It was no secret Sera and her brother Awyre were not in good terms. Even though it's been years since her mother passed away along with her brother skipping out on her and their father. Everything was unfair and horrible but it's all in the past for everyone but her. Sera still get night terrors of the night but it was more rarely then common like her normal sleep years ago. When her father got back on his feet she tried to do the same with many questions to what she wanted to do and what was right for Sera to build a future.  Her mindset was becoming sane until the day her brother came. The past came back and she snapped at him without giving him a chance to every explain himself to her.  

The kitsune didn't want to hear it even now she didn't want to hear it as she walked into her room after a long morning walking around and meeting someone at a cafe to see if she will be able to take classes which became an open door when the word was a yes. She wanted to do something mental but it looked like her skills was more into the writing department and acting department so she wanted to try new things. She was not an actor or did she think can be suited for but what the lady told her she has a face that fits for people to look at, whatever that means. Along with coming home she found something on her desk, picking it up it looked like her brother would be out of the house but why go into her room? 

Something made her stop thinking as she bites her lip walking to her doorway. Their father is not home knowing she is home alone. She brown eyes looked at Awryin's room as she sighed. She knew things were hidden as well as secrets that her brother kept among the day he left and the two years. This could be her chance to find the answers. "Sorry no sorry Arwyin, If you're not going to tell me then I will find them myself." Sera walked to her brother's room as she opened the door keeping her hearing open in case the front door open. 

Someone within herself given her a cold shiver down her back. She was not this type of person but Sera has to find out to move on. Seraphina looked around the room wondering where to start. " Ok Sera, you don't know how much time you have so I need to move quickly. if I was Arwyn, were would I keep all my secrets?" the kitsune said looked around as she starts opening drawers as she got to the closet she found something in the back on the floor. A Box?

Moving the clothes making sure she can put them back in the way he left them pulling out the box confused. " Why would he keep a box? I never have seen this before." Seraphina in a way didn't want to find out but deep down told her to open the box. She let her hand on the button as the box lid opened as she breathed in closing her eyes. Walking to the bed so she can sit down and relax a bit.  What she found were things she never expected. From photos to journal entries, too many things she never saw before but one thing that stood out to her was not just the photo of their family. A photo of Arwyn with another male she never saw before. Turning it over nothing was written. 

"Who are you?" she asked the photo like she wanted the answers. Opening the journals entries reading them as her hand covered her mouth with tears coming down. "A-Arwyn. What have I done?' she asked with tears rushing down her cheeked and her hand. Sera put everything back in the box putting everything back and walked out of her brother's room in shock. What kind of sister is she and who is that unnamed man with Arwyn. 

As she sat on her head and looked at her nails not sure what to think or say until she heard someone pull up in front of the house. Sera walking to her widow moving her curtain to look out the window to see a male getting out of the vehicle. "That is not my brother," Sera said seeing the male walking up to the front porch.  The Kitsune got herself ready to open the door as she splashes water on her face as she walked down the stairs waiting for the male to knock on the door. 

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