Venetus awoke with a gasp looking around quickly h was in his room, and it was sunrise as he lifted his legs off the bed the cool wooden floor felt good on his feet as he   got up walking towards his desk with a stretch before grabbing the cold glass of water   lifting it to his lips taking a large gulp before resting it against his chest as he made his way to the window looking onto the grounds of the manor.The manor was quiet of late, many of the guard were out on missions, apart from the personal guard, it wasn't often, but Ven thought about the fall of Skye and the loss of members of the guard he felt a guilt that he tried not to think about    but after all it was his responsibility to keep the guard safe, but he had failed on Skye   as he finished his drink   Ven placed   the glass on the window Payne as he walked to his cupboard and began to choose his outfit for the day 

Venetus emerged from his room around 20 minutes later, wearing grey combat trousers and black hiking boots as he ran his fingers across the stair rail, nodding to a couple of Aurezin as he passed before  turning to head down a flight of wooden stairs before arriving in the training room. His eyes scanned the room it was empty, the usual Valkyr that was there most days Edward must have been on assignment he  grabbed a towel from the rack as he walked up to the nearest punch bag placing the towel on the bench he  took a deep breath as he clenched his fists   before he began to strike the bag hard and fast with a hard 1-2   strike moving with a bounce as he moved around the bag continuing to strike faster.10-13 minutes past as he took a deep breath as he sat on the bench staring around the room it was still quiet as he looked around he stood up as making his way to the weights lifting two 15 kg weights as he  began to lift them slowly before stopping some time later.

Grabbing his towel Ven run his towel over his head as he walked through the training centre his stomach had been yelling feed me for the past 10 minutes as his memory recalled his sister Aurantia had just returned from mission    a few minutes later he arrived in the kitchen walking straight to the fridge he opened the door finding that Sapphire had been cooking he chuckled a little as he took one making his way to the trays as he munched on the cookie”  admitting to himself he could live on cookies  especially the cookies he was eating grabbing   two saucers plates and teapot    he returned to the fridge placing several on the plate returning them to the tray“ buying that coffee maker was a smart move Ven“ he spoke to his self   he had several fads during his life lately it was coffee making     it helped to distract him from   the concerns the Ailwards were facing for a short time    grabbing the teapot he  walked to the machine as he filled the teapot with hot water as he grabbed the spoon he stirred it a little watching the little bag turn the water brown as he returned to the tray picking it all up as he began to make his way towards Aurantia’s room knocking   on his sisters'  door” Aurantia   just wanted to check in on how your assignment was “

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