. If you were in my spot...I wouldn’t expect you to be delighted either.” If the other Niveis, took a mile in his shoes. Maybe, he wouldn’t be happy either. Especially, if his sister was missing too. “Not to mention, this request came out of the blue.” Andersen pointed out.

If he could entirely switch of his emotions; he would. But, at times; certain emotions got the better of the Niveis. It was already, a miracle just how much Andersen at times; snuffed his feelings down the way he did. Trying to put them aside, as much as he could in order to get a job done.

Andersen twitched slightly, at mention of Josefine being missing. Someone else using the term, made him tense. Gripping onto his coffee a bit tighter. With how much, he was looking for his sister. No wonder, the word has spread. But to learn, he too was searching for his sister? That struck him as a bit of a surprise. He rose a slight eyebrow at Daehyun...the longer the snow haired male, took the speak. The higher his eyebrow rose, waiting for him to finish the said sentence.  “And you didn’t think to share this sooner?!” he asked-half demanding as his tone rose slightly. “If, you didn’t leave my baby sister, what would you call it? Cause, she went missing...not long after we saw you last!”

Trying to stifle the boiling anger inside of him, that was slowly raising. Anders bit his bottom lip. The least he could do, was let Daehyun speak. But his muscles were twitching. As he revealed that his little sister, was potentially spotted in Siberia two weeks ago. His jaw clenched bit tighter. “How long, have you been looking for her?” Andersen asked, his brows furrowed. By the looks of it, it wasn’t just the last two weeks, he was trying to look for his sister. But, why he didn’t tell him or Andrew earlier? That’s what he wanted to know.

Andersen also wondered, how his baby sister ended up in Siberia. And why? That’s if, she indeed was still there.

Daehyun didn’t always have the best choices of words when it comes to verbal interaction. What would people really expect from him? Someone who relies more on written words rather than one that would need spoken discourse. He doesn’t speak much, but shows a lot more through his actions; he’s a doer. Though the good thing about the niveis, he knows when to apologize and when to back away from any hostility he held behind his tone the moment he acknowledges the situation at hand. It’s one of his redeeming qualities, keeping him behind the lines from actually lashing out, given his history with his emotions.

So he understood where Anders is coming from, as he had stated earlier, he would’ve felt the same had the victim being missing is his own sister, Mirae, who’s thankfully very independently keeping herself occupied with other stuff at her own apothecary. “No, I can’t say that I can. If I was in your shoes, I would’ve acted the same. I too have a younger sister, my baby sister, who’s also just like Josefine. Younger sure, but went through the same pain just the same and is now living her own life. But a brother can never really stop worrying over them, can they?” At least they could relate on that particular ground of all things. A brother’s love is incomparable, after all. “It’s not what I mean when I said delighted, but I’ll forget about that,” Pursing his lips lightly at what he was saying, that also held a sliver of truth to it, he did just send him a random text asking to meet only one hour ago.

To see the guy your sister met the last time before she suddenly went MIA, it’s not exactly looking good on the snowy-haired niveis. But what could he do about the circumstances on hand now? Just roll with it is what he had in mind. He could also notice how the other male is toning his emotions down, trying to control it. It was frequent between them as a species in whole, everything felt enhanced and their emotions are the ladle to their abilities too. The way the elder male gripped on his coffee made him worried briefly, though he was careful not to let it show. It wasn’t that he was afraid he’d lash out and use him as a dummy, he can handle himself. It’s more to the fact that following down the path of being a niveis controlled by their emotions didn’t have a good history. He’s witnessed them firsthand and knew exactly what it’ll turn out to be like.

Following the rising tone delivered by the middle Dietrich, he clenched his jaw momentarily and scowled at the male before him. “I didn’t do anything to her if you wanted to know so bad. I came to her bringing a solution to your siblings’ problem. You were struggling with being newborn niveis, I was just trying to help because I know how it feels like to feel out of touch with the fire, believe me, I do” he snapped, gritting his teeth while doing so, right, his temperament reminds him during the time he was a phoenix, it’s one of his very dangerous traits when it comes down to it. Unfortunately, it didn’t cool down even after he became a niveis. “I took the liberty to conduct my own personal search for her because contrary to your belief, Mr. Dietrich, I am a responsible guy. She was under my supervision, so it’s only right for me to look out for new members that might join our community here.” Daehyun didn’t tread lightly when it comes to accusations, he hated it with all of his fiber since it reminds him of how he’s used to being pushed around as a child.

“I’ve been looking for her since two weeks ago. I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, but I also had to prioritize the statistics in locating her too. Until I could get any substantial proof she was really there, I can’t do much since my hands are tied” he exclaimed, taking his time to explain to Josefine’s brother, the one that has been looking out for her for centuries long. “I know Andrew would have gone and found her there if I’d told him, and quite frankly, no offense, but with his history, I’d like to refrain from having any reckless actions of a niveis occurring halfway across the world.” Something about them being where the niveis first originated and was birthed from, gave him a protective sense to protect the others who would follow them in the future.

As the young male reminded him, that he too had a baby sister. Andersen’s heart sank a little. It’s not like he meant to compare his situation, to something Daehyun never experienced before. Because, it was something he wouldn’t wish upon anyone. But at least, the snowy-haired Niveis knew, just how deeply he cared for his little sister Josefine. Because, he had a sister to love, protect and care for. Even if Dae’s sister found her independence here in Evermore. “Then, I shall hope never have to experience anything like this.” Even though he was agitated at anything; his tone was more sincere making that comment.

With his lack of sleep, he probably misjudged what Daehyun meant by a certain comment. But he tried not to linger on it too much. It’d probably give him a headache. With how tight, he was gripping onto his coffee; it would probably explode if his grip on it tightened even more. Feeling the warmth of the cup against his cool hand. Anders set it down on one of the benches. In case such spillage occurs.

Pacing slightly, near where Dae was sitting. He couldn’t bring himself to sit...let alone stand still. His emotions were raging inside of him. If he couldn’t calm down, there was no telling what might happen. And he didn’t exactly, want to attack someone that was supposed to be on his family’s side, someone that was supposed to help him. But if anything, emotions were a powerful thing. Wether, he liked them or not. Sometimes, the more he tried to push them back. The more, they’d come back; making him more irritable and angry. Why wouldn’t he be some sort of a creature, that had perfect control over his emotions? Instead of being a mess?

As Dae, reassured him that he done nothing to Josefine. Anders features softened slightly. Bad move, accusing him. He thought to himself. It wasn’t intentional? But the situation wasn’t looking too bright. “Well, the solution to our problem isn’t exactly fixed...not when my sister is missing! It adds to the problem!” putting emphasis on the word missing. Andersen had thought, that the family problems would be over. That they could find a safe place to be. But he was wrong. Especially, since his baby sister was now gone. Before they could even begin again-have a fresh start in a New City. She was gone. Which didn’t exactly solve, the issue in the first place. But, the younger Niveis had been trying to help. Was Andersen angry at him for that? No...he was angry, that he didn’t come to him sooner.

It seemed, like the young Niveis was also getting annoyed. No doubt, due to Andersen and his accusing tone earlier. As much, as he tried to tone down his annoyance. It was hard. Listening to his conclusion, about not telling Andrew  first; the elder of the two brothers would not doubt have gone straight away; leaving Andersen in search of two siblings-not one if something happened to him also. “And are you planning on telling Andrew yourself? Or do I need to be the messenger? his baby sister also! He has a right to know, no matter how reckless he can get!” Anders pointed out. His tone still holding a grumpy edge to it. His tone going between calm and angry, every few moments. Wether, he was ready to admit it or not; Daehyun was thinking with more tactics, rather than doing something on impulse.

Andersen hadn’t stopped pacing ever since he put down his coffee. Glancing up towards the sky, the Niveis growled out. “Why?! Why! Did you enjoy turning me into this? As if stealing my fire wasn’t bad enough! You turn me into a freaking ice monster?!” he yelled at the sky. At that point; Andersen was letting his anger and frustration out at the Gods. At the thin air and clouds in the night sky;for being what he was. “Are you happy?!” he growled. Before long, the Niveis let out swear words; his language quiet colourful. At least, he wasn’t taking it out on Daehyun instead. But opting to take his anger out, on what he was. In his frustration; he knocked over one of the benches with a powerful kick! The wood of the bench cracking, under the impact, as it collided with the ground. With his growing anger; the temperature began to drop. His hands were starting to itch.The air getting more cooler, cold enough to start snowing and leave the snow settled among the human territory for a few days. With the anger rushing through him; he was close to summoning a snow storm.

Had things been up to him, he wouldn’t even try to sweet talk or sugarcoat any of his words to another. Hell, he doesn’t even do that to his own beloved sister that he would quite literally incinerate whoever tries to hurt her in any way possible, or to Anivia, their tribe chief that he respects very much in multiple aspects. He’s notoriously known for his blunt and abrasive manners, but still held that form of respect somewhere inside that frozen heart of his. He knew when to stop, so that’s a pointer. Despite his transition to a niveis has passed well over 150 years by the very least, Daehyun still possessed the same temperament he had when he was a phoenix.

It never faded, and if anything, after enduring the cold hard years for so long, the pale-haired male only found himself inhibiting traits from within that would only make him more prone to explosion if the right person knows how to push the ‘right’ buttons. Thankfully, no one has succeeded before, neither did they want to. An angry Daehyun would quite literally cover the entire ground with a blizzard, which scares most people, seeing as no one else was able to discern the look on him. Was he angry? Or upset? Happy? Elated? No one knows. Even Mirae had a difficulty trying to reread her brother, though it’s given since they’ve been separated for an entire century that hasn’t exactly been lenient or nice on them. But he’s still sensitive, no matter how emotionless he came across as, so the topic regarding his sister always hits too close to home.

“I know I’m not in your shoes about Josefine. But make no mistake, I’ve lost my sister too. And the worst part is knowing she’s in the place where I know she suffers the most, and then there’s me, sitting just across the island, acting like a mindless drone of a soldier, abiding by the stupid commands given by a tyrant. I couldn’t see her nor speak to her for an entire century, Anders, so believe me when I say, I know how it feels like” he said solemnly, his tone remained grave and pained, but he didn’t let it show on his face. It’s what he’s good at, hiding before the mask he wore, every day. Dae hates it when people talk about the family while making it seem like he had no problems such as that. Just because he doesn’t show it, doesn’t mean it was non-existent. By this point, the entire tribe knew of his relationship with his baby sister, and how Coldren had mercilessly separate them both, torturing both of them from inside. “I don’t want to lose her again.” The pain from the first time was indescribable, and it wasn’t something he would even wish upon his enemies.

The snowy-haired niveis never left his gaze on the coffee that was gripped a little too tightly by Anders, while measuring the heat of the air getting to them, a part of him wanted to diffuse it by lowering the temperature slightly since he too knew, the heat doesn’t pay homage to niveis and would aggravate them more. Especially those who’s lived their entire lives surrounded by warm continents, and with the Dietrich siblings, he knew they were only 30 years above in being a niveis, according to what Josefine told him when they met. It was brief but the elder Stormwind could see the good in her, he believed in their future, but unfortunately, the poor girl had gone missing, leaving no explanation nor clues. Following the outburst of rage-filled voice from Anders, Daehyun sighed heavily and massaged his temples. This wasn’t going on as smoothly as he thought it would, and with one of them being frustrated to hell, he had to remain calm and reserved, or it won’t be pretty.

“This is exactly why I chose not to inform him first. You’re supposed to be the level headed brother, Josefine the peacemaker. Andrew is way too high on his horse to care about the smallest things considered trivial. You don’t think I’ve done my fair share of research? I’m not dubbed the spy of the tribe for no reason, I’m good in my work, which also tells me I made the right choice in telling you before him,” he scowled, no more was the reassuring smile plastered on his lips, but a frown creasing his features paired with a scowl. “Andrew doesn’t care about the rules, and I’ll be damned if I know another of our kind causes trouble halfway across the world while we’re trying to secure a permanent residency here” he reminded sternly. Anders might be older than him, but it doesn’t mean Dae was about to cower down. He's held on to this community for the most part of his life and considering their tragic backstory, they’ve worked hard to get to where they are now. He wasn’t about to allow some new blood to ruin that.

“I’ve learned enough from acting impulsively. It doesn’t end prettily.” When he felt the temperature lowering and it wasn’t him doing it, he knew instantly that he had to prevent this from spilling out from their hands, or it might attract others’ attention to their tribe. They are new, after all. The niveis didn’t flinch when Anders kicked the bench but instead stood up and bit his inner cheek in annoyance. “Stop, before I make you, Anders. I don’t want to do it the hard way” he warned, the snow trickling down to cover the pavement was increasing and unless he wants a snowstorm occurring in the middle of Evermore, he needed to take action.

Maybe it wasn’t so obvious, but the two had more in common than meets the eye. Both of them seemed to have quiet the quick temper, inside. Even if Andersen was doing his best to stifle it down. Whilst his elder brother, probably had the worst temper in their family; Andersen shared in it too. Everyone had their bad moments. Their downfalls. And for Andersen, it mainly had been due to the confusion of learning about the new specie he became with his last death as a Phoenix and rebirth as a Niveis. Daehyun seemed to know about the troubles, when it came to siblings. Whatever, had happened to his younger sister. Andersen didn’t truly know. But it seemed like it had affected Dae greatly. Even if the younger Niveis tried to hide the pain and guilt. Something in his voice told him, that was greatly affected. Even if it was just for a sliver of a moment. Otherwise, he found it tricky to fully read the Elder Stormwind. Almost like he was hiding behind a mask, he couldn’t peel away.

For a few moments, the Middle Dietrich looked speechless. Yes, he didn’t realise, he may have been in a similar situation, to know how Anders felt like now. Dae cared greatly for Mirae. Anders could see that. Any big brother, loved their little sisters dearly. “Pardon me...I didn’t...realise, you might know the feeling.” Andersen didn’t know much about his past. Nor did he want to assume. Maybe, he shouldn’t even ask. It seemed like a particularly touchy subject for the snowy-haired Niveis. “You don’t have to, tell the entire story. I can tell it’s a touchy subject...but I am sorry, for whatever it is you both endured back then.” Andersen said sincerely.  As angry and frustrated he might be feeling right now, he still had some sort of a conscience. He wouldn’t wish for anyone to go through a situation like that. It wasn’t fair on anyone.

Despite being used to it now, getting some sort of grip on his new found abilities. He hated and missed his former element of fire, at the same time. Wether it was the situation, or the heat of the coffee making him more frustrated. Anders luckily set it down; before the cup would have exploded in his tight grip.

Level-Headed? He wasn’t so sure right now. Rubbing his hands over his face, he sighed. “Maybe I was...but, I am not sure if the same applies, where my family is concerned. They’ve always been a priority. And someone trying to destroy that...I guess all reason is flying out the window, pretty quick when anger sets in.” Anders admitted. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep, that was making him more aggravated than anything else. Reason, why he couldn’t think as straight and levely as he would have normally. Whomever was behind his sister’s disappearance, would pay. One way or another. The Middle Dietrich, hated when someone tried to mess with his family. “Seeing, as you sprung this on me, all of a sudden. I don’t know how much research you’ve done.” Andersen muttered. Which was true. But, surely he wouldn’t have said anything if the details in the research haven’t been sufficient enough.  Listening to Dae talk about his brother. Andersen couldn’t deny there was some truth that. Even though his elder brother was gone for most of their existence. Anders knew him long enough to know just that. Andrew got into more trouble than anyone else in the family. “Nonetheless, I am not sure you want to take him on. He has the worst temper out of all of us.” Daehyun was younger than all of them. No matter, if he had more experience as a Niveis. But his brother and Dae going up against each other, was probably not a wise idea. Not with their tempers.

But Daehyun was right. The Tribe was trying to settle down. Find a good home for the Niveis clan. Yet his own actions weren’t speaking very well for him either right now. Temper seemed to be his worst enemy right now. He was half tempted to ask Dae, if he really wanted to go up against someone older than him. But Andersen wasn’t really looking for a fight. With a groan of frustration. The snow stopped after a few long moments. The cold temperature, around him cooling him off; especially after the almost coffee incident. He needed a bit of a cool down. Andersen wasn’t one to usually submit to someone younger than him; but Dae knew things that would come in handy, and no doubt was just looking out for their kind; before Anders would make stupid mistakes.

He groaned into his hands, trying to regain his composure slightly. “How did you do it?” he breathed out. A general thought, that was running through his head. Wondering, how Dae coped with it all; when he first became a Niveis. “Lack of sleep, hasn’t been of help in this situation...that’s for sure.” Andersen muttered.

Dae wasn’t stupid nor was he dense, he knew exactly what he signed up for, or really, not the full picture of it. But when he chose to follow Anivia after the fall of her tyrant father, he knew she would be a better choice to lead them into a far better life and he had sworn to uphold the promise he made to himself to create and offer a better life to other niveis, better than what he had. Most niveis are turned phoenixes, which made it extra hard to control their elements and emotions in one. Waking up to find yourself becoming someone else who could control the element you supposedly despised once upon a time ago, it usually didn’t sit well with them. He knew it firsthand because he too had the same reaction. Though he wasn’t given the time to adapt at all, he was thrust into the dark world. 

Anders is one of the perfect examples of the people he wishes to help, and recalling the incident a few months ago, he let out a heaved sigh because the last time he was trying his best to help them when they didn’t want it, he had to sucker punch the guy and leave him be at a broken club. Seeing the state Anders was in however, it doesn’t seem like the best option to use the physical part because honestly, Dae couldn’t be bothered at all. He’s been tired this entire month from working his occupation and then trying to separate it with his tribe works, it’s not as easy as people made it out to be. Especially when the elder Stormwind works as a bail enforcer. To many, he may not seem sentimental or emotional, mostly for the part where he was wearing a mask that was glued fully to his face where no one could take it off, lest for a few. 

He saw the look on him when the realization poured in, and sighed heavily, taking a seat at the bench, leaning against the cool metal and fluttered his eyes close briefly. “Look, I know how all of that feels. Losing your sister, your family… feeling foreign with your own body and emotions because everything is so different and you’re thrust into this new world while not being able to understand it fully or even half of it...I get it. But I wish you knew that you’re not alone in this, Anders, you’re not. There’s a tribe residing on the mountains, and they are more than willing to help you get through this transition” he mumbled, bringing one hand to rub the back of his neck awkwardly. “Unfortunately, I’m the last person you probably should go to when it comes to all that psychological shit because I can’t even sort out my mine, much less meddle with another’s.” There is some truth to that, Dae isn’t exactly the most hospitable company to get around, but he’s tolerable. In a way. Much like what Anders said, he’s right, he didn’t have to confide in him and tell his life story, but a part of him begged him to do so because then perhaps, they could relate better without any constraints.

 “Take a seat, Anders… I don’t think I can talk to you about this while standing up, it’s tiring and I just got back from a month long hunting.” As soon as he said that, he craned his neck aside and began massaging it momentarily. Hunting, probably not to the best word to describe his occupation but knowing the elder Stormwind, he’s never been one for sugarcoating. “I’m not gonna tell you my entire life story because honestly, reminiscing it sucks, it’s not exactly a story you want to remember. But I can give you a few parts where our story sounds similar in the aspect. Like you, I have a baby sister. Only 2 years younger but my baby sister nonetheless. Naturally, I would feel compelled to protect her like any brother and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing from then until now albeit differently. Mirae, that’s her name. The polar opposite of me, she’s sweet, outgoing, carefree… compassionate, basically nothing you can find in me,” he chuckled dryly, it was almost ironic to see how they matched up well together despite being opposites but then again, that’s probably how fate works. The world works in mysterious ways, after all.

 “I was a phoenix too, like the rest of us. I wasn’t born into this tribe. I and my sister were from another. We ran away, actually. Well… I did, and I dragged her with me. Long story short, phoenixes weren’t exactly accepted by the Initia right? You know all of that old history, I accidentally revealed myself after years of suppressing it inside me. I would’ve been fine, I would’ve led a quiet life and that’s fine by me so long as I get to stick around. My father was the magister, so you can understand how that kind of pressure falls on you being the next in line” he sighed, he could almost feel the ache in his heart because he left them without a goodbye. “And all of that because I was trying to protect my sister from a group of boys, fearing for her demise, I took her with me and flew away. I had to stand by with the fact that my sister hated me for leaving our mother behind, the one that has been protecting us since little. And I handled it. It hurts knowing your own sister hated you while having to be in the same space but I didn’t say anything. We found a phoenix tribe and for once in my life, I felt like I belonged somewhere. Didn’t last long.” The way he pursed his lips, Daehyun hated that he thought he was going to be that person. 

“I don’t blame him… they say you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming the villain. He was broken-hearted, his wife was killed and we had to run away again because being a phoenix is as close as you can get to being called an abomination in the supernatural world itself. He was suicidal, and he died, stayed at a place so cold our fire dimmed out. Guy died and well, instead of being reborn, he became… another thing entirely and that wasn’t the only thing that was different. His personality, it changed drastically. He was a different person.” He remembered how broken-hearted he was upon seeing the change on the guy he believed so much. “He became the very thing he hated. A tyrant. Tricked me into thinking I was free to leave because I couldn’t follow him into his descent to madness because he wanted to turn others like him without any concrete evidence it would work. I wasn’t about to stay around and watch my friends die. Next thing I knew, my choice was robbed from me and here I am, all cold and-” a sigh escaped him again, nobody knew that Daehyun didn’t exactly like being a niveis. It was a constant reminder of how his choice was robbed from him. 

“That was over 150 years ago, Anders. We lived in a tyrannical rule for 150 years, because it’s either submit or die. But we made it, kinda. If we can, I’m sure you can too. It’s hard being a niveis, especially when you’ve been so connected and one with the fire element, something you can’t even go close to now. And I’m not saying it’ll get easier, but we’re here to help.” For once after a while, there was sincerity in his dark hues. “I didn’t tell you because I needed to get evidence first, and I have, albeit slightly late but it’s there.” When the male told him that he didn’t want to take on the eldest Dietrich, Dae couldn’t help but scoff at his remark. “No offense, but I know how to survive. I’m not the strongest soldier in our tribe, even I know that. But believe me when I said my self-preservation skills outwitted others. I know how to take care of myself, Anders, don’t worry. Besides, I hope it won’t come down to that anyway, I don’t like to fight, it’s burdensome.” The niveis was often unpredictable, he is either the most impatient or the most patient, it depends on what day and time it was and who he was talking to. 

“When I woke up as a niveis, I didn’t have time to understand anything, all I knew was that I was handed over the soldier mantle. Our tribe… they call me the spy, I oversee stuff that happens and calculate the possibilities of success and whatnot. I was one of the first that betrayed our former chief, I divulged in others about his secrets. I worked against him under his nose and he never knew...What I’m saying is, you can start with controlling your thoughts and emotions. No need to dial it down a notch, just know how to go around it. Your abilities stem from that, it’s similar to how we used our fire once upon a time, but ice and water get harder for us who weren’t used to it. I’m always around to train with,” he shrugged. “Most of the tribe trains with me if they can find me.”

Andersen had been used to being a Phoenix. It was what he had known, for almost his entire existence. And being over 600 years old; that was plenty of time, to be in one’s true element. Some days, seemed easier in controlling the new element. Others, it felt foreign to him still. Anders didn’t think, he’d resent things as much as he did sometimes. It was an emotional rollercoaster for sure. Combined with the family issues; Anders was surprised; he didn’t explode sooner. But it wasn’t fair, for him to take that pent up frustration on someone, whom was trying to help his family. Andersen knew that, and did regret the moment of anger. Even if he wished, he knew the truth sooner.

As Dae reassured him, he knew what he was going through. Anders wouldn’t dare doubt him. Daehyun had been there, done that too. As he mentioned the tribe. “Yeah, honestly...I think that slipped my mind. I been focused on trying to find my sister, that the mountains and tribe, rarely crossed my mind.” He told Dae honestly. How could he focus on the tribe? Getting to know them, especially when his baby sister was missing? “Trust me, I don’t expect anyone to try and sort out my issues for me. I been used to dealing with my own shit,for a long time.” Or in this case. Family Shit. As his siblings were going through some things similar, like he was. Struggling. Wanting to find themselves. But it was good to know, that he wasn’t alone. Even if he had been used to,it just being him and Josefine. And then the last few decades, them two with their elder brother Andrew, after they finally found him.

“You’re a hunter?” Anders asked, his brows furrowed in slight confusion at the statement that left Dae. But nonetheless, the Niveis walked over to the bench,sitting down. As Dae mentioned, it wasn’t something he wanted to reminisce, Anders nodded in understanding. “Not everyone has pleasant past-stories...that’s for sure. You don’t have to give away all I said. I won’t ask that off you, unless you want to of course.” Ander was giving him the choice, to tell him as much as he felt the need to share. 

Listening to Dae talk about his baby sister. Anders smiled slightly. “True, 2 years younger, but she’s still your baby sister.” As he described Mirae to be the exact opposite of himself. Anders lightly shook his head. “Come on, you’re not that bad. I know, I pushed a few buttons earlier...but you’re a good guy.” After all. Dae had been helping search for Josefine, and was the one that offered his family a solution, during the New Years. Even if things didn’t go according to plan.

Andersen nodded his head. He knew the History between Phoenix and Initia all too well. What made his family all the more complicated, was coming from an Initia family. But the three siblings, were different than the others. Skilled and claimed in the element of fire. They were Phoenix’s. The Niveis was quiet, listening to Dae tell him the story. Anders couldn’t even imagine, following someone like Daehyun had, back in the day. To suffer for 150 years, under tyrannical rule.

“Well, that was….more than I bargained for, maybe.” He didn’t expect Dae’s story to be that. But there it was. “I am sorry, you had to go through that. I really am. But I guess, it’s true. When they say, that one’s past does shape you, into whom you really are.” he said honestly. It wasn’t fair for him and his sister to go through that, but here they were. Andersen could see the sincerity in his eyes. It gave him some sense of hope. “No, don’t worry. You were trying to look out for my sister..look out for us. I guess, I didn’t exactly appreciate your efforts in the moment. But thanks.” Andersen expressed his hidden gratitude, albeit a little late. But still.  “I just hope, all of this calms down soon.” The sooner Josefine would be home and safe, the better. Who know where she was, was she okay? Did someone hurt her? Those thoughts constantly crossed his mind, haunting him.

“It’s not to doubt, your skills. I am sure you can handle yourself...I just also know how Andrew gets.” Anders told him, when he heard Dae scoff. He knew just how his brother was like. So it was more of a friendly warning. The Niveis nodded. “Hopefully, it won’t come down to that. I am sure, we don’t need more burdens on us, than already dealing with.” Among his sister missing. He didn’t need Anders and Andrew trying to kill each other, if their tempers clashed.

Anders let the new information sink in. Dae a spy? That was new. “Well, you must be good at what you do, if you deceive him right under his nose, to help others.” Anders said genuinely impressed. The Niveis nodded, at what he told him about trying to control his emotions. “If I can get some rest and peace of mind, that might help me on that front.” Maybe he should consider seeking out the tribe soon enough,if his sister was home soon. “Well,I’ll keep that in mind...if I need a training partner.” he gave Dae a slight smile.

To the Niveis, he believed that his past was very integral in building this said person that still somehow resides within his physical vessel despite it not being the whole thing a person has to be. He went from a boy who had a seemingly bright future as the heir to his tribe's magister, to an uneventful prodigal protege who wrecked his own world by manifesting the fire ability too well until became uncontrollable and he knew himself to be a Phoenix; a mutant to their species. As if it wasn't bad enough to curb his fire wielding abilities, it affected the lateral part in his vitality of growing up in the Initia community. He only ever knew mastering the art of deception itself taught by his mother that told him it was important that he kept this a secret buried to his grave. Until one day, his emotions got the best of him and Daehyun emerged from his shell that was built from day one to ensure his rage would be kept under control. Everything that he's worked so hard on, his blood, sweat, and tears were gone in the flick of a second, just like that. All his future became jeopardized once again and the young lad was left to debate in his choices to create a new escape hatch by searching for loopholes.

 It's everything he used to direct his full attention on. To protect both his interest and others around him. To ensure his survival. Forced to flee and leave everything was hard. But it was a must, if he wished for anything good to happen to his sister and him. He wasn't about to waste the sacrifice their mother did so willingly. When he met Coldren, he actually thought the gleaming light was another chance for him. A second chance to start over from scratch. A new sense of hope. Until that too was extinguished by the very person who gave him one. The moment the blade was thrust into his back was the moment all of his hope started to deteriorate. Much like Anders he was sure, Dae was so close to the fire element when he was a kid. And just like Andrew, he too was the son of a tribe leader which meant he had the responsibilities of being the next successor. "I get being like this. Your sister is your sister, she's family. Losing her could make you go crazy, it should. Especially when you've been doing nothing but try to preserve and protect her all these years. If anything happens to Mirae, even I wouldn't hesitate to hunt those people down." His sister is the jewel of his eye, after all.

 "So fret not… I'm sorry for reacting so snappy and defensive but… I understand you, Anders." When he looked at this guy, all he could see was a person who had to look out for himself this entire time simply because no one else would look out for him. In a way, he could understand that sentiment of being alone. One doesn't have to really show nor speak it out loud for the other to notice, especially when they're the same. "That's just it, though?" He spared him a small reassuring smile, "You don't have to be alone, Anders. We, the tribe… They're here for you for that reason. Perhaps it's not your ideal family but they do work to make sure everyone is comfortable. There are not many Niveis in this world, or else Nivi would've sensed it. It's why she sent us out for scouting missions. It's why I scouted you siblings in the first place. To take you to our safe haven." Dae may seem harsh and cold but he is still warm when it comes to this. He also desperately wanted everyone to not suffer the way they did. Losing your guidance and identity… it hurts.

 "Yeah, I'm a hunter. I mean the correct and proper term for the occupation would be 'bail recovery agent'. But it's more or less a bounty hunter. You give me my clients and put a price on them and I'll drag them back for you. Only instead of being a freelancer, I work under the magistrate's court." He had no problem hunting down people who deserved to be put for trials. Dae chuckled upon hearing the other male say he's not that bad, "Maybe. Perhaps. I don't really know for sure… some people say I'm worse than I look though." He shook his head because he didn't want pity from him, "Don't be. I told you this because I wanted to remind you what most of us went through… that there is still hope for us. Somewhere. So don't be so gloomy about it. You'll find your place some day. What happened to us is a lesson. Take it as a lesson." He had no doubt Anders would live up to his potential.

 "Hopefully it won't come down to that. I don't want to have to fight anyone of my own kind. Especially if they were going to be in my tribe." The smile he adorned was a promising one. The snowy-haired male knew Anivia would help them settle in to find their place. Shrugging casually, he cleared his throat and snickered because he does pride himself in being a competent spy, "It's one of my pride jewels. What about you? Surely you have some skills you're good at."

It was bit odd, how many things the pair seemed to have in common. Both coming from rather complex backgrounds; that shaped and turned them into whom they were today. It was strange how fate worked, but here they were. Even though he wasn’t under the rule such as Coldren’s. The former Phoenix, knew what it was like to be different. As both him and his siblings; were Phoenix among their tribe. The outcasts and eventually hunted.

The Niveis nodded as they spoke about their sisters/family. “It is driving me crazy.” he agreed. God Forbid, if something happened to Josefine and he wouldn’t be able to save her; he’d never forgive himself. “I practically finished raising her. Our parents got murdered when I was 18, she was still a young child of 8-9 at the time. Besides Andrew, she’s all I...all me and my brother have left.” And it made sense, why Andersen was so protective over his baby sister’ practically raising her from that young age, till she was a young adult and could fend for herself. But he still had the tendency to protect her, no matter what. She was his baby sister after all. And Andersen could tell, Mirae meant a lot to Dae too. As siblings should.

Hearing Dae apologise, he shook his head slightly. “No worries. I probably wasn’t so gracious about your attempts to help at first.” But knowing someone was there, looking out for him and his sister, made him a bit more calmer. Anders slightly chuckled hearing his words. “Trust me, after so many centuries of looking out for myself. It’s new, having someone looking out for me. Will take a bit getting used to. As well as the fact, that there’s more of us around.” By us...he meant the Niveis. The prospect of that species, was still new to him; even after the few decades of being that Specie. But hearing what Daehyun had to say, it made sense why he seeked him and his siblings out in the first place. “Yeah, I mean...until we met you, we thought we were the only one’s.” Anders could tell, Dae cared a lot about the tribe. No doubt, it was probably like a second family to the snowy haired Niveis. “How did you even know where to look for us?” Anders asked, out of the blue. All this time, he wondered if it was just luck, or if he somehow knew the location?

As he explained in more depth, as to what his job actually was. “Ah, I see. Do you have a side-job alongside it? Or is it more of a permanent one?” He was curious. How many bounty hunts, did Dae get? But if he seemingly tracked down people with ease; he probably got a lot of business, like that. The other Niveis rose a slight eyebrow at his words. “In what sense, are you supposedly bad? I know we all have our temper.” he slightly chuckled. But he didn’t think Daehyun was that bad; if he was, he wouldn’t look out for his people, or try and help him find his baby-sister. It didn’t take him by surprise, that Dae didn’t want his sympathy. Even if he did feel sorry for what troubles he and his sister went through. Even if Anders kept a lot of people at arms length over the centuries; he still had a compassionate nature. But maybe Dae had a point. It was a lesson to learn from and grow. And life, certainly had quiet a few lessons for people. “You sound like my sister, when she tells me off being a pessimist sometimes.” he chuckled. It wasn’t intentional, but sometimes like everyone else, he had gloomy thoughts.

It wasn’t hard to tell, that Dae prided himself on that job. Just the way he lit up about it, was obvious. “I can tell.” he said with a light chuckle. When he asked about him, Anders thought back on his job. “I used to work as a Chemical Engineer. I guess, I’ve always been of a scientific mind. I know some say, that being stuck in a lab all day; is boring. But if you’re curious and love to learn about the different process, of what actually happens. Then it’s quite interesting.”The odd occasion an incident could happen in labs, if someone wasn’t being careful. But he had only seen that happen a few times, with newbies. The process of then, making sure everything was fully cleaned and safe; was a long one.


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