The word, that Josefine Dietrich was missing was slowly spreading. After all, the middle brother had been searching anywhere he could. Handing out flyers to strangers he passed in the streets. Asking anyone, and everyone he met along the way, in case they seem their sister anywhere. But so far, nothing. No clues as to where Josefine could be. And strangely enough, he nor their elder brother had seen Daehyun since the night of the New York Festival either.

He was a fellow Niveis-and the one they had learned about Evermore from. Josefine, had introduced them briefly after she told him and Andrew about Evermore; since the blonde Dietrich had met the fellow Niveis first. Anders still wasn’t sure, what to make of the mysterious man. He had offered them a solution, to their problem. But now, they’re issues still weren’t over as his baby sister was missing. And that left Andersen unsettled. He already struggled to trust people, enough as it was. Especially when a lot of people were out to get you. Did he and his siblings make a mistake trusting a stranger?

Only time would tell.

It was that morning, that Andersen had gotten a message from the fellow Niveis. Asking for him to meet up with him. The middle Dietrich furrowed his eyebrows at the message. “Mhh, I wonder what he wants.” Andersen stared at the message for a few long moments; debating if he should reply or not. He didn’t know Daehyun that well. Maybe, that was the mistake they had made. They didn't find out more about him-before they trusted his words about Evermore and that they’d be safe. Maybe this could have been avoided. But he didn’t want to rush into any conclusions yet. Since neither he or his elder brother knew what was going on really. But it seemed, like a strange coincidence that his sister went missing, not long after they had met him.

‘Alright, I will be there in an hour.’ He texted back. Although, a little bit reluctant to do so. At least, the said meeting place was local. So Andersen didn’t have far to go, to meet him.

Whatever it was, a part of Andersen hoped that it would at least help them figure out, where Josefine went and what happened. Maybe the other Niveis knew something, they didn’t and could help? Andersen still looked like he could use some sleep; the Niveis hadn’t really gotten much sleep lately. Late nights, early mornings he was out and about, carrying on the search. Mixture of Coffee and Energy drinks, is what had kept him going. Not to mention his brother’s support as well. But the more tired Anders was; the more irritable and prone to lashing out he was. Most, tended to avoid him in that state-when they knew his temper. 

Pulling himself from the motel bed; he staggered into the bathroom. Turning on the cold water; he let it run for a bit. Before Andersen splashed his face, a few times in an attempt to perk himself up. Cleaning himself up; Anders tried to make himself, at least look half decent. After a shower, his hair seemed even more dishevelled and all over the place. Since it was bit temperamental that morning, it took a while for him to calm his hair down. It took him a bit longer than expected to finish getting himself ready. Anders felt like he was half-asleep and half awake. 

Getting himself dressed, the Niveis was rambling on about something to himself. "Coffee...get myself some coffee." He muttered to himself. Making a mental note, that once in town. He would be in need of such a beverage. Finally putting on his jacket. He zipped it up, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he left the motel room. Making his way towards the small park, where he was supposed to meet with Daehyun.

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Dae wasn't expecting for Anders to give up without a fight but a part of him also desperately hoped that it wouldn't come down to such a measure because the last thing the snowy-haired Niveis wanted to do to one of the people he scouted, to hold an ill feeling towards him. He's not the best guy to make friends with, perhaps. He's a stubborn pain in the ass sometimes, but it doesn't change the fact that he would give everything for the people he cares for; namely his sister, his tribe, hIs friends. And right now? If Andrew would be threatening the peace to their stronghold for a tribe, he couldn't handle that. Not when he was about to leave Evermore to find his own settlement in peace. He couldn't leave like this. "And I understand that. I mean I can't pretend to understand the pain of seeing your sister being taken away because different people have it different. We may be the same but it doesn't feel as quite. Though I promise you I try to empathize with you on that. Josefine is strong, she's one of the most resilient women I've ever met and believe me, in my experience? I had a fair share of them" he mumbled softly, he's met strong women who knew how to take care of others, much less themselves. Anivia is one of them. Mirae too. 

When Anders told him regarding their parents, he pursed his lips and sighed, "I'm sorry for your loss." He would talk about his parents or past too but it doesn't seem like the best time to be doing so, and it wasn't as if Daehyun wanted to reminisce those bitter memories that still haunts him in his sleep and reopen his wounds. The wounds he was sure never healed properly. When the other male admitted his wrongs, he chuckled and shrugged absentmindedly, "Well, don't worry. You're not the first to do that. I have plenty of quarrels with a few others. I didn't like to resort to violence though. I may not look warm but believe me, I don't like violence anymore than it was necessary." Dae wanted to live a peaceful life and what better way to ensure that by making sure he strays far away from the path that would take that from him?

 "Our tribe is the first one, I imagine. We existed for centuries as phoenixes, well… I'm only 180 years old this year but I've lived 150 of those as a Niveis, the same age as our chief. I was there when she was born and I was there when her father went berserk and crazy on us" It was such a bad part of his life, reminiscing Coldren's cruelty didn't make him sleep any better at night considering he was part of his security personnel and had to watch a lot of cruelty going on. "40 years ago, when our chief took command, she sent our scouting missions. To find more people like us, to find a place for us to settle in, everything. We knew people would be scared once they woke up as a Niveis. It's natural. Having your fire dimmed and erased only to be replaced with the element you grew up hating? Not surprised." 

He fiddled with his necklace, a metal one that had his family's symbol when they were Initia, well, Phoenix for him, "Our chief has a psychic connection with all the Niveis. It's her gift. So she knows exactly where to find people like us. I wasn't on the scouting member team, I'm a spy, I collect intel for a living and I report back to my chief every month. But I happened to stumble across Josefine during the New Year's Eve party in New York and I thought, why not?" The moment he was asked about his job as a bounty hunter, Dae snickered wryly and shrugged casually, "It's a freelance thing. I do it because I'm good at what I do. I'm agile and quick, I was also a soldier, a spy my whole life as a Niveis, so why not make use of what I can do right?" Because he could capture people who deserved to be tried for their crimes, he felt better for it. 

"I'm bad because people say I'm emotionless. When I lost my sister, I went crazy inside and it never came out because Coldren didn't want weakness. People thought I was this cold-hearted bastard and I guess they say I have a lot of pent up anger inside of me that never got diffused. There's a theory of my tribe saying I'll go berserk when I finally had enough" well, he was inclined to believe it too honestly, "I'm hoping it doesn't come to that." Of course, Dae knew what he worked formerly as, he had a lot of intel on the Niveis, in or out of the community. He just wanted to see if Anders was being truthful and he was, prompting a smile to grace his features. "I know you haven't been a Niveis for long. 36 years was it? How are you coping right now? Any… difficulties? Anything you don't understand?"

No matter how he was feeling; Anders wasn’t looking to fight Dae. Not really. His anger and high emotions got in the way; he could happily admit that. The fact, that his sister was missing; had been energy and time draining. Anger would cause him more energy drained; he didn’t need that. But Dae was on his side; so not all was lost. There was hope right? They could find Josie, and everything would be alright? Or at least, that’s the outcome that Andersen was hoping for. No doubt his baby sister might be marked by the kidnapping, one way or another. He just hoped, nothing too physical; or Anders wouldn’t think twice about sparing the lives of those that dared to hurt her. The Elder Stormwind’s prospective indeed was helpful. Somehow, his words helping him feel some sort of calmness. Knowing, he wasn’t alone and that Dae understood him. Even if they had been in different, yet similar situations. Not every case was the same; that was for sure. “Yeah, I am not asking you too...I you said. Everyone has it different. No two incidents are the same...neither are people.” Anders replied; letting him know he understood where Dae was coming from. When Dae called Josefine strong; Anders felt a sense of accomplishment. That raising her; teaching her the best he could; turned her into such a strong young woman. “I know she is...but still…” he sighed slightly. “I am pretty sure, this would be one of those moments, she’d tell me to stop babying her so much.” But being the elder brother, he couldn’t help it much. He’d always look out for her; wether she was grown and capable of taking care of herself or not.

When Dae expressed his condolences on the loss of his parents. Anders just gave a slight nod. Even though it was in the past; it was a subject majorly untouched. What happened...happened. Should stay buried in the past right? “Yeah, let’s just say my temper isn’t my friend.” Although, he wasn’t as bad as Andrew. So that was good. But that moment had luckily blown over; before he’d cause trouble for the tribe, he wasn’t officially a part of just yet.

Hearing, this tribe was indeed the first one; it just showed how rare a Niveis was. “No wonder, I haven’t heard of the species least not until me and my siblings turned.” For most of his existence; Andersen had been a Phoenix. And he was well over 600 years old. So it was a long time not knowing, their counter parts; the Niveis actually existed; until he became one himself. His eyebrow rose slightly in surprise, when Dae mentioned knowing their tribe leader; since the moment she was born. “Well...I imagine watching the tribe’s leader growing up, must have been interesting.” To see Anivia be a small baby, a young child caught in the mess that her father had made; to eventually rising up and being the leader their people needed.

The Middle Dietrich nodded, as Dae mentioned how Anivia sent the others on scouting missions. It made sense. Only way to seek out, more people like them. “Yeah, weird just suddenly switching elements like that…”Although, weird did not even describe it. Now how he felt about it at first.

Anders noticed the necklace, Dae was fiddling with. Judging; it belonged to his family/tribe back in his Phoenix days. But didn’t ask; as he was more focused on what Daehyun was telling him. “ that’s mighty impressive.” Anders breathed out, as he mentioned Anivia’s special talent. And it probably was a fast way; for her to get a reading on where all the Niveis were. Andersen thought back on the New York, New Year’s Party. Josefine seemed so happy, to have met a new friend/someone like them; they didn’t need to feel like outsiders anymore. “Yeah, I think Josie might have been the most excited to met you.” he said honestly, but gave him a smile. “But you finding us, did help alot. We thought we were the only one’ this.” He spoke, referring to being a Niveis.

The Danish-German male nodded, as Dae explained some more about his job. “Good use of your skils,I suppose. Otherwise, they’d be going to waste.” He supposed. If Dae was good at what he did, why not? At least, he helped bring justice to the world; by helping hunt down the bad people.

He rose a slight eyebrow, as Daehyun explained why people thought he was so bad. And to think, that Anders was the Impassive one; but lately. The Niveis was showing more emotion than he was used to. “You’re not that bad, trust me. If you were as everyone said wouldn’t be helping track down Josefine...or care about the future of the tribe.” He quirked his brow slightly. “And you believe such a myth?” If Andersen would have heard it; it would probably go to his head too...but drive him crazy; with how people can stir up such rumors. Hopefully it was just that. Dae didn’t seem like he’d snap at any moment. “But if there’s anger bubbling in there...I’d suggest, finding ways to get it out.” Gym was a good place for that.

As Dae asked how long he was a Niveis; Andersen nodded. “Yeah,36 years. I suppose in Niveis’s still pretty fresh.” He confirmed. “Besides the constant battle,between hating and missing my fire? I suppose, I caught onto my new abilities more quickly now. It took some time.” But once he tapped into the new element; it seemed to come more naturally. “The whole rebirthing business? That’s the one thing, I am not sure on now...that we control ice.” Anders heard a few rumors; but he wasn’t sure what was right and what was wrong.

He understood where Anders is coming from, of course he does, Dae is also a brother, who had a sister he was forced to be separated with for over a century. He couldn’t imagine the pain the other male must’ve felt even if they were only separated for good few months. There was no comparison to this, months, years, centuries, it all comes down to one same thing. It was why he didn’t try to downplay or undermine his worries. It was perfectly warranted and justified. “I get you, she’s still your baby sister, even if she’s 600 years old. She can be 6000 and she is still your sister, your responsibility. It’s a weight only siblings can get to experience.” He does hope that they’ll manage to locate Josefine as soon as possible though. He really wished that she would come back unharmed because the youngest Dietrich is quite the kind soul. They don’t have a lot of those and the elder Stormwind tends to look out for one of their own. 

There weren’t many Niveis to begin with, and now with proper protection and a home, maybe things will turn out to be better. When Anders said temper wasn’t his friend, Daehyun chuckled because it was ironic, most Phoenixes have quite the temper to suit them. “Ironically, most of us have quite a temper. I remember mine when I was a Phoenix. Not that I would often lash out but… people don’t like to poke me for the same reasons applied either.” Well, now even as a Niveis, Dae still retained that part of him. It never quite flew away. But thankfully, he’s quiet and reserved most of the time. Most in the tribe knew of his temper though, it was probably why no one tried to poke the Niveis too much unless they wish to suffer the other part of him that will most definitely not bring a good outcome for a result.

 “Yeah, the first Niveis was from our former chief. He reemerged as another being entirely and forced the rest to follow suit. Let’s just say that being killed by your own trusted confidant isn’t the way I thought I was gonna go” he chuckled bitterly, oh he will never forget that part. Ever. “But I didn’t bore the same grudge to his daughter who grew up to be a fine leader for us. I’m only about 30 years older than her but yeah, I practically witnessed her birth and how she grew up.” Before everything, Dae was a member of Coldren’s security detail, though he may not be his bodyguard for the clear resentment anyone can see he exuded, he was still a soldier in his regime while being a spy for the other side. He helped them overthrow the tyrant and he was glad for it. It didn’t mean that the Niveis found any peace in anything though. He still felt lost.

 “I was just chilling then, I was supposed to be resting but then I saw Josefine” Admittedly, she caught his attention because hey, she’s a beauty and Dae is pretty much easy to check, but her brother does not need to know that. “She seemed pretty excited, yeah.” A reassuring smile crept up to him pretty quickly when Anders told him he wasn’t as cold as people thought he is, “People believe what they want to believe, I guess.” It wasn’t exactly new. When asked if he believed the theory, Dae shrugged absentmindedly, “I mean, I can be pretty unpredictable. So I’m not surprised if that’s true.” It didn’t bother him much, if he allowed what each would say, get to him, then he’ll never get over it. So what’s the point? “There are plenty of ways to let out, sometimes we train. At the mountain tops yeah. You’re free to come, maybe we can practice with each other.”

He found incredible solace in practicing his element, it just feels one with him, even if he wasn’t the biggest fan of his transition to Niveis. One way or another, you have to accept yourself. “If you have any questions about being a Niveis, feel free to ask, those I can provide an answer for, I will answer. I’m guessing you haven’t met Anivia yet? Or anyone from the tribe?”

It was a relief for the middle Dietrich; that Dae understood him on that high a level. It’s not that Andrew didn’t get him. Of course he did too. But the fact that his elder brother had been awal; most of his and Josefine’s existence. It sometimes made it hard; as the elder brother was still in effect learning how to be a sibling sometimes. It could feel a bit awkward. Anders understood that his elder brother had been used to being alone; fending for himself. That was until he and Josefine had found him, and put the family back together. “Yeah, suppose sometimes it’s hard to think of her as a grown woman.” Most of the time, he still saw Josefine; as her younger self. But of course, she was old enough to fend for herself. But with the enemies their family had/and possibly those that their brother mainly had. It was no wonder that the Niveis worried as much as he did. “If you get any more leads/updates, let me know as soon as you can.” Looking hopeful. Anders needed to be in the loop. At least, it’d give him a peace of mind, if he knew what was going on; with Daehyun giving him updates. 

Andersen wasn’t sure how big of a tribe the Niveis had. Besides his siblings; the only other Niveis that he knew was Dae. But he couldn’t say it was that large; since it seemed like a fairly new species to everyone; including himself. “Yeh, I think most people would have to have a bit of a death wish, when provoking temperamental Phoenix’.” tt wasn’t wise to mess with someone that had a temper to begin with. Let alone, with someone that could have roasted them on the spot; unless someone was really stupid and liked pushing people’s buttons. But from Anders knew about the other Niveis; Dae was a pretty cool guy. All in all, the two got along. Since he was still fairly new to the city; Dae was one of the main connections he had; that he saw himself having a growing friendship with.

Nodding his head slightly, as Daehyun explained that the former chief of the tribe was the first. “Makes sense, why me and my siblings haven’t heard about the species...until we were reborn as Niveis ourselves.” Making a slight face. Yeah, being killed like that; definitely did not sound like a nice way to go. But then again, no way of dying sounded fun. “I mean, it wouldn’t be fair to her. It’s not her fault, how her father turned out to be.” He agreed, when Dae mentioned bearing no grudge towards Anivia. That wouldn’t have made much sense; blaming the Chief’s daughter for his actions. “At least,she saved the tribe for him.” That was one way to look at it. Anders was still trying to wrap his mind around the fact; that Daehyun knew Anivia from birth. But no doubt, the two must have had a deep friendship because of it. Andersen was still living his Phoenix life; on the search for his elder brother with Josefine then. Whilst the Niveis tribe suffered under the rule of Coldren. What two different perspectives on life and suffering. Yet their kind, found their way to the tribe; one way or another.

Andersen nodded. Josefine was hard to miss. She always seemed to lure people in with her beauty and smile. Much to his dislike; when men chased after his sister. Being the protective brother; he wanted what was best for her and for her to be happy; not for someone to shatter her heart. The people in this world could be cruel like that. “Her excitement is usually very noticeable.” he said with a chuckle. Remembering the happier times of the New Year’s Party; made him smile. “Tell me about it.” When it came to believing things; some people believed in very whacky stuff; some of it was absurd really. Especially when believers went out of their way to prove something. “Unpredictable, doesn’t mean destined physco.” Anders, said in a joking tone. If Dae would snap; hopefully it wouldn’t be as bad; like what the tribe spoke off. That sounded like a thought to try and scare people. At the mention of training; the Dietrich nodded. “That sounds,like a good way to blow off some steam. I could use that.” However, he wasn’t sure about Daehyun’s schedule, especially with the search for his sister. But he was sure, the two would come to some arrangements; or run into each other up there.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I am sure few questions might spring to mind, every once in a while.” He admitted. At the mention of Anivia and the tribe; he shook his head. “No, I haven’t. You’re the only one, I know.” He wasn’t sure if his brother knew any other Niveis yet. Andrew didn’t mention that (Anders and Anivia’s forum, takes place after this one, timeline wise. :)) Feeling his phone buzz, he slipped it out of his pocket. Glancing at the message from his brother; whom always seemed lost when it came to technology. Andrew was still living in the past it seemed; whilst he and Josefine were most accustomed to modern things. “Sorry, I have to run in a bit. Andrew needs my help with something.”he told Dae, giving him a pat on the shoulder. “And I know, I probably didn’t mention it before. But thanks for the help. Means a lot, someone else cares enough to be looking for my baby sis.” Fingers crossed; there would be good developments on the case.

“Maybe sometime soon, we can meet up for a training session? If you’re not busy that is.”

He understood the feeling of an elder brother all too well which was why he was able to relate on a personal level with Anders. Upon seeing the elder male calming down significantly, Dae let out a silent sigh of relief that he wasn't even aware he had been holding this entire time, honestly, he didn't want this matter to end with a fight. It was the last thing he could ever think of and to submit to such an action, would be unthinkable. He was here to calm him down, after all, not do the opposite. "I'll let you know once I get any updates regarding her absence, don't worry. If you want a better sequence, you can give me your number and I'll add it to my contacts so I can update you with anything" Technology makes everything so much easier today, and that's the best part of the modern day that Daehyun found himself preferring. 

Who wouldn't like having an easy access to the platform to hear music every day? Or just plain write a memo in their tablet or phone instead of smearing the pages of his journal with ink? No offense, Dae still writes in his journal because it meant not a possibility for someone to hack his device for information. "Most of us that became a Niveis forcibly from being killed as a form of experimentation resented this form, I won't lie. But overall, most of us accepted this is the reality now and got used to their transformation. I understand waking up with ice replacing fire can be overwhelming so I'm glad to hear you guys haven't tried to throw a whole blizzard over a sibling argument." 

Dae was guilty of that, he remembered Rhydian pissing him off with his updates and it didn't take long for the snow tomorrow stick in. It took Anivia to calm him down. Dae nodded softly when he said Anivia saved the tribe, "She did... " In so many ways, he saw her as the savior; their actual second chance. And the elder Stormwind was sure he wasn't the only one who thought about redemption. "I don't mean to imply I'd go berserk like a psycho, but that's as close to what my tribe would describe me as; silent ninja." When he saw Anders rushing to probably meet his brother, he only spared the other male as reassuring smile, "No worries. It won't be the last time we see each other, I'm sure." 

He tried to think about his schedule, to see when he's free but he couldn't give an answer on the spot, so he decided he'll just message Anders. "Josefine is one of us, it's my duty to look out for her. And regarding the training… don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm free. I'll find your number one way or another later on so fret not, I'll see you later, Anders" he waved and got up from the bench, brushing his coat off and went the opposite direction while scrolling his phone where he could already see the contact numbers for both Dietrich males; it's not hard when you've already had theirs in their file. When Dae said he works as a bounty hunter, he means it. But what they don't know won't hurt them. It's not as if he means harm. Now to resume his search on the youngest Dietrich. 


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